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  1. Agreed. For reference we averaged 11.9/game last year for 266th in the nation. My guess is since we averaged that last year he's allowing them to have that many before they run and if they have less than 12 they are working towards an improvement over last year.
  2. Woody's goal is 12 turnovers (TO's) or less. If they get more than 12 they run for it.
  3. Guessing officially has to be credited to Lander because he picked the ball up in the backcourt resulting in the over and back call. If he let it go out of bounds or get picked up by Cuse, then the scorer could choose to credit it to Race or Lander.
  4. They've always been messed up and make the results of the whole challenge meaningless to me.
  5. I've always felt the media (tied to a specific school), coaches, and/or some appointed member from the school should vote from a pool of opponent players. Feel like rankings should be done this way as well. Doesn't make sense to me to have voting for/against and/or ranking players/schools they have no connection/clue about.
  6. Seems like that would be uncomfortable and bad for your back anyways...
  7. I never understood why someone wouldn't take the 10 seconds to sign something b/c "you'll just put it on ebay" in these types of situations. You spent 6hrs with the dude before asking, only asked for an autograph (not like you were carrying around multiple jerseys or basketballs to sign) and does he really care that much if you kept it, made a shrine with it, or sold it for a little bit of $. Props to you and your Pro.
  8. I think the sky would be falling after losing 38-3 to Rutgers at home regardless of record
  9. Is it replayed on BTN a few days/nights later? Seem to remember most of the previous BTN+/Student U productions doing so. Best I can find is a B1G Plus encore on Mon at 9am, but that could be any of the BTN+ games I suppose.
  10. I'm guessing only point guards like him wouldn't want to play with point guards like him.
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