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  1. Also agree with the mindset that this game is not a signature game for CAM. It's a chance to get a W. I never like the idea that a single game, let alone a single game early in a season, is a statement game for a coach or his ability as a coach. In fairness, Crean had multiple games where, on preparation, the team got big W's (Kentucky, MSU, KU, etc. etc.) but it ultimately meant little with regard to his future as IU's coach, because he was unable to win consistently and take the team past the SW16.
  2. ^^ It's too bad he hasn't found consistency, the criticisms that go to that are clearly fair. He is, however, a good shooter (37% from the arc last season on 189 shots, and 45% FGs, 45% his frosh season though on just 36 shots). He's shooting at 30% this year, well below his average. Doesn't mean he isn't a good shooter, it means he's shooting below average. Do hope he finds his stroke, and confidence that underlies it, the team needs him to.
  3. At What Point......

    If OG was not out with a torn ACL, and Collin lost as well, that most likely would not have been an NIT team. A lot of black and white statements in an area that is at best grey. OG is killing it in the NBA. He and Collin would've made a real difference. Also think it's still early in the season for an assessment that says we are lucky to be this competitive. The team is getting better. We could've won that Louisville game. I have always doubted that this was a tourney team, since we lost those three players -- and all but one double digit scorer -- but it's early December., and the team's play is improving.
  4. At What Point......

    I think this is fair. We were consistently a very good basketball program, we went to the tourney almost every year -- but we had our share of first and second round exits (quite a few), and we had down years after really good years. We also had several-year runs when we were one of the truly dominant college teams, but over the two-plus decades of RMK, we had a number of years (especially toward the end) when we were good but not great. I think we will get back there under CAM, based on what I've seen so far. I don't think he wins 3 NCs, but I do think we'll be seeing FF's again and lots of years of strong conference and national showings. It takes time to build your own squad and recruiting base. CAM is off to a good start, imo.
  5. Hoosiers In the NBA

    Lol Kev, you're like some jilted boyfriend haha. Vic is having such a fantastic year, so far, if he keep this kind of play up he will have earned his way into discussion with the top group of guards. What's been most impressive to me has been how efficiently he's scored so far this season, he's really raised his outside game. Still a lot of season to go, but man did he find a great fit with this Pacers squad. He is doing so much better than he did last season, with Westbrook, who, unfortunately, is still playing like he did last season instead of working to move the ball around with PG and Melo (Thunder rank something like 25th in assists, right now, way too much iso ball) I am still in a wait and see mode as to whether that Thunder squad gets it together, if they do -- like when they beat Golden State -- they're really good. If they don't, they still got what they wanted in getting Russ to commit to a long-term deal. So far, the Melo addition was a bad one. The PG comparison stuff though is just silly. Leaving aside we're talking two diftferent teams, and that Vic had a really bad year while playing with Westbrook like PG is currently trying to do (golly), did you know PG is leading the League right now in steals, as in #1? He's actually playing great D overall, while playing up and down offensively -- funny how it seems to coincide with Melo either not being on the floor, when PG had huge games, or not controlling possession. I wonder when people will just enjoy Vic doing well without the silly stuff about PG. I hope they both end up having great seasons -- go Vic.
  6. 2:00 pm tip off at the KFC Yum Center. Here's a Louisville - side keys to the game: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/sports/college/louisville/2017/12/08/louisville-cardinals-indiana-hoosiers-basketball-storylines-keys-preview/934338001/ - their take, IU's less than desired defense so far vs. Louisville's less than desired offense so far. And: "Guarding Deng Adel: Indiana has one noticeable matchup problem, and it's Louisville's 6-foot-7 wing, Adel. He is the Cards' leading scorer coming off a quieter game against Siena, scoring nine points. Adel has made a habit in his Louisville career of big scoring outputs in games following a single-digit performance. The Hoosiers don't really have anyone who can match Adel's combination of athleticism, strength and size on the wing. He could be the difference at the Yum Center." Who plays D on Adel? Here's ITH's what to expect - http://www.insidethehall.com/2017/12/07/what-to-expect-louisville-3/ 32- year old Padgett is the youngest coach in DI basketball. Let's go Hoosiers!
  7. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    Doesn't sound like we're really disagreeing as to his need to develop, but I continue to disagree with your evaluating him on his frosh season -- and we have not seen him for 1/3 of this season, he's barely played -- that is what it is, he hasn't earned his minutes (as determined by CAM), but that's not a basis to evaluate his talent. Also disagree about Collin (and other frosh who developed over time). This is not saying he is Collin, Collin's a forward, they're not the same player, but Collin was not strong enough, at all, during his frosh season or the start of his soph season - he got mop up duty because that's all he'd shown he could do. He did not stand out, at all, and there were many posting that he wasn't talented enough and was expected to, or should transfer. I'm sure you remember that as you've been here (I'm happy to see) a long time. He needed to develop. He did. Btw, Collin was ranked way below where CuJo was ranked coming in (to the extent rankings really matter). I fully agree CuJo's next stop should be wherever he has the best chance to develop.
  8. Phinisee?

    Appreciate the first-hand insight, thanks for posting.
  9. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    Hmm. Still think you're undervaluing him. All we've seen of him is his frosh season. Apply this same reasoning to Collin after his frosh season (when many actually wanted him to transfer). What he demonstrated in AAU ball/HS coming in fully justified his top 50 ranking, kid can score the ball, he's just not ready yet, this is about development, not ability. Agree he isn't seeing the floor time, and like many in that situation he's transferring because of that. You don't have that game he had against KU without serious talent. You don't excel like he did at the AAU level without serious talent. Your evaluation is small sample size, one frosh season, and his inability to earn minutes at the start of his soph season. He may, or may not, develop to his ability at his next school, but I absolutely would not be surprised if he did. He'd certainly get more early floor time at a mid major, and he may go for that for that reason, but he's certainly on par with many players at high majors who are getting good playing time, and put him with the right mix of players giving him space on the perimeter and I suspect he'll do well.
  10. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    I think you're undervaluing him on a small sample size. He's talented, but needs the right fit and time to grow his body and get that confidence back. Do think it's all about finding the right system/coach/team. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him excel somewhere, at a high major, in another year or so.
  11. 3 UCLA players arrested in China

    ^^ Yes, he's a narcissistic idiot. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/21701171/lavar-ball-sons-liangelo-lamelo-sign-agent-harrison-gaines
  12. Around the B1G/NCAA

    And MSU only beat Rutgers by 10. There are few gimmee games in B1G play.
  13. Around the B1G/NCAA

    The guy is such a complete and total idiot. Hopefully for the kid his idiot father will realize, after not "allowing" UCLA to punish his son for his son's dumb act in China, that if he's not going to play at UCLA then, for his basketball future, he should at least seek a transfer or play overseas. Unfortunately, the message this sends to NBA teams who might look at LiAngelo (and right now he is on nobody's draft board) is that rather than own his mistake, his complete idiot, loudmouth dad's involvement is a major distraction that has now resulted in his not owning his -- hello -- crime. "I'm going to make him way better for the draft than UCLA ever could have," Ball said. Lavar Ball should just shut up.
  14. OT Be Thankful

    Btown, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend and under those circumstances, and for the pain that you are going through. I am truly uplifted, though, by your thoughts and the way you have reached out to everyone here with compassion and friendship, you are helping all of us think about the impact we can have in other's lives. You must have been a truly great friend to the one you lost. That stands out loud and clear, please don't doubt yourself.
  15. Curtis Jones leaving at Semester..

    Watching A Christmas Story is a HH family tradition!