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  1. Lol let’s just say Sam is a good dude with good ties and that he’s shared a lot of good info over the years.
  2. Good result for Sabonis, and shows his comments about what the P's thoughts were on him were off. Also a good move, imo, for the P's.
  3. Troy's been playing really well, that's the point guys are making. He just doesn't seem to be able to find a team where he can stick, which is somewhat head-scratching considering how well he's played.
  4. Troy was shooting well fwiw, and moving without the ball, and McD can't defend my deceased grandmother.
  5. Maybe. He didn't get as much opportunity last season with the Kings than he did with Dallas. Hopefully he grows into more opportunity and responsibility there, or, if not, then maybe the P's will come calling. The idea of re-uniting Vic and Yogi is a fun one.
  6. And CAM's quoted comments on Smith the other day were pretty much dead on with this sentiment.
  7. Agree the P's are kind of full right now, but for what it's worth, I would take Troy over McDermott any and every day.
  8. Hope he lands with another team soon, he has proven he belongs in the League. If he doesn’t though he should be able to make a good living playing over seas
  9. Oh Lord. This has been beaten to death. No, He is not an outside shooter -- and of course he won't shoot 44% from 3. He has not shown the ability to handle the ball from the wing, as in the role a 3 plays, at any point in his IU career. He has not shown, at any point in his tenure at IU, the ability to play the 3. This is not to knock him -- we are talking positions -- he's a very good defender, and he has the ability to be a very good forward, call it a 4 but it's just a forward spot. Of course if he has improved, dramatically, over the summer into a reliable outside shooter and his handle in traffic, the ability to break down guys from the wing, then he could play the wing. So let me turn the question back to you. What, exactly, do you think he has shown to play 3? I mean seriously, what? Please don't say his D -- that's not playing the 3.
  10. It’s like a broken record. He is many things. There is zero reason to call him a 3
  11. Your takeaway is missing Rob and Green. He. Is. Not. A. 3
  12. These Scrimmages really are for experimentation and testing units and sets. They rarely flow - all kinds of stops and starts by the coaches, teaching during the games. Hearing a couple players excelled or how the ball was moved or what lineups got the most run is what to look for, usually
  13. Accepting a role does not come easy for some, understandable, they’re the best in the world, that’s why they’re in the NBA, they’re exceptionally competitive. And with Sabonis he’s still young. Growing into understanding fit and roll, and the “business” side of the NBA, takes more time for some. Sabonis really is in a great situation, but he’s looking past it.
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