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  1. Very tough first round opponent in Texas ! Go Lady Hoosiers !
  2. 😅😇😀😁😂😃😄😆 ! Muck purwho !!!!
  3. How I am hoping that number 14 seed Old Dominion beats number 3 seed ( har De har har) pee yew !!!!! Even if I DO doesn't get it
  4. Hoosiers 95 St. Francis of Pa. 72 ! In the second round , Indiana would host either Arkansas or Providence ! A chance for revenge against Arkansas for the one point screw job we got at their place ! How sweet it would be !!!!!!! P.S. Indiana University had SIX Quad One Wins ! Played in a conference that just placed 8 teams in the Big Dance ( More than any other conference in the country ! ) , had Nine underclassmen and sufferered more injuries than any other school in the country , yet makes the Nit with a winning record ? That is not " Sucking " ,That is an amazingly incredible season ,IMHO !!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think the winner of Michigan.Vs Michigan State game today deserves a number one seed ! What do you think ??
  6. Thanks Mile !!!! They were very lucky to have tied for the BTEN regular season co-championship ! Everything just fell into place for those turkies ! One more loss and we can see the real. purwho
  7. pee yew has been overrated all season long ! So , it would not surprise me if they are seeded higher than they should be l It will make me happier when they get beat by a lower seeded team again like #7 seed Minnesota beating #2 seed pee yew in the BTEN tournament !
  8. Gophers 75-73 ! p u will not get to "gopher" the the BTen tourney title ! Top of the World ma !!! Loss number Nine !
  9. Hoosiers 69-64 ! Please don't let me down -Hoosiers !
  10. Indiana 72-67 ! Hoosiers , please do not let me down. !!
  11. Gophers beat Pee yew then get crushed by Maryland ! Crazy game ?
  12. If built while Mr. Knight was still alive , he would tear it down .VBG !
  13. A win over Rutgers and Indiana will have surpassed last year 's win total ( Despite 9 Frosh & Sophs and all the mucking injuries !!) Archie deserves Coach of the year award ,imho !!!
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