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  1. He said a couple things earlier in the year but they weren’t remotely similar, weren’t against the coach or the players. bottom line, Justin has worked hard on his game and attitude, is a key and impactful player, helps his teammates, and is a good kid.
  2. Oh yeah wow, a HALF game for punches thrown and chair swinging in a brawl spilling into the stands! What a great move coach, you’re a role model!
  3. Definitely will be repercussions from that brawl — the chair is pretty extreme - we’ll see how neutered the NCAA is though, will it be slaps on the wrist or real suspensions ?
  4. The old adage or concept following a coaching change in the bball context is something like Year 1 Lose Big Year 2 Lose Close Year 3 Win Close Year 4 Win Big We're kind of following this. More importantly, if we build on our last couple wins, we'll be getting better and moving in the right direction.
  5. OK guys let's end the personal back and forth. Thanks.
  6. I see things similarly but see the most likely wins as MD (bad road record, payback), PU and Iowa, hoping for a strong W against MSU
  7. Also a lot of negative assumption. If we are a tourney team, we will have beaten a number of strong B1G teams to finish the season, in the toughest conference in the country. We've already won on a neutral floor, we've already beaten tourney teams, and the team is already playing better. If we get in, I wouldn't be near this dismissive.
  8. Lol above my pay grade. He's getting paid, a good thing, but man that organization is just run bad. NOT the Knicks!
  9. Gleas and I have covered the point on the bigs on about a million occasions now, lol. We need spacing on the wing -- Since Justin is NOT a wing, he is not a shooting, playmaking wing who can help spread the floor, the floor is not spread with that 3-big lineup at all, making outside shooting and driving in general more difficult. Rob being healthy -- when he is -- helps as he sees the floor well and moves the ball and to good spots, but it's still bogged down, on both ends, and you can just watch our scoring droughts to see it in action. If TJD or Brunk could step out at times that also would help, but, clearly, they can't. Green is frustrating for sure, but he's a very good shooter. His percentages going down don't change that. We need a healthy and aggressive Rob out there, and we need to make use of the wing, whether it's Hunter, or adding in Franklin, or Al, etc., for spacing. And it's really clear now, I think, that CAM is holding Green accountable, he is pulling him and sitting him when he doesn't like the way he's playing. Agree with you that Hunter, Franklin, and Demez should see more time. The more they play the more they gel and get comfortable. Hard part is that because CAM didn't play Hunter and Demez much early, they didn't get comfortable, and are still getting into their flow. With Franklin, he's a frosh and makes frosh mistakes -- I really like his upside, though.
  10. In fairness Green has been shooting well, generally. Even with his off games he's shooting 37% from the arc. And, when you run an offense with 3 bigs none of whom can shoot outside and who have generally limited mobility you will have less space to work with and your outside shooting will suffer. It's just not as easy as saying guys aren't hitting shots. His points are fair, in any event. Each of the guys who get criticized heavily have had strong games that have helped us win those. Yes, everyone would like better consistency, but sometimes it's just people calling out players, when there's a lot more going on. BTW, Al is shooting 35%, Smith -- on the perimeter -- is shooting 25%, Brunk and TJD are both 0% from outside -- they don't even shoot them.
  11. The conference standings are probably either misleading at this point, or not a clear reflection of where they're going to end up. MN and PU have played 6 road games, and MU and OSU have played 5. They are respectively 0-6, 1-5, 0-5 and 1-4 on the road. At home they are, respectively, 9-1, 8-1, 8-1 and 10-1. There are teams playing well on the road, including MSU (2-1, but that's only 3 games), Iowa (3-2), and Wisc (3-3). But for the most part records are dragged down by the road. We're 1-3 on the road, and 11-1 at home. MSU is going to be a tough game for sure, note MD is 0-4 so far on the road, and we owe them some payback. Hope to go 2-0 in these next two of course, but really need to go 1-1 to keep on track.
  12. I'd bet on seeing a good game from Green against MSU. He's coming off a bad game and limited playing time. Bright lights are on for this game. His perimeter D is going to be needed, he's an excellent defender when dialed in -- and again, we're going to need it this game.
  13. Yogi needs to find a new team. The Kings front office/management is a joke. I keep thinking they're starting to turn the corner and then they revert to sheer stupidity. They've lost their last 4 in a row and I think have won about 3 in their last 10. Playing time got screwed up with Fox returning, and then it looked like they played Ariza a lot in the interest of trading him. Yogi generally has played well in the limited minutes he gets, but it hasn't mattered.
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