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  1. Jaden Mcdaniels is the other player UK has a good shot with
  2. From some of his interviews it sounds like he would want to get to the NBA sooner than later. Playing with Wiseman and a couple other one and dones sounds like a better option. Hope he ends up in Bloomington though....
  3. Only way Davis doesn't start is if he's injured...
  4. https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/jordan-brand-classic-five-star-trendon-watford-nearing-decision
  5. I try not to be negative or anything like that. But if we can't close this out and land Brooks then why is Ed on the staff?...and I said IF....I think he chooses IU but if he doesn't I would wonder that...you would think that Keion would be a sure thing since Ed coached his father...
  6. He always said Romeo was going to Kansas....he doesn't know anything
  7. I'll be at the Seymour regional for Jeffersonville vs Bloomington South and Center Grove vs Jasper.....hopefully my Jeff Red Devils can win it....
  8. Im excited to see him and Trayce next weekend in Seymour...
  9. Jeffersonville-75 BNL-54 in Seymour sectional. Tomorrow night will be Jeff vs Floyd/New Albany...should be a great finals
  10. Shai Gilgeuos Alexander last year from UK
  11. Maybe we can go get Tim Buckley back...wasn't he supposed to be the shot Dr....lol
  12. Keion not making the McDonald's team is very surprising
  13. I know when Trendon came up with his family for his sister's volleyball game, Ed was the coach with them the whole time
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