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  1. I saw these pics too. This one and one other posted by @Indianambb on IG. Neither of which Vic is smiling. But the pics of just Victor and Cheaney they’re laughing...i could be reading into it too much, But I’m not sure Victor and CAM are that close. I don’t think it really matters. Victor is obviously a Hoosier for life. But wondered if anybody else got the same impression?
  2. I had the exact same thought. “You’re college ready right now.” Come be a one-two punch on the wing with Romeo. Instantly turn our shooting woes around. Romeo and Watford at 2 and 3. 🤤
  3. Why would there be any UL or UK fans there? He’s not being recruited by either of those teams...
  4. I think it’s just unfair to ask Morgan to play the 5 spot. He won’t play the 5 in the NBA. So If he is going to showcase what he’s got for the League he really needs to play as a stretch 4. I think that’s where he wants to play anyways. I also think playing out of position all season is why he really ran out of gas at the end of the season. That AND playing almost 40 minutes every game. But getting knocked around by B1G big men all season didn’t help.
  5. Yeah it’d be cool if the crossroads classic could find another weekend. I’d love to participate in some of the cooler holiday tourneys.
  6. Yes I understand and agree with that, except I do believe a 20 game conference schedule will also effect how the NCAA judges teams on Selection Sunday. I think this is good for CBB long term. I obviously already think 8 is too many gimme games in the noncon. I’d be happy to see it go down to 5. And in response to MSU...it doesn’t always work out, but at least people are talking about MSU every year, even when they’re “bad.” MSU isn’t afraid to play anybody any time and they’re sports darlings as a result of it.
  7. I understand that, but neither are “”Legit Cupcakes.” And my main point is still that it’s only two games. We still have 6 games to boost our record. We’re just lowering our handicap. I personally am just very excited that IU is going to play more games against competitive opponents. IMHO a longer conference gives the NCAA a better yardstick to measure a team.
  8. I feel like people are overstating how much this will effect our non conference schedule. We're talking about two games. Wasn't everyone calling for Archie to develop a more challenging schedule moving forward? Why are people so concerned about playing fewer cupcakes? It's not like we're going to cut two marquee NCS games. I would rather play Rutgers or Nebraska or whoever else is occupying the basement of the B1G twice than play Kennesaw State or Youngstown State every year. Right now we only play 4 marquee non conference games anyways. Also imagine our SOS if we have to play all the teams in the top half of the B1G twice? We play 30 games a season and if Archie is worth his salary he'll put us in position to compete in the Big Dance regularly, regardless if we play 8 cupcakes or six. But I understand...change can be scary.
  9. Does anyone think this will effect Keion Brooks' recruitment?
  10. Phinisee isn't a poor man's Yogi. He's an elite floor general. There's a reason CAM made him a priority over Garland and David Duke. Not an elite scorer, but this kid can LEAD! Every analysis I've heard of the kid's game is that he is a coach on the floor and he's really good at seeing the court and controlling the offense. Heard a lot of comparisons to Michael Lewis. PS first post on the new site. Use to go by Akaramazov. Decided to change to something a little more Hoosier.
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