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    USA Today posted an Article today saying that Donald Trump is not even worthy enough to clean Obama's TOILET !! LMAO LMAO LMAO 1 On a similar note , The State of Alabama yesterday December 12 ,2017 !! Voted against a Child Sex Abuser and an abuser of Adult Women as well ! This was a victory for ALL VICTIMS of Sexual ABUSE ! I have finally come to terms with the fact that I was sexually abused when I was SIX YEARS OLD !! It has taken me this long to be able to speak openly about that horrible fact !! I am VERY HAPPY because all of the recent FIRINGS , Dismissals , and Resignations fo MEN who have ABUSED their position OF POWER and Authority to abuse other humans !! SEXUAL ABUSE is a plague that needs to wiped from this PLANET !! I say thank you to the voters of ALABAMA who DEFEATED a SEXUAL ABUSER named Judge Roy Moore !!!! I'm hoping and praying that Tronald Dump's SEXUAL ABUSES finally BRING THAT [ censured ] ABUSER DOWN !!!!!
  2. My Crystal Ball just returned from the repair shop [darn it } and it says Notre Dame 77 IU 69 !1 ( I'm hoping that damned Crystal Ball has to go back to the repair shop ,vbg !!) P.S. It also says pee yew 75 Butler 74 !! DANG that [censured] Crystal Ball !!!
  3. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    I remember listening to an IU Radio Broadcast of an IU basketball game & IU's color guy called him Finkle Heimer !! I was LMAO-LMAO-LMAO !! I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes !!!!! P.S. I don't think Finkle Heimer [vbg] actually transferred to another school !!My posts were about players at IU who had transferred to another D1 school and what kind of stats they had at their new school !! It is interesting about where a former player is now working/living/etc. HOWEVER . my focus was on how a transferred player [from IU] was doing at his new school and there was nothing in my original post about former players that never transferred from IU about where they currently were located and/or were not working AFTER their College Years were over !! !! P.S. AGAIN , I aalso was MAINLY referring to PLAYERS who were on scholarship at IU but transferred to another D1 school !! Most walk-ons hardly ever get any playing time !!Joe Hillman was the BIGGEST exception to that rule/statement !!
  4. Whatever?? The damned Dookies LOST ( regarless of the FINAL SCORE) !LMAO , LMAO , LMAO ,LMAO !! Duke LOST to a team that went into that game with a 6 & 3 won/loss record !! I'm Loving it !! i'VE JUST UPDATED MY ORIGINAL POST to clear Mississippi State from the UNBEATEN list ! There is now only 4 Conferences with UNBEATEN teams left ::The ACC with 2 Miami of Florida and Florida State ! The Big East with 2:: Georgetown & Villanova !! The B12 with one ;TCU ! Finally , the Pac12 with one :: Arizona State!! I think Georgetown will fall Saturday at The Carrier Dome in SYRACUSE , December 16 ,2017 !! P.S. I will update my post to correct the Game Score ,VBG !!
  5. IU to play West Virginia in 2018 Jimmy V Classic

    Chaminade has agreed to only play in the Maui Invitational every other season !! 2018 will , indeed , be the FIRST EVER Maui Wowee with all D1 schools !!
  6. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    I looked up Emmit Holt at Providence just now !! Emmitt averaged 12.3 ppg and 5.4 rpg last season !1 He has not played a single game this season !1 I could find no reason why !1 He is listed as being a Senior at Providence for the 2017-2018 season ! Wish I knew why he has not played for Providence this season ?
  7. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    Addicted to IU !! Your wish is my command , vbg !! I have changed the title of my original post so that this post will be all about IU players who have left IU to transfer to other schools !! Anyone who wants to update any other former IU players stats , factually , will be appreciated by me !! As an OLD Hoosier Fan interested in how our former players are performing at their new schools !! It is hard to remember all of them and where they transferred to !!
  8. At What Point......

