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  1. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Brandon Newman

  2. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Caleb Love

  3. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Ohio State troubles

    That’s the key question I keep coming up with. Ultimately I think this ends up with Urban being a scumbag who let an even bigger scumbag stay on his team and wanted it to stay hidden, but since he followed protocol, he keeps his job and OSU is fine with having a scumbag head coach.
  4. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Ohio State troubles

  5. Are you guys trying to compare Mike Davis to one of the best coaches of all time?
  6. They were a 13 seed when they beat us and then got smoked by 23 points in the next game.
  7. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Caleb Love

  8. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Romeo Langford

    EJ averaged 20.9 and had the B1G POTY on his team. I don't see why Romeo couldn't meet that, even if it was the most prolific scoring season for any B1G freshman ever.
  9. CauseThatsMyDJ

    When will we get our first 2019 commit?

    We'll probably end up not getting any 2019 recruits!
  10. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Romeo Langford

  11. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    Eastern Washington? Then Crean talked about how good they were and how they would win their league.
  12. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Jahmius Ramsey

  13. CauseThatsMyDJ

    2019 Recruiting Hub

    Removed Jalen Lecque.
  14. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Jalen Lecque Cuts IU

    We are out.