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  1. But he can't be 12, that is Keion Brooks's #. We all know he is still going to be a Hoosier and will wear that number this winter.
  2. Might want to wait until August before turning it into a poster, you never know what might happen to the roster. Great job on the graphics though!! Very well done!
  3. He was the #1 2021 prospect. 7' with guard skills.
  4. That is the $10,000,000 question.
  5. Does having a white guy make winning more enjoyable? I just want a great product on the floor. I don’t get it? Please help me understand why we have to have a certain pigment to be successful. We have watched poor basketball for so long that I just want to watch good basketball.
  6. Might have been Scott but he’s not a 3. I’m just saying he is not a 3 because he can’t shoot. He was destined to fail because of how he was coached. No wonder he was so mad.
  7. If CAM would have played TJD at the 5 and Justin at the 4 we may not be having this discussion. He was played out of position last year, he is not a 3.
  8. I wanted him to be the guy, but he’s not. I hate posting negative things about our program, but he has to go.
  9. Something has to change. I do not look forward to another rebuild.
  10. Just flat got punk’d. I feel bad for the players because they are better than what they are playing. Why are free throws so hard for our teams? Do we set bad screens or are we not setting up the cut? Need to do am some serious work on offense. A lot of dribbling with no purpose. I miss the motion offense.
  11. So many good things and bad things. Need shooters and a big that can shoot outside 15 feet. Defense was outstanding and will keep us in games all year.
  12. I like your prediction Scott. Not because I know anything but because he would is something we don’t have. Late clock scorer, rebounder, playmaker. Hope you’re right!
  13. LINK Here is the direct webpage to order. Thank you for the update PJ!
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