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  1. He got caught and cleared of something shady. He didnt get retained by new Bama coach. He hasn't gotten an assistant job since. Basically he has done his time for the crime. I have no problem with IU hiring him, but they better (and I think CMW will) let him know what is allowed and not allowed at IU.
  2. This got me wondering who were CMW's assistant coaches when he was HC in the NBA: Atlanta Hawks: Greg Ballard Bob Bender Herb Brown Larry Drew David Fizdale Alton Lister Tyrone Hill Jim Todd New York Knicks: Herb Williams Darrell Walker
  3. I hope the starting 5 is fluid based on matchups and who's earned it in practice/recent games. It would be great to see: XJ, RP, PS, RT, TJD one game and then KL, XJ, PS, JH, TJD the next if the players earned it and/or matchup dictated it.
  4. I thought he was talking about the Florida (UF) xfer not Armaan?
  5. Thank you. And to add, no need to figure out starting 5's either. Hopefully, Woodson is going to change them throughout the season based on who's earned it and/or matchups.
  6. What makes you think he'll decide early? 7 of the top 20 in 2021 haven't decided or decided after the season started. I think this number only goes up for 2022 and beyond due to COVID limitations and transfer rule changes. Also of note from a TDH interview awhile back: TDH: What factors are important to you as you start to think more about choosing a college and playing at the next level? Washington: How I as a player fit into their system, what type of playing style that team has, how they will help me with my skill development, getting stronger, the environment and social l
  7. Agreed. Fill out your roster. Play who deserves it. If kids aren't happy about their playing time, they either work to get better and earn more, or the transfer out. Archie had plenty of xfers out even with the open spots. Big mistake on his part IMO. Contributed to his downfall, when injuries hit he didn't have depth. If players needed to ride the bench for whatever reason, he didn't have depth. Contributed to his dismissal.
  8. Especially since they aren't similar. They're both 6-9 210-230lbs PFs, ranked 20-30, McD AA (and likely one). When I watch Washington highlights I'm reminded of Anthony Davis in his movements, blocked shots, and outside shot/form. Not saying he's the #1 HS recruit or future #1 pick, but that's what I see/feel. TJD has been used specifically in the post and CMW has stated he's going to change that and make TJD more NBA ready. If he's successful in expanding TJDs game and makes TJD a lottery pick that would certainly make JW more likely to come here. You guys likely got TK bc of the wa
  9. Plenty rides on what Woodson does with TJD this year. Certainly helps that Fife was lead recruiter on him for MSU and can just stay as such with IU now.
  10. Armaan retweeted. Come on back Armaan!
  11. He would fit the profile of shooter that CMW is looking for, but wouldn't fit the switch on D so much at his height. Career .411 3P% on 246 attempts. https://www.sports-reference.com/cbb/players/jalen-cone-1.html
  12. I don't know if this is the same AD who got him to leave the UNLV job for TT, but if it is he's frustrated about a guy leaving that he "stole" away from UNLV so...
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