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  1. HoosierTownie

    Montana State Pregame Thread

    On the way home from work today I passed 3 tour buses with a police escort around 5pm, looked like they were heading toward Assembly Hall from the airport. Long day for Montana St if they flew in today and went straight to the Hall from the airport 3 hours before tip-off.
  2. HoosierTownie

    Ron Felling

    Can't answer your questions specifically, but a friend of mine was tailgating with him at the Iowa game.
  3. HoosierTownie

    Indy to Bloomington Travel Update

    There was a recent article in the Herald Times about this, HERE, if you can't access the article the short answer to your questions is: aside from Kentucky, no.
  4. HoosierTownie

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    Thanks for checking. Difficult decision to make. Like you, I need to stream more than 2 TV's simultaneously, Playstation Vue allows up to 5, but the price is about the same as Hulu with the unlimited option, but does include the NFL Network. It also appears that Vue provides access to things like BTN2Go, WatchESPN, etc on mobile and other devices, which is something I would take advantage of, not sure if you can do this with Hulu. I found a nice comparison article on streaming TV services HERE, you can also link to individual reviews of of each service from the article. Looks like the best move is to take advantage of the free trials once I get moved in. And it's nice that most (if not all) of them are month to month.
  5. HoosierTownie

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    Glad I found this thread. Getting ready to move and am really keen on going streaming for my TV needs. Hulu question for Mile (or anyone else who knows), does it include NFL Network? Not seeing it in the channel line up.
  6. Definitely true. Conversely, had they played in this era, it could be argued that May would have been a one and done player, and quite possibly Benson, Buckner and Wilkerson as well. I do agree that Cal could have had some monster teams had some of his players stayed longer, however, going back to the opening post and the debate on his ability to develop players, which I don't think he is very good it, it's hard to tell just how good they would have been. The real difference I see, era's aside, is that Cal goes out and tries to recruit the best talent he can and then hopes they mesh as a team as the season progresses and I'm not sure how that would project out over a course of years with regard to team chemistry, I think in that case Cal's teams would see a number of transfers as guys aren't happy with their minutes and/or stats or feel they are being under utilized.. Knight recruited a team and then coached them to maximize their potential.
  7. Just wanted to point out that I know some of us on this board did get to see what Knight did with this type of talent...a Scott May broken arm away from back-to-back undefeated national championships. 1975 Draft: Round 2 - S. Green (30); J. Laskowski (32) 1976 Draft: Round 1 - S. May (2); Q. Buckner (7); B. Wlikerson (11); Round 3 - T. Abernathy (43) 1977 Draft: Round 1 - K. Benson (1) 1978 Draft: Round 2 - W. Radford (27)
  8. HoosierTownie

    Brandon Dawkins

    I really don't understand the bashing of Lagow in this thread. Sure, he wasn't an all-american QB, most D1 QB's aren't. But I have no doubt that he gave his best effort for IU on the field and did the best he could with his talent and the talent around him. We fans aren't at practice everyday and aren't at the team and coaches meetings, if you don't believe that the coaches put the players on the field that they believe give us the best chance of winning I don't know what to tell you. If you believe there was a better option than Lagow on the roster then you should be bashing the coaching decisions, not the players they put on the field. Besides all that, he did nothing to embarrass IU off the field, and actually from everything I read and heard you should be proud that he was a Hoosier. As for Dawkins, I am excited to see what he brings to this team and believe that he will be the starter this fall. Regardless of whether or not he starts, I hope that his experience and knowledge will be something that Ramsey and Penix can learn from. There are a lot of reasons for fans to be optimistic about this program right now, hopefully it pans out down the road. But either way, I will continue to root for IU and support the coaches and players who choose to represent this university.
  9. HoosierTownie

    Northwestern Postgame Thread

    I don't post much, but thought I would share that I was at the game yesterday and a scout from the Bulls was sitting next to us. I didn't talk to him, but he seemed to be watching Morgan as well as McIntosh from NW. I also found it humorous when he seemed to get peeved when my girlfriend glanced over while he was making some notes. EDIT - wow, just noticed after posting that this is my first post on this incarnation of HSN