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  1. Not sure what IU has told faculty, staff and admin, but I do know some that are making arrangements to work from home, but they said it is their choice, there were not ordered to do so. But you're right, it is just crazy the responses we are seeing across the country to this.
  2. Sounds like they have basically shut campus down for the rest of the semester. Residence hall and on-campus housing will close by March 20 and classes will be completed virtually.
  3. Umm, didn't you post earlier that we don't have a chance to get Lander?
  4. Valid point, but like I said, I'm old school on this and we just disagree. I look at it from the perspective of what money would the average student have to pay or take student loans out to cover their education. That's money that a player and/or their family doesn't have to pay or go into debt for. If an auto maker provided a car to an employee as part of their compensation package, the cost to do so to the employer would be much less than what the employee would have to declare on their taxes, so I'm looking at it as the benefit to the individual, not the cost to the school.
  5. To play devil's advocate, one could argue that they are being paid by the university in the form of tuition, room, and board. To me, for income purposes, this would be similar to having to declare a company provided vehicle used for personal purposes as taxable income. And in many instances, the annual value of that tuition, room, and board is greater than what many graduates make at their first job (i.e. a first year teacher). Like you, I'm not a lawyer, and have no idea how it would play out if schools tried to treat scholarship athletes as employees. I'm old school when it comes to this stuff and disagree with it, the athletes are compensated in the form of free education, and the more the NCAA moves away from that, the less enjoyable it becomes for me. I like watching players come to IU and grow and develop over 3-4 years and having that sense of connection.
  6. Talked with my parents who went to the game this afternoon and they said that they spoke with an usher they have gotten to know over the years and he said that the possibility of Knight attending the game was addressed in their pre-game briefing this morning, so apparently the rumor had some legs to it, but for whatever reason he didn't attend.
  7. Students are still out on break. Unfortunately there are still plenty of tickets available through the box office, let alone the aftermarket sites like Stubhub. I will be there cheering them on. There used to be time that these games over the holiday breaks were the hottest ticket around, it was the only opportunity for may fans across the state to see a game in person, and people from hours away would buy tickets to come see a game. I know this team has lots of areas for improvement and still makes a lot of boneheaded plays, and I understand they deserve a lot of the criticism they receive. But they have managed to get themselves to an 11-1 record with one non-conference game left. I, for one, am going to focus on that and stay positive and do all I can to support this team. I have no idea what our conference record will be or if we will make the tournament this year. After 2 conference games there is a 12-way tie for 2nd place at 1-1, as many have said before, this year looks to be brutal in the B1G. Holding home court is a must this year, and attendance is the key to creating home court advantage.
  8. I haven't listened to the podcast, but going off the names listed in the thread, it's a pretty short list. Are these the guys Kitchell wanted IU to speak with about the job? What about Keith Smart, Dane Fife, Michael Lewis, Tom Coverdale, Sherron Wilkerson, AJ Guyton, Lawrence Frank, and I'm sure there's more. Not saying all or any would have been the right guy for the job, but all former Hoosiers who are or have coached. How do we know they weren't contacted regarding the coaching search?
  9. It's easy to not punish the kids; let them transfer and be immediately eligible. However, I have 2 caveats to that: 1) if a kid was involved in any of the violations he should be punished; 2) the kids should have to declare to transfer now, if they wait to see what the schools punishment is, then they are stuck with that too.
  10. Another heads up, you cannot currently exit I69 southbound to State 46 East (toward stadium)
  11. I Don't recall many highlight dunks, and knight probably would have considered some of the dunks we see today as showboating and benched him, but I remember hearing stories of Andre Harris grabbing dollar bills off the top of the backboard at practice. But to answer your question, I would have to say yes.
  12. Nothing Earth shattering, but I ran into Juwan at the store this afternoon, we didn't have a long conversation, but he did share that he has had some interest from a few NBA teams. We were both shopping for suitcases, hopefully this means he's getting ready to travel for some workouts. Anyway, he is such a nice, polite and respectful young man. I wished him luck and went on my way.
  13. Great memories. Growing up in B-town with a Dad who worked for IU, I got to be at the track the 2 days they filmed most of the race scenes and spent 1 afternoon riding around the infield in a golf cart with Daniel Stern and Jackie Earl Haley
  14. Well, Elston will be sitting on the bench at the start of both of these games...a glimmer of hope...
  15. Worried about this one. Same shoulder he had surgery on. On the flip side, team really stepped up in his absence.
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