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  1. I have 2 kids that graduated from USI. My son says the word was that no one wanted USI to make the jump to D1. Not the coaches, faculty or student body wanted it. It was a major donor that ran it through. FWIW, USI women's softball team won its regional to advance to the world series. They are calling it their "farewell tour" from D2 Go Figure....
  2. It's been long overdue since this resident Yankee fan has posted, but..... HOW ABOUT DEM YANKEES???? Starting pitcher Nestor Cortes has been nothing short of phenomenal! And I'm starting to think this might be the Yankees year especially after yesterdays game against the White Sox. Yankees won 5-2 after getting only 2 hits for the entire game!! Needless to say.... Go Yankees!
  3. Don't know if many know this, but the dumpster fire that is the Purple Aces basketball program, is looking for a new head coach along with an entire coaching staff! Seems like ever since the Walter McCarthy debacle, the program went south. One of the prominent names being mentioned is nonother than Tom Crean! If he resurrected the Hoosier bball program, why not the Aces?? Stay tuned....
  4. Thanks for that Beamerball. I was wondering when we should start to hear about TJD's decision, anyone know?
  5. No he only gave up 2.... 🙄
  6. Man the AL East is gonna be a beast this year. Yankees "Ace" Cole, gave up 3 HRs to Vlad Jr. last night in a 6-4 loss to the Bluebirds.....
  7. Thanks, but does IU really need another guard??
  8. Aces must be for real this year handling teams from the B1G like they are....
  9. How sweet would it be for IU fans to have the same expectations? Hoosier fans were excited just to get a bid! Oh Well.....
  10. Thinking IU needs to lock down Montverde and IMG.... 😃
  11. Not a fan of either ball club, but what an awesome game! Man you can definitely see the difference in caliber of players between the Hoosiers and either of these two teams. Maybe someday.....
  12. What about Fats? I'd love to have kid named Fats, then I don't feel so bad....
  13. I was a middle age man,36, and had 2 small children. For me, when people ask what is IUs best game winning shot, this is the one. It was for all the marbles, and more important than Watfords shot against pUKe! And of course I am fortunate to have the other 2 championships as well. Something I wish my kids and the younger generation can experience.
  14. Can he float like a butterfly and sting like a bee?? 😁
  15. Since you mentioned the ketchup kid, wonder how it's working out for him???? 😳
  16. Poop.... The peacocks feathers have been plucked!!!
  17. CMW not there because he was on vacation???? 😳
  18. I would be shocked if he was to go to our arch rival!!!
  19. Now for some entertainment, this guy says he's an IN fan, but says we should not be celebrating Peeyuus loss! Huh?? Only thing I can think of he must have lost a ton of money! You can hear his wife laughing in the background during his rant! Funny stuff
  20. Can Houston and Sampson win this thing???
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