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  1. Hoosier98

    Rutgers Game Thread

    Knee to knee or knee to thigh?
  2. Hoosier98

    Rutgers Game Thread

    I had decently high expectations for theses guys this year, but if I knew that forrester and Anderson would be the first two guys off the bench the expectations would have been tempered. It will help us in the future though. They are showing a lot of energy and you know they are Hungry. Let them eat!
  3. Hoosier98

    Northwestern Game thread

    I’m pretty sure he got screened and didn’t execute which left Morgan having to help and leave pardon.
  4. Hoosier98

    Northwestern Game thread

    Go over the screen Fitz!
  5. Hoosier98

    Central Arkansas Game Thread

    Would love to start a half on a 7-0 or 9-0 run. How many times has our defender ran into the hedger on ball screens tonight? Doesn’t seem like there is much talk going on. Hedger isn’t stopping the momentum and they are getting beat on their rotations.
  6. Hoosier98

    Central Arkansas Game Thread

    I think Justin’s points are going to come off of hustle plays and transition. It drives me nuts when they come down and he tries to create something without Juwan or Romeo getting a touch. He hasn’t done that tonight though. Nice game for him so far.
  7. Hoosier98

    Central Arkansas Game Thread

    Green 12 pts 6 rb 2 assists 0 TO! That is a good half and will be needed if these guys are going to beat the top teams in the league. Hope robbis ok, don’t need him out for 2 weeks.
  8. Hoosier98

    Central Arkansas Game Thread

    Green is a very good defender, hope he starts taking care of the ball. He and Phin together look really good.
  9. Hoosier98

    Jerome Hunter

    I’m not sure but I don’t think they apply for red shirts until after the season. I would think if he could get back and play and be some help, Coach would play him. I doubt he is staying in Bloomington for 5 years anyway.
  10. Hoosier98

    Jerome Hunter

    I was watching the B1G tip off show and saw Jerome shooting with Damezi and Rob. Good to see him on the court! It looked like he had either a brace or a sleeve on his right leg. Shot looked good and he was moving around pretty well. Hope he gets back this year!!
  11. Hoosier98

    Butler Postgame Thread

    You should check into cbs sports to go app, or look online cbs sports . I’m sure they both had it. Just for future games.
  12. Hoosier98

    The laugh at Purdue Thread...

    I can't believe a 4 loss Purdue team is still in any top 25. At least that guy took kentucky out. Having Marquette in and not having IU in, smh. You have to think beating Butler next weekend will do it.
  13. Hoosier98

    Louisville pre-game thread.....

    Predictions for Louisville game: -Indiana's best game of the year, to date, double digit win at home -Justin Smith will be Mile Hi Player of the Game, but Juwan, Rob, Romeo, and Al could have won it too -Romeo hits another step back 3 -Indiana break the top 25 on Monday
  14. Hoosier98

    Penn St. Post game

    I guess I meant late. He is a good free throw shooter and defender. Just seemed like he should have been in the game. Guess that’s why I don’t coach B1G basketball.
  15. Hoosier98

    Penn St. Post game

    Glad that one is over! On to the next one. I can’t help but think Justin Smith is gettting to play to try and get confidence. His athleticism is clear but he doesn’t play like there is a defense on the floor. Why didn’t green play in the second half? He jump started them in the first half. Doesn’t seem like smith and green are getting similar treatment.