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  1. Info on IUBB and BTN Plus

    Yeah... Times were definitely tough back in the "old" days and we had to sit by the radio
  2. 2017 MLB discussion

    I agree. Sanchez "catches" the ball and he can stick it to Altuve. Series shifts to NY so we shall see. The yanks were down 2 to Cleveland and came back, so we shall see how the youngsters do.
  3. 2017 MLB discussion

    Saw that too. Man they have stats for everything don't they?
  4. 2017 MLB discussion

    Tanaka pitched great as well, very impressed. If you told me he would go 6 and give up only 2 runs, I'm happy. Bird getting thrown out at home made the difference, although he did hit a HR in the 9th. Maybe the next time the Yanks face Keuchel, they need to use their golf clubs. Go Yankees......
  5. 2017 MLB discussion

    While the Yankees are in the ALCS, I'm not feelin' too confident about their chances with Houston. The Stros have beaten the Yanks 5 out of 7 this year. The Yanks pitching staff is a roll of the dice. One thing consistent about them is their inconsistency. Pitch a good game and the next game could be a real dud. Hoping for a good game from Tanaka. Go Yanks.....
  6. Sears closing all of their stores in.....

    Our local Sears store down here in Evansville is at Washington Square Mall on the east side. Washington Square Mall was the first enclose shopping center in the state of Indiana and opened in Oct. of 1963. 54 years later Sears remains to be the anchor of WSM. But, like 5 stated, there's hardly anyone there now. I think it will be a matter of time....
  7. Does this sound like an innocent man....

    WOW! Sounded like the media didn't want to talk basketball. One thing about the media, when they smell blood in the water, it can get ugly real fast....
  8. 2017 MLB discussion

    So you let a guy go after winning a WS in 2013, and back to back AL East champions? I know New York fans can be brutal, but geeze, really...... And yes, once the batter gives himself up, i.e. walking away from home plate, he is out. This according to my son, who is an umpire
  9. 2017 MLB discussion

    You mean like the Sawks did Ferrel? Really?
  10. 2017 MLB discussion

    Who cares? The underdog Yanks shocked the world after being down 2 games to nil and took 3 games to move on to face the Stros.... But, to me, more importantly they shut up Smolz! Got tired of his gushing over the Indians How sweet it is
  11. 2017 MLB discussion

    Yankee fans will give you Girardi, LOL......
  12. 2017 MLB discussion

    The Yanks got off the mat after being down 2 games to none and tied the series at 2 games apiece. Now the decisive game 5 shifts to Cleveland on Wed. No matter, win or lose, I'm proud of what this team has accomplished this year, in spite of their sucky manager. I can't help but think what could have been if the Yankees had held on to their 5 run lead in Fridays game.......
  13. 2017 MLB discussion

    As a Yankee fan, I'm smiling!!
  14. 2017 MLB discussion

    Phew!!! What a nail biter at Yankee Stadium last night! Girardi got booed during the player intros.... Judge robs Clevelands' Lindor of a 2 run homerun. He used all 6'7" of his frame to grab it at the wall (Yes size does matter ). Greg Bird smacks a homerun that stood up. I though if you blow a 5 run lead like they did on Friday, no way a 1 run lead will hold up, but it did. Not sure this 'ol guys ticker can take more games like this
  15. Darius Garland

    Booo..... Wet Blanket Award for you too