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  2. cybergates

    Jahmius Ramsey

    He's ranked #2 on their CB system (for class of 2018), behind Andrew Slater, ahead of Jerry Meyer FWIW.
  3. cybergates

    W. Kentucky gets another 5 star

    Smells fishy, but only legitimate reason I can think of is they are both big guys, so maybe he sold them on what he did with Varnado at MSU and that they can come in and dominate smaller guys and go to the NBA easier?
  4. cybergates

    Jahmius Ramsey

    I guess if you count they have one commit vs our zero they are doing better than us, but if you look at how we stand with 2019 recruits vs them, I wouldn't say they're doing better than us. It does suck that they're not experiencing a drop off in interest with recruits, but given that the FBI told the NCAA not to take any action until they're done with their investigation (which will take years), the recruits aren't likely to be afraid to go there at this time.
  5. cybergates

    Trendon Watford

    Nice, I thought I remembered a pic like that but wasn't sure. Reinforces my opinion that TW is one of the only recruiting targets that going to (another) HH wouldn't have much impact on.
  6. cybergates

    Anthony Harris

    Like to see the staff broadening the G search. As others have stated, definitely a need and not hearing a lot of confidence in being a legit contender on most we've offered.
  7. cybergates

    Trendon Watford

    I would think Trendon is a rare one who wouldn't be swayed by HH, since he's seen it before and been to many games at AH. Does anyone know if he was in attendance for the Watshot?
  8. cybergates

    Trendon Watford

    Just remember how Romeo said Drew played in the NBA, so he knew what it takes to get there or something along those lines. Take that x1000 because Penny was an NBA star and that's the pitch. With the NBA being generation changing money, the reason most top 20ish recruits choose a school is who can get me to the NBA 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and other reasons follow.
  9. cybergates

    Lunardi Updates Bracketology

    They changed that a few years ago actually... https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaab/2013/08/01/ncaa-mens-basketball-tournament-bracketing-principles-change/2609047/ Rules regarding rematches of non-conference regular-season games have also been relaxed; those rematches will now be allowed in the round of 32.
  10. They should bring back Hinkie. Dude deserves the credit for building this team, would like to see how he runs it now that he's not tanking for draft picks anymore.
  11. cybergates

    Isaiah Stewart

    What a crazy feeling that I sort of don't want a commit from a 5* 8th ranked player. He's a beast and we obviously take his commitment if given, but then we likely miss out on TJD or KBJ because of it I would assume. Great position to be in but just feels so damn weird. Crystal ball (FWIW) shows Duke at 82%, Texas 9% and Nova 9%. So I don't think ND and MSU are our main/only competitors.
  12. cybergates

    Armaan Franklin

    After watching the first (AAU) video posted, I thought "not impressed, pass, can't even dunk at 6'3?". After watching the second (HS) video posted, I thought this kid looks like an entirely different player and worthy of the consideration/offer. Decided to follow link to youtube to see when they were posted: 1st is 2016 and 2nd is 2018. Kid has really grown his game in two years. Looking forward to his senior year. Franklin is ranked 107 on 247, while Newman is unranked (how?). Who does HSN prefer of the two?
  13. cybergates

    Trendon Watford

    If Penny can coach even a little bit, I think Memphis will start getting high level recruits because of the "cool" factor and Penny was an NBA star (so they think he can/will tell them how to get there). I think Coach Cal might take the hardest hit from it, which is funny because it is a school he left in turmoil.
  14. cybergates

    Romeo leads Seniors

    Even if you're right about Stewart and Hurt not ending up at IU, do you really think that Coach Miller could respond to their interest in unofficial or official visits with "Sorry, no thanks. I don't think you'll end up here, so we're going to focus on lower rated players who might?" If 5* talent shows interest, you have to accommodate. If not for them, then for future 5*s. Can't have a defeatist mindset and crazy things happen. Thomas Bryant might have fallen into your never coming to IU in the first place category as well. If not for Syracuse issues, he might have stayed there and not been a Hoosier. Same thing with Romeo. Most say he wasn't coming to IU (himself included), but Archie (and other factors) moved him from never coming to IU to part of the 2018 class.
  15. cybergates

    Armaan Franklin

    I agree that we don't land any of those 3. Most likely in that group would be Lewis if him and Watford came together. I don't think we're getting Watford either though. Carton would be great as well and I agree with you that he's the most likely. We seem to be legit contenders for him. I think if we do get TJD and KBJ then our guard to round out the class would probably be below 5*, but a class of 3 5* players would be incredible.