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  1. thirdgenhoosier

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Sorry if this has already been asked but is there a video of the last shot w our radio guys?
  2. thirdgenhoosier

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Something to consider. I believe the Duke transfer Jordan Tucker will be available for Butler for his first game.
  3. thirdgenhoosier

    UofL post game

    That was maybe a bit ugly of a win but I thought it was a really important win and a gritty win. And I will take those every single time against quality opponents.
  4. thirdgenhoosier

    Big Recruiting Weekend for Indiana

    That’s fair. I probably shouldn’t have worded it that strongly. Just repeating what I was told.
  5. thirdgenhoosier

    Big Recruiting Weekend for Indiana

    IU isn’t getting Bell. I’ve been told he has already told Brohm he is going to PUke. This is coming to me from someone inside their program.
  6. thirdgenhoosier

    Hire Kliff Kingsbury NOW!!!

    I think USC already hired him.
  7. thirdgenhoosier

    Hire Kliff Kingsbury NOW!!!

    He won’t be back at Maryland. He wants to be a head coach. Considering how he handled Maryland in all that mess the thought is that he can land a HC gig somewhere. Again, grapevine so take it for what it’s worth.
  8. thirdgenhoosier

    Hire Kliff Kingsbury NOW!!!

    I’ve heard through the grapevine that Canada will not be retained and is looking for other head coaching positions. Pure speculation on my part here but maybe he could be in line for East Carolina or Western Kentucky or App St if it opens up?
  9. thirdgenhoosier

    Offensive Line question

    Good stuff. I saw Jones play a couple of times in high school and thought he leaned on people rather than had great footwork. Was hoping a couple of years in a training program might fix that a little. Here’s to hoping Allen has recruited the OL better than Wilson did.
  10. thirdgenhoosier

    Offensive Line question

    I was wondering about Nworah. Appreciate the input.
  11. thirdgenhoosier

    Offensive Line question

    IU loses three starters in Knight, Martin, Linder as well as Knight's back up at right tackle I think (Baker?). Does anyone have a sense of who has the leg up to start at LG, C, and RT? I'm assuming the kid from Columbus (Crider) has the inside track at center?
  12. thirdgenhoosier

    IUFB Post Mortem

    Think he is ready to be OC? I’m not disagreeing. Just curious what you think there. I’m in total agreement that we need to keep him.
  13. thirdgenhoosier

    IUFB Post Mortem

    I think Allen still has some time, but hiring a new OC isn’t going to be easy. No Power 5 OC will make that switch and most HCs at smaller schools like the guy at Troy are also OCs. They aren’t going to stop being a HC to be an OC at IU. Maybe IU needs to take a chance on some D-2 HC who wants a chance as a Big Ten OC? I don’t know. All I know is this has been a really frustrating year.
  14. thirdgenhoosier

    IUFB Post Mortem

    I’d fire the entire offensive staff except Hart.
  15. thirdgenhoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Zags, 91-74