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  1. objectively to me, it looks like he leans his helmet down toward the QB. Not saying he didn't get pushed into him and he could avoid it, but maybe its the tipping of the crown to the facemask that got it called? I don't know. I hate targeting calls like this. I would have given the penalty, no ejection and moved on.
  2. I agree completely and my post was aimed at no one at all. I just believe its a valid assessment of where were are this year. New Coach, new player and some returning player from a less than successful team the last couple years. 7th is right about where i expect us to be. I would love to be a top 4 team this year but i won't be surprised to be more around the 6-8 spot.
  3. i mean, until we prove we're not a mid pack team, its a pretty easy pick to pick us top middle. Every year we look and say there is no reason we're not a top 4 and we just don't do it. I truly we are a top 4 team this year and prove it to everyone.
  4. Went to school with a kids named Butts. Didn't have a funny first name. He was an ass. probably still is.
  5. The only venues rob has an issue shooting in, are the ones that have basketball hoops in them. I don't understand how this kid completely lost his ability/confidence or whatever to shoot the basketball.
  6. This is interesting. You could add a whole curriculum easily around this. Marketing classes, Speech/Communication classes, Finance/Budgeting, Health and Sports Medicine. There are so many things that could help prepare these kids for the next level.
  7. The rest of the world has and continues to tread Covid-19 as Pandemic. We in the US declared it safe and have moved on with our lives. Whether that was a good or bad idea is up to each person and they own individual beliefs, political or otherwise. And we should not be surprised or otherwise outraged by another countries decision that doesn't meet with those of the United States and its occupants. We might police the world and heed the call to defend those we deem allies, but it doesn't mean we get to dictate their rules when they differ from out own. Plus, Covid-19 is a US government hoax that has tricked the whole world into believing we're all going to die from it so they can harvest our organs when they plug us into the matrix. Greatest global conspiracy since the Moon Landing.
  8. This i could get behind. A team to kick the shit out of in football and boost the conference in basketball
  9. It really is hard to tell if they liked him or not with all the losing. Lack of effort on the court. Back talking and general distain for any coaching he did during the game and throughout his time as the head coach. The more we lost; the more we struggled to score; the more our offense was exposed as basic and pedestrian; the more announcers, other teams and players called us out for being soft and easy, Each time this happened, players, coaches, and fan lost more and more respect and trust of CAM. To the point players would blatantly ignore or clap back at coach when coming off the court. Fans were booing on in the stands and calling for his job. But did they like him, i don't know. Maybe. They sure didn't act like they respected him at all. I am not dogging on CAM. He took the job. I assume he tried his absolute best to win games. He just failed. It happens to allot of people, including high paid coaches.
  10. Doesn't matter our non-con or conference schedule. Win 25+ games and we're probably a 5 seed. Winning Cures All as they say. Hell if Gonzaga can get 20 wins in that shitty conference they are in and hang everything on 8 non conference games, we should be able to do it the other way around.
  11. Not reading the whole thread. Has serious does it sound that Texas and Oklahoma might be headed to the SEC? I saw an article today stating they had reached out. Goo god that conference would be even more prestigious if they added those 2.
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