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  1. Just flat got punk’d. I feel bad for the players because they are better than what they are playing. Why are free throws so hard for our teams? Do we set bad screens or are we not setting up the cut? Need to do am some serious work on offense. A lot of dribbling with no purpose. I miss the motion offense.
  2. So many good things and bad things. Need shooters and a big that can shoot outside 15 feet. Defense was outstanding and will keep us in games all year.
  3. I like your prediction Scott. Not because I know anything but because he would is something we don’t have. Late clock scorer, rebounder, playmaker. Hope you’re right!
  4. LINK Here is the direct webpage to order. Thank you for the update PJ!
  5. You know, either way, I feel like this board has been positive about Trey. That is not the norm for 2020. Mods have been good!
  6. I want to hear it from someone with some clout. Not saying it isn’t true or is, but I want to hear it from rabby or a national analyst.
  7. Wow. Even Coach Knight had kids that were not coachable and didn’t reach their potential. I don’t see how you can blame a coach for a kid not being coachable. CAM had the APR to worry about and I bet he would have never recruited him in the first place. That’s just my opinion.
  8. Everyone who wanted a 3 guard lineup should be happy. Jerome could even play some stretch 4.
  9. There is no doubt he was a great student and very intelligent, but I have always felt like he was a cancer. He didn’t seem very coachable and I never felt like he played hard. He was always forcing shots and the ball “stuck” when it got in his hands. Best of luck to him but I feel like this opens up a spot for a true 3 to step in.
  10. I am including the upcoming seniors in this (Smith, Brunk, Durham) but not Green, Davis and older. 1. TJD 2. Durham 3. Hunter
  11. My question is, Who is next? I can’t help but think LSU, Miami, Creighton, Baylor, UK, Duke all could get similar charges.
  12. Man, May 8th sounds like a great day to commit! Let’s go Trey!! We need some good news!!
  13. Not if it is laundered, which I’m sure is addressed in the note in the bag...I mean shoeboxxxxx... This note will self destruct in 5 seconds.
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