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  1. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    You made a silly comment. Own it.
  2. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Sorry for the disappointment.
  3. And a great opportunity to work that tan.
  4. Trendon Watford

  5. Romeo Langford

  6. Matthew Hurt

  7. Trendon Watford

    That is very intriguing. The possibilities for why are plentiful.
  8. Trendon Watford

    Zag has been wrong on IU info in the past. Possibly wrong here again?
  9. All 4 signees in top 150

    Agreed the rankings aren’t end all be all, but you are leaving out all of Creans horrible misses that were accurately ranked.
  10. Early entrants

    We have a very specific instance of this currently...just on the football side.
  11. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Yes I have pinned recruiting hubs on this board. I’m away from home right now so I don’t have 2019 up to date but will get that done on Monday.
  12. Jahmius Ramsey

    Its strange to me that this kid has gotten an offer yet not Franklin.
  13. Trendon Watford

    Anyone with additional insight here? Is the staff going back to Alabama or is Trendon coming to Bloomington?
  14. Jahmius Ramsey

    https://247sports.com/Player/Jahmius-Ramsey-46041702 #91 class of 2019, Combo Guard