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  1. Even with injuries he should have gotten better at something over the summer. He wasn't hurt for 2 full years. He had the concussion and then something else but he was healthy for like 10 month of each year. You should get better from year to year.
  2. this is where i disagree. Look at his stats from the previous two years. They are almost identical. Injury and all. He didn't shoot better or worst. He didn't score better or worst. He just stayed the same. No growth almost anywhere. I just don't know if he is a true point guard. I do hope he makes the jump this year, but i won't be surprised if he gets passed up by Franklin and Al and he becomes the 4th guard in the line up. He need to get better each year. Bit by bit as they say. Stand still and he will get passed by. But i can see where everyone thinks he is the one. he
  3. I am in the minority here but i am not a fan of Rob. His game is stagnant and hasn't really grown. He is basically the same player he was as a freshman. I think landers is going to be the fulcrum we need. A true point guard who can shoot, score, and lead an offense. I don't know about his defense but if its manageable i think we make a big stride this year in offense. Now, maybe moving Rob to an off guard will free him up to be more fluid and not worry about being the leader on the floor and his game advances. I am not attacking him personally. I am sure he is a fine young man who gives
  4. that seems like a personal attack. I am offended now. i need to talk to an administrator
  5. Its just my opinion that 4 seems like its to many and muddies the water when you have 16 players on a team. You don't have to prescribe to my opinion at all. Have your opinion and be happy. But it doesn't invalidate my opinion which is what we're all doing here.
  6. At least quote me if you're going to use me as you example. Almost everything on this forum is based on speculation and 2% of actual facts. But i played sports from the time i was 5 to 25 and i can tell you that if you don't have leaders on a team who can will you to play better, longer and not fold, you will lose games. And its usually when they are close and you don't have someone who will put you on their shoulders and refuse to let you lose. But you are correct. Everything i said is almost 100% speculation and conjecture. Welcome to the internet. If this is your first day you're
  7. They are not usually mutually exclusive. If they were all Seniors and were really close i could see it. But its a Transfer in Sr, a true Sr, a Redshirt Jr and a true Jr. Just feels off to me when the team can't even pick a single leader to be the captain.
  8. Its what happens when there is not other basketball related information coming out. Plus 4 basketball captains is weird. Is 25% of the team
  9. Each to their own opinions. Good thing its the internet and nothing we say matter
  10. I have three 1. Watching IU beat Duke in 2002. I watched this alone in my apartment and was jumping on my couch when we won. No one around to celebrate with but i will never forget that feeling. 2. Was at a friends-giving party with some friend and i arrived late due to something and they had the IU game on and i walked in to watch the last 2 minutes of the game. We stood there and watched the WatShot and although they are not IU fans, the whole room just blew up and i was jumping around. 3. Watching IU beat Kentucky at Des Moines in the second round of the NCCA tourney in
  11. otherwise this would be a news site and not a discussion forum
  12. I truly expect Phin/Brunch or Al/Brunk So you're telling me that with 16 players on the team, it was evenly broken out of 4 votes for each of the 4 captains. I do not like this. At most it should have been 2, i would have been happier with 1 captain, leading the team. 4 tells me you have no leaders and the "team" might have some cliques in it after all. This will cost a close game or two this year.
  13. Definitely not the best but the 2012 IU team. Had we beat Kentucky in the 16, i think we go to the finals.
  14. Yes but he continues to start Brunk, even when he was playing like crap. And then would start him again in the second half. And in all honestly, i am not the only one who has questioned his subbing. as i said, i am not sold. This year will be telling. All the tools seem to be there. Can we make the jump to an elite type of team. Can he get the best of them. I hope so. I really do want IU to be great. I don't want to be a fringe tourney team every single year. That is not success to me. We're not Purdue or Arkansas. We're IU and Success is competing for Conference Titles and Fi
  15. good on ya, not gonna happen but hey shoot for the stars, and if you fail, at lest you hit space
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