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  1. Yep!!! Ironically enough to me, given your comment here, I had just watched Spiderman with my boy a couple of hours ago before bedtime tonight. "With great power, comes great responsibility."
  2. Thank you again! I'm excited to see if they have any info to pass along to you. I'll also ask Lamar about Mose when I can make time, of course all depending on whether I get a response back from him.I know at the time they were pretty tight. I would guess it is just a matter of successfully reaching Lamar directly myself, or not. Very cool to even have a lead at all!
  3. Oh, wow! Thank you! I'll be reaching out to this dude sometime soon! It's been so long, but I was audacious enough to guard.and go at guys his size back then, so why not be about getting back in touch, right .Lol I had no clue that Lamar is his middle name, either. I appreciate you Mile!
  4. Thank you! I love "where are they now" posts! This makes me want to see if anyone I know is still in touch with either of Lamar Mills or Mose Richardson from well before Thigpen's time. My friends kd I played a lot of pick up ball(basketball) games with them when we were early teens and they were still in Bloomington.We always liked going right at the bigger older guys who we knew.Good times and also good times seeing and recalling those returns!. Same with the teams for Thigpen's own playing seasons! He was so explosive! I actually hadn't forgot him at all 😄.Too bad those teams he played on lacked a consistent defensive side.. Thanks again for the share!
  5. Thank you! It would get annoying if I hit the "Thank you" option on EVERY post I go to that you share, but I mean them as thanks for everything.....since last time saying as much. I appreciate the links always, Snowling!
  6. Yes, and if they ever earn a "ride on the shiny elevator" to the top , keep approaching it with "a climb up the ladder" mindset.
  7. Sam don't forget to give me credit for not scoring the awful pun on the former Mav, retired Piston player subject .I about did that but it wasnt my pun and Im grilling my best buddy on speaker for it right now as I type this He said.Verbatim " So...You say Mark was an Aguirred taste." LMAO I said "I never tasted a dude or a ball player before .Lol Maybe you can write an NBA cookbook for some money sometime. Ill just keep eating cows fruit , vegetables and fish ansld boring normal stuff. Darn. Anyway you know the burn on a joke is gold when they laugh too.Hahaha Tears and beers ..Plus brats and people calling who set themselves up for the homerun ball. Who said sports weren't going on . Great times but STILL not as cool as being at that Dallas game sounded. I only posted this because I coukd have sworn I heard a "Beat LA" over the phone.a bit ago If ai hear it again out of them tonight I'm name dropping the offender who cares what or where they used to play lol They just got this link as a "warning shot" lol
  8. Thanks for the story! Only read reference of the fire. Randomly as part of a couple of Lakers' perspectives. Can't really comment otherwise since it was before my times, but are you a sportswriter? Lol "17,000 football fans went crazy" made my arm hair stand up so that counts as good a snapshot as it ge5s to me. "Moments" are always the best when it's the. Home team. Lol Bet that was amazing to have been at. Lakers losing or not sounds to me like it was. Plus you made me try to picture Aguirre playing for the Cowboys but that was more to do with how you worded it. .Aguirre was who I figured when I asked..The hint was too obvious rereadling my comment .I notice the misspelling I put on his name.Oops.I sort of denied he existed for a time so acknowledging is gradual in more ways than one .LMAO He's one of my top more recently appreciated past players.I hated the Pistons and wasn't too fond of him as a kid .Objectivity on the Pistons or any part of them who didn't lead IU to an 81 title took another 10 years or so .Haha! Spot on description you gave though. He could make shots and creating separation is ithe key to offense defense contested sport. Creating one's own space and thus offense unassisted is priceless for the way it benefits other teammates.I like to think there was a "rub" effect to having to sow a guy who can get their shot iff and did it wherever the space opened or just opened it out of suffocating defense.More surgical than brutaliyy. Preventing space is for the defense and his was underrated a little IMO. No wiping him aside with a forearm on a trip to the rim. Just saw him in the biggest stage when it involved LA but hard thinking he didn't do his thing night in ,night out and a direct correlation between his presence and a difference in win totals moved Northeast with him. The biggest change I felt was my perception of how good the Mavs really were with him and perhaps due to him and hard not to think what if's as a purist fan of the game at this age.Hadn't had so much time to look back in a normal offseason so that helped and so did The Last Dance with reconnecting some old thoughts . I don't share much LA perspective since "here" it isn't exactly the right state for it , and I stopped being angry with the Pacers over Reggie like many others who wanted Alford- before actually getting educated about Basketball haha If I had to pick a Finals right now I say Lakers-Pacers. .I hope that smooths over my "family in Cali- influenced" team love expressed here.Should be ok, right .Afterall we do let Purdue guys survive here LOL
