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  1. One slight "flaw" in the #'s you are using are season end and account for the tournament run/championship game. For example, prior to the tourney in 2008 Kansas was 1/4 in RankOE/RankDE and 1/3 in AdjOE/DE. In this case didn't make a big difference since they already started so high in both, but for a lot of champions they move up the ranks quite a bit by winning 6 tournament games in AdjOE/DE. There is an option to choose pre-tourney data that generates to excel.
  2. cybergates

    Anthony Harris

    I think the best thing about this kid is he's a winner. Team Takeover was dominant in EYBL (16-0), Peach Jam (4-1), and won the championship tournament (3-0) to end up 23-1 overall. Doesn't seem to force things, makes good decisions, shoots a high percentage from 3 (in part due to not forcing things and making good decisions). Definitely would take him over banking a scholly, but would rather have Newman.
  3. cybergates

    Vote IU

    50/50 after I voted
  4. cybergates

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Fair comment. We got Romeo, but we have to land a few more to truly get out from under that bus.
  5. cybergates

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I don't think those two things are mutually exclusive. Players can make the NBA from HS, prep school, foreign professional leagues, etc. I"m sure there are players who would have made the NBA if they went to prep school, but didn't. Just like there are players who went to prep school and didn't make the NBA when they would have had they stayed at their HS. Keion said it best when he said there are pros and cons to both, and he must have felt that for him prep school was the right way to go.
  6. cybergates

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Seems like he's going to LaLu for the right reasons (better practice and in-game comp). With both him and Newman going the prep route, I think those of you who hate it, better get used to it. IU is going to be in on kids doing it for the foreseeable future. I don't see it as much different/any worse that what Race did coming to IU a year early and redshirting to get access to better competition/practice/strength and conditioning/etc. instead of being the best player on the court every practice and almost if not every game in normal HS. Sure some of these prep schools are not of the highest reputation outside of basketball, earning the basketball factory moniker, but if the dream/goal is become a professional basketball player then I think the kids should utilize them.
  7. cybergates

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    They seem to have taken our place under Crean. Making a bunch of final lists but mostly missing out.
  8. cybergates

    Kira Lewis Jr. Commits to Alabama

    Lewis is a stud too. No disappointment in missing out on Carton if we get Lewis.
  9. cybergates

    Zeke Nnaji

    I agree with you that those teams are the basketball powers or modern bluebloods as you call it (I would add UConn and probably Villanova and maybe Florida to the mix) over the past 25 years, but when I think of blueblood it is about history more than recent success. IU, UCLA, Kansas, fUK (unfortunately) are the true bluebloods in my book. That doesn't change regardless of lack of current or future success.Duke and UNC were the next additions to the list. UConn and Villanova are knocking on the door and I wouldn't argue against their inclusion. I guess it really comes down to definition of blue blood.
  10. cybergates

    Zeke Nnaji

    Odd that he says "it wouldn't be a surprise to see blueblood involvement" when Arizona, Indiana and UCLA have offered. Guess he doesn't consider any of those 3 bluebloods?
  11. cybergates

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    An early decision sounds good to me. Even if we miss out on him, then it frees up any "hold" on that particular scholly.
  12. cybergates

    Brandon Newman

    https://mvasports.com/sports/2016/12/29/about-varsity-basketball.aspx?path=mbball Definitely will increase his exposure and get more offers from a bigger geographic area. Looks like their players end up all over the place.
  13. cybergates

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    Since these Crystal Ballers get rewarded for how long they've had their pick locked in, all of the UM picks are leaving theirs as is from awhile ago. New picks are likely based on the fact that everyone else has him going to UM. It will be interesting to see how quickly a bunch of them change if a big name switches to IU or OSU.
  14. cybergates

    Brandon Newman

    Since that offer was in April and he didn't commit, has moved up the rankings, and now going to prep school, I'm not concerned. I read it as he looked at it as an accomplishment to receive an offer from them (saying they are selective and offer people who meet their criteria) and was waiting for it because he saw their increasing presence watching him. That being said, overall it isn't a positive statement for anyone but them obviously. It will make it that much sweeter once he comes to IU!
  15. cybergates

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    I like our chances against that top6. No more speculating he's waiting on another blue blood to get more involved.