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  1. I don't think he was coming pre Stewart commit. I really don't think he's coming now. Oh well. Sketchy offer list always gave me some pause.
  2. So any inside information on Aminu or just endless arguing about the state of the program over 20 years?
  3. TJD has had his eyes on something other than college since he set foot on campus. That hasn't stopped him from being a great player and team guy.
  4. I don't buy IU campus size being an issue when he's likely going to an urban campus in a town with 500k people.
  5. Also, in the context of the other allegations levied towards some of the other schools, Creighton's investigation looks pretty mild.
  6. I read that they've actually been recruiting him for awhile, before he decided to take a prep year in Finland. So they definitely had the longest relationship, and he decided to just stick with them rather than opening up a full recruitment.
  7. All of them through Fox.... Big East is on TV a lot.
  8. No idea if this kid is legit, but somehow Mason is squeezing in a visit and deciding in the next week? Doesn't seem promising but you never know.
  9. We did get the Aaron Henry type. Their names were Jerome Hunter and Damezi Anderson. Unfortunately Damezi didn't pan out and Jerome had a rare leg condition that has set his development back. Archie did exactly what you wanted, he just happened to not get the exact right guy.
  10. I'm completely on board with your take here. Neither of us is advocating for a Kentucky or Duke model. We simply aren't opposed to adding elite top-end talent that might be a flight risk after 1 or 2 years on top of the 4 star developmental guys that Archie is currently targeting and reeling in.
  11. So for example if we take this year's roster, which has a legit stud in TJD and is considered to be top 30ish, you wouldn't want to add a stud shooting guard to that just because he might be gone to the lottery the next year. You're trying to criticize Romeo or act like he didn't bring anything to us simply because of the stage of the program he happened to walk into. You are also acting like this is an either or situation. It's not. One, we have multiple opening scholarships. Two, we have no other targets at guard in '21. Aminu is it. He's not taking anybody's spot. We have the four sta
  12. I'm not advocating for turning down 20-80 ranked kids, Scott. What a ridiculous comment to make that "they aren't talented enough" for me. I will take any talent that involves a good kid who wants to win for Indiana. I don't care how long he stays. We happen to only have three 20-80 ranked kids lined up for next year's roster. (Hunter, Lander, Duncomb). Not exactly a lot. I am willing to take what we can get in this class.
  13. You: "Who said they don't want talent " Also you: I don't want talent that might only stay one year. You answered your question. Also nobody is advocating for a bunch of one and done players, so don't put words in my mouth. We're simply talking about not turning guys down when good opportunities present themselves that make sense to the coaching staff (a la Romeo, a la Aminu). Especially when the team is desperate for a talent infusion, as they currently are. I also find this discussion funny, because we have no idea if Aminu is dead-set on 1 and done. He might have a TJD
  14. Obviously your opinion is your opinion. That's a basic fact of life. But your reasoning is contradicting itself.
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