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  1. I agree and that's why I think... ...that he wanted a head coach gig ASAP and his alma mater was the one to give it to him (after missing on targets before him). If he's successful, he will try to parlay it into a NBA head coaching gig. If he's unsuccessful, I still think he'll head back to the NBA.
  2. Even better that the game was to make the FF (Regional Final) and to go on to win the title
  3. Looks like Cooley is out Evan Daniels ✔@EvanDaniels Ed Cooley has agreed to a multi-year extension with Providence & has withdrawn from Michigan’s coaching search, per a release.
  4. To play devil's advocate (and get this thread back on page 1), if IU doesn't ever recruit him and he is successful somewhere that never plays against IU, would there still be regret? To be more specific, let's say he goes to Indiana State and has a Jimmer Fredette type of career. There would still be a lot of what if's in determining regret. Would he be able to put up those #'s at IU (considering how much PT he'd get w/ IU's roster while he's in school) against B1G comp?
  5. Lock them so they naturally plunge off the page over time instead of plunging a bunch of topics. I don't want to click on the all the plunged topics, so I don't know if I missed any posts prior to the plunging. Took a quick look and due to plunging several page 1 threads are currently on page 2: Caleb Furst, Luke Brown, etc. If others are like me and don't click on plunged threads, then it kind of stops the threads momentum ironically when it is an attempt to do so for another one.
  6. Personally, not a fan of the "plungering" but to each their own I figured. Guess some people didn't like enough to complain? Not sure why mods didn't just ask you not to do it any more if people were that upset by it. Regardless, take care and well wishes for Ayden continuing to beat the odds and good health.
  7. No fair, Sawatch!, You didn't tell people about your ringer, Sasquatch!
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