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  1. Psychoanalysis from an incredibly biased fan perspective. Yikes. Let's point out that neither Rob nor Armaan committed on the spot, so the same flawed psychoanalysis could be applied to them. They clearly entertained thoughts of playing elsewhere.
  2. McIntosh and Guy are certainly interesting examples to pick....
  3. As a guy that regularly shares info with strangers on the info, I think you do get it.
  4. Does not seem like he's a high D1 prospect at this point.
  5. Wake Forest official visit is cancelled and they are cut. Unrelated to hurricane.
  6. Roy took 4 players outside of the top 100 in the class of 2017. https://247sports.com/college/north-carolina/Season/2017-Basketball/Commits/
  7. No you didn't, but you are well known for speaking in absolutes regarding certain recruits coming to IU. Hence the joke.
  8. That's pretty rich coming from the king of absolutes don't you think?
  9. Then why have a thread if we just let it play out? My hypothetical was just another in 46 pages of hypotheticals.
  10. So who gets Creaned to make way for Stewart, provided we are also taking a guard. 2 scholarships + Romeo open currently.
  11. Romeo is not staying 2 years. Book it.
  12. I feel like the far more prevalent rumor is that Shabaz is very hard to deal with and a bit nuts.
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