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  1. But he makes god awful mistakes. His mental toughness and basketball IQ has to get better. He can't be a net loss every time he is on the floor. I just shake my head at time of how lost he get and how he disrupts everything on both sides of the ball. Like the kid, but step it up young man.
  2. 3 major points to this game. 1. Rob is player of the game for making Bohannan uncomfortable all night and he went 0 for whatever, unheard of by him 2. WiesKamp scoring only 1 point in the second half, KUDOS to Franklin for quieting him in the second half 3. We got some luck and they lost Fredrickson for the second half, so they lost their best 3 point shooter Out defense won this game. Do we still have areas to improve on, yup, still there. But we went on the road, played tough, played hard, and did what we needed to do to win. Next we have to do this every night
  3. Double Digit. On the Road. Quad 1 Yeah it should help
  4. I like my crow with A1 or Heins 57. Great win as i mentioned in the game thread. Our defense allowed for us to get more shots and we hit them when we needed. Something we haven't done often. This team is an enigma to me but i will take wins when we get them. Rutgers, next up.
  5. Great win, defense did its job and allowed the offense to free up
  6. I honestly didn't think we had a chance in this game and it looks like we're going to pull it out. I don't get this team at all.
  7. Its his MO, go at the basket but not really shooting the ball
  8. That is most of his offense. Throw it at the basket and hope to go to the line. How many AND 1 does he have, not many
  9. At some point Bohannon is going to get going and if we're not close, it could get ugly
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