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  1. Good article and the photo cracked me up LOL Vic and Archie look like they were in cahoots on sending a subtle message with this photo and the visible message on his upside down backward hoodie! I would say coincidence but the chance that they knew the players would see it was probably not lost in the moment.- If I had to wage a guess.
  2. HTD is showing as on now! Sorry for calling the attention to it , HTD. We just hope all is well with you man!
  3. Well said! @jefftheref https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1989-08-15-8901050287-story.html
  4. Remember when everyone you knew in the neighborhood staying home for two weeks was only when you and your buddies got grounded together?
  5. Jaybob and Natty!! Cool to see you guys again! Long time, wow! I won't be offended if either of you forgot me though! Jaybob and Blue were the two Scout mods most new HSN 1 people first got brave enough to chime in on when the less appropriate jokes started flying LOL
  6. Cool topic! My elementary school art teacher(Mr. William Stockwell) made the hand drawn player portraits that came on some of them (late 80s , IIRC) when I was growing up . I even got lucky enough to see a rough or two of versions that later went on to the final print schedules - more than once. Oh and I'm going to try and hunt for my personal collection. No promises since that would be on my mother to have kept track of and it has been so long. Anything older of mine like that are in the "it is somewhere but good luck digging them out" category like my old saved toys that are now really valuable.
  7. I hope we work on being prepared to recover onside kicks. When a room of kids called for the team to watch for it, but the ST Coach didn't have his guys ready, that said all I needed to know.
  8. My thought of the day regarding the thoughts of others on message boards is : "Know it, before you blow it!!!" ^^^^^ This is called " My comments on the new AD based on what I know about hiring ADS Hint : I know nothing about hiring ADs
  9. MKG would have likely found it much more difficult to slash and drive the lane. Terrence Jones also played much better too and seemed more in the flow of the game. I don't feel what appeared to be a diminished/reduced ability to contain both of them was a total coincidence because of his injury either.. Hurt IU on both ends and transition not having Verdell for the NCAAT rematch with UK.
  10. Thank you Devonte and De'Ron! I appreciate you guys for sticking with Indiana and honoring your commitments! That still means something in this world even if it isn't the latest trend.
  11. Despite playing a Nebraska team with extenuating depth issues, Nebraska still scored more against IU on a night of not entirely poor Hoosier defense than several teams the Hoosiers faced that are not so easy to write off. IU handed the Huskers their second worst loss of the entire season as well.Overall I'm encouraged about where the this core is headed. When IU puts up 89 I'm not sure it would matter who the other team is..
  12. Funny how right after the comment about them being incapable of blowing someone out , they blow someone out .
  13. Going out with a bang if this is the finale! Since finishing is has been an ongoing issue for this team, it might be questionable coaching to take the proverbial "dog from the rare piece of meat it finds"
  14. Using some recent examples such as this corona virus containment related changes to sports and public events, also a couple of selfish disrespectful posts, etc to teach my kid that sports have to be put into perspective with real life......or old dad is going to whooping his @**! until the day he is on his own!
  15. Gosh darn it! Guess I lied. I have to chime in that if @dbmhoosier is on the same side of a topic as I am, then that says it all to me! Sorry to tag your name but I think you might get a grin out of this.Lol Not sure if you know but I've always liked where you were coming from when it comes down to it and occasionally give you a hard time for fun. Among the toughest standards to be satisfied on this board but it is admirable since you have to read the fine print to understand you as a fan and that really love IUBB. That is honest but you're cool by me if that is worth anything at all . THIS time i'm really out and not looking back but I make note every time me and dbm are on the same page LOL .
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