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  1. With the mess the teams in I guess Archie will definitely have a chance to prove himself one way or another. If we are goin to have a lot of transfers after this year I hope he just has the guts to play the kids who wants to be here and will try. I would rather see some effort than what we are getting now.
  2. If Brooks doesn't want to be a part of IU that's his business and the way we look right now who could blame him. This is the first time in my life I can miss an IU game on tv and not mind running it through on dvr quickly. The lack of intensity from the players is sad and hard to root for. I don't know what happened to this team but theres a lot more goin on im sure than we know about.
  3. I like the fact that we can feed the post under Archie and our guys are willing to do this. Always seemed under Crean we didn't want to feed it inside even if we had the advantage. This leads to our better FG % I think. You will always get better shots goin inside out. Big W today. Go Hoosiers!!!
  4. Sweet!! Welcome TJD. Wow the highs and lows of college basketball. Bad loss then great recruiting pickup. Now just need to get the Big10 season off to a great start. Go Hoosiers!!!
  5. Archies the man !!! welcome aboard Fitzner !!!
  6. Also since Crean is in Cals conference now he cant stop playing them if Crean beats his little kitties up from time to time
  7. But if Crean beats Cal in Georgia how is Kentucky goin to get out of playing him every year like he did with IU since they are is the same conference. Maybe have UK change conferences. IDK
  8. I have been reading this thread everyday and has a lot of mood changes. I for one will be glad when the announcement is made. After the coaching threads went on and on I promised I wouldn't get caught up in another thread like this buuuut didn't happen lol.
  9. I'm glad to get an actual point guard in the sense he seems like the kind to want to set the team up for success more than score all the time. Not a lot of true point guards out there these days lots of kids want to be more of a combo type guard. Ive always admired true floor generals and hopefully this kid can take that role and run with it. Maybe not in his first year but as an upperclassman would be great.
  10. Yes I'm not spending any money on other sites when I can get the same info for free. Plus you all have always been pretty civilized compared to others groups. I dislike when certain people on sites act like they run the place so theirs is the only opinion that should count. Without different opinions theirs nothing to debate.
  11. Wow glad I found this site. Ive lurked on the other sites for a while but the people that are on this site have always been the best source of IU info I can find. Thanks everyone and heres to many fun and exciting conversations about some great IU basketball teams to come.
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