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  1. hoosiertildeath

    Lindy's 2018 Football Magazines are out !

    Game #7-Home vs. Penn State (11&2 last year !) The Lions will have 8 new starters on defense and 4 new starters on offense ! The last 3 home games with the Lions ------ 2016- IU lost 31-44 ! 2014---IU lost 7-13 ! 2012-IU WON 44-24 !!! I think The Hoosiers will pull an 'upset ' That would make The Hoosiers 6&2 with 4 games to play !! Go Hoosiers !!!
  2. On Wednesday November 28 , 2018 ! This will be a great test for the Lady Hoosiers ! WF only lost one player from last season ! And , they have added a 6'4" Center ! WF will play 3 games in Italy in August . Game 1-Tuesday Aug. 14-vs. Italian All Stars.. Game 2-Aug. 16-vs. Italian All Stars. Final game-Aug. 18-vs.Senior National Team ( This team will represent Italy in the next Olympic Games . I expect WF to compete for the ACC Championship in 2018-2019!!!!
  3. hoosiertildeath

    Lindy's 2018 Football Magazines are out !

    Game #-7-Oct.13 ,2018- Home vs. Iowa (8&5 last year ! Iowa will have new starters at :::: Rb. Wr , LG , & Rg on offense and Dt , all 3 Linebacker positions , Both Cornerback positions , and one Safety on defense!! Last two home games with Iowa : IU lost 27:35 in 2015 & Won 24-21 in 2012 !! I feel another Hoosier win coming ! Wow ! 5-2 with 5 games to go ! That would be awesome !!
  4. hoosiertildeath

    MLB discussion

    My Dodgers are not done yet . Mark it down , the Dodgers are going to trade for a solid relief pitcher or a decent starter so they can they can move one of their starters to the bullpen ! Don't forget about Julio Urias ! He is starting to throw again along with a couple of other injured Dodger pitchers ! Kershaw has had 3 straight decent starts ! I think the Dodger pitching problems (?) are going to be fine ! After all , they ( Dodgers ) are in first place in the National League West Division even with Kershaw with only 3 wins ? The Dodgers owners go out and get the best talent and team depth ! Team depth is the reason for Dodger success , not Dave Roberts ! But , Roberts will get the credit if the Dodgers do win their first Word Series title since 1988 !!
  5. hoosiertildeath

    MLB discussion

    Still waiting for Machado trade to be finalized ! PINS & NEEDLES time !!!!!!!!!!! It has been 30 years since my Dodgers have won the World Series !! Getting Machado would be a huge step in doing that ( winning another World Series ) !! The Dodgers are also trying to pick up another reliever by trade ! They recently picked up a pitcher on waivers from Colorado ! Don't know much about him though !!
  6. Go Arcchie Go !!!! Bring the best that the state of Indiana has to offer to Assembly Hall !! I love the recruiting Archie has done thus far !! Let's hope that trend continues of getting Kids from INDIANA !!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. hoosiertildeath

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    Nope: Athletes in action are no longer playing exhibition games at American Universities !! Foreign Countries Ditto !! The only way that American Universities can play AIA or other countries is during a Summer Tour exhibition series outside the USA is my understanding !!
  8. hoosiertildeath

    Wickware (IUWBB) to transfer

    This opens up a spot for a Graduate Senior Transfer ! Here's hoping that Coach Teri Moren finds a good one for 2018-2019 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. hoosiertildeath

    MLB discussion

    Could my LA Dodgers actually acquire Manny Machado ????? I'm hoping!?? What will they have to give up to get him??? I'm on pins & needles waiting for this to play out !! Go Dodgers !!!!!
  10. hoosiertildeath

    Lindy's 2018 Football Magazines are out !

    Game #6-at Ohio State -12 & 2 last year ! I do not like the Bucknuts ( and I fully suspect that they are still cheating on Football recruiting) ! I always hope for a Hoosier "upset" over OSU ! However , IU will probably be 4 & 2 after this game !!!
  11. hoosiertildeath

    Juwan Morgan

    Here's hoping that Juwan wins Big Ten Player of the year for 2018+2019 !! I absolutely enjoyed watching him play last season ! I hope that he remains healthy all season long !
  12. hoosiertildeath

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    FKlM01: Hello to you ! Here is some more teams who have posted their non conference basketball schedules (with added info) Sacred Heart , Bryant (@Iowa on Sat. Dec. 29, 2018) , Oral Roberts , Grambling ( at Wisconsin on Dec . 22 ,2018) , Long Beach State , Southern Utah , Penn , Brown (at Butler on Wed. Dec. 5 , 2018) , Wyoming ( at Evansville on Wednesday November 28 , 2018) , UNLV ( at Illinois on Saturday , Dec.8 , 2018) , Air Force (at Michigan on Saturday December 22 , 2018) , and Colorado State ! A.J.Guyton is now an assistant coach at Loyola of Maryland !!! South Dakota State is going to play TWO games at Carleton university in Canada on Friday August 10-2018-@7PM. and Sunday August 12-2018-@7P.M. They will also play at Ottawa University in Canada on Saturday August 11-2018-time TBA ! Those two teams are traditionally the best two college teams each year !!¡
  13. hoosiertildeath

    Lindy's 2018 Football Magazines are out !

    Game # 5 at Rutgers -4 & 8 last year ! Hoosiers romped 41 to 0 last year at home ! Ellington had td. runs of 6 & 30 yds. Gest had a td. run ! Timian had a 20 yd. td. catch ! Rutgers only has 4 offensive starters back and 6 defensive starters back !! It may be a little closer this time , but , IU could be 4 & 1 after this game ?
  14. hoosiertildeath

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    More teams that have posted their non conference basketball schedules are: Evansville , Toledo , North Florida , Stoney Brook , College of Charleston , Texas San Antonio , UNC Charlotte , William and Mary , Northern Kentucky , IUPUI , and Monmouth !! At least I am eliminating the teams that The Hoosiers will not play in 2018-19 ! I think IU will play 2 or 3 more non conference games and ( of course ) 1 or 2 exhibition games !! Only 34 days until the first day of classes at IU !! So , I don't know if I wilI find out before IU releases those games or not ! BUT , I 'm going to keep trying ! Everyone needs a goal in life and that is my goal !!
  15. hoosiertildeath

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    Other team that have posted Their non conference basketball schedules : West Virginia , Oklahoma , Texas , BYU , San Francisco , Florida , Texas A & M, LSU , Georgia , and Ole Miss !