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  1. Right now, Tenn. and Seattle are going in to OT. At Seattle, no less! Tough game for the Colts next week....
  2. Now 7-1 Cleveland. This years team simply doesn't have what it takes. I hope they get eliminated soon si I can concentrate on something more worthwhile, like IU football!!!!!!
  3. Just watched a youtube video by Kent Sterling. He says Reich is a good QB coach, but not as a head coach. Just sayin'.....
  4. Well Yankees are, unfortunately, doing what they usually do. They make bad pitchers look like Cy Young! They are facing the Cleveland Indians and the pitcher has an almost 6 ERA! Yanks have Cole on the mound and the guys in pinstripes are down 2-0. Meanwhile, the Sawks and Bluebirds are doing what they're supposed to do against bad teams.... WIN!! My hair is getting greyer if that's possible....
  5. My son just informed his mom that he was given 2 tickets to tomorrows game! Guess who will be watching 3 kiddos??? 😉
  6. What's galling about the Yankees loss yesterday to the O's is Baltimore, the bottom dwelling team in the AL has beaten the Yanks 8 times this year! Win half of those and things would be different. I saw this quote from a poster on The Yankees board and it sums up how I feel. From WSorBust "It’s sad that despite being right in the thick of a playoff race, it’s so clear to most fans what a mess this season has been. Something is so broken for a team with this level of talent to be so streaky. To add two bullpen pieces in Holmes and peralta, but to work out other horses to death in the process is also part of the issue. To get decent pitching performances out of some of Monty taillon and Nestor and STILL to suck. It’s baffling and speaks to overthinking and mismanagement of the roster. This isn’t in the players. The analytics department has destroyed these guys." Many fans want Cashman gone and replaced with....... Are you ready for it? Theo Epstein!!
  7. Yankees starting pitcher, Jordan Montgomery, strikes out a career high 12 batters today against the O's. But because he didn't get any run support, the Yanks lose to the O's 3-2 in 10 innings. The Yanks are now 1/2 game behind both the Sawks and the Jays who were both idle tonight. This what the Yankees do, they do not take advantage of situations like this where they could be up 1/2 game.
  8. Listening to you guys talk about the Reds, makes me think of the Yankees this year, too inconsistent. There is a 3-way tie for the WC. The Yankees have 1 series left with the Sawks and finish the season with a series against Tampa. The Rays have owned the Yankees this year, so I'm not too optimistic.
  9. I feel the same way pretty much about the Yankees. Are they hungry or are they a bunch of over-paid prima donnas..... BTW, all 3 Wild Card contenders won tonight so the pressure is on. Agreed on the AL East.
  10. I agree. I remember the good ol' days when one of the stations would play the Bob Knight show (sigh), I miss those days..... Heck, even the Tennessee Titans get more play than the Colts!!
  11. Living in E'ville, there are a lot of pUKe bball fans. Even our "local" TV stations report on pUKe, IU barely gets any mention.
  12. The AL East is without a doubt, the toughest league in baseball this year! There is now a 3-way tie for the wild card with NY, Boston and Toronto! Boston got a win last night when Sawks, Kyle Schwarber (remember him?), hit a bases clearing double for Boston's win against the Mariners. Strap yourself in, it could be a wild ride!!!
  13. Well... Well... Well.... Maybe there is a little life left in the Yankees! After trailing for most of the game, Aaron Judge hit a game tying 3 run HR in the 8th and Gary Sanchez hit a walk-off single to win the game, 6-5, in the bottom of the 10th. Next is a trip to Baltimore where the O's took 2 of 3 games at Yankee Stadium. Maybe the Yanks can do some pay-back?
  14. Hmmm.... Looks like the Hoosiers and the Irish have a common opponent this year as ND plays Cincy in week 5. Interesting
  15. Yanks are down 5-1 bottom of the 6th to the Twinkies. Fun Times..... 😡
  16. Depends on which poll you look at. AP poll has the Irish dropping out of the Top 10 at #12, while the Coaches Poll has them at #10. Hope they beat the Toiletmakers next!
  17. Had to happen sooner or later, but the Yankees have officially fallen out of the WC race and are 1 game behind both the Sawks and the Canadian Bluebirds..... POOP! 💩
  18. Plus I think I read where Brad's wife wasn't willing to move? Could be wrong, but I think I remember seeing it somewhere.....
  19. WOW! The Irish were down late in the game, but scored a TD with about 2 minutes left and made a 2 pt. conversion to win another close game 39-32. Next up? Perdont....
  20. It's driving the Bucknuts "Quackers"!!!!
  21. Thanks, tried it but the streaming was too choppy. Oh Well..... ND is having a tough time with that juggernaut Toledo team, lol, leading 7-6.
  22. Anyone have the Colts winning tomorrow against Seattle??
  23. So.... I thought I would watch a little of the ND game and turned to NBC. But, to my disappointment, what do I see instead? Replay of the Tokyo Paralympics!! Are you friggin' kidding me?? You can however, watch it streaming on the Peacock Network, aint gonna happen!!!
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