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  1. Yes, and don’t see a good reason to go with GameStop
  2. It's really more that the League was different then. MJ fouled almost every time he used that left elbow jab to the chest/sternum to create separation for his mid-range jumper. He did at all the time, and he never got called. Or Malone with his signature kick out almost every time he took an outside shot. Reggie pushed off? So what, it was a fantastic play.
  3. O&G will be around as fuel for a long time, Blockbuster Video (which I miss) was replaceable quickly. But agree it’s going away and should in the big picture over time, it’s not sustainable and it’s killing the environment, that’s clear. So which or how many of the alternatives will survive and take off? Probably a mix but fuel cells / battery powered vehicles are about to boom. Tesla was the real beginning, but the heavy hitters are now investing and starting to produce heavily, will Tesla hold its own as GM, Ford et al come in heavily? Doubt it, economies of scale are against Tesla but it does have infrastructure and consumer confidence early
  4. Always hard, imo, to read much into a player’s passion or mindset by their demeanor. On one hand you have guys like T Bryant and Vic, whose emotion is like fuel, and that inspires everyone around them, no question. On the other you have guys like OG, who are quiet killers - some used to question his heart, which is laughable, he’s as confident, competitive, and prideful as anyone, and then some, a cold killer. But this does go to having that killer in the team we seem to have been missing, and said it before I see the makings of one in Jordan. Kid needs to be played more.
  5. Yes it’s a continuing problem with TJD. After one of those particularly bad games the next game we saw a lot of negative body language from him, I thought he’d probably been called out by coach and teammates and then he played hard, but then he’s reverted since. That defensive bulb has to go on for him.
  6. Yeah, that’s what, I think, everyone is struggling with. Just my take, CAM is stubbornly set in his chosen style of offense and that includes which players he will utilize in any significant capacity. So tonight AF hurts his ankle and is clearly struggling with RU taking advantage of his limited mobility and CAM continues to keep him on the floor anyway. Jordan is finally put in well into the game after being absolutely key to our W over Iowa (we may well have lost but for his contribution) - a chance he only got because both TJD and Race were saddled with Fouls. so despite TJD being a no show until we’ll into the game Jordan stays on the bench, finally making an appearance well in. He played only 6 min. In that time he got a bucket and rebound, also 2 fouls. 6 min is not enough coming off that game. Hunter hits for 9, but sits for a long time and then plays only 12 min and all while AF looks like gimpy. Hunter had some bad D during that run, but we went way down on the score board with him out, once again struggling to score, once again having to resort to D to try to claw our way back - and credit to the team they almost did, but the hole was too big. Playing from behind because the team can’t spread the floor enough is a repeat theme. Yes, we ended up 10-16 from deep, that’s encouraging and I don’t mean to undermine that, but we have players who can put points on the board who are sitting there while the other team is racking up points, and even when AF is gimpy? 34 minutes. Was glad to see Leal out there, that also was encouraging, but don’t tell me Jordan couldn’t have helped more and including defensively. Hunter could have added scoring. Someone should have spelled AF when he was clearly gimpy and getting beat on D. But CAM is stubborn. I hope he continues to grow, in the same way players need to develop CAM has some growing of his own to do. All just my opinion
  7. Yeah - this is what I’ve been saying, he had to play as a primary scorer, and look how he did. OG is absolutely right there, it’s just that he plays a role on the a raptors. When asked to play as a primary option scorer, he has killed it OG also currently 2nd overall in steals per game, just ahead of Kawhi ...
  8. There are reasons to complain, but recruiting? Red herring.
  9. Easy man -I don’t use bro like some kind of cheesy cutdown if that’s your impression. Glad you’ve done things for IU, but you don’t know me and have no idea what I’ve done for IU. Crappy game, bad vibes all around, just don’t assume things
  10. You happy bro? we’re playing like crap. Celebrate
  11. He matched up with a much bigger player and one of the best in the country just last game. Cam needs to get him more playing time
  12. TJD has 1 FG and 1 board, have to think he’ll get it going soon, CAM is going to light a fire at half time
  13. There’s also been some loose chatter that Brunk may not be ruled out for the season. I’m not holding my breath on that, and still think he is, but there is some chatter and any extra time we get for rest in this gauntlet of a B1G is good in my book
  14. EJ already with 29 with about 11 left in 4th, Rockets all over Dallas mans Cousins looking healthy 26 and 17
  15. We are literally last in the B1G in 3-pointers made. I’m sorry it’s not because we don’t have guys who can hit the 3. If CAM will loosen up the outside offense a bit we can win running away.
  16. Deliverance is always good, that whole pig scene, ugh
  17. I’m not even a baseball fan, but Hank was the first sports poster I put up in my room as a kid. Rest well great one
  18. And has it worked? I think that’s the point, it hasn’t. Lack of patience can kill a program. I don’t know if Cam will prove right for IU long term but I’m pulling for him, and there’s time for him to show he is, and I really don’t want to see IU try to start over yet again and this early on. Pretty much a waste.
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