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  1. CauseThatsMyDJ

    The top 3 scorers for IU this season.

    Welcome Hornsby!
  2. CauseThatsMyDJ

    WR Demarcus Harris

    https://247sports.com/player/demarcus-harris-46050762 Crystal ball has one prediction for Syracuse. Has him warm on Cuse, us and UCF.
  3. CauseThatsMyDJ

    3 more bowl games?

    You are spot on with the difficulty in planning for these games. There is usually a period of 2-3 weeks between the bowl announcements and the game. It isn't really realistic to plan a vacation in that amount of time for most people.
  4. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Congrats to AJ Guyton

    Moving up
  5. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    Sportswriter I follow, used to write for CBS, now independent:
  6. CauseThatsMyDJ

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Typically these people aren’t in the US.
  7. CauseThatsMyDJ

    DT Sio Nofoagatoto'a

    One thing I noticed is that his pinned tweet is him announcing Nebraska offered him. Hmm...
  8. CauseThatsMyDJ

    DT Sio Nofoagatoto'a

  9. CauseThatsMyDJ

    DT Sio Nofoagatoto'a

    https://247sports.com/player/sio-nofoagatotoa-46052258 Has offers from Maryland, Nebraska and West Virginia. 247 considers him warm on IU and BC.
  10. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Isaiah Stewart

    https://www.flohoops.com/articles/6213937-isaiah-stewart-spills-on-recruiting-sets-peach-jam-team-usa-goals He took unofficial visits to three of those schools before the USA Basketball training camp and broke down the three visits. Stewart expects many of the coaches recruiting him to be in Argentina, assuming he makes the final cut. He has no other visits planned at the moment. "I'll probably wait until after Peach Jam," he said.
  11. CauseThatsMyDJ

    2019 Class and Rankings

    2019 Commits: https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Season/2019-Football/Commits/ 2019 Team Rankings: https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Football/CompositeTeamRankings/ https://247sports.com/Season/2019-Football/CompositeTeamRankings?Conference=Big-Ten Going to keep this updated as our class develops. With the recent three commits today, we are up to 34th nationally, 10th in the B1G.
  12. CauseThatsMyDJ

    LS Sean Wracher Commits

  13. CauseThatsMyDJ

    TE Gary Cooper Commits

    https://247sports.com/player/gary-cooper-46049426 Held offers from Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, and Ole Miss.
  14. CauseThatsMyDJ

    OLB Kervens Bonhomme Commits

  15. CauseThatsMyDJ

    Trendon Watford