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  1. Thoughts on Opad? When I see 30-40% pushes either way in 72 hours I know it's junk in terms of a stock....but I actually like the company. Tough to see where to get in. Maybe if it goes down to the $10-$11 range again?
  2. It's actually funny. What started in mid January as a technical play has slowly (while earning 3-400%) turned into a fundamental play...
  3. You see what AMC announced today with NFL Sunday ticket? In their theatres tomorrow. Something to keep an eye on.
  4. I cheer for Purdue about once a decade. Today is the day.
  5. Cool. Can the Mods block him? This sort of reaction feels like Peegs....
  6. My man dropped what seemed like 3-4 and 2 of them meant 14. Tough day at the office. He'll be better next week.
  7. Maybe it's just me. This one is easy to get over. 4 turnovers. 3 trips inside 15 with zero points. Special teams mistakes. Can't do that vs a top 10 team....we had this one and that film room tomorrow is going to be angry. McFadden crap and Anderson injury didn't help. We have a good team and still tons of play in front of us. Everything that contributed to this loss was self inflicted....not a better team winning.
  8. Probably some rule where you can't review a booth initiated review....that wasn't called on the field. Haha.
  9. I won't even try to keep up with replies. Probably all saying the same. A booth initiated review that wasn't called on the field changed the entire game. 75% of Cincy yards came after MM ejection. Total crap. Have to find a way gang.
  10. Thank you D. Picking up our team for not getting points. I just want one shot deep this series. Just one.
  11. Our line is controlling this thing upfront. Cincy is a good front too. Curious to see how temps will impact that as game goes along.
  12. Just saw that. Anyone hear something? Didn't know of injury...maybe discipline?? Just speculating.
  13. Campus full of energy never hurts in recruiting....I just like the fact of who we are targeting. We aren't trying for the undervalued kid who will develop over 3-4 years. Going after high talent, immediate impact guys. One thing I know is this in coming years. If you see the court at IU....you've earned it.
  14. Carmel up 37-14 on LN. All I have to say is Center Grove is really, really good. I know Carmel had QB out in their earlier game but wow. I feel like CG is Bama right now in the state.
  15. 5 or 6? Their lineup has 24-25 year old kids in it. Haha. Kidding aside. Given the schools he was actually being recruited by Wisconsin was far and away the best landing spot.
  16. Good one going between 2 top 10 teams. Carmel/Lawrence North. Carmel up 17-7 but man am I so glad Omar Cooper is coming to IU. You can just see the difference between really good athletes, teams....and that next level.
  17. Hope so! Have him in 1 league....but after what Steelers D did to Bills offense last week I'm treating that game as cautious on the Raider side of things.
  18. Enjoy! We are headed down for Sparty/Ohio St week. Really wish we were attending this one. Not sure what part of the world you'll be driving from but if reports from last week are true...whatever you think early is if coming from the North. Add 45 minutes.
  19. He should already be rostered but just in case if he isn't. Josh Jacobs ruled out...Kenyan Drake time but tough matchup. Tread lightly in my best Walter White voice.
  20. I'll throw this in here because it's kind of NFL related. For those that don't know Colts owner Jim Irsay gives away tens of thousands of $ each week on twitter contests. Welp after years of entering I finally won. Going to take a group of disadvantaged East Indy area men/women to a great meal down the road. I also chose His Place Eatery at 30th and Shadeland because owner is Caleb Jones (IU Tackle) parents....wanted to help out IU or him too. I know Irsay gets some heat on stuff but his philanthropy is unmatched in NFL owners world. Indy is lucky to have him and his daughters.
  21. I stayed up for it. Lots of question marks for those 2 teams...or maybe WFT isn't ready to take the leap I thought they would take this year. That Lawrence guy for Giants is going to have a long, long week....no clue what he was thinking there.
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