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  1. Instead of talking about some other team’s coach, does anyone have any info on UConn?
  2. I heard this was likely to happen way back in August.
  3. With the new Barner commit, do your thoughts change on our numbers? Is it Harris for the last spot? Hopefully Harris? Or do we actually have a couple of spots yet?
  4. Ah, didn’t mean for it to come off that way. You said it better than I did.
  5. I don’t know that Tennessee gets to decide. But the lack of an official announcement is odd.
  6. There is some chatter that Kentucky might get switched to Belk and we would face Tennessee. Neither bowl has said anything on Twitter yet and Gator says they are waiting on team two.
  7. Where are you guys seeing that this is a done deal?
  8. He has a really, really nice offer list. Great news!!
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