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  1. Do you think Kaufman is now big man target 1A in the class over Furst?
  2. If this thread has to stay open, could a mod at least change the title to just "Luke Brown 2021 PG". Crazy and a bit insulting that this has 38 pages when our top two 2021 targets in Lander and Kaufman have 6 and 4 pages respectively.
  3. SLU was not very good while Calbert was on the staff, and he seemingly has not gotten another job since Crews was fired.
  4. Is a 31 page thread for a kid that won't play in the Big Ten really necessary?
  5. 9:30 am was during the Premier League games this morning. Highly unlikely that it was IUBB related.
  6. Quinones took his visits, announced a date for announcement, and by all accounts is going to keep that date. He seems to be having fun.
  7. Dude we get it. Do you have this post saved down somewhere so it's easy to copy paste?
  8. What makes you think Keion Brooks doesn't have determination or basketball IQ?
  9. With all due respect, you and others have gone on repeatedly about how the Watford's won't be making an emotional decision, and yet you act like he would've committed immediately on a visit just because the crowd would be loud? I don't buy it.
  10. No relation, just a very common surname in West Africa.
  11. I think a decent amount of out of state kids also think "Indy" is a nickname for the entire state, not Indianapolis.
  12. I mean... Miami was already involved so don't think Kansas is starting anything here.
  13. 1.) Who was the other family? I know of Ed Smith only. 2.) Dawand Jones is a future pro O-lineman. He would manhandle anyone. TJD will not be facing guys stronger than Jones. TJD handled Vernon Carey well in AAU as I recall, who is a pretty large man.
  14. Psychoanalysis from an incredibly biased fan perspective. Yikes. Let's point out that neither Rob nor Armaan committed on the spot, so the same flawed psychoanalysis could be applied to them. They clearly entertained thoughts of playing elsewhere.
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