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  1. Richard Pitino? I don’t remember if he was a HC prior to Minny or not.
  2. He is completely different than his brother. There isn’t the same length or quickness. I find it odd that he had only two offers. It’s going to take some time for this young man to develop.
  3. Just for fun, here is my prediction: IU will play at Xavier.
  4. If Nebraska wins tonight and IU loses tomorrow I believe we will tie. Any idea on the tiebreaker here? Who would get the 1 seed?
  5. IU wins. MSU beat Illinois. So if I’m reading the standings right and w Nebraska hosting Michigan again tonight I think we are at least guaranteed a top two seed in the BIG tourney with three teams having the possibility of a #1 seed.
  6. That’s what I looked at this morning. Just forgot Nebraska was in there too. Those three teams are one game behind us but a game and a half behind Michigan.
  7. I looked at the standings this morning and it looks like we could slide to 4th if things go bad. We have a one game lead on both Illinois and Minnesota. So we could use both UMs to lose today.
  8. That’s a great win to start the series. Bierman was fantastic in relief.
  9. Wondered where you were! Thought I’d pinch hit.
  10. 10-4 end of 6. That could have been a lot worse. UM had the bases loaded and only got one run.
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