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  1. Interesting stat per espn - 3 players since the restart in the bubble are averaging 25 ppg while shooting 48% from the arc - PG, Kawhi, and TJ Warren. Warren has taken his game to another level. With the bad blood between him and Butler, that first round should be fun to watch. Another one, at least per espn (haven't cross-checked) -- Dame just joined Wilt as one of only 2 players in NBA history to score 3 60-point games in a season.
  2. And the Blazers just edge the Nets by 1 point in a real battle, Dame with another 40-plus game. Looks like it’s going to be Blazers - Lakers
  3. For the Lakers fans out there, I'm sure they didn't want to see the Blazers in the first round. This Bubble play-in stuff has gotten really interesting. Spurs and Suns (7-0) are still potentials, though unlikely that they'll get in, with the Blazers' and Memphis's records. Then again, maybe it's Blazers-Suns as the play in, and that's a heck of a match up right now
  4. Rockets-Thunder should be good -- but Lakers v Blazers.... that just might have 8 over 1 upset potential. Dame is playing out of his mind right now.
  5. I also think it’s likely that we’ll see lasting change in increased telecommuting / working remotely. when this started in March I dreaded it, didn’t know how our law firm would work effectively remotely (50 person firm). I’ve learned that for the most part, so far, working remotely works well - and I really, really don’t miss an hour and a half commuting back and forth every day, sitting in traffic, fighting traffic. Another plus, think of the environmental impact of significantly decreasing commuting and especially in big cities. There are lots of negative economic consequences and I don’t mean to limit those but there are also positives
  6. For the college players, whose time and futures these decisions directly affect, I very much hope the answer is yes. The NBA has made it work for basketball. The bubble it has likely can’t be used for college. But there are creative solutions that can work.
  7. Absolutely fair - though some coaches get more from less. Pop, Stevens et al are exceptional for example. Look at the Raps after losing Kawhi. Yes those coaches have really good players but if you put other coaches with the Spurs or Raptors chances are their records and team play would be different
  8. It’s about no one wanting to know who @5foulsis
  9. Guys time to step back from the keyboards and calm down, no more personal attacks please. @CoachSSand @RoadToZionboth of you bring a great deal to this board. This started when the thread started to get into race issues — when any mod posts (as all of us have) that a thread is starting to cross the line into socially or politically divisive discussion that’s not picking on anyone or taking “sides” it’s specifically to avoid that kind of discussion, it’s not discussion that belongs on this board. Sometimes it’s somewhat grey, as clearly diversity is a topic and reality of college basketball, but we have to draw a line somewhere and when the conversation starts pushing the envelope that’s when one of us will step in. And again if anyone has a problem feel free to reach out to any mod, don’t lash out at mods or each other personally on the board. Thanks
  10. Won’t be a popular opinion but I’m not as high on Nate as others — I think he’s done a pretty good job, think he’s a pretty good coach, but also think his current success is largely by who Pritchard got him on the team. Pritchard deserves a ton of credit, he is really good and revamped quickly a team I thought would fall apart. His moves were really well thought out. Nate is hard headed, and fairly predictable. Again I think he’s overall pretty good, but think it’s more who he has to play than how well he coaches.
  11. This is in the running for the silliest, most bury your head in the sand argument we’ve ever had on this board.
  12. It’s also a different League with changed rules that have significantly increased guard outside scoring, by design. Can’t just say he’s scoring more now than guys did a decade ago etc, the rules affect that. Again, though, he’s clearly a talented scorer— I don’t see Curry etc in him, and I saw Curry in the NCAA tourney and said this kid is probably the next Reggie. I would take Reggie over him easily at the same age. I would take Curry over him easily at the same age. The current rules have a lot to do, imo, with his output, but regardless to me he is not a guy who will be the next Curry. Time will tell, it’s all projection now
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