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  1. It is, but there is an early signing period in December.
  2. Except for AM, is there anyone else in this class IU is talking to? Or are we just about ready to close the book on this class?
  3. I call BS on that one. Allen is getting a ton of national media attention and love right now. People all over the country are noticing and Allen is being mentioned as a candidate for other jobs.
  4. My understanding is that there won't be any rematches. So under your scenario we'd probably match up with 4 from the west...say Iowa for example.
  5. CBS...is that Parrish?? Has us in Music City v Arkansas
  6. I have to admit that I like the sound of this, but if I can play devil's advocate...maybe he is just a nice, polite young man and not answering might be seen as rude or giving something away?
  7. Looks like the Hoosiers will be at Florida State. Any thoughts?
  8. I don't think we're really going to know for sure until tomorrow a little after 6:00.
  9. I'll ask again....wasn't the announcement supposed to be done live?
  10. Wasn’t tomorrow’s announcement supposed to be done live?
  11. One doesn’t do a Friday news dump by telling everyone you have a big announcement on Friday.
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