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  1. Hoosierhoopster

    HSN. What's Your Favorite Buzzer Beater ?

    I’ve posted on this before but that Watshot was a special, special day for me and my oldest - will always remember it. We were driving back from an away game at San Antonio (Houston Dynamo Academy), he had just tied the record for most goals scored in an Acsdemy league (highest level of youth soccer) game, 5. Was a phenomenal showing, scored from all over the field. We were listening to the game for most of the drive, and we’re yelling and cheering in the car, then Wat gets the shot off and it’s Watford for the win, Yeahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhhh! And we’re going nuts in the car. It’s a wonder I didn’t crash. Then we get home and watch it (dvr), and go nuts all over again. One of my favorite memories for sure
  2. Hoosierhoopster

    Our ranking (sorry if already discussed)

    That reflects a flaw in the system. What it is I don’t know
  3. Hoosierhoopster

    Justin Smith

    he’s Much better than Freddie
  4. Hoosierhoopster

    HSN. What's Your Favorite Buzzer Beater ?

    Agree. Smart's was not a buzzer beater. It was a title-winning shot, but it was not a buzzer beater.
  5. Hoosierhoopster

    Justin Smith

    Personally, I think FKIM01's post is the reasonable one here. With Justin, the expectations, and impatience, are probably driven by the flashes he showed last season as a frosh. Expectations are high. That's a good thing, generally. Until people start writing a guy off or opining he should play less based on 11 games into his soph season, and despite: 1. He's the third leading scorer on the 4th most FG attempts (2 less than Rob, and overall shooting stats: 8.3 ppg (91 total points), 49% FG. 2. He's the third leading rebounder (tied for 2nd in offensive boards with Romeo), and 3rd in steals, while being 4th in minutes 3. He's only taken 5 3's, but hit 2 (40%). (He'll need to develop his outside shot) 4. He has 25 TO's -- but so does Morgan, and Romeo has 27 5. He's shown strong overall D including when taking on the other team's best scorer. Again, he's just 11 games into his frosh season. Way ahead of where Wat was at the same time defensively. 6. He has elite athleticism. His speed-of-the-game understanding is not there yet for him to take full advantage of that. When it does get there, watch out. He has played well overall in the last couple of tough games in particular Louisville: 4-8 for 9 points and 9 boards, 2 assists, 0 TO's Butler: 3-6 (1-1 from the arc) for 7 points, 4 boards (did have 3 TO's) I think his 'promise' will grow into a strong overall game with time and experience -- That CAM has trust in him should speak volumes
  6. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Ok guys, we’re not here 24-7 but let’s keep the personal stuff in pm’s Thanks
  7. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    Well we have to balance your erudite, austere posts with a little levity
  8. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    There is zero reason to call this team soft. I’m glad I missed those comments, couldn’t be more off base
  9. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I think Romeo’s shot will improve significantly. He has good form, he works on his game and he’s a frosh not even half way into the season. His outside shooting will come, he can shoot and well from 2, and he has studied DeRozan and Wade - that’s a part of his game - time to study some Curry, Reggie et al
  10. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    That really is a glaring failure. We’re 11games in, by this team his formula should be reflective of this season and not last. I see no excuse for the ridiculous over-ranking of PU. Has to be SOS based.
  11. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Juwan is our own Big Fundamental.
  12. Hoosierhoopster

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    UGA crushing AZ St 47-33 at the half
  13. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Just need to give it to a kid, they're the only ones who can open the child-proof tops
  14. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Just as big -- a perfect 7-7 from the line.
  15. Hoosierhoopster

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Justin is the team's 3rd leading scorer, just needs to keep developing his aggressive O -- 3) Justin, 4) Rob. Don't see De'Ron in that mix