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  1. IowaHoosierFan

    AAU Basketball Gone, NCAA to take over

    Unfortunately the NCAA is an incompetent organization with zero authority and follow through. Nothing is going to change, only now, it has the NCAA stamp of approval Jason
  2. IowaHoosierFan

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    FYI, at Applebees in Iowa, you can order the Franwhich. You just can't make this stuff up
  3. IowaHoosierFan

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I remember this happening to i think Gregg Marshall's wife, but i have never heard of it happening to Margaret McCaffery. I could be wrong though
  4. IowaHoosierFan

    18-19' summer workout video's

    Have they stopped doing the Sand Pits? I really thought that our guys lasted longer into the season while they were doing the sand pit workouts.
  5. Mods, please move this to the Womans basketball section
  6. IowaHoosierFan

    Scholarship Grid

    He projected for 4 years. That is a nice thought but at the very best, he would be gone in 3
  7. IowaHoosierFan

    Lunardi Updates Bracketology

    yeah i know, i get it. But the committee is more worried about good matchup instead of who really belong on what seed and in what location. A few years ago there was some moving around for us to play Kentucky, OSU to play OU, and a few others. This is the crap i hate to see in the tourney.
  8. IowaHoosierFan

    DJ Carton

    My iowa friends really want this kid. I hope we can poach him from both Mich and Iowa
  9. Can we move this to the woman basketball section ?
  10. IowaHoosierFan

    Devonte Green

    I think there is alot to improve on for Al. He is very athletic but was very rough last year and not good at the point. He can shoot, i have seen some of his high school vid and the kid can shoot. Not sure why he couldn't last year. Maybe its just confidence or maybe he needs the contagiousness of another good shooting on the floor with him. Either way, he will need to up his game if he plans to see the floor for any major minutes.
  11. IowaHoosierFan

    Lunardi Updates Bracketology

    I hate hate hate that they always put us in Kentucky's bracket. Like there is no other way for us to advance unless we pass Kentucky first. I get it, its a marque match-up for TV but come on. We're tied at the hip with them.
  12. IowaHoosierFan

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    I have cut the cable about 3 times. Once to Sling, then to DirecTV Now, then back to Sling. Youtube looks interesting nad if i can get my local channels live, i will cut it again over the summer
  13. IowaHoosierFan

    Trendon Watford

    i was really hoping Trendon would end up at IU. Might still but i feel he is being swayed by t he cool factor mentioned above
  14. IowaHoosierFan

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    It was the last time i had it. They must have dropped them. That sucks. DirectTV Now is ok. I have not tried the new YouTube tv but it has BTN
  15. IowaHoosierFan

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    I have tried them all and personally i like Sling the best.