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  1. I don’t know. His agent publicly stated they are “very, very thankful” for the opportunity the Kings have given him but it’s not working and he needs a fresh start. Meanwhile the Kings have and are going through change, Walton was just hired. Now Stein’s 4-year deal is up, he’s about to be a RFA, and he’s looking either for a new team or this is part agent-driven negotiation which goes with the territory. He’s inconsistent but a mobile 7-footer who can get out, and while not a primary scorer has shown he can score. He or his agent may be pushing it, but I can’t say I fault him. Sacco has improved as an organization and team recently, but only recently
  2. Romeo was then projected high in the lottery including at 5.
  3. Yes those are good points, but before the injury he was projected as high as no. 5 overall. I think it’s primarily the injury, but your points are valid and that may be part of it
  4. I heard some of that as well, but don’t buy the idea that caused him to fall all the way to 44. He had some very good games before the injury. At one point he was being projected top 5. They said some of the same things about Romeo, questioning his energy or fire — one of IN HS’s highest scoring prospects ever, and Boston grabbed him at 14. If Bol Bol hadn’t had a foot injury, you know 7-footer with a year-ending foot injury, he’d have been picked in the lottery
  5. A side note. Pretty surprising to see Bol Bol, in the green room, slide all the way to 44. Good move by Denver to acquire him. 7 footer who scores, rebounds, blocks and can hit the 3. Foot (I think the real reason he slid) apparently fully healed. If he stays healthy - the risk / question here - he can be really good and a monster steal at 44
  6. Also gives him the opportunity to “show,” as Yogi did, to get picked up by another team if the Jazz don’t have room. Morgan is the kind of guy that just helps teams win, every team needs guys like that. He absolutely has the skill to play at this level, it’s about getting opportunities and finding the right fit for him. Hopefully it’s the Jazz.
  7. Little Archie could kick his ass, easily. Lol
  8. Yes that’s a good team for him to have a chance to make and especially after the Conley trade. Very well run organization and they built their team on tough D and young player development. Like Bryant, Yogi and Troy he’ll have a legit chance
  9. Classy and loyal move. He’s already “representing.” Vic, Cody, Yogi, Bryant have all been representing for IU, Romeo immediately. Think I remember OG giving IU some good pub as well. All great to see
  10. Cap space and Boston now may have 3 first rounders next year. Haynes was injured a lot this year, they were already shopping him, and the pick they traded for is a protected lottery pick
  11. Agree. Miami traditionally has been a well run organization and very competitive but they haven’t done well since LBJ left in player development, team development and general front office decision - making. They are well coached, but Stevens is excellent and a players’ coach. Really think the fit for Romeo in Boston is as good as he could have hoped for. He will be developed and given opportunities without the expectation of immediate high level production. With the team Boston has (though losing Horford will hurt) he will have good room on the floor to utilize his smooth, deceptively quick drives and pull-ups.
  12. Lol at those who projected Romeo to fall into the 20s. stevens and the C’s is a genuinely great landing spot for him, top flight front office, it’s a true “team” under Stevens, development is excellent, great teammates, a perennial playoff team, veterans around him, outstanding landing spot
  13. Honestly it’s silly. This is one of the highest scoring ballers in IN history. Passion. Duncan, Kawhi, etc.
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