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  1. Right, pretty much all of them. Every time we hear publicly from the players they talk about Geronimo being a freak athlete. Going to be a lot of fun watching him develop, and he's already confident.
  2. The quote that I was most happy to see is that one about Jerome being the unique guy, shooting the ball, and that CAM says we need him to make threes. That is exactly right and implies he'll be given the chance to shoot a lot more from the outside, that's important to this team's ability to compete. The second one was the one about Rob being "healthy" and a much more confident offensive player. If Rob is healthy and attacking, this team is a lot better.
  3. Didn't surprise me -- as I've posted here a couple of times, in his case I do have a truly legit inside guy -- my friend who scouted Vic, at the same age at DeMatha, and Geronimo, and says that Geronimo is better than Vic at the same age -- and he was extremely high on Vic and correctly projected how good he would be at IU. I'm telling you guys, this kid is really good and he has the exceptional wing length, athleticism, defensive instincts and development, body, and drive to be really, really good.
  4. Can’t tell if you’re asking if the season is finished, or if the NCAA will move forward to finish the season? Covid is bad right now, and it’s definitely possible they’ll delay the start of various conference seasons and/or tourneys and will push March Madness back. But seems very unlikely the season will be cancelled again. We do have vaccines that will be available generally (more likely by March if not sooner). The teams etc are already taking protocols seriously and games are without live fans. And yes there is the financial viability of not just the NCAA but colleges at sta
  5. For someone who says he no longer advocates Brunk starting you sure are in his corner, What do you mean small sample size? Last 10 games or so with Brunk’s minutes reduced to 9-10, to a redshirt frosh who gets around 20 and clearly outplays him, is now a soph and everyone is saying he’s had a great summer, and you say small sample size? Come on. And what will we see Wed? We’ll see whatever CAM decides to do. I said and you quoted I don’t know CAM’s thoughts here. What’s your point?
  6. There were games we did and games we didn’t. I didn’t see the usually thing you saw
  7. Yes and no. It matters for how or if the team gets out of the gate, or ends up playing from behind. It matters to the players who compete to start, and if they outplay someone regularly and that person keeps starting anyway it can send a bad message to that player and the rest of the team. It can matter for the style of offense, or defense we impose or try to impose on the other team. But it doesn’t or may not matter if guys who come off the bench who are starter level players buy in, and play significant minutes and the starters don’t dig a hole, and the lineups collectively work.
  8. We clearly made the tourney played or not. Zero reason to say we didn’t
  9. Realistically, if Race has continued to progress, he should start. CAM already has publicly stated that Race was basically playing as a starter to close the season. Race played his way into those minutes in the games since Feb. 13. The team doesn't benefit from Brunk starting if Race is outperforming him and has further grown his game, and as Gleas correctly pointed out the team no longer has Davis to turn to if TJD and Brunk were to have early foul trouble. I don't know CAM's thoughts here, but it is clear that Race has been playing his way into a starter role, that is how it should be. This
  10. Completely outplayed probably is an overstatement. But starting with the 2/13/2 Iowa game, Race began to get extended minutes, and absent a couple exceptions, played significantly more minutes and produced better. Brunk did have that good game against MN just before the end of season. Starting 2/13/20 v Iowa: Brunk 3 points, 1 board. Race 10 points, 4 boards v UM, Brunk 6 pts, 1 bd, Race 0 pts, 1 bd v MN, Brunk 0 pts, 2 bds, Race 9 pts, 10 bds v PSU, Brunk 0 and 0, Race 8 and 4 v PU, Brunk 4 and 7, Race 6 and 8 v IL, Brunk 2 and 1, Race 2 and 3 v MN, Br
  11. The stats you're sighting are on the year, Race started off getting limited minutes and was slowly worked in. He completely out-played Brunk over the last 10-12 games or so, which is why he was getting 20-plus a game and Brunk was around 9-10 min.
