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  1. Purdue

    I disagree ! He posts too much pro pee yew b.s ON THIS IU WEB SITE, imho !! I can hardly wait to see those pee yew turkies lose in the B10 TRournament and the NCAA Tournament and then I can wave BYE-BYE to those pee yew 4 seniors !!!!!!!! P.S. those pee yew smellermakers only beat a Penn State team [ that has now LOST ELEVEN games] by ONLY 3 POINTS at pee yew's own MUGGING ARENA !!! I repeat " pee yew SUCKS" VBG & LMAO !! P.S Again , Pee yew beat Arizona when Arizona did not have all of their starters !! Now I hear that Vince Edwards might not be able to play AT ILLINOIS tonight. I can't wait to find out how that works out for the smellermakers !!
  2. You should check the terrible results from the PREVIOUS CRYSTAL BALL , VBG & LMAO !! By the way it is currently 16 & 8 ( which is a hell of a lot BETTER than 8 & 16 would be,VBG) !! P.S. My "New and Improved " Crystal Ball CORRECTLY PREDICTED WISCONSIN"S HUGE "Upset" of the pee yew SMELLERMAKERS !! I'm pretty sure that everybody who saw that prediction started laughing and said " It Ain't going to happen " !!! Well , I am here to tell you , " IT DID HAPPEN ,BABY " !! I'm still LMAO OVER THAT ONE ( as it was pee yew's THIRD STRAIGHT LOSS !!) !! The those smellermakers lucked out and only beat the Penn State Niitany Lions by 3 measley points AT HOME !! P.S. Again. Penn State has now lost ELEVEN GAMES THIS SEASON AND THEY DANG NEAR BEAT THOSE smellerkakers IN THE smellermakers OWN MUGGING ARENA !!
  3. Just for Basketball Junkies-LIKE ME

    Another reason I like Belmont is because their Coach always recruits some INDIANA HIGH SCHOOL PLAYERS !! This year he has Four Indiana kids !! A 6'7" forward from Perry Meridian Starts for the Bruins !! Then he brings a 6'9" Forward from Plymouth , Indiana off the bench along with a 6'11" Sophomore center from Peru ,Indiana !! Go Bruins!! Make The Dance !! P.S. :: I'm also going to watch Winthrop at UNC Ashevile tonight at 7 pm on ESPN-U , as it is a battle for First Place in their conference ( and could be the Chamionship game matchups for their Conference post season tournament as well ) !!
  4. Just for Basketball Junkies-LIKE ME

