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  1. rd726

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    If Davis just could’ve tipped that in
  2. rd726

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    Did I just see that mock draft having Garland at #9? guess I haven’t been paying much attention to other teams
  3. rd726

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    That call seemed a TAD early 😳
  4. rd726

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    What the .......😡
  5. rd726

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    So far wishing I would’ve stayed asleep 😄 (work third)
  6. rd726

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    Come ON get to the REAL game
  7. rd726

    HSN site

    “Good”. Thought it was just me.😱
  8. rd726

    Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Let's go Vic!
  9. rd726

    Fort Wayne

    Not directly dealing with Ft Wayne/Chicago but.....Just found this thread and interesting some of the places being talked about. I grew up in Howe (so close to Angola/Orland). I went to college in Winona Lake and live in Rochester (so close to Warsaw). After first wedding I moved to Aurora, Colorado (so Denver). Miss it back "home" and out west. Don't get to Fort Wayne as much as I used to since we moved. Always liked it.
  10. rd726

    Romeo Langford

  11. rd726

    Romeo Langford

    13!/(5! *8!)=1287