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  1. We're all just here for 5fouls, guys. Please run everything through him from now on.
  2. CauseThatsMyDJ

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Wouldn't mind Notre Dame getting in to the playoff and getting flattened by Bama at all.
  3. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Sampson James

    Wow this is amazing. Way to go Coach Allen. Good looking out @thirdgenhoosier and @Leathernecks
  4. CauseThatsMyDJ

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Come on boiler.
  5. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    We thinking a school announcement or just over twitter?
  6. CauseThatsMyDJ

    IU Tweets

  7. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Khristian Lander

  8. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Matthew Hurt

  9. CauseThatsMyDJ

    NBA Thread

    We gave him what he thought were binoculars and a recon mission, but it was actually a View-Master. He is probably out in the bushes somewhere enjoying some scenic images of the Grand Canyon.
  10. CauseThatsMyDJ

    General NBA Thread

    General NBA discussion has been moved to the pinned "NBA Thread" on the main board. Go there to discuss all things NBA, including our pro Hoosiers.
  11. CauseThatsMyDJ

    NBA Thread

    After a group discussion (excluding kev) we have unanimously voted to hijack his thread and convert this to an all-encompassing NBA thread. Carry on.
  12. CauseThatsMyDJ

    IU Tweets

  13. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Isaiah Stewart

    Predicting who is going to transfer is pointless. If playing time alone caused someone to transfer, Tim Priller never would have stayed four years.