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  1. Might reclassify...he's going to UK
  2. I'm excited to see him play in person this year...they play at Jeff December 20th...should be a hell of a game..
  3. I think Askew ends up at UK...
  4. So is Garcia visiting during Hoosier Hysteria...Leal said see you there
  5. Heard IU sent a assistant to Jeff last week to see Will Loving Watts...didn't hear who is was though
  6. I feel like Jeff Newton could've been better....him and Watford kind of had the same laid back personality on the court
  7. Tommy Baker was my cousin...I'm a young man so I never seen him play but I hear a lot of stories...
  8. Check out @HoosierHills’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/HoosierHills/status/1167497512116281348?s=09
  9. I wonder who will take over....Sherron Wilkerson would be nice but he's in his first year at Madison
  10. Something happened in his first year at Jeff involving a student. It led to him being suspended for the 1st round of sectional that year
  11. Really?...I know a lot of people wasn't fans of him down here but this seems crazy....Jeff has a team that can contend for a title this year...next coach would be the 6th in the last 13 years...I love Jeff basketball just as much as I love IU basketball
  12. I know he has family in New Albany which is right across the river from Louisville...
  13. Madison hasn't had anything to be cocky about...lol...hope he can turn it around
  14. https://madisoncourier.com/Content/Sports/Sports/Article/Madison-names-Sherron-Wilkerson-boys-head-basketball-coach/18/289/115133
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