  9. I'll lob out my main point for the defense involved how other than pass rush, among keys are the abilitty to get pressure from the line alone. Also the need for the D to take better angles of pursuit and finish tackles for 4 quarters..And the big one .Catch the freaking would be INT balls.Less backbreaker penalties..Maturuty . Plenty examples of each that need to trend upward..Things that are the difference between 8-5 teams and perhaps 10-11 win teams.What it comes down to pretty much for IU's defense anyway . Young guys working in and adapting plus veteran leadership and bowl experience giving me confidence in it aside of talent and reaults to date . Being healthy and responding to the unconventional offseason is more general for everyone.Ill share more later , but it is good seeing fans and media indicating and acknowledging IUs potential this early. Specific players will be critical.Have my own ideas of who and how they need to contribute.Minus most freahmen .I think most Freshmen will be waoting their turns so I felt comfy winging it out without including the true Fr.It helps stay closer to what to actually expect when it is veteran driven and hungry.Learning while watching will happen more if it goes to plan .I do thinkk most of the inbound defensive kids will get their 4 games. Even if most is mop up .I can envision IU leaving a mess or two for the future to get reps .Lol This team isnt the past ones .Save for the D-line and there is youth to like at DE and Tackles. With Wiscy to start they'd better grow up fast too!
  10. Sorry Leather I got lazy since my boy was up with a nosebleed last night!.I have my RTF docunent with the pasted reply i spoke of on the text .All saved to finish to reapond to you and a few people here more specifically..Sucks with the interruptions but its good having my kid around after this long. I have caught what you and others shared that Ive missed or had too much going on offline to comment . Great posts and a lot I feel appear spot on.So much hangs on health and making the most of the circumstances this offseason.A lot to like from there.
  11. Then you were fortunate! I always wondered if the Pistons ever come to be as we knew them if Tarpley didn't have the off-court issues.Does that directly affect Aguire, Schrempf or Ellis being willing to move? Aguire was dead serious about winning. Hard to imagine him being unaware of s9me form of cancerous presence on the roster. Guys who put the partying before the winning push people who could have held the core togetger and helped round them out to take the next step. For that reason , I always felt they were a destination team at the time had Tarpley made better decisions.The Lakers were headed into decline regardless. The Mavs fell as fast as their rise from the pack was. Anyway Speculation for fun nothing more. Did you get to go to home games? If so, who were you most impressed with from up close? Always been aware of the difference in the actual speed with top talent having played with guys I also watched on TV a few times. .Curious what you tbought about specifc players while actually following them whether you went to gamea or not.I didn't follow them but it was hard to miss. I can admit they possibly even win it with Tarpley as he was had they beaten LA.I vivdly recall being a worried Lakers fan kid that year. Haha Magic is my favorite player ever and the repeat was a prediction with the buddies at school .Grade school reputations were on the line.LOL I feel like Ralphie from A Christmas Story even telling about it.Thanks for replying too Boiler Sam! Good to see you still here even though things have mostly been limited to off the field hindsight and predictions for most sports. Rival fandom considered and all. I admit to not getting to follow Alford or Ewe Blab since I had one bedtime and my last hours awake most nights were all going to IU , LA , or my Atari.
  12. Jerome was increasingly given the green light on taking some pretty big shots in decisive situations late in a few games as the season was winding down. I think that was part - hint of what Archie had in mind for Hunter when healthier, and part- reflection of how much progress he felt Jerome was making. Those shots came in increasingly more critical junctures later on. Oh yeah, the topic ....Smith.... I hope Smith succeeds but hard to miss anyone who didn't provide me with much in terms of fond memories at any point during their time at IU . Rob and Armaan did more to endear me to them in much less time! Best part is Ed Smith is someone else's problem! Good riddance to that distraction!
  13. The Last Dance brought back a lot of memories here. When it sparked the "early years" fan comments with conversations and debates about the great 1980s NBA cores and where the Bulls fit in before the winning supporting cast was built around Jordan , and little to no time is spent talking about the 86-87 or 87-88 Mavs ….I roll my eyes. Having followed the Lakers my entire life, I vividly recall how good then, and how underappreciated those Mavs teams are now.
  14. I have the utmost respect for Mr Taliaferro!
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