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  1. Collin Hartman

    Sorry i so offended everyone. I just was never a big Colin Hartman fan. Great kid from all accounts. Just ready to move on with our new coach and new players.
  2. Collin Hartman

    Just ready for him to move on and quit taking up a scholarship. Great kid who was always hurt.
  3. Collin Hartman

    When he graduated and we can stop talking about him
  4. Rumor floating around.

    Would love to get the series back. And it should be a played at home every other year with a neutral site on the 3rd year. Jason
  5. Next year should just be better. No home losses to teams we should destroy. Better than average Conference play. Make the Tourney. Year 3, we better be competing for B1G title and shooting for S16 or better in Tourney Yeah 4 we need to be competing for Final 4s Year 5, hang that banner (not realistic but what we should hope for)
  6. 18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    I am not saying the future isn't bright. But CAM doesn't play deep in his bench and not everyone fits with a pack line defense. and with a pretty decent class coming in, i could see Green and 1 more leaving. I say green because it just doesn't look like he enjoys playing. Could be his demeanor or his reaction to playing for CAM. don't know.
  7. Around the B1G/NCAA

    Thats because it was released on twitter or something early and screwed everything up
  8. 18-19 Lineup(just for fun)

    My personal opinion is that we have at least 2 transfers. I see Green going and possibly Moore. I don't know about Davis, he doesn't fit into the defensive scheme as mentioned above and he might want to play somewhere that can utilize his size and rim protecting. I also don't think we Romeo. Depending on what the NBA does with the one and done, he might not even have to go to a school, but if he does, i see Kansas
  9. Transfers you wish never left.

    I am just giving him a hard time. I really don't care too S**ts about Luke Recker and haven't thought about him in i don't know how long.
  10. Transfers you wish never left.

    How about you shut up and mind your own business. How about that
  11. Transfers you wish never left.

    he will always be a traitor and poopbag to me
  12. Transfers you wish never left.

    no worries. i was Indiana State at the time and there were lot of people talking about what happened and how he had treated her.
  13. pur-DON'T

  14. Transfers you wish never left.

    If you read the story, they were together during the crash and broke up afterwards and then were together talking about the crash or something. He is still a POS in my mind and will always be a traitor and s***bag.