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  1. IU could be joining you. With the Hoosiers schedule, it could be possible....
  2. Agreed. But when you're the smallest private school in D1, recruiting is always behind the 8 ball...
  3. Think the ladies have found out how tough the B1G is....
  4. Yes, former Butler coach, Todd Lickliter has been named the new coach. Hoping things can get turned around for the Aces....
  5. This just in our local news room. McCarty has been relieved of his coaching duties at U of E. Sad day for Purple Aces.... https://www.14news.com/2020/01/22/ue-dismissed-walter-mccarty-mens-head-basketball-coach/
  6. I'd wager he was too eager??? ☹️
  7. Tell me you're kidding 5... We taikin' about the same guy? He's been to 7 world series and won 5 of them while winning an MVP? Nice video https://www.mlb.com/yankees/video/jeter-s-iconic-moments
  8. Alrighty, The HOF will be announced this Tuesday 1/21. How many think Derek Jeter will be another unanimous choice after Mariano Rivera did it last year?? I think it will happen. Never anything negative about him and played the game the way it was supposed to and didn't cheat......
  9. Yeah, but this is the "BIG" week-end. You know Super Bowl and all that??
  10. Screwy basketball season for sure... This might be the year a real Cinderella team wins the NC!
  11. Wife and I were out for the evening, so we didn't get to watch the game. But she would check the score periodically to check the score. What a gal!!!
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