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  1. Blocked more often than you think. I’ve seen it happen w young jv players who are borderline varsity players. I’ve seen it happen w football players who aren’t in the top 5-7 of their team. If the penalty is to not play varsity for a year and the 7th golfer is just a jv kid anyway then whether or not a school signs off is irrelevant because they are a jv player anyway.
  2. I wasn’t commenting on him specifically. More of a general statement. I shouldn’t have said time of transfer. I believe it is actually a calendar year from the time of the last game. This is why the baseball player coming to IU only played varsity during the tournament this past year. His old team lost in the sectional so he was eligible after the sectional. I think. On a related note, I work at a large suburban high school in the Indy area. You guys are only scratching the surface on this. This issue happens in every sport and most of the time, in my experience, it isn’t the star athlete.
  3. They don’t have to actually sit out a year. But they can’t play varsity for a full calendar year from the time of transfer.
  4. What about a big like Loveday w Davis graduating?
  5. Of course it was possible 10-30 years ago. Two people mentioned earlier in this discussion prove it has always been possible...Gates and Jobs. Ted Turner, David Geffen, and Michael Dell are three others. The internet has certainly changed the tools but to say it wasn’t possible isn’t right.
  6. They won’t be rated like that for very long. The three kids are rated 103, 130, and 245.
  7. If I’m not mistaken IU info is about number of tickets sold and not number of butts in seats. Maybe someone can confirm this?
  8. To add just a bit to the discussion but maybe in a different area. I was told today that Zionsville has had trouble with declining numbers for their little league programs. So much so that they had to merge w Carmel. I, too, feel like football gets too much negativity in the press but if the reality is what's happening in Zionsville is happening all over then the future of football is in trouble. Oh, and don’t forget that Franklin Central joined the HCC last year. They found out how tough that conference is from top to bottom.
  9. Man, wasn’t this covered elsewhere?
  10. Sorry if I’ve missed this before but why do you say this?
  11. Yep. Current IU coach Mark Hagen was a senior on that Carmel team. Great guy. Great teammate.
  12. Probably not as impressive as you might think. Lol.
  13. I was a junior on the team that beat Snider in 86. Vaughn Dunbar was the best player I ever played against. I agree that the state is undervalued when it comes to football talent. We are seeing a lot more big schools recruit Indiana than we ever used to.
  14. I believe that is correct. I want to say the move to 4 A was in the fall of 1985?
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