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  1. IU has offered a scholarship to Eden James who is the son of Edgerrin James. Eden is a RB from Miami who also has an offer from the Hurricanes.
  2. Yep....graduated many years before you did.
  3. I saw on the other site that we are in the top 8 for DJ Moore. I guess he is a 4 star OL and former teammate of current Hoosier Randy Holtz. Anyone have any scoop on this young man? Where are you Ft. Wayne people??
  4. I’m 51...was on campus w Cheaney and that group. I’m frustrated but not yet ready to move on.
  5. Football Scoop is reporting this as well.
  6. Can we please not turn this into yet another Purdue discussion?
  7. It started awhile ago. There is a certain player at a Big 12 school that we recruited who was told by rival coaches that Archie wouldn’t be here for the kid’s four years.
  8. Oh I can’t remember. Right before Christmas maybe?
  9. 6A - There are three other teams that need to be mentioned. Ben Davis really came on late in the year. Carmel will always be in the mix. And Warren was really young last year and added a new coach in Kirchner who is outstanding. Valpo, I think they lose a couple of key pieces but I don’t know if anyone can touch Cathedral.
  10. Stevie has been great and wish him nothing but success. However, I like our young guys and think IU will be just fine at RB...excited for the future of that group!
  11. How about go to bed? I hate those 9:00 games anyway. I never got to bed until midnight...am often too angry or too excited to go to bed right after the game. Maybe I'll just go to bed early instead?
  12. IU plays Cincinnati next year. They will also be looking for a new DC. Their guy just got the DC job at Notre Dame.
  13. Whop is moving on...he announced that today.
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