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  1. cybergates

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Reminds me of..."What's the best thing about IU basketball? The fans. What's the worst thing about IU basketball? Also, the fans."
  2. cybergates

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I like where you're going with this but recommend "The Phinisher"
  3. cybergates

    Khristian Lander

    Do teams like KSU actually think they have a chance or just make the offer and hope something crazy happens?
  4. cybergates

    Ethan Morton (2020)

    Be nice if Justin Smith tried to dunk like Sheehey on people instead of missing layups badly. Would turn him from starter (due to D) into high level starter IMO. We replayed that Sheehey dunk several times and had to catch up on commercials to get back to live on the DVR box.
  5. cybergates

    Archie Miller in Close Games

    Interesting info but just one factor of many. I think all would agree that we would prefer to win by double digits every game instead of close games. These past few weeks are taking days off my lifespan.
  6. cybergates

    Trendon Watford

    I saw one AAU game and came away unimpressed (but not discounting it was only one game and one of many AAU games over a weekend).Kira Lewis was very impressive in the game I watched, and Watford kinda just drifted around the 3 point line waiting for a shot opportunity. Showed no aggression. Also of note, there were other players on the GA Stars (IIRC) team that I couldn't believe were playing in a high level AAU EYBL. I played against better kids in HS that didn't play college ball and at the HPER & SRSC when I was at IU. I was a bit shocked. Can you elaborate on the "his AAU team put in him in a bad role"?
  7. cybergates

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Also, that team was so stacked that they played the platoons to try and get everyone time. I think the highest level recruits took that as a negative that someone like Karl-Anthony Towns only got 21.1 minutes a game there. For comparison, RJ Barrett is averaging 31mpg for Duke.
  8. cybergates

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Higher on the NIke totem pole is key here. Nike $ used to get players to fUK. Once Coach K went all in on OAD, Nike shifted those $ his way.
  9. cybergates

    Penn State Pregame Thread

    Two possible reasons for their defense rank being better than our: Kenpom adjusts for opponents. IU holding Chicago State to 55 points isn't treated the same as PSU holding Bradley to 59 (in a loss no less). I believe Kenpom still has some preseason baked into the rankings. Each game played removes some of it until at some point it is all actual.
  10. cybergates

    Last Days of Knight

    Shaw's son (step-son right?) was a triplet. They used to come into Outback Steakhouse when I worked there and since they were triplets they were noticeable. Seemed like nice enough kids. I always thought that the interaction was random and as described and when they got home and told (step)dad you'll never believe what happened to me, Shaw saw it as his ticket to get Knight. Pure speculation on my part.
  11. cybergates

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Is Stewart out?
  12. cybergates

    Keion Brooks Jr.