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  1. Phinisee?

  2. Peegs Preseason B1G Rankings

    To be honest, I really don't have a good feel for how we'll end up. I suspect we'll start off slow as the team learns CAM's system and learns how to play without OG, JBJ and Bryant, and then plays strong, barring injury, down the stretch, revealing better how the team will be under CAM. Our team D should be significantly better, OG's loss notwithstanding. We have shooters. We have very good veterans. On court leadership, how the team gels under the new system and coaching overall, how Rob plays on ball, who steps up after Bryant's departure -- how DD and Morgan play, and how much growth we see from our sophs probably determine if we're top 4 or top 7.
  3. When?

    It's been slow getting it up and running over here, but Kev and HF have been working hard to get us up off the ground. Good to see all of you here.
  4. Phinisee?

    Definitely a great pickup, and good to see all of you here.
  5. Romeo Langford

    Hey Fouls -- You seem to have your ear to the ground on the Romeo recruitment. Do you know someone in the area or have some other sort of inside info? Just curious -- I've always thought we (at least when TC was coach) were a significant long shot, but I don't have any inside info on Romeo's recruitment.
  6. Robert Johnson

    As you guys know, I'm a RoJo fan. He really fell off after a great start last season, and there were some issues (including, apparently, locker room issues) that may have played a part, but regardless I think, barring injury, he's going to have a really strong senior year.
  7. Peegs Preseason B1G Rankings

    I like the new name, blue-boy. I''ll that that'll catch on..... It's early, hard for me to say where IU will end up. 7 at this point seems fair, but if that experience and the new players gel....
  8. Juwan Morgan update

    Dang I wish I'd realized that was here in H-town.
  9. Victor Article

    I would LOVE to see Vic explode playing for the Pacers! Rooting for him.