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  1. cybergates

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    Fred emailed the students to ask them not to cuss anymore.
  2. cybergates

    Purdue post game

    Fred Glass sent out an email to the students about it.
  3. cybergates

    Romeo Langford

    Would have been nice if it has already been done. Landon could have told them about the 1981 title run followed a 21-9 regular season, including a stretch where they went 8-7 (ending with a loss at home to Iowa, sound familiar?).
  4. cybergates

    The Bench...

    He did briefly mention OG in a round-about way, when they cut away to him, TB, and JJ in the crowd. He said if OG didn't get hurt, Tom Crean would still be the coach at Indiana. Sounded like yet another shot at IU instead of a welcome-back to former players.
  5. cybergates

    Purdue post game

    Probably trying to impress the Purdue co-eds, so he can take them for a walk since he's a professional dog walker.
  6. cybergates

    The Bench...

    There was a brief moment after a commercial break that showed them next to their framed jerseys and a graphic with their names and years they played. Less than a min tho.
  7. cybergates

    Purdue post game

    I did. That's why I said..."his offense seemed to work at Dayton with the previous coaches players and dropped of in subsequent years, and his defense got better"
  8. cybergates

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    What did you tell us yesterday? I don't see it and/or it was deleted?
  9. cybergates

    Purdue post game

    Thanks for the info. During the game, the incessant Duke vs UNC commercials/promos got me thinking along these same lines. I used to think IU/PU was right there with Duke/UNC as the top rivalry in college basketball when Knight and Keady were there, since they've been gone I was thinking that the teams haven't been good at the same time so the rivalry isn't considered great nationally.
  10. cybergates

    Purdue post game

    Does someone run his account for him (at times)? Regardless, not a good look.
  11. cybergates

    Purdue post game

    Amazing isn't it. Looked at Dayton prior to Archie and they were ranked 137 on O and 77 on D. Archie turned that into 29 on O and 160 on D his 1st season there. 108 improvement on O and 83 drop in D. So it looks like he's a good O coach and bad D coach from that, but... IU prior to Archie was ranked 27 on O and 104 on D. Archie turned that into 92 on O and 65 on D last year/his 1st season here. 65 drop in O and 39 improvement on D. So its looks like he's a bad O coach and a good D coach from that, so... Currently ranked 104 on O and 28 on D, making another drop of 12 on O and 37 improvement on D. What to make of all this? Beats me, but his offense seemed to work at Dayton with the previous coaches players and dropped of in subsequent years, and his defense got better. Here his offense has yet to work and the defense improvement was/is outstanding. Here's hoping that his offense works with better shooters and/or he's willing to change his approach if the current players don't fit.
  12. cybergates

    Purdue post game

    I was thinking the same thing watching the game. Add to that the unusual amount of injuries. What an unlucky team/season. Kenpom even has us ranked 305th in luck (out of 353 teams), which is defined as winning percentage between a team’s actual record and their expected record using the correlated gaussian method. Of course, luck doesn't explain away all of the issues of this team and even if they were lucky instead of unlucky, I'm not sure how much better this season would have gone. Jerome Hunter and Race Thompson being out all/most of the season is the unlucky thing that I would be most interested to know how things would have turned out differently had they been healthy/playing all year. Obviously, I'll never know. I don't know how Romeo doesn't take a shot in the second half. Amazes me that a future NBA lottery pick doesn't dominate the ball/game more.
  13. cybergates

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    Thanks Mile! I figured you'd have a good reason/story behind it and certainly appreciate the history lesson.
  14. cybergates

    Can Race Have an Impact?

    Mike Davis played the Race card. Time for Archie to play Race.
  15. cybergates

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    Before my time, so I'd like to hear why you think he's the worst? Wiki says he won a Big10 co-champ and went 62-60 from 66-71. 17-7 his last year. Obviously, Knight replaced him and was around for a long time, so I guess we're fortunate that our worst coach was above .500. Kinda the opposite of football where only our best coaches are above .500.