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  1. Its not losing to Wisc at Kohl. Its the way we lost. That could have easily ended up a 40+ loss. That is unacceptable. And its not like that team is a final four caliber team. But its time to move on to UConn and see whats next
  2. Does anyone know our record at MSG? Just interested to see if we typically win there. I know we shoot horribly in Indy
  3. Who needs to get healthy other than Rob? Do we have 3 or 4 guys injured?
  4. agreed. But i am getting a little tired of losing to teams we should beat on most nights. And i do know teams lose games they shouldn't and win ones they should also.
  5. Not everyone who criticizes IU or its coach is an idiot. There are some very well informed and fact based arguments by some intelligent people. Please try to not lump everyone into the same boat. Not saying every criticism post is well thought out or intelligent, just they all aren't. Just like not every positive post is a sunshine up the @ss pumping, blindly following the leadership like a lemming post. Just my 2 cents though. I am usually wrong so take it for what its worth
  6. Meh, this is not aimed at you @5 championships, just the most recent person to say this. I am tired of hearing we would have won had we had Rob. Yes, missing your point guard is tough but we're a high level Division 1 school with a ton of talent who can handle the ball, maybe not as well as Rob but that doesn't change how we played defense. The lack of time-out called when runs were happening. The poor line-ups and substitutions. The poor shot selection by the entire team. And the overall lack of hustle and energy. Rob wasn't the same in the second half of the season last year after the injury. Everyone forgets that and expects him to be the guy form the first half. Maybe he will be, maybe he won't. But we need to lay this loss at the feet of the coach and the players who should have curb stomped a mediocre Wisconsin team. **This is my opinion only obviously and i am usually wrong, just stating what i feel about this team at the moment.
  7. Disappointed to say the least. Some days you're the windshield and some days you're the bug. Today we were the bug on the Autobahn. Next game up. Hopefully coach and players learn and adjust
  8. At some point we have to stop making excuses. Got our ass handed to us. Starts with the coach and end with the players. Just a really bad game all around.
  9. I guess they can keep shooting like the first half
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