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  1. Is UNC, or Louisville, or MSU, or any other major school suffering, anything? there’s absolutely nothing here to have any concern about
  2. Hands down, agreed, but include the 90s too, and for that matter the 70s. For world-marketing reasons, Hollywood has gone global, focusing on special effects / blockbuster "Marvel" - type movies as those are the movies that can gather the broadest world appeal. It is hard to find great movies with great story lines and writing today. That's not some "they don't build it like they used to" viewpoint. It's the reality of what is driving movie-making and budgets today. Give me Finding Forrester, Good Will Hunting, All the Presidents Men, ET, Searching for Bobby Fisher, and so many other great films over today's films, any day.
  3. Life time ban. 😁 And ok, locking this one up. Geez.
  4. Guys enough already. Next post with any more of this back and forth stuff gets this thread locked.
  5. I’m only going to say this one more time, keeping it civil and not belittling posters is not up for debate. Feel free to pm me or any of the mods if stuff gets under your skin. Also consider that the discussion with posters (further to this kind of stuff, with mods) generally is in pm’s. That’s where it belongs.
  6. Guys, again, disagree, dispute opinions, discuss away, but do it without belittling other posters. Just because the mods miss something and notice later doesn't make it ok. Keep the Board civil. This is not a point for debate. Carry on.
  7. Ok your posts have been getting personal and offensive. Mile doesn’t appreciate the article. Leave it there.
  8. Not sure about "a lot" -- at times for sure. That time frame, OBVIOUSLY, included the destruction of our program under Sampson/NCAA fall-out, the complete re-build of the program and 4 new coaches. It's kind of a stupid and clearly limited ranking all things considered.
  9. Correct. And Wisconsin still hasn't won anything. Lol
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