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  1. thirdgenhoosier

    Gameday Parking question

    It's been a long time since I've been to a game, but I'm headed to the Iowa game this weekend. I was told that pre game day parking passes are sold out. Will I be able to pay in cash that morning to park in one of the north side stadium lots or will I need to park across the bypass?
  2. thirdgenhoosier

    Sampson James

    Super stoked about this one! Congrats to the coaching staff!
  3. thirdgenhoosier

    Sampson James

    I want this to stay about James but who would rank above him?
  4. thirdgenhoosier

    Sampson James

    Is he about to flip to IU? I know nothing...just reading from other sites. Is anyone hearing anything? Would certainly be great news if true. Indy Star is reporting that he is reopening his commitment.
  5. thirdgenhoosier

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    Is he definitely canceling his visit or just rumor?
  6. thirdgenhoosier

    Elijah Rodgers Leaves Team

    Does anyone have any idea what happened here? I don't remember a freshman leaving just three days into camp before.
  7. thirdgenhoosier

    Major College Football Turnarounds

    Sigh...please stop. I don't understand why you spend so much time here, but I've come to fully expect you to show up when there is a discussion about Purdue. I guess I get that. But far too often I come here to read about IU and you bring Purdue into the conversation when Purdue was never part of the conversation in the first place. You did it with a baseball coaching thread awhile back and here is another example. BTW, Brohm can't be in the article because the article clearly states that a conference title is part of the criteria.
  8. thirdgenhoosier

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    So, Painter never offered Cody or Eric Gordon. Got it. That's all I need to know.
  9. thirdgenhoosier

    IU Baseball

    Here is a link to some coaching names. IU isn't going to get some of the names on the list, but some of them are very intriguing. Baseball Coaching Carousel
  10. thirdgenhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    Maybe someone has already done this, but I'd like to congratulate the entire coaching staff on a job well done. I'm assuming they were all involved at some point and obviously so were the players. Congrats to the IU hoops program. Excellent work!
  11. thirdgenhoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    This is absolutely the guy I want next!
  12. thirdgenhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    I’ve never been confident. For all of the talk about how close to the vest the Langford’s have played this there have been too many rumors for me. But I’ve also taken the approach all along that I hope he comes to IU but will believe it when he says it.
  13. thirdgenhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    While it is certainly expected I don’t think anyone used the term surprising but it was mentioned that it would be announced on Sunday. I think Mile is doing a heck of a sales job but I also think people are so desperate for information that we are trying to grasp at anything and everything.
  14. thirdgenhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    I’m finding it funny how so many people missed that!
  15. thirdgenhoosier

    Romeo Langford

    Mr. Basketball is announced on Sunday and that could “add” to a piece and is certainly something special. But I think we all know who is winning that.