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  1. Since others have mentioned Matta is probably not in play because of health and Stevens/Donovan/Bennett/Few/etc is not happening most likely, my new Realistic wish list... Drew Beard Altman Musselman Beilein Willard R. Bennett
  2. No offense taken as the coaches i'm wanting to see here (Stevens/Donovan/Bennett/Beard/Matta/Drew/Beilein/Musselman/etc) are the ones being mentioned by others. Simply stating i could see the administration going completely left field and bringing in someone no one expects to save $$$ and because it's debatable if they care about basketball.
  3. Not too sure on that. I know his record speaks for itself though. His first ten seasons at Oregon were all 20+ win seasons.
  4. No one i particularly want, just knowing this administration, it will be a hire made out of left field. Scoping out the landscape.
  5. Some off the wall, under the radar names that haven't been mentioned yet... Kevin Willard Chris Jans Ed Cooley Porter Moser Randy Bennett Niko Medved Wes Miller Bob Richey Tad Boyle
  6. I think you make those obligatory phone calls to Stevens/Donovan just to say you did, but after that you make someone like a Beard, Drew, Matta, Beilein, Musselman say yes, no matter what it takes. But I think you're right, the administration just doesn't care enough to put the effort in (like OSU repeatedly calling Holtmann). They've torpedoed the program so much, IU is much closer to Oklahoma State than it is Kansas/Duke/UK/UNC. I really hope i'm wrong and they get a home run hire, but looking back on the last +20 years, i have little to no faith that'll happen.
  7. And there is my #1 concern in all of this. Them goofing up yet another coaching hire. I could just totally see this bumbling administration hiring someone like an Alford, Brad Brownell, Kevin Stallings, Kevin O'Neill, Seth Greenburg or someone along those lines.
  8. Fife would be my choice as well if we went the IU guy route. Maybe try to get Cheaney on staff and get a proven recruiter. I would be for a setup like that. Don't think Alford could be that guy though, unless he's improved as a coach.
  9. If we were one of those programs, I'd have much more faith in the administration making a sound, competent hire, but I understand where you're coming from.
  10. If you can't land that proven coach, then maybe start looking at a IU guy, because at that point, it's all a crapshoot as far as a sure thing.
  11. That's very true but worth a shot. Out of the list of coaches (everyone's list is pretty similar, so we'll use that as the base), one of those would absolutely take a loaded offer from IU imo. Won't be Stevens, Donovan or Few but very well could be a Drew, Beilein, Matta or one of the other couple of names mentioned.
  12. To be fair, Howard's name carries more weight than Cheaney, as he played in the NBA much longer, played with Lebron, was part of the Fab 5, was a 1x all star, etc. Cheaney's name resonates with IU fans, but not much more than that. IU, imo, does not need an IU guy and should avoid that route. Would be great for nostalgic purposes for fans, a cheap pop, but wouldn't move the needle. This used to be a big time program, it needs to get back to carrying itself that way and hire a big time, proven winner. Just my 2 cents.
  13. It's a nice thought but honestly I don't want to see anymore mid-major coaches, unproven coaches or what have you. Hire a proven winner at a high major level. It's the only way this program ever moves up imo.
  14. Stevens, Donovan, Bennett, Beard, Oates & Few are probably pipe dreams. I think Scott Drew (my personal favorite to bring in) is the guy to target followed by Thad Matta, John Beilein, Musselman, Altman & Pitino (yeah, i said it, +20 years of mediocrity has pushed me over the edge). As long as the administration doesn't **** it up, don't see how they miss on all those targets.
  15. Yup, the horse has long been dead, Archie still beating away though.
  16. Nothing to do with basketball, i could go to my local YMCA and talk to more knowledgeable people.
  17. About what i expected, only worse. What can you say that already hasn't been said? Broken record playing the same tune.
  18. I'm just ready for this nightmare that's lasted the last 4-5 seasons to end. I won't pay another dime to go to another game until a change is made that's going to make a difference. Done. Will put my money into the football and women's basketball teams.
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