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  1. Hoosier98

    Butler Postgame Thread

    You should check into cbs sports to go app, or look online cbs sports . I’m sure they both had it. Just for future games.
  2. Hoosier98

    The laugh at Purdue Thread...

    I can't believe a 4 loss Purdue team is still in any top 25. At least that guy took kentucky out. Having Marquette in and not having IU in, smh. You have to think beating Butler next weekend will do it.
  3. Hoosier98

    Louisville pre-game thread.....

    Predictions for Louisville game: -Indiana's best game of the year, to date, double digit win at home -Justin Smith will be Mile Hi Player of the Game, but Juwan, Rob, Romeo, and Al could have won it too -Romeo hits another step back 3 -Indiana break the top 25 on Monday
  4. Hoosier98

    Penn St. Post game

    I guess I meant late. He is a good free throw shooter and defender. Just seemed like he should have been in the game. Guess that’s why I don’t coach B1G basketball.
  5. Hoosier98

    Penn St. Post game

    Glad that one is over! On to the next one. I can’t help but think Justin Smith is gettting to play to try and get confidence. His athleticism is clear but he doesn’t play like there is a defense on the floor. Why didn’t green play in the second half? He jump started them in the first half. Doesn’t seem like smith and green are getting similar treatment.
  6. Hoosier98

    Penn State Game Thread

    Nice to see us finding a back door when the other team is playing in the passing lanes.
  7. Hoosier98

    Penn State Game Thread

    Nice finish by RP! Langford Green and Moore still the bright spots in first half.
  8. Hoosier98

    Penn State Game Thread

    I think Moore has shown why he hasn’t played. Been lost a couple times on defense and had the ball stripped on offense.
  9. Hoosier98

    Penn State Game Thread

    Langford needs to get involved and Smith needs to sit.
  10. Hoosier98

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    Congrats to TJD and CAM and Hooooosier Nation!
  11. Hoosier98

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    At this point, I am putting little hope in any rumors/inside information that is shared on here. If he were 100% IU there would be no reason for him to wait. I think he will be a Hoosier but I am not believing any announcement time until I see it on his twitter feed. That doesn't mean I don't want to hear all the rumors, I love reading them!
  12. Hoosier98

    Northwestern Pregame Thread

    This is the lineup I predicted before the season started, but then Smith started. I would like to see how it works!
  13. Hoosier98

    Northwestern Pregame Thread

    With McBob back, will he return to the starting lineup? I don't think they did anything in the games he was gone that looked better than when he was starting. Hopefully he is feeling well enough to get starter minutes. Al has looked good, but man they played well with him coming off the bench. It would also decrease the need to use Devonte as primary ball handler when Rob needs a break.
  14. Hoosier98

    Trayce Jackson-Davis Commits to IU

    You can question the coach all you want but not sure the TJD thread is the place for it. I keep clicking on this to see news on recruiting, the general basketball thread is a great place for this discussion.
  15. Unforced turnovers seem to be a huge problem for the guys these days, but what is causing them? I don't want to sound like I'm making excuses for anyone, but I feel like some people are really overreacting to this. Rob is going to be a really good point guard, he showed his potential in Marquette game. He has never experienced anything like the pressure of Duke or Cameron Indoor before in his life. The chemistry of our offense is going to get better too, it wasn't too long ago that the Hoosiers busted out to a 20 point lead on Marquette in the first few minutes of the game. Down goes McRoberts, down goes Green, roles changed. The players adapted on the fly against a lesser than Duke team, Arkansas, and had that game in the palm of their hands. Then comes short rested, overplayed Hoosiers against two teams that they should have blown out. Now comes Duke, and Morgan's 2nd foul, and The Best point guard prospect in the nation. Recipe for disaster. The name INDIANA on the chest wasn't enough. Now, conference season is here. Most important game is the next game. A few practices to work on their offense. The best way to stop transition is to make baskets.