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  1. Don’t mean it as having anything to do IU not getting in, even when number seed I felt this way. I know lots of other people DONT have a problem with it, but I have NEVER liked teams NOT “in” top 64 getting in. I know there isn’t an exact science to knowing who the real top 64 teams are, but I still don’t agree with some bad conferences champion getting in over actual “Good” teams. Sort of like the all star games that HAVE to have someone from every team, etc. Will always feel that way too. Just wanted to get that out of my head 😄 I would rather be in REAL Tourney but am glad I should be able to watch IU play some more this year😊 Next year seems too far away to wait to watch them some more. Now back to the family, Dad’s 73rd.
  2. Guess it’s time to head to bed and try to at least get a nap before work.
  3. My goodness 😞. Wishing, so far, I wouldn’t have stayed up. Should have recorded it and watched before work. Hopefully that mindset changes here soon. 😳
  4. It is still there. Sure miss the food back home.
  5. He’s not doing much so far tonight.
  6. Yes I am. So always felt a little wrong liking seeing westview do well. Think having Mom there, and knowing people made it not AS “wrong”😂 Yep Rusty was REAL good. We went down to watch him play vs IU. His brother Ryan played for Colorado State. Their Uncle, and I believe Charlie’s Great Uncle (I see he is Robs, the coach, son) is the all time leading scorer at Westview and rusty RIGHT behind him. At least they were. Ryan tried out for Nuggets and Gary, their uncle, I always heard got drafted by the Bucks
  7. Nice to hear/see. Westview has always had decent kids to go along with very good ball players. I’m not around home anymore (went to Lakeland, mom taught at Westview) so don’t get to follow them as much. Most (there have been SOME D1) of their players seem to end up in the MCC (guess it’s the Crossroads now) so that would be great to see another one get a shot at sonething bigger, even D1 😊 I’ll have to try keeping an eye on him, and tell my parents to do the same.
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