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  1. Yeah it's crazy the amount of coaches Jeff has gone through the last 15 years...I love Jeff high basketball as much as I do IU....there is always talent in the school
  2. I see him about twice a week at Meijer...he works there pushing carts...major loss for Jeff if he does leave
  3. We just gotta rely on Race staying healthy for the whole season
  4. It will be hard for college football or basketball to play and kids can't be back on campus...I think both get pushed back
  5. I would love for Sherron to be the new head coach at Jeff but that sounds too good of a idea....Jeff has made some silly decisions and I know of a lot talent that's coming through Jeffersonville and almost all of them are talking about going somewhere else when they get to high school...hopefully stuff changes and hiring Sherron would help in my opinion
  6. I remember watching Noy Castillo at New Albany....those were some good teams back then...those Jeff vs New Albany games were awesome
  7. His uncle is a quite the character....I have a few friends who has worked with Loving Watts and all of them tell me that he has a terrible attitude...I watched Jeff vs Lawrence North early in the season and he looked like the best player on the court...very talented and hopefully him going to Bloomington South will get his head on straight....
  8. He goes to school at UofL....he's from New York
  9. I remember when Vince Carter graduated from UNC the same day as the eastern conference finals and he arrived right before tip off.....I think it was Raptors vs 76ers with Iverson
  10. Hearing it's his grades...he's hoping to be back for sectionals
  11. Silver Creek beat Jeff and New Albany in the same season....wonder the last time that happened
  12. He ran the whole city of Louisville...many people believe he is the reason the pelicans and Grizzlies didn't end up in Louisville
  13. Silver creek heads to Jeff Friday night...should be a fun one
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