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  1. I am surprised IU hasn't self-imposed a 4 year NCAA ban, loss of 4 scholarships over 4 years and rehired and then subsequently re-fired Tom Crean.
  2. Honestly over the last 25 years, i am surprised we rank that high. I am not putting IU down by any means, but i wouldn't say we were a top 20 team over the last 2 decades. I will take it
  3. I believe there is one poster who does and makes sure everyone knows it
  4. https://collegebasketball.nbcsports.com/2019/08/08/who-will-be-the-next-head-coach-to-win-their-first-national-title/ Thoughts?
  5. I have worked in IT for about 20 years. Your're grouping all IT into a bucked when certs mean more than degrees and this isn't true. What you're saying does have some merit when talking about Service Desk employees and even parts of Infrastructure such as Networking and to some degree Server Management. But for the other 80% of IT professionals who are programmers, analysts, and administrators, the minimum standard is a bachelors degree with 3-5 years experience. Not to say that some aren't hired with experience over education, that absolutely happens but for the most part in corporate america, your IT department all have some degree in Math, Computer Science, and MIS. I can't say this is the same for all areas of all corporations but almost everyone one of the people who are Office workers in my company have a college degree. But higher education is not for everyone and not everyone should go to college for a 4 year degree. There are plenty of Trade certs that can lead to a very high yearly income. I do believe that you either need to be certified in a trade or have a useful college education to have a higher chance of being successful later on in life. That's not to say everyone needs too and i am sure there are plenty of examples of those who do without higher education, but i think they are the exception and not the rule. Plus no education is ever worthless. Being educated helps make better decisions in life. Its not just about getting a job. Just my narrow view of the corporate world. I am sure i can be proven wrong.
  6. I hate all of you. Mile, sorry to hear about your wife
  7. This thread should be taken out back and shot. It's just terrible.
  8. I think this goes hand in hand with my comment that we need to have our wings and guards constantly moving off screens and rubs to get to that catch and shoot spot.
  9. What i am saying is its not the norm. The norm if for a team to have an above average to high octane offense with a decent to above average defense. With that combination, you have a shot. Very rarely do the defensive minded only team make it very far in the tourney. You have to be able to score points. UVA is a rare combination of being great at defense and as mentioned, although not prolific at scoring, they are very good when they do. They averaged 72 points a game which isn't too bad when you're the best defense in the country
  10. It worked 1 year. If it continues to work year after year for teams like this who end up in the final 4 then you might be on to something. But overall you need a decent to above average offense with an average defense. Usually its high octane offenses with ok defenses that win it all
  11. Meh, more excuses. I am over it. If we can't hit bunnies and open 3's how are we going to win games. But i stand by the fact that we run a simple bad offense that isn't hard to defend. Each to their own. I am over the last two years. I want to see changes this year. I want to see guys runs run off screen and constantly move through the offense looking to get open. Playing great defense is all good but doesn't amount to much if you can't score more than 50 points. It just won't work out in our favor. But you are entitled to you opinion much like i am. Feel free to tell me i am wrong, i usually am.
  12. One of the things i saw last year concerning our offense which in turn affects getting open 3s is that our perimeter guys don't work to get open. They don't run of screens or baseline or across the floor looking for picks and rubs to get that catch and shoot open 3. Our offense mindset looks lazy to me. Everyone is waiting around looking for the ball to come to them and never trying to make it so they are open to get the ball. Whether this is a consequence of our offensive mindset or player tendencies, we will need to adjust our offense if we plan to shoot over 40% as team from 3. But i will admit that having DD, TDJ, and even Brunk(unknown like Fitz) on the inside, this could very well open out perimeter up for more open shots. But we will need to run something other than the 3 man weave.
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