  12. CAM does not make lineup decisions based on what Brunk wants. Brunk isn’t going you tell CAM anyone should start and CAM isn’t going to hear anything like that. And Race already has been playing lights out over the summer and that’s why he was in the white Jersey starting group for much of the time during HH. Brunk May still start, with Race playing more minutes, but CAM already publicly said Race finished the year basically as a starter and he’s only gotten better.
  13. Won’t be thrilled if we see a TJD - Brunk starting group once again but then with three guards and no Smith on the “wing” that can still be a very effective lineup, just still limited offensively up front. Race - THD will give us more versatility, we’ll see. While starting is important, I’m going to be more interested to see which players and lineups play the most — I’d say and close, but this first game won’t be close
  14. Rob struggled this past season, the increased TO’s reflected that and that he wasn’t healthy for much of the year, a continuing abdominal problem. It was different his frosh year, but then he had those concussions. Hopefully he’ll stay healthy
  15. You never started posting. You were just there. It’s the chicken or the egg which came first. Fouls or HSN. Oh my head hurts
  16. Hmm, I didn’t bring OG out of nowhere but it’s all good. We apparently see OG’s upside and current level of play differently. That’s ok. I wouldn’t put Brown though anywhere remotely in the Kawhi comparison, they are just different players and I don’t see Brown having anywhere near that defensive potential, just a different style of player. He’s better offfensively than OG at this stage, never said otherwise, but also recognize based on his stats with what his usage is that OG is fully capable of being a 20 ppg player, and he is the better defender, I really don’t think that’s fairly arguable.
  17. Stop it? Wow Gleas. I’ve watched OG create off the dribble multiple times, from the wing. Give me a break. You just keep ignoring that exactly the same things you’re saying about OG after his third year could be said about Kawhi, would you have said then that Brown is better than Kawhi? OG is taking 13 shots, that’s hardly insignificant, any GM looking at that sees he s efficiency. I never said OG has made the “leap” to a 20 point scorer, I said we don’t know, but everything points to his ability to do that and all you do is ignore and downplay it, I get the impression you just can’t admit wha
  18. Gleas, no, OG is not a spot up shooter, that tells me you’re not following his game. I already walked you through OG’s offensive stats many of which are better than Brown’s, your answer is Brown is a 20 ppg scorer (that’s just this season) while ignoring his significant usage difference. What was Kawhi’s scoring average after year 3? It was 12.8. He was around the 4th option as an offensive scorer on that team. Sound familiar? OG’s game is remarkably similar. No of course he’s not Kawhi, but he is very much in the mold of Kawhi, a lock down defender who can shut down about anyo
  19. Actually we don’t know who we’re losing this year, which is part of the issue. Everyone has an extra year of eligibility
  20. OG is not some spot up corner 3 guy, that’s not his game. I agree he hasn’t shot at a high enough volume — behind Lowry, Fleet and Siakim - to know if he can make that “leap” to all star level offensive player, but it’s clearly inaccurate to dismiss his offensive game. He’s very good, and consistently, offensively, to go with his elite D, he’s a true 2-way high level player, and teams and GM’s see that. Will be interesting to see where Toronto and OG go from here.
  21. you sure about that? Let's see, Geronimo, Leal, Galloway. You really don't think they'll challenge? Crean who would miss out and end up with 3 star kids. ok. he's now one of 2 coaches since 1996 to put multiple players in the nba's top 5 draft picks, coaching at three different schools. yeah, he sure missed out on players - that's a real overstatement. he failed to create class balance, couldn't maintain winning consistently, and from that lost the IN elite recruiting base, and that's why he's gone.
  22. Ok so let's take this a couple steps further. Miles apart? Fouls could enter an appearance here lol because even a simple look at the metrics show that's just not the case. If you look a little deeper here Gleas, Brown has been featured offensively, OG has not, that drives the point difference you're focused on. Here's just a few of the stats reflecting OG frankly has been better than Brown, offensively, in several respects. All of the below are 2019-20, from stats reference. Per 100 possessions: OG - Offensive rating (ORtg) 114, Brown 110. (DRtg OG 104 to Brown's 108). OG clear
  23. Fouls does have a tendency to pass along flatulence 😆
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