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  1. Hoosierhoopster

    Romeo Langford

  2. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    As a reminder that there have been and probably are dirty refs out there, this story on Tim Donaghy is an interesting read: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25980368/how-former-ref-tim-donaghy-conspired-fix-nba-games This nugget from the story: "If you looked at the stats," said one gambler in The Office at the time, "you could see he was calling more fouls on the team he bet against and less fouls on the team he bet on. That was obvious." Said another: "Did I assume he was fixing the games? Yeah, I did. But I didn't give a s---, because it was great information. From 2003 to 2007, we didn't miss a game. Any game that he reffed we had a wager on."
  3. Not sure if posted elsewhere, the original flooring of the 1928-60 IU b-ball Court, the Garret to McCracken era, has recently been discovered in a storage facility in Indy — apparently much of it still in good condition. They’re figuring out what to do with it — pretty cool.
  4. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    The funny thing with the Knicks is how incredibly bad their front office has been. i wonder if all the talk about KD and Kyrie to the Knicks over the summer has any legs. They gave up on Porzingis, and building through the draft, to free up space for 2 max level players to go with drafting. If they land KD (i’m Skeptical but who knows with KD), they will get back in the hunt quickly. But if they don’t, and can’t fill those spots with elite stars, the dumpster fire will continue in full burn.
  5. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    Boston or LA, but there will be a LOT of moving pieces this summer. Very, very active.
  6. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    Anthony Davis at the All Star Game said he never said Boston was not on his list. He said he'll look at all of the proposals. Of course, he also said every team in the NBA is on his list .... lol ... but his comments do highlight you can never believe an agent, or for that matter, the stupid comments of a parent. Parents really should just shut up.
  7. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    Tonight's MTN Dew Ice Rising Stars - "USA v World" game of the All Star events has OG along with the P's Bogdanovic on team World - 8:00 CST, 9:00 ET
  8. Hoosierhoopster

    NBA Thread

    George has hit a preposterous 50 percent of tightly contested 3s, easily the best mark among 77 rotation players who dare try at least 0.5 such shots per game. George is averaging 29-8-4 on a 45/41/84 shooting line, and he might be the favorite for Defensive Player of the Year. The Thunder are plus-11 points per 100 possessions with George on the floor, and minus-11 when he sits -- the largest such positive differential (about plus-22) of any player, and it is no longer close, per NBA.com. They collapse without George, even when Russell Westbrook remains in the game. For those who value defense, we officially have a three-man MVP race -- with Joel Embiid lurking close behind, followed by the Golden State stars, Nikola Jokic and Damian Lillard. http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/25995187/10-things-like-including-mvp-race-nba Wait a minute, did they just call Damian Lillard a Golden State star? Lol
  9. For sure - but also would elevate guys like I Thomas (who MJ couldn’t get past for a while) and others. On the flip side as incredible as Curry is, he would’ve been destroyed in the 90s, IMO - another reason why Reggie is kind of underrated, as skinny as he was he was one tough dude
  10. ^^ Don't have time to find and link it, but LBJ actually has one of the best all-time deep 3-point shooting percentages, as in best in the NBA all time. It's some crazy stat based on really deep 3-'s, do not recall the exact distance, but it was well outside the 3-point line. LBJ hits at a genuinely elite level from way way deep, fwiw -- just an interesting stat. He came into the NBA with a crappy outside shot. He developed into an above-average 3-point shooter, and a ridiculously good really deep shooter. MJ actually was passed on for #1 draft pick because he didn't come in with a very good shot. He was never an elite outside shooter, but he also developed a respectable outside shot later in his career. However, as a Reggie fan, I absolutely hated the way he jabbed his elbow into the defender before taking that shot, it was just dirty, but he got away with because he was MJ. Kind of like Karl Malone's leg kick out when he shot.
  11. It's a pretty poor puff piece, and all it is at the end of the day is another MJ could beat anyone piece. That's literally all it says. An MJ v LeBron would be a war. I'd love to see both go toe to toe in their prime. Anyone not giving LeBron a chance is, frankly, just biased. LeBron's strength, size, athleticism, speed and yes, shooting, squares him up very well against MJ, whose own strength, craftiness, athleticism, killer instinct, insane scoring ability and fight would make this an all out war. But he's not going to push LeBron, and LeBron is a better shooter to go with his strength and size advantage.
  12. But that's what this "article" says. It's a lame read. Imo, it's just another MJ fan - fest. T-Mac was an incredible scorer, there's really no reasonable way to dispute that, he was fantastic in his prime, but this puff piece correctly says there's no way T-Mac could stop MJ defensively.
  13. Hoosierhoopster

    Perspective on Romeo's Freshman Season

    another projection, at 5th http://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/25979427/2019-nba-mock-draft-top-five-picks-knicks-bulls-hawks
  14. Hoosierhoopster

    Perspective on Romeo's Freshman Season

    Yes he played injured for at least half if not most of the season. Dude was an incredible scorer, still is.
  15. Hoosierhoopster

    Challenging two current narratives

    Yeah there’s reason to say this is another repetitive thread and we’re trying to watch that. Thing is, the team is repeatedly losing and during that kind of bad run, there’s going to be a bunch of same ol same ol. Someone else somewhere said this season kind of reminds them of the Vonleh season. I think there’s at least some comparison there. I don’t have the answers to the team’s complete implosion. I hope that gets figured out and now. But what I do see are 1) a lack of dependable outside shooting, resulting in closed driving and passing lanes and lower scoring, and 2) a lack of real, energetic and positive floor leadership. If we had outside shooting - consistently - we’d be scoring more and driving and passing would open up. If we had real floor leadership there would be more energy and accountability and positive vibes on the floor. I don’t think judging CAM on this season is right, fair, or productive