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  1. He was trying to be funny and spoof the Mueller Report. Brought politics to the board and it went unchecked. Sorry to everyone that thought it was something else.
  2. We are in 13 of the 104 brackets on the bracket matrix. So you're saying there's a 13% chance.
  3. 247 says that we have offered. https://247sports.com/college/indiana/Season/2019-Basketball/Offers/
  4. So he turned down a home game. Not the NIT.
  5. Oregon steals the final bid. Our chances just went from slim to infinitesimal.
  6. So you can read. So you just ignored KoBs request when you posted. Cool!
  7. Cute. This is the first post. Not sure what’s hard to understand. Can you not read, or did you just not care? Let's assume that Romeo is gone, no transfers and no new recruits/grad-transfers (very unlikely IMO). Who do you think starts next year?
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