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  1. Premium article on The Athletic, but this snippet was posted on Twitter.
  2. Romeo Langford

    Welcome to HSN, Dave!
  3. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    We'd see the first ever quintuple teaming of Robert Johnson if that lineup started.
  4. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Devonte Green has been unquestionably, objectively better when you factor out cupcake season.
  5. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Ohio State opens -2.
  6. Romeo Langford

    Ha...btowninsider was definitely a troll. Sark probably just hasn't found his way over here.
  7. Romeo Langford

    lol...forgot about him.
  8. Romeo Langford

    This isn't any more ridiculous than the ones that come and post pics and say it means he is going to Vandy.
  9. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Troy Williams. http://www.asmsports.com/asm-family
  10. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Based on what happened to Louisville...probably wouldn't impact anything going forward, but we may have to take down Bryant's B1G Championship.
  11. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    I took a look at last year. Archie started his normal starters on senior night...but that organically included his four non-walk on seniors. He did have two walk-on seniors that didn't play at all. Going back to 15-16, he only had two seniors. One only got spot minutes in normal games, and he did not start on senior night. The other was a regular starter.
  12. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Interesting question...did Archie start his seniors on senior night at Dayton?
  13. Romeo Langford

    Welcome to the new HSN dyed! I am moving this to the Recruiting forum, which can be found here: http://www.hoosiersportsnation.com/index.php?/forum/7-basketball-recruiting/
  14. Chances we pass PSU for 6th in the B1G

    No reason to hope for a lower seed. If we end up the 7 seed, Purdue will be the 3 seed.
  15. When: Friday, February 23rd at 8pm ET on FS1 KenPom: Ohio State 70-67, 39% chance of IU win ESPN: 33% chance of IU victory Vegas: Ohio State -2 We know who OSU is at this point. They have a favorite for BTPOY in Keita Bates-Diop, along with three other double figure scorers in Jae'Sean Tate, CJ Jackson and Kaleb Wesson. They also have Kam Williams shooting 44% from three. They have the talent advantage...we have senior night in Assembly Hall. Key Stats IU OSU In conference play, OSU has been better both offensively and defensively, as they have the #3 offense and #1 defense. They don't turn the other team over a lot, which should help our mistake prone guards. That's really our only area of advantage. They shoot it better, give up a lower shooting percentage, turn the ball over less, are a better rebounding team (especially defensively, where they are #1 in the league), and send teams to the foul line less. It will take our best game to win this one, and some Assembly Hall magic.