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  1. OG currently leading Raps against Charlotte 7-12 for 18 and 5 boards
  2. Damn that sucks hope whatever it is, is benign / not too serious
  3. Thing is we haven’t seen Stewart in the B1G. Think that’s just going to be a wait and see. Hunter could be outstanding by then, and we’re already seeing his improvement, if that continues watch out
  4. Why? He has been an average coach, has been fired, and had those serious player issues (criminal) while at Iowa. Great player, average coach with a lot of baggage. I would hate to see Alford anywhere near the discussion
  5. Race did improve, and noticeably, last season, and in fairness his minutes increased dramatically over the last 10 or so games, to over 20 a game, while Brunk’s diminished to single digits.
  6. But Hunter has been steadily getting back over the past several games. Both inside and out. The problem is the second AF as back CAM went right back to the same limited offense with AF taking 15 shots. Before someone has a coronary, again, I love AF’s game, but he should not be taking 15 shots (again to get 14 points), need to integrate the deep shooters better, including Leal. That was happening until PU, CAM just reverted the offense back to what it was and again we couldn’t score.
  7. In fairness we may have that next season. Lander is a stud, right, not ready now since he’s really still a high school kid, but he will be. You know I’ve always agreed with your overall point though, we need more elite talent who the all-around talented guys like Galloway, Leal, Geronimo et al can surround
  8. It’s like as an institution IU overcompensated, from all O and little D, CTC, to all D and little O CAM. Lol, I’m exaggerating... but maybe not much. It’s really how we underemphasize the arc and how the shooting is imbalanced right now. Having AF return and immediately take 15 shots for 14 points while guys like Hunter and Leal, both coming on strong coming into the game, get taken mostly out of the offense (Hunter had only 3 shots until late - and that despite that he was 2-3 from deep) really limits our O and once again the team struggled to score. What I see is not players failing to execu
  9. I have no idea. They called me and told me it would be $660 a session. So I got the prescription to find my own rehab. Crazy. Wobbly thing haha
  10. A just wow update, on my late-diagnosed torn tendons. So was to have the first rehab session today -- but the hospital called me to give me a heads up that each session would be $660... $660 an hour. So they said maybe try to get a new prescription for rehab outside the hospital. Lol, you think?
  11. Kyrie gets hammered by the League -- to forfeit $816,898 in salary (2 games) and pay $50,000 in fines for violating Covid protocols. https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/30717575/kyrie-irving-fined-50000-rejoin-brooklyn-nets-saturday-five-day-quarantine Ironically, Harden and Irving are the only 2 players to be fined for health and safety violations...
  12. An amazingly moronic statement. Right, TJD off the bench. DD is a tool.
  13. ^^ We could. Or we could turn things around with some W's. Last night was as bad as it gets, not exactly optimistic right now, but it's one game with plenty to play...
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