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  1. IowaHoosierFan

    Brandon Newman

    Interesting article with a little insight into college "offers" https://bleacherreport.com/articles/201519-college-football-recruiting-101-the-offer-game-how-it-all-works
  2. IowaHoosierFan

    Justin Smith update

    I see McBob as the 6th man, kind of like Sheehey. With as much talent as we have, i just don't see him starting. But i could be wrong and maybe with the injection of scoring, we don't need him to do anything but play hard nosed ball. as mentioned above, good problem to have
  3. IowaHoosierFan

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    to you. To others, its a great way to get quick concise information. I do agree the other part about screaming into the void. Lots of voices in and endless void
  4. IowaHoosierFan

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Unless you are an NBA level talent kid you have no clue as to what you're suggesting. Its easy to say just go back, you're not ready since you have never had the chance to actually play at the professional level. None of us know what that drive is and how it affects their thinking process. You can also say you wouldn't want you kid to go unless he was top 10 since it's not going to happen. Its easy to sit here and throw around what is wrong or right for these kids when we have absolutely no clue as to what they go through or how they perceive their dreams. Just my opinion on the matter
  5. IowaHoosierFan

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    With this much talent, you're going to eventually have guys transfer out, whether you want them to or not due to playing time. Nothing bad about it. It is just what it is. Nature of the beast when you start getting top talent year in and year out
  6. IowaHoosierFan

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Anyone know the connection he has to Iowa and why they are on the list
  7. IowaHoosierFan

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Sorry i must have read your post wrong. I get what you're saying now.
  8. IowaHoosierFan

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    Why would you pick smith as the one who would have to go. There are several on the roster who might not get better this year or who might decide they want more playing time and leave. Of course at this point no one would want to lose Smith.
  9. IowaHoosierFan

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    has there been an indication that Brooks is coming this way. I also hear Iowa got a Official from TJD?
  10. IowaHoosierFan

    Blind hire.

    i think the conference means alot. 28 wins in the WAC vs 23 wins in a Big5 means alot
  11. IowaHoosierFan

    Record Prediction Thread

    man, its hard to predict before seeing this team play. I will go conservative 22-9
  12. IowaHoosierFan

    Trendon Watford

    Thanks, that helps alot
  13. IowaHoosierFan

    Trendon Watford

    I see him at 22 and still a 5* in the 247 ranking list i see Can you link to what you are seeing?
  14. IowaHoosierFan

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    Did we lose to Montana State? I can't remember who the team was that beat us a couple years ago
  15. IowaHoosierFan

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    understood, just don't like using a different model for the numbers, makes the comparison not true