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  1. Men’s soccer beat Northwestern tonight 2-1 after having earlier lost at home to Rutgers.
  2. Corner of 17th and Jordan? There used to be a bell tower there.
  3. Oh who knows. Won’t know for months. Heck, I heard one rumor that James Franklin would be very interested if the job came open. It’s going to be an interesting and long three months for the USC fans.
  4. My daughter is a student and she sat with me on the home side due to dad's weekend. I told her it was the best student section I'd ever seen at an IU football game. They were great!
  5. Rutgers v Temple is postponed until Saturday due to Hurricane Ida. They were supposed to play tonight.
  6. Yep. I get what you are saying there. My only issue was what the student said. And if I misinterpreted that and the student was saying there was no close contact spreading then that’s my fault. I have no data on that one.
  7. Agree with you on the absolutes, especially when coming from teenagers! Ha! Probably the only thing I should say is I know for sure some have been positive. That’s as close as I want to get to ferpa. Beyond that, I’m not sure there is anything I know. I do know btown’s wife just a little bit though. Sorry she left!
  8. Not one was positive? I can tell you with 100% certainty that is not true. That said, he may very well be right on the elearning part of that. One of the middle schools is already on that.
  9. No but Ben Davis is traditionally a power. In no way am I saying the HCC is the equivalent to the MIC. I just said it was a good night. I do think the gap has narrowed some. But I think that gap is still pretty significant. 6A title game last year was proof of that.
  10. Nothing to be sorry about. I already acknowledged no HCC team played the two beasts of the MIC. Definitely a great win for Carmel.
  11. The HCC had a good night last night. Nobody played Carmel or Center Grove but the conference went 4-1 v the MIC.
  12. He is a sophomore. I think he had two TDs longer than 70 yards. Noblesville runs a system where they will only throw the ball about 4 times a game. He should have another big game v TH South next week and then comes the gauntlet of HCC teams.
  13. I saw the box score for LN. Cooper isn’t in it though LN beat Avon. He must not have played. I’m hearing lots of starters across the Indy area didn’t play due to Covid…either are sick or due to contact tracing.
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