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  1. Was a very nice person on here and I'm sure in life itself...rest easy
  2. Fans have always been that way.....the clowns have a platform now
  3. I've met people that didn't know Notre Dame was in Indiana
  4. I wonder how many people from the Sellersburg/New Albany and Jeffersonville area actually hates Purdue?...I know people from up north feels different about them but I hate UK way more than Purdue....I only know a handful of purdue fans and only one person I graduated with went to school there
  5. I think Hoopsters had a Romeo sign as well...not only is Hoopsters a IU bar but also a Jeff High basketball bar...pretty cool that they did that for a New Albany guy
  6. I seen that yesterday that they have changed the name...I had some pizza king Sunday
  7. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2022-guard-will-lovings-watts-hearing-from-indiana-daily/
  8. Bummer...he used to walk past my house dribbling a basketball every day and I haven't seen him lately....I heard his uncle made him sit out the last semester last year so Jeff couldn't put a hold on him playing for South...
  9. My niece talked to him and he told her he doesn't know yet...hopefully he stays at Jeff....next time I see him at Meijer I'll ask myself lol
  10. Yeah it's crazy the amount of coaches Jeff has gone through the last 15 years...I love Jeff high basketball as much as I do IU....there is always talent in the school
  11. I see him about twice a week at Meijer...he works there pushing carts...major loss for Jeff if he does leave
  12. We just gotta rely on Race staying healthy for the whole season
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