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  1. Not sure. Enough to get the lay of the land. Again, unlikely, but an option being considered.
  2. So our staff will only be recruiting guys they have a former connection with to fill this year's roster? Seems risky. There's been no talk since there's no need for him to enter the portal. He'll go pro overseas with the exception IU offers. I admit, it is the safer bet that he won't be at IU next year.
  3. COVID year. Grad who could transfer freely.
  4. I expect IU to explore all options for shooting options. Including taking a page from Michigan and looking beyond D1 transfers like they did with Duncan Robinson. There is one name within Indiana college hoops right now available that I think would be an amazing fit.
  5. Thanks for the input. Lots of weird infidelity analogies on the board these days. I'm not talking about Armaan's decision to go or stay. I'm simply saying that if any kid had the opportunity to go to VA as a recruit or transfer, there are plenty of good reasons to do so. I'll let the rest of you debate his character for whatever choice he ends up making.
  6. Virginia is an awesome school with a great coach who has gotten kids to the NBA and is an amazing role model. I have no idea if Armaan will end up there, but you can't fault a kid for wanting to play for Tony Bennett.
  7. OK. I'm simply sharing what is actually happening. You are entitled to believe this is equivalent to infidelity; that's your prerogative. But I can't help noticing the irony of you calling me melodramatic and then literally writing a melodrama.
  8. You guys are unreal. Dragging Armaan and India because you can't see him in a picture? India handled his initial recruitment the exact same way. Individual meetings with all coaches, asking them to outline their plan for Armaan. Armaan did the same with each coach. Then they calibrated and came up with a decision. They have met with Woodson. I am not sure what follow up meetings have taken place. I know many of these players are giving Woodson time to get to know them before making a final decision, Armaan included. Woody knew almost none of these kids before Sunday and you want them all to pl
  9. My cousins are in Nashville for the Music City Marathon. On Vandy's campus this morning, and they SWEAR they saw Romeo. FWIW. I think they are mistaken, but they pay attention to IU recruiting and were confident it was him. Would be a brutal overnight drive after the banquet!
  10. I'm comfortable with Archie recruiting the kid and trying to keep the hangers on at bay. If that becomes impossible, then yeah, bow out.
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