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  1. Team misses Hood-Schfino….a lot. Not the same team when he’s out. Race needs to come off the bench, maybe light a fire under him. Bates and Geronimo have got to be more consistent. Gunn needs more playing time if Bates continues this way.
  2. About to have a lot of questions answered (to a degree) over the next few weeks with UNC, Kansas and Zona coming up. Stay healthy and keep improving and this team could be scary good come February/March.
  3. Great minds think alike, just posted this in another thread lol.
  4. 8th in Kenpom, 7th in Sagarin and 10th in Torvik right now.
  5. Michigan down to Arizona State in the first half, 29-10. 8:30 left in the first.
  6. This program really dropped the ball letting Penix walk.
  7. Link for those wanting to listen in https://radio.securenetsystems.net/cwa/index.cfm?CFID=7a55e9f1-6bdc-4fe7-b7b7-99de955671c2&CFTOKEN=0&stationCallSign=WXVW
  8. Here’s a working link to listen https://radio.securenetsystems.net/cwa/index.cfm?CFID=7a55e9f1-6bdc-4fe7-b7b7-99de955671c2&CFTOKEN=0&stationCallSign=WXVW
  9. Minnesota lands five star center Dennis Evans over Kansas and others. Big time get for them.
  10. Oof. Glad I saved money to go to basketball games (both men’s and women's games) instead of football. When they decide to invest money into the program and take it seriously, I’ll invest my hard earned money in buying tickets, concessions and everything else. Until then, I’m sticking with the basketball programs.
  11. Jim Boeheim mad at the Big Ten and Kennesaw State moving up to CUSA in July of 2024. Wild times we live in.
  12. Agreed. I think Maryland, Rutgers, Penn State, Northwestern, UCLA and USC are all horrible fits, for one reason or the other.
  13. We need perimeter shooting, badly. With that being said, I’m adding the best shooter in the game in Steph Curry.
  14. Hope it is on rotating neutral sites with Indy and Louisville like the old days. Miss the split crowds, was awesome to watch. I could care less about a home and home series and don’t understand why people get so hung up on it. There’s other programs, like Kansas, for that. Gotta start thinking like a national program and not a mom & pops setup.
  15. Close W over a very bad team. I’ll take it, could be few and far between.
  16. Yeah 2023 not looking to great. Not too concerned, I’ll only be concerned if we’re in the same boat in 24 & 25. Good news is 8,000 players will be in the portal next spring.
  17. Got any interesting Russell stories Bgleas?
  18. PAC/B12 alliance and or merger isn’t happening as talks were called off. Sounds like the B12 will instead target the four corner schools (Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Arizona State).
  19. This kid is going to be really, really good. Want him in the candy stripes.
  20. ACC GOR is nearly ironclad…..unless 8 or more schools fight it. They can bleed out and fall behind til 2036 or make a move. I think it happens eventually, they have no choice or they fall behind greatly. Big 12 would be foolish to not finish off the PAC and take the four corner schools. They need to be proactive. Schools SEC wants are in ACC. Big Ten wants Notre Dame, no secret there. Lots of craziness going on.
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