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  1. Hoosierhoopster

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I guess it's how you look at it, but Sampson, as a coach, was top tier. That team when he went down was something like 24-4. Of course, academics had gone to crap, players were doing drugs, and he was engaging in his phone gate violations. Not saying any of that was ok, it wasn't, but in terms of coaching, he was very, very good.
  2. Hoosierhoopster

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Haha, maybe not
  3. Hoosierhoopster

    Nice Write-Up on Hunter

    By ITH (Bozich) - https://www.insidethehall.com/2018/10/15/2018-2019-player-profile-jerome-hunter/ Pretty encouraging that a top 50 player who is an above-average outside shooter, a two-way, versatile player, and a guy who CAM says "loves the game of basketball, more than any guy that I’ve probably been around in a long time. He can’t get enough of the gym, which is a great sign as a young player. It’s a great sign" -- will need to compete hard to earn minutes early. Hunter is going a bit under the radar after Romeo's commitment.
  4. Hoosierhoopster

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Stromboli -- Can you change your name to Egg Plant? I start thinking about Chicago and Bloomington stromboli dishes every time I see you post.
  5. The real difference is we self-reported and then self-imposed sanctions. IU killed itself, realistically, after the NCAA's ridiculous infractions determinations on Sampson's phone-gate violations. UNC, Louisville and other schools denied and fought the imposition of any sanctions. It's ironic that by taking the high road, and going beyond doing the "right thing," IU killed its own program for many years. On the flip side, or because of our U's decision to take a really big hit, IU can say it is running things the right way, it places education and ethics and NCAA rules (even the stupid ones) first, and with all that, we're now back on track to building a hell of a basketball program. That's how a flagship U should be, imo.
  6. Hoosierhoopster

    Things to ponder.

    Why do my nails grow daily, my facial hair grows daily, but my hair basically stopped growing 20 years ago?
  7. Hoosierhoopster

    paranormal activity

    I'm one who thinks there's some truth/reality in paranormal activity that we just can't explain -- it's not something that really moves me one way or the other, just think there's reality in it. Best example for me is second hand. On the night my maternal grand father passed away, my mother woke up in the middle of the night and felt him pass through her. She immediately got out of bed, middle of the night and called my grandmother, who answered and said my grandfather had just passed away. My mother knew, she had just experienced it and literally felt her father reach out to her as he passed away. There's just no other explanation, it happened. So I'm a believer that there's a 6th sense and more than just the physical world that we tangle with daily.
  8. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    With the usual preface that espn is not what it once was and especially concerning the NBA (and college bball), still find it confusing that they continue to under-rate the Pacers after this past season -- Espn's power rankings, P's at 14 after Miami (?), and their take -- the one thing I agree with is the idea of relying less on Vic and getting more out of Turner along with Evans to being more successful: 14. Indiana Pacers BPI projected wins: 47.0 Previous rank: No. 8 Best case: 55-27 In this scenario, after leading the NBA in long 2-pointers a season ago, the Pacers become more analytically inclined and get far more shots from 3-point range with free-agent addition Doug McDermott. Myles Turnerfinally starts to show signs of progression after stagnating the past two seasons. And bringing Tyreke Evans over allows Indiana to rely less on Victor Oladipo, which pays dividends come playoff time. 2018-19 Indiana Pacers Projected Win % MONTH(S) PROJECTED WIN%* *According to BPI OCTOBER/NOVEMBER 55.0 DECEMBER 64.8 JANUARY 55.6 FEBRUARY 58.2 MARCH/APRIL 54.5 Worst case: 39-43 While Oladipo's defense is excellent again, his efficiency falls off a cliff compared to a season ago, and he isn't an All-Star. None of the big men -- from Turner to Domantas Sabonis to newcomer Kyle O'Quinn -- display any real consistency, forcing the club to put too much on the shoulders of its guards. The somewhat inefficient midrange shots that fell all last year don't this year, and fans begin questioning the wisdom of signing Nate McMillan to an extension. Toughest stretch: March/April An extremely tough eight-game stretch -- vs. Oklahoma City, at Denver, at Portland, at LA Clippers, at Golden State, vs. Denver, at Oklahoma City and at Boston -- from March 14-29 could play a key role in determining the Pacers' seeding. As good as Indiana was last season, the club was 16-14 against the West, a steep drop-off from the 32-20 mark the Pacers compiled against the East.
  9. Hoosierhoopster

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    There are probably people here who have no idea who Mary Ann and Ginger even are.
  10. Hoosierhoopster

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    I thought we were talking about this thread. Not sure how a thread from last spring changes this thread.
  11. Hoosierhoopster

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Kind of reminds me of Roy flying in to see Cody in the final days of that recruitment. Didn't work out so well for him.
  12. Hoosierhoopster

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    What uproar? I see discussion that the kid earned a scholly, not an uproar or a "controversy.":
  13. Hoosierhoopster

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    Can't be that many co-captains out there without schollys. He's earned a scholly, for sure.
  14. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    "Qualified" ppg leaders http://www.espn.com/nba/statistics/player/_/stat/scoring-per-game/sort/avgPoints/year/2018/seasontype/2 do not include either Steph or Boogie. Steph played in only 51 games, Boogie of course suffered that injury and played in only 48. Evans is going to play a bunch of minutes and have to think he will play with Vic at times, don't think he was brought in to only come off the bench, no? Presumably Bog is going to increase his shooting/scoring. Sabonis is going to push for more. And there's lots of reason to think Turner is going to push for more scoring this season, including all the work he's been putting in over the summer, his contract status, etc. Sure Vic might increase his ppg by 2 in one season, but that doesn't really seem to mesh with the roster moves and it would be a very big jump.
  15. Hoosierhoopster

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Think Romeo or Cody.