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  1. I am not sure Slow is the correct word. I think he lack quickness. His reaction time is slow. His ability to move his feet quickly and react to a movement is slow. That doesn't mean he is slow though. And it doesn't mean he isn't a good player or important to the team. I would say he is currently the most important player on this team next yeah. He is going to be the anchor in the middle of this line-up. And if he stays healthy (not likely) he is going to have a great season.
  2. Was there a Romeo announcement. Can't find it
  3. What I don't like is the trend too get better at the end of the season and then start off the next season slow like we have done the last 2. It's like they completely lose everything they gained. No reason either seasons shouldn't have won 20 games. I will be disappointed if we have another season like this year (which I currently expect). Will I give up on him, not entirely but year 4 better be spectacular. Blue bloods schools in today's day and age do not accept mediocrity for long and neither should we.
  4. Highly unlikely with everything going on before the season with Addidas
  5. Nice try there Smith on that list offensive rebound. Gah
  6. Morgan gets the ball and everyone stops to watch. No one cuts. No one tries to get open.
  7. Guard the f'ing 3. Please. Please. Please.
  8. They are getting away with all kinds of bumping
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