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  1. Problem with this thread is that it is titled "It's time...Fire Archie Miller". So that doesn't allow for "total body of work to be considered" it says he should be fired and implies he should be fired now (it's time) which makes it a joke. The Turdue loss was beyond disappointing and people overreacted like they always do and last night's win was huge and people are overreacting like they always do. I agree with you 100% in the bolded parts of your response, but believe that those points are reasons this thread should die or at least the title changed to Archie Miller's Seat Tempera
  2. Actually you were right about "Tonight we will see everything that IU basketball used to be..." you just picked the wrong team to show it.
  3. Kenpom has us at 13-13 (8-11) projected cumulatively. 12-14 if you look at it game by game. He leaves out the MSU game that was postponed so assumes it is cancelled instead. Wins are home games vs. Rutger, MN, MSU and @ NW
  4. And I'm sure Knight did "worse" stuff to many others than what he did to Reed. What always gets me about that whole situation was that Reed (RIP, can't believe its been 8+ years now) was tough enough to pop his shoulder back into place to keep playing, but ends up being involved with CNN 3 years later to bring the choking claim to attention when he likely saw and experienced worse during his time at IU.
  5. Guess I just felt his answer about IU sounded generic/similar to other schools/answers for the most part (since I read them in order). Mentioned closeness/NBA in fUK answer, playing for home state in WVU answer, friend at UNC, and academics at UVA. Even on the other schools with similar answers he mentions Coach Williams, Painter and Bennett by name with no mention of Archie. I just didn't see anything about IU that stood out compared to the rest of the answers. Hope I'm wrong and we lead.
  6. Sounds like a fUK lean to me with WVU as main comp.
  7. He's "only" 101 in 247 composite, so while a 4* good get for IU, not sure there should be expectations of dominance as a HS junior on a team with other talented players.
  8. Marshall is available for pennies on the $ nowadays... I'd go Keith Smart. He's connected to our past glory and unlike Alford hasn't already "failed" in the Big Ten. Has NBA credentials that resonate with kids and if nothing else would at least energize the fanbase.
  9. Evolution or extinction. Looking like extinction for Archie. IU has been a flawed product on the court since Sampson got fired (flawed off the court with him) College basketball is getting to be near unwatchable due to bad refs, lack of player continuity, player apathy (due to AAU, focus on NBA/life changing $, generation) and a myriad of other reasons and IU basketball is right in line with it. Very sad (in a sports context, irrelevant in the grand scheme of life)
  10. Someone posted this last year (when NET was pounding us and loved Turdue). Nice to see what all the different rankings put us at. Current:https://www.masseyratings.com/cb/compare.htm (NET not showing yet) Last year: https://www.masseyratings.com/cb/compare.htm
  11. Oklahoma St is currently on postseason ban, so unless their appeal is heard and granted they won't be in the tourney. You'd think a paid "bracketologist" would leave them out until they're allowed back in.
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