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  1. Good team and coaches peak at the right time. Izzo is famous for his team peaking right around tournament time.
  2. You're not going to win this battle. Whether you're correct or not is no longer the point. Just agree to disagree and find another sword to fall on
  3. Maybe it was a proposed change that never happened but i thought i remember reading they could return if not drafted. Maybe i was dreaming
  4. And i remembering a dream or are kids allowed to return to school if they are not drafted?
  5. You don't know what he knows about Dolson. Maybe he kicked his puppy when he was 5 and has festered this hatred for year and year. Or maybe he is an adult and formed a well thought out opinion of a person based on their years of service and doesn't think he is going to be good for the organization. what do i know. I live in the cornfields of Iowa.
  6. that is true, but they just have to play average defense
  7. Nunge is 6'11 and looked jacked before was hurt last year.
  8. I think Iowa is going to be the dominate team this year in the B1G
  9. I think i have seen these pictures before on several other players. i hope his career is better than theirs
  10. Inept Administration has been our issue for 20+ years. From president to AD, everyone has been afraid to make basketball the sacred cow like all other basketball school have. Since Coach Knight, it was decided to never walk that path again. And until we do, we're going to be mediocre at best.
  11. Can i ask why you're so invested in this kid? Are you from the area? Do you know the family? Did you got to this school? Just trying to put some context behind your die hard support for a kid that isn't yours. Not trying to be rude or poke you or anything, just interested.
  12. I like you view here. I would also like to see 7 guys get the majority of minutes with 2 more stealing a few minutes here and there as needed.
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