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  1. I hate to go off topic but has DJ Johnson announced where he is transferring to?
  2. I don’t think the point of this is really where each coach should be ranked. I think the point is that the conference only has one elite coach. JMO
  3. Apparently Booker committed to Minnesota.
  4. IU did not make his final list per Indy Star.
  5. This link is admittedly a bit dated, but it at least gives an indication where IU stands. It's very interesting to see where IU ranks nationally in revenue. Big Ten and National Revenue
  6. Correct w online. I think announcements about athletics is probably the next step. I know my daughter still wants to go to games and we are close enough that she can drive even w classes online. So, she is hoping that is still a possibility for students. This also means students won’t be coming back to campus the weekend of the Bucket game.
  7. Students won’t be on campus until Feb 8, yes. But many may stay in town if they have houses or apartments already rented. But IU hasn’t said anything about athletics and whether or not students can go.
  8. So this IU thread doesn't become a PU thread... I don't buy any of ESPN's odds for winning or losing a game. I'm surprised we have a greater than 80% chance of beating both Illinois and Michigan State. And I for one think we have a better chance of winning at Wisconsin than we do at Michigan. I know it's just my opinion, but I guess I don't see that big of a difference in going to those two places yet there is a 23% difference. And according to them we have a better chance of winning at Michigan than we do at home v. Penn State? Does anyone know how they figure this stuff out?
  9. Kaleb Wesson declares for the draft and is hiring an agent.
  10. Yeah. I wasn’t trying to suggest IU should bring him in. I really just wanted to try and steer the convo back to transfers.
  11. To help get this back on topic. Jalen Windham is in the portal. There was lots of conversation about him last year.
  12. Minnesota’s Marcus Carr has put his name in. Looks like he might be doing what Livers appears to be doing?
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