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  1. So much for the rumor mills right???
  2. OK I admit I haven't followed Men's baseball, so what is the significance of Iowa winning?
  3. What would you rather have? A defensive liability or a 3 point sharp shooter?
  4. Man he makes hitting those 3s look so easy... C'mon CAM don't lose this kid
  5. While Easter baskets and egg hunts are nice let's remember what Easter is really all about, just like at Christmas time! Prayers for you CC. I'd love to give my Dad a hug, but sadly I can't.....
  6. 44 down here in the south and feels like 37..... Darn global warming
  7. Ummm…. Is this the Justin Smith thread???????????????????????????????????? 🙄
  8. I was hoping the Aces could at least get 1 win, they desparately needed one....
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