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  1. Back after high school (Summer ‘88). Don’t remember too much though😕.
  2. You’ll never get that though, unfortunately 😕.
  3. Fine with it. Have UVA vs MSU in championship. PLUS a Hoosier wins it. Couldn’t care less about any of these four teams so have to find something to root for I guess.
  4. Raftery again 🤢🤮. Also something about camera/video quality. Might just be my old eyes....plus I’m sick so....😄
  5. Had Michigan St winning it all in my bracket, but don’t really care who wins now. I am just SO happy PU is out, along with Duke, Kentucky and North Carolina😂 But...Michigan State COULD win..”So I have THAT going for me.”
  6. . The way I always remember him.
  7. Have never, and will never, root for PU in anything......except failure..
  8. Michigan St Gonzaga UVA North Carolina
  9. If I decide to pay attention (no IU so really couldn't care less) I will probably be rooting for whoever plays PU and Duke, and maybe some really low seed.
  10. Don’t mean it as having anything to do IU not getting in, even when number seed I felt this way. I know lots of other people DONT have a problem with it, but I have NEVER liked teams NOT “in” top 64 getting in. I know there isn’t an exact science to knowing who the real top 64 teams are, but I still don’t agree with some bad conferences champion getting in over actual “Good” teams. Sort of like the all star games that HAVE to have someone from every team, etc. Will always feel that way too. Just wanted to get that out of my head 😄 I would rather be in REAL Tourney but am glad I should be able to watch IU play some more this year😊 Next year seems too far away to wait to watch them some more. Now back to the family, Dad’s 73rd.
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