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  1. Almost every decision we made is in some way selfish and what is best for us and for our family, especially when it comes to employment, education, and sports
  2. You're right, it is tough. And he should be given some level of leeway for that. He was embraced and supported by coach, staff and team. Given an opportunity to do great things. He didn't and now he is stirring the pot from outside the confines. Whether its about Trace or not.
  3. Alot of that is between his ears. Knowing where to be, what the guy is going to do and how to react with muscle memory and not think about what to do. he doesn't have the handles yet either for a 3 and his shot is more of a 4. He is a slow shooting 3 point shooter and a true 3 will be in his face. He need a quicker release. He is uber talented. Just in that bad height/skill level at the moment.
  4. I never understood Pstew. He started basically every game. Was given ever opportunity and minutes to showcase his skill and shooting ability. Was never benched until later in the season at which time he pouted like a child and looked about as interested in basketball as i am in computer coding. I understand losing your father who he was very close to was devastating and i give him some rope for that. He moved on, he should stay moved on.
  5. Its interesting how many times we have had this discussion about a 6'7 forward who is uber athletic but doesn't/wont get enough time at the 4 and isn't quite skilled enough with his handles and shot to play the 3.
  6. Rob was tagged in it for a reason and responded for a reason. There is something there obviously that those 4 (i will include Durr since he was tagged orginially) were tagged or responded to the tweet. If you have something to say. Just F'ing say it. Be a man, say what you think and move on.
  7. As some in Robs tween chain said, if the show fits, lace 'em up, otherwise don't sweat it.
  8. I really want to say mean things about these men who have decided to stir the pot now that they have moved on based on i assume what Trace said in the interview. It is taking all i have not to look up all their stats and discuss how the inability to shoot the ball, play defense or get on the court might have been affected by poor decision off the court
  9. Is it book on how to not score at a high D1 level?
  10. He doesn't need to start. Coach Woodson now has enough talent on the bench to run to squads. He can start whomever he wants and sub 3-5 players across all positions now. And as mych as everyone is on JHS he only averaged like 11 points a game. He is not a volume scorer, although he can put some up, and is not a big 3 point shooter. He is a floor leader. And i don't know how his defense is. And from what i know of last year, if you can't play college level defense, you won't see the floor. We will see.
  11. Race, Trace, X, Kopp and Either Bates/Galloway Coach Woodson played/started upper classmen all year unless he was forced to change the starting line-up. I don't see him changing his old school way of thinking in this. He will start his upper classman and sub as needed from there. JHS could very well get alot of minutes but i don't see him starting. He is a freshmen, is not a huge volume scorer (Averaged 11pts) and although is has a big body, that doesn't make him college level body ready. He is a PG and we have out starting PG. Just my thoughts. I hope i am wrong and he is a freaking beast and wins freshman of the year and all B1G honors and we in a B1G title and a NC to boot. 😁
  12. He was my number 3. I limited it to 2, so for me Yogi and Vic were my favorite, but Christian was right there with them
  13. I honestly don't think JHS is going to start. He will get minutes as the backup PG but he will need to learn to defend at the college level before he sees alot of time. Woodson won't care if he is a5* or not. He will play the players who can defend.
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