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  1. Fort Wayne

    Not directly dealing with Ft Wayne/Chicago but.....Just found this thread and interesting some of the places being talked about. I grew up in Howe (so close to Angola/Orland). I went to college in Winona Lake and live in Rochester (so close to Warsaw). After first wedding I moved to Aurora, Colorado (so Denver). Miss it back "home" and out west. Don't get to Fort Wayne as much as I used to since we moved. Always liked it.
  2. Romeo Langford

  3. Romeo Langford

    13!/(5! *8!)=1287
  4. I can't stand Raftery🤢 I try to find radio if it's IU and almost just give up and turn if it's another team, or at least put it on mute.
  5. Better Team Always Win?

    Think what we just witnessed is pretty obvious. ANYBODY can win in just one game. A bad bounce, an injury, a big run, iffy call, bad game by best player, etc. I would say the "better team always wins" is probably a little more apropos for the "best of" series in a tourney. It can help make up for the above mentioned situations. Still not always the better team, but I would say it happens much more than in the one and done. Just my opinion.
  6. Better Team Always Win?

    Don't think so in a one and done type situation.
  7. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Good weekend. PeeYew and Duke both lose.
  8. Around the B1G/NCAA

    👍🏼😊 TT Always LOVE seeing PeeYew lose!
  9. Romeo Langford

    New Albany done
  10. Caption This

    "Oh my gosh, that's Romeo"
  11. Senior Night Game Thread

    Come ON!😕
  12. Senior Night Game Thread

    Down to last seconds😳 Imagine record if could hit free throws.
  13. Some things never change

    Miss the old angle too😞. Whenever I see The Mop Lady it still gives me chills. I remember always getting even more pumped for the games when her intro would start on tv.
  14. Minnesota Game Thread

    Yes he did! Better than anything UConn has Donny Boy😡