    This is just my honest opinion & thoughts on this subject !! I think IU Fans were Spoiled by Branch McCracken & Bob Knight's FIVE NCAA Championships and are just frustrated because The Hoosiers have not continued to put up more NCAA BANNERS ? Having said that , I think that all IU Fans need to lower their expectations right NOW !! THEN , we can all enjoy the moment when IU does put another NCAA Championship Banner !! I am 76 years old and I still believe that I will still be alive when that SIXTH NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER IS PUT IN PLACE in ASSEMBLY HALL !! Go Hoosiers !! P.S IU's current national RECRUITING ranking for the 2018-2019 season is #22 IN THE NATION !! Archie is not done with this class either !! With Curtis Jones transferring out , Archie has another scholarship available !! I think the Spring Signing period could still be BIG for Archie and The Hoosiers !! P.S. [again] If IU only makes it to the NIT POST SEASON TOURNAMENT , I will be happy with that ! The NIT was the FIRST NATIONAL TOURNAMENT and Bob Knight certainly enjoyed taking Army and IU BOTH to the NIT !! It would be the greatest coaching job ever in NCAA D1 basketball history [ imho] If Archie and his Staff get IU into the "Big Dance "' this season !! Having said that , It ain't over until the Fat Lady sings and she hasn't even started to warm up her vocal cords yet , VBG !!!! Nothing really surprises me in College Basketball's World today !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Recruiting Grid

    Yes ! Both Williams & Story wanted to play closer to home !! At least , that is the way I remember seeing in print !! I wish both had stayed at IU since both of them turned out to have decent careers at their new schools (And would have led to some more continuity of roster at IU !!) !!
  10. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    Grant Gelon only took one shot in SFCC's last game , did NOT score and grabbed 1 REBOUND !! P.S. Grant has slipped to fourth in team scoring at SFCC with 11.5 ppg. ! He is still making 41.1 & of his THREE POINT SHOTS !! AND- SFCC will not play againg until Saturday January 6 ,2018 !! No more reports on GG until after Jan. 6 ,2018 ! SFCC only has 14 more games to play during the regular season !
  11. IU Women's Basketball report !!

    The Indiana Lady Hoosiers are now 6 & 4 after a ROAD win at No. Kentucky yesterday ! Tyra Buss again led in scoring with 25 points !! Amanda Cahill had 12 points and 9 rebounds ! Kim Royster scored 12 points and gabbed 5 rebounds !! Freshmen scoring : Penn 8 pts. , Yeaney 6 pts . , and Marchese 4 pts ! Next up for the lady Hoosiers are neutral site games in West Palm Beach , Florida on Sunday , December 17 ,2017 versus 9 & 2 Virginia [ ouch] ! Then on Monday , December 18 ,2017 , versus 9 & 1 Missouri [Double ouch !!] Then a Road game at Yale 6 & 3 before starting the B10 Conference battles with a home game versus 6 & 3 Michigan State !! Go Lady Hoosiers !! Keep getting BETTER !!
  12. With the LOSS by the Mighty dookie padookies [Duke university] to a 6 & 3 Boston College team by a score of 89 to 84 again proves what I always say !! " Anybody can be beaten on any given day " [even DUKE , VBG !! ] I have updated my original post to reflect the current won/loss records of the ONLY SEVEN remaining unbeatens !! Mississippi State could very well be the next team to fall from the unbeaten list tomorrow night ( Tuesday , December 12 , 2017 !!) versus Cincinnati !! P.S. The POIONT of my post was that DUKE LOST to a team that was only 6 & $ at that time [ going into that game ] !! IT really should not matter whether Duke lost that game by 7 points or JUST by 5 POINTS!! The ONLY important thing is that those [censured , censured ] GOT BEAT - BEAT - BEAT - BEAT by Boston College !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Grant Gelon & Other Former IU players news UPDATES !!

    As long as the panel moderators see nothing wrong with this post , I intend to keep posting updates on Grant Gelon all season long , no matter the number of the sarcastic replies !!
  14. IU Women's Basketball report !!

    IU Women are now 5 & 4 after beating North Texas 68 to 63 on Tuesday night !! Buss led the scoring with 26 points ! Cahill had 15 pts. and 12 rebounds ! Royster had 13 points and Warthen finished with 8 pts. Next up is Northern Kentucky at Northern Kentucky this Saturday -December 9 ,2017 !! Go Lady Hoosiers !!
  15. Kansas losing in the state of Kansas to the university of Washington last night proves what I've always said , " You should not over look any opponent in today's college hoops world !!" Valparaiso should lose tonight at Hackey-Smackey Arena ( hoping they upset the smellermakers ,VBG) Only 9 left that have not lost yet this season !! After tonight it will be down to only 8 !!