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  1. That could also be because of the offense X ran vs what we ran last year with AF. Who really know. Completely different coaching styles from all 3 coaches. Tough to lose AF but from the moment that CAM was fired, AF didn't seem to be connected to IU any longer. So i agree he was probably connected to the coach over the school. Tough loss since he seemed to be the kind of kid who would work his tail off each year to get better. And he will be better this year and honestly Bennet should make him even better than what he could do on his own or under CAM
  2. Not sure you can say the PAC is the easier Power5 conference anymore. They are showing something by owning the NCAA Tourney this year.
  3. Do we think that Rob might enter the portal now? He could be the odd man out if Lander makes a big jump.
  4. I hope all these returning players have a big developmental gain this year and learn to shoot and hit open shots. This team was a particularly good shooting team, even when they were open. Hoping it was a mental thing connected to CAM and not just really bad shooters.
  5. Not moving the goal posts. Just won't get excited until they prove something. I have been here and excited to many time to fall for it again. Fool me 4 times, shame on me. Not this time. Nope. Going to wait for the to prove it was a good hire and they can win basketball games, or hell, improve players from year to year would even be nice to see. I am very cautiously optimistic. But i will not jump feet first into the this. But i fully expect next year to be similar to this year. It is the same players. The same BBIQ and same inability to shoot the ball from anywhere on the floor
  6. I feel a bit better about him now that he started at a big school and then went to UT Martin. And that he shot better that Pitt than UT Martin. I hope he is as good as advertised.
  7. Interesting. Then his dad passed away and he came to IU. Make more sense now. Thanks
  8. I had no idea, i didn't realize he had transfered twice. Do we know why he left pit for UT Martin?
  9. Parker Stewart played for Pitt? I honestly thought he transferred from some Mid Major.
  10. 3 new players from Texas Tech entered the portal.
  11. Did Parker play last year in the B1G and shoot 35%?
  12. We need more than just a 4 who can shoot. We need several players at all positions who can put the ball through the baskets. As mentioned many many time under the CAM tenure, he can't shoot the ball for them. And they had allot of open and point blank looks that didn't go in, for 4 years. So we need some upgraded shooters or a huge leap in our current rosters shooting percentage
  13. Am I missing something in the tweet, did he mention CAM being let go?
  14. I just think it was the lazy "Hire and IU Guy" choice being pushed by a powerful group behind the scenes. It was also the cheap way out (although 3.5 mil still isn't cheap). I doubt we ever really considered anyone or talked to any big name head coaches including Brad Stevens. This was plan A the whole time. Will it work out, We will see. I am not negative about the hire or the program because its what I expected them to do. So far some good solid assistant coaches have been good. Matta to help out can't hurt. Getting some of our players to recommit kind of feels like when CAM star
  15. You play the best 5 you can and if the others can't contribute or don't like their minutes, its the coaches job to either appease them as best he can or help them move on. Kids need to earn playing time.
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