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  1. Saw on the news where a tiger at the Bronx zoo has the covid-19 virus. It is suspected that the tiger got it from a zookeeper. Now that there is proof that there is a human/animal connection, people are now warned to be careful around their dogs and cats. Be careful out there, it's getting nuts..... https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=tiger+has+covid-19&docid=13886752177030&mid=2AF5AE49BBDF808E72702AF5AE49BBDF808E7270&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  2. I think you may be right. In my neighborhood, many are walking their digs, running, walking, and bike riding. And they are not practicing safe distancing! My wife and I only see our grandkids via facetime on the phone, so I guess that beats nothing.....
  3. Almost as fluid as the virus??? 🤥
  4. Watch out for poison ivy!!! I'm one of those people that is highly allergic to it. All I have to do is breathe it..... 🙄
  5. So... I'm really confused as to what services are considered "essential" and "non-essential". Looks like the lawn service guys are busy.....
  6. Yes sir! I plan on going over that money saving bridge tomorrow!!!! UPDATE: So I went over the bridge in to Kaintucky and paid $1.09 for gas!!! There is a silver lining to the virus I guess.....
  7. FWIW..... ESPNU is showing the Evansville Purple Aces upset victory over the pUKe kittycats right now. What started out as a promising season, quickly had the wheels call off. 😵
  8. Our Evansville Police Dept. has a detective that has tested positive. the police department has released a fun, music video with a serious message..... https://www.14news.com/2020/04/01/epd-dont-stand-so-close/
  9. Anyone see the latest numbers for Indiana? The number of cases jumped almost by 500 from yesterday and deaths went up by 16......
  10. Did you also see where a legislator in the Ky government is bringing up a bill that anyone or business can sue the governor because of the closures of various businesses?
  11. But you know what the other side would say if he did the pressers weekly right? I guess I'm different, but I watch them to be more informed..... Now the daily Governors pressers, that's different. Where I live, we get Kaintucky, Indiana, plus Illannoy for crying' out loud.....
  12. You know what's funny? The wife and I have been married, soon to be 45 years. And she has never, ever started the mower. Our agreement is she takes care of the inside and I take care of the outside. Seems to work pretty well.....
  13. anyone see where MLB will be making the masks? I'll take mine in pinstripes please.....
  14. Gee.... And I thought I had a small yard. It takes me all of 30 minutes to mow the front, back and 2 sides.....
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