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  1. Agree on offers including who offered - and when. Quick example - Hollowell. Good player, but after being offered early by schools like OSU, OSU and some others backed off later while the offers still showed. Hollowell was a good player but not per his “ranking.” And there are of course a gazillion examples of guys ranked in the top 25-50 who don’t pan out at all. Again, rankings are just one way to try to measure a player, and they are in many cases hit or miss.
  2. Romeo, TJD, Lander. Calling this kid the most important recruit? He’s outstanding, but all of those 3 are extremely important to the building of the program under CAM. It seems every year a kid is the most important ever lol.
  3. Yes, generally, but see above. The rankings depend on who viewed the player, when, how many times, what factors the service is weighting (athleticism, perceived next level body type - length, wingspan, burst, shooting, defense (usually a small percentage factor), rebounding, etc. And if you think there’s a real difference between a guy at 90 or 120 etc I’ve got some real estate to sell you
  4. When I wrote the above I was going to refer to MSU generally -- they often bring in guys outside the top 100, when they're recruiting them, who turn out very good. They know how to recruit. So does CAM.
  5. It can and will be Defense will object on relevance. I'd be surprised if at least some of it doesn't get in. Generally speaking the judge in any state trial has a fair amount of discretion on what evidence is relevant.
  6. This is exactly the kind of insight the rankings often lack. On top of guys getting ranked based on who viewed them, when, how many times, etc. The rankings are useful, but they are far from the end all in assessing a player. It's why you see guys often getting recruited by major schools despite being 'ranked' well below top 50 or 100, and why you see guys ranked outside the top 100 often far outperforming their 'ranking'
  7. Appreciate that this thread has not gone political. The racial injustice is just so awfully obvious, and that repeatedly, over and over, year after year, this kind of cop killing, repeatedly of young black, unarmed men, occurs with the cops not getting charged or getting off at trial, is the problem. This is an ingrained, long-term social issue that's still there. Ignoring it, or pointing to black on black crime completely misses the point. Part of the problem is also the legal system. As a lawyer who has reviewed cases and jury charges involving cop killings and beatings, I know the legal standards and the burdens that must be met to obtain/sustain a guilty verdict. Without going into the many details, it's an extremely high and difficult burden to meet. Even when charged, which is the exception, when you have, as here, witnesses and evidence demonstrating what actually happened, the gross abuse of power and clear criminal conduct by the cops themselves, oftentimes the cops go free, because of the way the law is currently written.
  8. Lots of guys outside the top 100 impact well. As I said above, I'm not big on relying much on rankings to distinguish guys in that general range. Off the top of my head, think Hulls (consistently ranked in the 105-10 range, 247 had him at 139), Juwan Morgan, obviously Oladipo and OG, Sheehey, etc. Guys may not be stars (e.g., Sheehey) but the idea if you're not ranked top 100 you won't impact the team as a frosh is often just wrong. And frankly differentiating a guy ranked 80 or so from a guy ranked 110-20 or so has really little value.
  9. As I've said before, I don't place too much stock in high school rankings, particularly in distinguishing players based on rankings in the 25-100 or 50-150 range etc., how they are ranked includes who ranked them, who saw them, when they saw them, what factors they're weighting, etc. But all that said, yes, this looks like a deep and balanced class with a legit top 25 player / point guard, who brings areas of need, and a collective group of highly regarded players who have built reputations on toughness, winning, and skill to go along with upside.
  10. Progressive has been really good to me, after GEICO doubled my insurance rate after one of my kids had an accident - no ticket involved. Jackamoles. I now can't stand the Geico commercials, and have resigned myself to appreciating "Flo" in the Progressive commercials.
  11. One of the great players whose game was taken away prematurely by his knees. Broke MJ's McD's game scoring record IIRC. Tremendously talented, would've made the P's so good. However, I remember reading somewhere that he did very well in business after retiring from the NBA.
  12. People need to understand that nothing has really changed. We don't have a vaccine, the virus has not gone away. I also am for phasing back to work etc. -- but what is "normal" now? People running around without masks are just stupid. It's cavalier, and just plain dumb. I absolutely want us all working and going to school again, this drawn-out situation has been devastating on so many levels. But the returns to work, to schools, etc. must be done safely, and the virus is still here. I don't know why some push back on that. I hope most will get it, and take precautions so that everyone can get on with life.
  13. I have around 550 HP and 490 pound foot torque with a 6.2 liter naturally aspirated V8, in a 2-door coupe. It blows 911’s off the road, the Camaros, Chargers etc left wondering what happened lol. Ten second quarter mile, about 3.3 0-60. And the sound of an AMG raw naturally aspirated exhaust note... just a thing of beauty.
  14. c63 507, 2014. Bought new have since dyno'd it, added an ECU chip tune, carbon fiber rear spoiler and diffuser, and a ROW airbox -- oh yeah almost forgot also a limited slip differential. Got it as I am a naturally aspirated car guy, not big on turbos, and that was the last naturally aspirated AMG engine. It's a monster (6.2 Liter), I love it. Can't believe it's like 6 years old now (around 80K miles on it). -- I'll try and post a pic tomorrow --
  15. ^^ Nice! My c63 is a matte finish so I have no choice, have to hand-wash it, but also can't wax it -- can't wax a matte finish. But my Jeep needs some shine... The Car Guys product looks promising.
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