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  1. The Irish defense put the clamps on the Tar Heels and will win by 14.....
  2. As I have said many times, I want the kid that WANTS to wear the candy stripes!!!! 😡
  3. Some are thinking FCTC could "Crean" someone.....
  4. Nice, but you have a long way to go to top the resident poster, IU Scott.....
  5. The one thing I'm excited about is Wed. nights game! As far as recruiting goes? Give me the kid(s) that wants to wear the candy stripes!!!
  6. Can't believe the Colts were "guilty" of all of those phantom hold calls!!!!!!
  7. This Colts team is so frustrating to watch. How in the heck can they have a good game last week against the Titans only to follow that up with this fiasco????
  8. No news since Monday? Hmmmm.........
  9. Agreed..... And just win baby!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I can honestly say that living here in southwestern Indiana, I have only seen very few Creighton BB games! Way more I U games by far
  11. Ummm...... Just wondering how many Creighton BB games get on national TV versus IU????
  12. You guys do know Paul Hornung played for the hated Irish right??? RIP
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