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  1. Peter Jurkin on Tom Crean

    What a cornjerker....... OOOPPSS wrong thread
  2. Olympics

  3. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Not to mention FCTC has a good track record against pUKe.....
  4. Romeo Langford

    I think it's because most of the mods are old farts and won't put up with any BS
  5. Ohio State Pregame Thread

    Hoping the seniors can go out on a high note and have a great game.
  6. Neb. Post Game

    Well, as far as I am concerned, the "cornhuskers" acted like a bunch of "cornjerkers" on the sidelines!! Hard to believe Miles didn't say something like "You guys settle down! Don't make me come down there"!
  7. Chances we pass PSU for 6th in the B1G

    This made me spit my coffee out, LOL
  8. Olympics

    Leave it to the Ladies to do what the men could not do...... Win a gold medal in hockey, beating the Canucks 3-2 in a shootout! WAY TO GO!!! USA USA USA
  9. Time to start talking resumes.

    Nope!! Glass has said IU is above any such tourney.......
  10. Romeo Langford Poll

    So I take it you wasn't the ONE PERSON to vote for KU???
  11. Time to start talking resumes.

    Thinking if the Hoosiers lose on Friday and flame out in the BTT, the NIT may be gone.....
  12. Crean Debated Leaving Year Prior to Ouster

    Me thinks the L'ville Cardinals may disagree.....
  13. Around the B1G/NCAA

    I did notice Izzo was pretty emotional after their last game.....
  14. Neb. Post Game

    Well I was gonna post how this thread has really gone downhill, but considering how bad the team played, maybe some potty humor is needed??
  15. Neb. Post Game

    Imagine if Peter Jurkin played for them....