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  1. IowaHoosierFan

    What Needs to Change to Save this Season?

    This team reminds me of when Lickliter was at Iowa. They had the strategy of holding you under 40 will win the game. They could score 50 and wanted to slow the game down and hold you defensively while not putting any priority on scoring.
  2. IowaHoosierFan

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    Rival games are always tough to call. Even if we're really bad and have played like crap and on a losing streak, we could get up for the game and play above our station. Then again, we could come out flat like we always do and start off 20 down
  3. IowaHoosierFan


    I am happy with the recruiting CAM has achieved I am happy with our improved defense I am unhappy with our offense I am unhappy with line-up/substitution usage I am unhappy with player development Overall i am not happy currently with CAM and IU basketball. He may be one hell of a recruiter and can sell ice to Eskimo's but i am not happy with how we are playing, player development, and overall team/game management. Do i think we need to remove him and get someone else? No, i think he needs more time. I don't know how the rest of the season is going to go, but if it continues the way it is, we are looking at underachieving. I hate losing and i hate losing even more when the team on the floor looks to be less bothered by it than I am.
  4. IowaHoosierFan


    Could you imagine how badly the game against Gonzaga would go.
  5. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    agree to disagree. Being cleared to play and being 100% back to what you were before you were hurt is different. Ask any wide reciever in football. They may be able to play but how many of them lose a step because of it. And they are not 6'10 and already not that quick as it is. I am not knocking the kid but he doesn't look the same, even before he got banged up again.
  6. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    Mostly i think people are bashing CAM for even playing DD. He shouldn't even being played this year in all honestly. And he might never get enough back to compete at this level. The Achilles is a tough injury for man of his size to return from.
  7. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Postgame Thread

    What happens if we lose 5 in a row? Do we worry then? Do we look at the next 5 and say we can do it, we just need to get healthy? What if we don't get healthy? What if this is the team we have this year and we miss the tourney? Are we ok with it? Do we say lets see how next year turns out? Do we need to wait 3 more years to get a full CAM recruited team? Is it ok to be in the bottom of the B1G multiple years in a row? I am disappointed with how this team has played. I am disappointed in some of our players growth from year to year. I am disappointed in the health of our squad. I am disappointed in our coaching staff. I am disappointed in [insert reason]. Repeat. I think my biggest issue is the wasted opportunity we have with Romeo. A very special talent being wasted in a very mediocre team. I definitely had higher expectations than this, and maybe that is my fault. Maybe i expect more. Maybe i am lost in the past of IU glory. Maybe...
  8. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Dont know. Thinking he just isn't playing
  9. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Looked like he hurt his ankle in the first haft. Watched him step back and go down on his Butt and didn't look right after
  10. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Not the answer but better than those 2 and shouldn't have all 3 on the floor at the sane time
  11. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    So McBob, Fitz, and Moore as a line up. Are we trying to lose games now. We don't get better draft picks for losing
  12. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Can't trade 2 for 3. Defense guys. Come on
  13. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Took out Moore for Fitz and Neb just runs right by him and scores. Bad sub
  14. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Finally see Moore. Now let's see what he can do
  15. IowaHoosierFan

    Nebraska Game Thread

    Lots of time not running off