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  1. Illinois

    P.S. I just found out that some sources consider Brad Underwood's 2017-2018 Illinois recruiting class the THIRD BEST IN THE BIG TEN FOR 2017-2018 !!
  2. Illinois

    Milw: Again=This reports does NOT say that UNDERWOOD has actually "Did any wrong" !! And - thank you ! This article did say that this investigation started in 2014 BEFORE Underwood became the Coach there !! The Article that you posted says only that an "ASSISTANT " Coach has been charged ! I STILL believe that UNDERWOOD is CLEAN !! Time may prove my wrong , but I hope that it does not !! At any rate , I hope that the FBI manages to root out all of the CHEATERS No matter whose name comes out eventually !! Of course , my # 1 hope is that the FBI finally NAILS cal-hes-smelli and the kanitucky cheaters { The all time KINGS of the COLLEGE BASKETBALL CHEATING HALL OF SHAME}
  3. Info on IUBB and BTN Plus

    I am OLD , so I need clarification !! I signed up for Big Ten Plus at the Monthly $9.95 rate. I have Dish Network !! Am I now going to be able to ACTUALLY SEE THE 4 MENTIONED EVENTS ON MY television set , OR will I need one of those galdarned newfangled hand held gadgets to watch them ??? SNOWLING:: Do you know ?????
  4. Not one, but two players seen in a boot...

    I always wear "Boots" in the WINTERTIME ,VBG !!
  5. 2017 MLB discussion

    I still think My Beloved Dodgers will never win a World Series with Dave Roberts as their MANAGER 1 Should the Dodgers actually win the World Series while Roberts is their MANAGER , I think it would be IN SPITE OF DAVE ROBERTS , NOT BECAUSE OF DAVE ROBERTS !! I think that Magic Johnson and the other Dodger OWNERS have put together a roster of players that ( MAYBE) may be good enough to overcame DAVE ROBERT"S silly game decisions !! If you were a Dodger Fan and Followed the DODGERS Like I have since 1948 , you would understand WHY I AM SAYING THIS !!! P.S. I hate the [Censured] yankees !! Go Houston !! Beat those Damned yankees !!!!!!!!!
  6. Danielle Steele's Novels

    For those of you who remember me posting about Ms. Steel's novels at the former "Inside Indiana" website , I wanted to post this ! I just last Monday October 9 ,2017 picked up my 97th. Copy of Ms. Steel's Novels !! It was published in 1994 and I picked up my copy at a "Flea Market" of all places !! Turns out , this Novel entitled "Wings" was the VERY BEST of the 97 DS Novels that I have now read !! You never know what "Diamond In The Rough" you might find in even a FLEA MARKET , VBG !!
  7. Sears closing all of their stores in.....

    Roebuck ducked out a long time ago.vbg!! I guess it will not be long before Sears Joins Mr. Roebuck ! " This post is for ALL OF YOU OLD TIMERS LIKE ME WHO REMEMBER WHEN IT USED to be called Sears & Roebuck !! P.S. My Dodgers had a Pitcher named Ed Roebuck and when he pitched some clown would always yell " Where's Sears ? " -30-
  8. coaches vote to move big ten schedule to 20 games

    I guess this will make all of you haters/dislikers of non-conference "Cupcake" scheduling happy ????????????
  9. Illinois

    I can not address Brad Underwood's recruiting class for 2018-2019 !! However , I can address his recruiting class for 2017-2018 ! Underwood has added FIVE FRESHMEN and A SENIOR GRAD TRANSFER FROM WRIGHT STATE ! The Sr. Grad Transfer is one of only 2 SENIORS on the 2017-2018 Illini Roster Therefore , it does not appear [ at this time ] that Underwood will have many scholarships available for 2018-2019 !! Among the 5 Freshman are two 6'9" recruits and a 6'4" Point Guard that had received OFFERS from::Boston College ,Butler , California , DePaul , INDIANA UNIVERSITY , Kansas State , Kaintucky ,Loyola Of Chicago , MICHIGAN STATE , Missouri , NEBRASKA , NORTHWESTERN , OHIO STATE , TEXAS , and Utah !! That [ my friends ] is an IMPRESSIVE list of OFFERS !!!!
  10. Illinois

    P.S Evans is NOT Underwood !! The Question is whether Underwood was involved with this ! I do NOT think so Oklahoma State was being investigated in 2014 BEFORE Mr. Underwood became the Head Coach at Oklahoma State ! The fact that Underwood LEFT Oklahoma State after only one season speaks well for him[ Underwood ] IMHO !! P.S. Only time will tell if Underwood is really Clean ( and I think he is ) or whether he can bring the Illini back to relevancy in the B10 and Nationally !!
  11. Illinois

    Again _ Brad Underwood's name was not even MENTIONED if the SUBPOENA ! I am NOT an ILLINI fan , but I am a Brad Underwood Fan [currently- unless or until-it is PROVEN the Mr. Underwood is actually HIMSELF a cheater ] !!
  12. Clifton Moore- A game changer?

    The BEST thing about this report is that Clifton has already ADDED 14 POUNDS to his frame !! Let's hope it is all MUSCLE to help him in the post !!! ONLY 15 MORE DAYS UNTIL WE GET A CHANCE to see "Archie and the GANG " tip it off !!!! Go Hoosiers !!
  13. Does this sound like an innocent man....

    It is SO HARD to FATHOM [ but TRUE] Cal-he's-smelli is even more ARROGANT and EGOTISTICAL than either PRICK-tino or "Cowboy" Roy Williams !!!! VBG & LMAO n!!
  14. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    If it looks like Donkey poo and smells like Donkey Poo , there's a very good chance it is Donkey Poo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Illinois

    NOPE- the investigation at Oklahoma State actually started in 2014 BEFORE Underwood became the Head Coach At Oklahoma State ! Please recheck your facts !!!!!!