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  1. It doesn't matter what other schools have done or how other coaches panned out. It matters if the trajectory, leadership, and growth of the team overall (coaching and players) looks to be head in the direction that leads to a proven winner and winning the future. I can't honestly say if he is getting better or not. I don't look at the record. I look at how we play, both on the road and at home. I look to see if players shoot better, defend better or lead better. I look to see if players give it all on the floor and walk off the court exhausted. Is that what we have currently? I don't know? Maybe what we see is all these players have. Maybe they are better this year than last. Maybe our record is better than last year because we're better and not the non conference scheduling being padded. I don't see it. And i don't compare what Jay Wright has done, or Coach K or any other coach who has or has not made it when they took a new job. I look at what i see on the floor game after game, year after year, and i ask myself, is this team/player better this year than last? Just my opinion. And i am not even saying he should be fired this year. But i won't be upset if they do. And i won't be surprised if next year we're the exact same team we have seen for the last 3 years. And all this doesn't mean he can't coach. Or that if he went to another school he wouldn't be successful. Sometimes things just don't work no matter how hard you want them too.
  2. Minnesota is above us in the NET at 54
  3. Actually we have won 2 and lost once since then. So this thread is actually good for IU's winning percentage. You should relish this thread
  4. Let's just let this thread live, shall we?
  5. Its there. It zooms in his face and he says stut the f up
  6. i have been by no less than 3 dachshund's. And have played with 3 that haven't. so 50% of them are bastards lol
  7. honestly at this point i am not as concerned with our wining percentage and i am with player growth, coaching growth, and ability to adjust to such things as injuries, lack of shooters or lack of athleticism in our big's. 3 years now i have seen zero heart and passion on the floor. Balanced between CTC's recruits and CAM recruits. I will not lay it all at CAM's feet or CTC's for the players on this roster. But i will say there is something wrong with either the coaching staff, the whole locker room, or the administration.
  8. You might not like it. CAM might not deserve it. But its telling. When less than 3 years in people are asking for a proven coach to come coach IU. Is it fair to CAM, somewhat. He hasn't proven anything in 3 years we're in the middle of a 1-4 streak. Does he deserve more time, maybe. Unfortunately nothing is showing an upward trend and that has people concerned. The fact that fans are actively and opening calling for a new coach already just tell you how starved for national level basketball again they are. IU fans (not all, but a majority) have lost most if not all patience with Indiana basketball's fall from grace. Whether its warranted or not, the fans are getting restless again. Uninspired basketball with total collapses on the road does not give the warm and fuzzy everyone wants. Maybe you're right and CAM is the savior that everyone want/needs and we will just need to suffer another couple years before we see. Maybe he is in over his head and Power 5 basketball is more than he can handle at this point. (Lots of examples of Mid major guys not making the jump the first time). Maybe the administration is the puppet master and CAM is merely a puppet to their demands. Doesn't matter anymore. CAM has to win now and often OR he has to play inspired basketball and show the ability to change and grow not only his players but himself. This fanbase will rally around and follow the underdog with the spirit of a lion. What we currently have are lions with spirit of sloth. the first 3 years of CTC were BAD BAD. But they play inspired and with heart. They left it all on the floor every night. These last couple years i am not sure they even bring it all to the arena, let alone use it all. Sorry to ramble, and this post isn't directed at you specifically. Just the topic that came first.
  9. Yogi was legitimate 5* talent. Just to short. He could shoot and dribble and was a floor general. Rob is solid. A role player put in a starters spot and he just isn't that. Hope he does get better next year. If not that will be disappointing
  10. I would even go as far as put Smith on the 4 with TJD (Go athletic) with Hunter Green and Rob as the rest. Bring DD and Brunk in if/when we need big guy minutes
  11. We lost the MSU game without Smith, i will give you the Illinois and Wisconsin game, but the Rutgers game was abnormal. What i am saying is this team over the last two years has been consistently average at best and if it wasn't for a couple abnormal performances, we lose to Rutgers and MSU.
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