    P.S . Here is some of the teams Belmont has played this season::: They lost at WASHINGTON by only 4 pts. 86 to 82 !! They Beat Vanderbilt 69 to 60 !! They Beat a Good Middke Tennessee State team 69 to 63 !! They only lost at PROVIDENCE by ONE POINT-66 to 65 !! They LOST AT TCU by 11 points !! They BEAT WESTERN KENTUCKY ( WHO BEAT THE pee yew SMELLERMAKERS ) by a score of 75 to 72 !! As you now see , Belmont did not play a BUNCH OF CUPCAKES in non conference play !! They played some POWER CONFERENCE SCHOOLS ON THE ROAD !! Belmont starts 3 SENIORS and 2 JUNIORS !! I'm hoping The Bruins make the Big Dance !! If NOt-definitely they are NIT QUALITY , imho !!
  5. A game to Be Televised Tomorrow night ( Thursday Feb. 22 ,2018 ) at 9 pm on ESPN-U !! I am going to watch this game as it involves a team that just might end up in the Big Dance [unless they lose in their conference TOURNAMENT] ! The Belmont Bruins are currently TIED for First place in the Ohio Valley Conference with Murray State at 14 & 2 !! They will be playing At Jacksonville State , who is 18 & 11 overall and 9 & 7 in the Conference race ! Please let me know if there are any other crazy [ vbg] IU Fans who will watch this game !! I'm just curious enough to want to see if I am the ONLY IU Fan interested enough in this game to actually watch it ??????
  6. AWESOME, BABY ! Tyra Buss follows u p a 37 point game with a 36 point game ( REMARKABLE INDEED) !! Freshman Bendu Yeaney had 11 points and 10 Rebounds ( A double double for a TRUE FRESHMAN) Amanda Cahill had 10 pts. & 7 boards , Kim Royster had 10 pts. & 9 boards [almost a DOUBLE-DOUBLE ] ,Jaelynn Penn had 8 pts . & 5 boards and Warthen finished with 7 points !! Totally fantastic 8 game run by our LADY HOOSIERS !!! P.S. The Lady Hoosiers are now Sixth in the B10 , 1/2 game behind their Final Regular season opponent , Iowa !! Iowa has a tough ROAD game at Rutgers Tonight , Wednesday February 21, 2018 !! ( Then just 2 nights later they will have to play our Red Hot Lady Hoosiers !! Hope Rutgers & Travel time works against IOWA !!) IF IOWA loses both games , the Lady Hoosiers would move into FIFTH Place in the Big Ten Standings and IOWA would DROP into SIXTH PLACE !! May it be so !!!!!
  7. Currently 14 & 7 after The Lady Hoosiers Bombed the Minnesota gals 82 to 70 last night !! EIGHT WINS IN A ROW for THE LADY HOOSIERS !! They have been getting the job DONE !!! My B10 picks for Feb 21 , 22 , & 23 , 2018 are: Wednesday : Penn State 76 Michigan 67 , & Minnesota 85 Iowa 73 !! Thursday:: Northwestern 75 Wisconsin 62 & Illinois 79 pee yew's smellermakers 75 [ Go ILLINI !!!] Friday IU Hoosiers 77 Bucknuts 69 [ GO HOOSIERS !!! ] !!!!!!!
  8. Lady Hoosiers are on a roll !! I'm afraid that that winning streak might fall at Minnesota tonight !! The Lady Gophers are 10 & 4 in the Big Ten and have won FOUR in a row themselves !! P.S. My new [ and supposedly improved ] Crystal Ball has Minnesota winning 79 to 70 ? ( I hope that blasted Crystal Ball IS WRONG !! )
  9. So Very Sad....

    I'm NOT the world's best Christian by any means , but I Blame the evil b.s. that is happening in the world today ON THAT EVIL ONE Satan WHO WAS CAST OUT OF HEAVEN !! He has become too powerful over too many souls !! I Believe that when Jesus returns to earth [as prophicied] , only then will EVIL be defeated !!
  10. IU BASEBALL 2018 Version

    I was not able to find out any results of IU's first four games until today 11 Tough Loss to a GOOD Oklahoma squad 6 to 3 !! Then THREE STRAIGHT WINS !! Logan Sowers , Luke Miller and Logan Kaletha have supplied the POWER thus far !! A 2 hit shutout of Kansas State by Pauly Milto & Tommy Sommers was EXCELLENT for just the second game of the season !1 Only 15 days until The Hooiers will be playing in BLOOMINGTON { weather permitting-of course) !! Go Hoosiers
  11. The Sectional Pairings

    IT has been 64 Years since those Milan Turkies lucked out and won the IHSSA State tournament !1 They've had a very hard time even getting out of a sectional tournament since INDIANA went to class basketball !! It is time to let SLEEPING DOGS LIE !!!!!!
  12. The Sectional Pairings

    Can Floyd Central BEAT New Albany again ?? Maybe Archie should be talking to a couple of Floyd Central's PLAYERS ????????? ( ESPECIALLY if they KNOCK ROMEO & New Albany out of the Indiana High School Basketball Tournament in the SECTIONAL !!!!!!!!!! )
  13. Purdue

    I'm SURPRISED that you had the balls to admit that there are teams OTHER than your smellermakers tha are GOOD !!
  14. So far:: My New and Improved Crystal Ball is 11 & 5 !1 Not great and not terrible !! Just DECENT !! IT predicts for tonight's games ::::::: Michigan State 85 Illinois 65 Ohio State 76 Rutgers 61 Nebraska 78 IU 65 ( I hope that damned ball is as wrong about this prediction as it was for the IU at Iowa game ) !!!! Arkansas 83 Kaintucky Cheaters 72 [ Sooey HOGS !!]
  15. Purdue

    I give a tip of my IU hat to the Penn State Nittany Lions !! They went into Hackey-Smackey's house of mugging and scared the pants off those pee yew smellermakers !! Great EFFORT PENN STATE !!!