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  1. I think they were excellent additions regardless of the timing. Gordon's team was final four caliber prior to his injury and Sampson's exit. Romeo's team was at a minimum going to the tournament prior his (and other's) injuries. They missed the tourney by one game after losing 12 of 13 (or whatever it was). I don't think they lose all those game or miss the tourney if Romeo was 100%. I do see the point your trying to make, but I think too many people are diminishing Romeo's contributions to the team in his lone season at IU (and maybe Gordon's to a lesser extent).
  2. I think they tend to "forget" about committed players and move up non-committed ones that can drive clicks as to where they're going.
  3. Halloween came early I guess and my crystal ball (with absolutely no knowledge) was better than the 247 one that was split 50/50 between 2 schools he didn't pick.
  4. I definitely get a Victor/OG vibe from this kid. Glad he's a Hoosier!
  5. Same with the exception of, oddly enough, info on the 45 team from a place that had no info on the 47 team. I think you're right. There were 9 players with passing yards, ranging from 10 to 593. https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/indiana/1945.html
  6. Looks like 1945, 47, 89, and 90 are tied for the most wins in a 4 year span for the program (27). So it looks like it probably was Schnell or someone from 45 or 47 that I can't find reliable stats for.
  7. I think it would be cool if divisions were realigned annually. Division Big and Division Ten. Snake the PY results giving Big 1,4,5,8,9,12,13 and Ten 2,3,6,7,10,11,14 from the PY. I'm sure it's a less than 1% chance of ever happening, but it would make the championship game more likely to avoid a mismatch.
  8. With the way the scoring works (more points for longer correct picks), I don't see why anyone would pick "?", just make a guess or don't log a pick, but what do I know?
  9. Agreed, and we are clearly the most prestigious bball school on his list. I would think WV based on him being from there?
  10. Don't forget this beaut!
  11. Things like this happen at the University of Purdue.
  12. Yes, he seems to play like a new-age big not like one from the 80's.
  13. https://www.idsnews.com/article/2019/08/iu-tabs-penix-jr-as-new-starting-quarterback
  14. After reading this yesterday, I was completely on board if Coach Roberts was the pick. Welcome back!
  15. Thanks for the info. Bit surprising. Link? Just curious about the parameters of the report and didn't want to pepper you w/ questions.
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