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  1. I liked that TJD put that out there. It is leadership and putting people on notice. He even critiqued/criticized things about Woodson specifically what they did and didn't practice. He's not here to mess around, now you may be, but he's not. He had to sit around with sub .500 record in this league. He will not let people put him in that position again. Or they will pay for it like you wouldn't believe
  2. Since he's coming back, a fellow lefty, and going to put up historic numbers TJD 2nd is OG (would have been Vic before he left the Pacers debacle). Just like everything about OG on and off the court.
  3. Does Gabe have side-spin rotation on his shot?
  4. If it is to us, we should probably spell his name right in the topic
  5. He got waived in Feb so currently he's not.
  6. I forgot his dad went there until I saw his announcement tweet. Played football
  7. That's a common misconception about gift tax. After the 16k annual exclusion you have to file a gift tax return and it will count against your lifetime exclusion currently 11.7million in 2021. So I could give a gift to TJD of 100k and no one would pay taxes on it. Recipients don't pay taxes on gifts. Donors don't pay taxes until their lifetime exclusion is exhausted
  8. Altho I did see Coach Altman there yesterday
  9. Izzo was in Westfield for EYBL yesterday so he wasn't watching Booker like Woodson was.
  10. Looks like his name is spelled Rolf not Rolfe.
  11. I was thinking about his comedic nature in regards to his coach in waiting and Woodson is old stuff from the Rabby post. I can easily see him talking to others and saying that in a joking way and it getting back to Woodson lacking context.
  12. He just needs to pick a place where the path to playing time is there and the team is more offensively focused
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if Dane knew this was coming for awhile now and his late season detachment on the bench was reflective of it.
  14. They need to revive this Boilermaker tradition. They say IU sucks but their own tradition says Boilermakers Blow!
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