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  1. cybergates

    Anthony Leal

    Leal thread kept popping up to the top throughout the day and I didn't get any Leal info from it and seems to me that Brooks related chat would benefit everyone more if it was in the Brooks thread. why do you care?
  2. cybergates

    Anthony Leal

    Is this the Brooks or Leal thread? It says Anthony Leal to me, but everyone is talking about Brooks.
  3. cybergates

    Matthew Hurt

    and since Indiana is closer than some of the schools on his list, he might be able to get down for a weekday game with us that isn't possible with them.
  4. cybergates

    Matthew Hurt

    Really like this approach/explanation from the kid and I think it increases our chances with him.
  5. and to think Kentucky's had two revivals with coaches that definitely had no problem swimming in that cess pool, otherwise they'd likely be sitting at 5 championships like us still.
  6. cybergates

    Comical Archie Miller Analysis

    Yeah, I hesitated to post because I thought the PC police might get me, but also found it interesting that it was ok for a show like Quantum Leap to do that years ago without issue.
  7. cybergates

    Comical Archie Miller Analysis

    71 meenie, Monday at 3:39 PM To their credit, another Purdue poster pointed out that Crean's Marquette team was a 3 seed and beat both the 1 and the 2 to get to the final four. He also pointed out that Miller's Dayton team beat several higher seeds to get to the E8. Gave Michigan's run to the title last year as an example of an easy draw/busted bracket. So, there are some pretty knowledgeable fans there, but they usually get accused of being an IU fan when they show some intelligence...think about that for a moment.
  8. cybergates

    Romeo Langford

    Bye bye Calbert's scoring record is what I'd imagine/guess.
  9. cybergates

    Isaiah Stewart

  10. cybergates

    Isaiah Stewart

    Just under half of those guys lost the race to a 2nd contact by not even getting one and being out of the league. Would Booker, Murray and Davis being in a different place if they went somewhere else than fUK? I understand what Cal is selling and what the kids are buying. Even if they're not getting paid in some form (which I doubt), the players dorm is incredible and they have to let a few lucky non-basketball players live there to skirt an NCAA violation, the fact that so many players in the NBA went there already and they can join that fraternity, fUK fanbase may be ridiculous idiots for the most part but you can't question their passion (I think I puke a bit typing that), and other factors play into recruits choosing to play there. The basis of my post was in response to DailyHoosier stating (and I agree) that Cal's record of getting players to the NBA is a bit misleading.
  11. cybergates

    Isaiah Stewart

    I was going to post something on here along those lines, but an article from you would be much better. Just playing around on basketball-reference due to NBA 2k19 and here's what I had in mind: Bam Adebayo - HS Rank 8th - NBA Draft 14th De'Aaron Fox - 6th - 5th Malik Monk - 9th - 11th Skal Labissiere - 2nd - 28th Jamal Murray - 10th - 7th Tyler Ullis - 18th = 34th Devin Booker 23rd - 13th Willie Cauley-Stein 38th - 6th Andrew Harrison - 5th - 44th Aaron Harrison - 6th - Undrafted Alex Poythress - 8th - Undrafted Dakari Johnson - 9th - 48th Trey Lyles - 12th - 12th Karl-Anthony Towns - 5th - 1st Julius Randle - 2nd - 7th James Young - 9th -17th Archie Goodwin 10th - 29th Nerlens Noel - 1st - 6th Anthony Davis - 1st - 1st Terrence Jones 11th - 18th Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 3rd - 2nd Doron Lamb - 26th - 42nd Darius Miller 35th - 46th Marquis Teague 7th - 29th Brandon Knight - 4th - 8th DeAndre Liggins - 34th - 53rd Eric Bledsoe - 52nd - 18th DeMarcus Cousins - 3rd - 5th Daniel Orton 19th - 29th Patrick Patterson - 10th - 14th John Wall 2nd- 1st Three big things that stand out to me: (1) - Several players dropped considerably. In his defense, he only gets highly rated players so not much of a chance to improve their stock most of the time. The thing that stands out the most to me is how many players are either out of the league or in a non-contributing role after being such high rated HS recruits. (2) - Only 4 players have become All-Stars: Wall, Cousins, KAT, and AD. All were rated top 5 recruits. Has many more top 10 recruits who have not become All-Stars. (3) - No NBA champions amongst any of them. Rondo is the only current fUK NBA player with a ring and he predates Cal.
  12. cybergates

    Comical Archie Miller Analysis

    Take a look at this gem... "For years, Burger King did not have a true marketing department. They just followed the McDonald guys around and built a store where ever McDonalds did. Maybe Li'l Archie is adopting the same policy. Just follow Matt Painter around and offer the kids he does? It's been working for Izzo. Why not for the little guy?"
  13. cybergates

    Anthony Harris Commits to Virginia Tech

    Hard for Harris to say no I'm guessing. Big jump in prestige compared to VTech or whoever he was supposed to be leaning towards.
  14. cybergates

    Isaiah Stewart

  15. cybergates

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    and he got a secondary violation for visiting or speaking with Harris outside of allowable times anyway. Should have used that violation to clean up his mess instead!