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  1. I see Jimbo Fisher didn't take things well today. Guess the SEC didn't either. My guess is the conference heads are saying stop bringing heat on us please.....haha. SEC SEC SEC...
  2. Spent a few hours at the track today. Besides the 33 drivers this guy was the busiest man out there today. No clue why the photo posts crooked...but this guy was as gracious as he could be. Even better when we were leaving we ran into Woody/his wife....and I believe Coach Hunter/his wife. Joked with him about how many pictures he has to take in a day and he said every single one is worth it. He gets into his white SUV and we see him again....I gave the obligatory fist pump and Coach was honking at us and rolled down the window to say thanks.
  3. Phenomenal football coach. One of the best ever. He maneuvered his way to the dream spot....but to say what he's saying give me a break. Every single school Bama, A&M, Georgia, Clemson, LSU,etc....have had bag men since the beginning of time. The only thing that would better now is if Jimbo came out and said the reason we beat you in recruiting was because of what happened on the field last fall....not what happened off of it.
  4. Saban crying poverty is so rich....and depending on how you interpret what he said about securing deals for their players he actually admitted to breaking the rules last night himself. I doubt Prime and Ruiz (Miami) will stand by and let his comments slide.
  5. Colts sign Phillip Lindsay....and another really good player is added to the stable. Pun intended.
  6. Hopefully this doesn't come across the wrong way because I'm very pro-police....but I'm with you. What are we waiting on? I understand wanting to make sure all the I's/T's,etc....making sure evidence and how it was collected can all be admissible in court,etc....but man. This guy seems to check all the boxes which leads me to think there has to be someone else or something else we just don't know yet.
  7. So you mean I don't have to pound the last 1 hour at Nick's anymore because I can just buy a couple at the game? Awesome. Assembly Hall and beer. Good Lord the noise coming...
  8. Al Horford out for the game vs Heat....in Florida of all places. Covid protocols. No clue of the NBA rules but for those who like to throw a few down on games or series. I'd say the Heat are in a good spot.
  9. Trust me...when I saw thread title I said to myself what could Chet have done now to get a thread going. Haha. Sorry to sidetrack.
  10. Looks great! Beautiful day to get the hands dirty too. Have a few more to go on my end but for the most part done. Now it's up to Mother Nature and the Garden Gods.
  11. Oh come on...let us enjoy you guys! Hahaha....saw this thread headed down a path and I'm like one of these days someone is just going to lose it and post some stuff. Haha..
  12. I got to see Brunson play in high school a few times (Stevenson) and you could see the game was there. Just never thought it would be this level...definitely cheering for the Mavs. PS....so Dodo is a good DFS play?
  13. I know this for certain personally. My NBA talent evaluator skills are worthless. Looking at guys like Luka and even Brunson....just never thought it would translate to the NBA or translate to this level of success. I feel like Luka is good for 35 every single night....and because of that Brunson's production has doubled. Happy for the Mavs and Cuban. One other thing. Forgot the Heat were still in playoffs. Been at least a week since they've been on the court.
  14. Wish I could be more help. So many construction projects so definitely plan it out. I know parts of I70 are closed just not sure which one's.
  15. Makes sense to me if the price is right.
  16. Weather doesn't bother us. Paying $14 for a beer watching a bad product and trying to convince ourselves we're being good fans bothers us....haha. I'll put it this way. My buddy has season tickets (nothing flashy upstairs 400 level) and he said which two do we want to get this year? I said anything before Halloween.
  17. Just saw this come along the timeline. No hitter and lose. Tough one for sure after a good stretch.
  18. In good times I'd welcome that. My guess right based on what we think will happen is Bears probably aren't happy with that. Bears been averaging about 25k no shows past couple years during December because we are so bad.
  19. One of the wildest races I've ever watched and I only saw bits and pieces. Weather, potential weather, tires, ticked off drivers.... Now the real show begins. Full practice Tuesday-Friday, Quals over weekend, and they added a practice on Monday I believe. Can't wait for dry cool temps this week before heat cranks back up this weekend for qualifications. Going to be tough to figure out how to setup car with a 15 degree air temp difference between T and Saturday.
  20. Luckily for me I hit H....and it takes me to this site, Home Depot or a soul food restaurant here in Indy. I've had zero issues other than a small delay a time or two. Appreciate the crew whoever you are for the site. If I can't get on for an hour or 24 it's probably better anyway.
  21. Guess I should throw this in here. McFadden gets 4 years and $4M....$355k sign on bonus. Likely the latter is the only guarantee but good for the kid to get some breathing room starting off in life. Wish him the very best with Giants.
  22. Just a few notes on schedules around the league. Chiefs don't have a break until week 9. Has to be a record of playing teams who had winning records year before for first 8 weeks. Cowboys could be just an average team and still get 11-12 wins pretty easily. Rams schedule is as tough if not tougher than Chiefs. I have the Colts at 12-5 pretty easily....Chiefs, at Titans, 1 of the at Patriots/at Raiders back to back, at Denver...and 1 of the at Cowboys/at Vikings back to back....although if Ryan does what I think he can do they could move up a tad. Pretty favorable schedule. Just like I said last night. Glad the Colts are finally hosting MNF again.
  23. Have them and another coming out today. I'll just add this to the board. Make sure to shop...the guy from Williams just gave me a quote that is $2,000 less than what the other guy was quoting. The gentleman said I've been in this business for 30 years.....he was trying to take advantage of the heat. Total ripoff what he quoted you....and he actually took it a step further and said those are the guys that give all of us bad names.
  24. That's just an unreal stat. Good Lord our NL Central went from the toughest division in baseball a couple years ago to absolute garbage fest.
  25. Friendly reminder that if the Cubs didn't have that 21-0 game they'd be in the under 100 club as well.
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