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  1. Scott, just because what you refer to as a "Celtic guy" came up with it doesn't make it realistic. It's not.
  2. Watching Lander re-classify and knowing he was coming in at 17 years old, I was initially hesitant to project him having the type of frosh season most expect, as skilled as he is (the #1 ranked PG for his class before the re-classification). But noticed recently the other guys who came to IU at 17 years old -- OG, Bryant, and Vonleh. OK, that's pretty good company. Hadn't realized OG was 17.... Talk about talented young guns. ITH talked about that in their profile on Lander. https://www.insidethehall.com/2020/10/27/2020-2021-player-profile-khristian-lander/ Can't wait to see this ki
  3. Do you really think you have the handle on who might be drafted at 14 in this draft, how good that player may be, etc., by pulling up prior drafts, which, of course, included all kinds of outstanding players, a number of whom were overlooked. Btw, that goes way, way past #14. All kinds of outstanding, future all stars, etc. are drafted, routinely, at and after 14. And you're just glossing over Romeo, who was a lottery pick and was injured basically his entire rookie year. This is a patently stupid trade suggestion. No way in Hell the Celtics would take it, and yes, they know better than you, S
  4. Yep, PK. Good to hear he became a successful guitarist. I remember how good he was way back then.
  5. Well you're just wrong, lol. Where was Kawhi drafted? Etc etc etc. Come on, this trade idea isn't even in the realm of reasonable. It's boneheadedly bad.
  6. No lol, no way, no way in Hell would the C's actually give up Hayward AND a 14th pick, not to mention Romeo, for those two. That's just hysterically bad. Comedically bad.
  7. Holy crap, I remember him, kind of knew him when I was a kid. He used to shop at the same guitar store I did.
  8. No way lol. Amazing how unrealistic some of these guys are.
  9. I can't wait to see Galloway bite a player's leg. 😁 Kidding aside, if this kid brings even 80% of Fife's toughness and competitiveness on the floor, that will be great
  10. Absolutely. The kids and their fans weigh what’s best for them and that is entirely personal
  11. Compare Thomas Bryant, Cody Zeller. It’s not any college coach’s job to develop any player for the NBA, it’s their job to build a winning college program. But the elite incoming players are looking for development to the NBA, college is a step towards their goal not the destination, and IU has a better track record all around for developing players to the NBA. It’s one factor but it favors IU
  12. Lack of institutional control, etc. similar to the major infractions levied against IU under Sampson, but unlike with Sampson’s phone gate BS, on real infractions. Will be interesting to see if AZ follows the UNC model (deny deny including reality) or the IU model (self-destruction, dismantle basically the entire program starting with a quick coach parting), or something in between
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