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  1. Being a lifelong fan of the team(GO LAKERS , EFF THE CELTICS 4-LIFE!!!!!!) , seeing this made me sick Literally as hurt now , as I recall being as a kid waking up to Magic(my fav player + Laker of all time) retiring with HIV . Cried over Kobe's passing yesterday the same way as well,.. Plenty of emotions flowing,.Still in shock and disbelief that this actually happened. Not sure what specifically to say to do justice to my feelings about Kobe as someone I cheered for night in night out(including while being quite frustrated with him off and on at times) , nor this tragedy still. I am appreciative to have saw his growth from day 1 to his last days with the team. I'm glad I eventually warmed up and gave him a fair look after the way my opinions of him started off. The man helped bring some damn good times to my young adult hood days!!! It came a long way over a long time and made the sum of Bryant's career mean a lot to me. I've sill never felt this way(of such a profound transition from outright disliking an individual player to profuse appreciation) about another sports superstar ever to the same extent. Not even with Ron Artest but Bryant still set himself apart clearly due to the timespan following him being unmatched by anyone I've ever watched in the NBA before. . 20 seasons, hundreds of nights, and roughly thousands of hours of rooting for Kobe led LAL teams makes it surreal that he was taken in mere moments . I still looked(same as with Magic Johnson) for Bryant in their box scores for weeks in the season following his retirement- hoping that I would come back to a missed announcement that Kobe had a change of heart to come back for another run. I came full circle on my appreciation for him well before his career ended due to his loyalty to the Lakers. That sunk in right around the time they beat Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett led Boston actually. Even despite being Pro-Shaq in their feud , for obvious reasons I never wished anything but the best for his individual games and career.Never wavered on that despite my happiness and irritation staying in near equal balance until it tipped with that last title. Kobe also helped keep the Lakers visibly synonymous with being elite, even when titles or .500 records weren't at stake and people(some fellow Laker fans included) trashed the team, and that gets lost often in conversations - most purely basketball discussions of Kobe center around Bryant's accomplishments from when they were contending and debating his place among Jordan LeBron and other all time greats. Time that added up and accomplishments that added up gradually won me over. but his loyalty to the Lakers is what stood out most in the end to go with the rings, MVP + All Star selections. and OIympic Gold. .A lot of Laker fans especially the old school "Showtime Era" folks ,likely can relate in some way - or at least not far from it - having also followed as those separate Laker Eras of greatness rose and fell... Folks appreciate dedication, particularly as fans, no matter what because at the end of the day it is admirable. Staying for the ups and downs instead of going when the going gets tough demonstrates what nice words in interviews by revolving door Free Agent players just can't. nor ever did.. That is how I'll remember Kobe. Life is too fragile to take it for granted. Hurts
  2. This is when we could really use Thompson in there. Not sure if it has been said. Missed a few pages of this.
  3. Just keep weathering the Maryland scoring runs. Hope they shorten and maybe do m ore to disrupt their assault on the glass . Smith man .Going off.
  4. They'll be fine. Ups and downs seemed like a given from day 1 having to replace Juwan and Romeo this year.
  5. Wow , the sheet I'm reading refreshing took it from 3-1 to 8 to 1 on the ORebs. Just not going to cut it.
  6. Just checked the stats and boards were 12- 7 their favor, but IU was getting doubled up on the offensive glass as of that moment. You can;t give a team already on fire 2nd chances. That's for sure.
  7. The most concerning things to me are thus far, drawing very few fouls and getting killed on the glass. If we have half their rebound total i would be surprised.
  8. This is the very thing I alluded to in the pregame. Someone needs to step up and answer.
  9. Maryland is so versatile that they can both sneak back in if they get down early, or pull away when they come out and grab leads. Not too confined by their talent or size, nor too married by Turgeon;s system to either the interior or the perimeter.Since they're so inconsistent at times they;re never too far ahead nor too far in the rearview to give up or let up too soon. Some of their fans on their boards make extremely funny posts out of frustration about it and Turgeon too Their potential for such balance makes them difficult to stomp down so a good steady game with no long droughts or runs allowed seems to be good enough to set the table to get a win. Obviously I would love for IU to come out of the gates and blast them off the court before halftime, but not confident to hold my breath on that wish. Lol Execute high percentage shots and do it at the right times with the 3's - to stem any Terp momentum without committing 15+ fouls or TOs and Ill be pleased. This is D1 I expect FTs to go in. My kid makes them.Just saying. They need to go in today . Too many things could carry IU to a win or result a loss to say for sure Going to go with picking a WIN for IU . Lol That might prove to be a mistake on my part, but they've played decent enough lately , to acknowledge it is no less than a toss up even if Indiana doesn't shoot it particularly well. I also hope the crowd brings it again! Always fun to see that and even better to see that when the team is rewarding them with the quality of their effort + play! Never doubted this team could position itself for games with positive implications by midseason and here we are. Now do something with it ! Go IU!!
  10. Ziesloft will always go down as a player who impressed me with how serviceable he worked to become on defense. The shooting production didn't one bit. Same as you with Gelon although I took the wait and see stance openly . Usually only comment on things like this - who I feel/felt may not belong" at IU once it becomes conclusive how it turned out in hindsight. His had some grey area, though so just saying in how it did not turn out well.I always thought someone with more strength would keep him from playing more than mop up or only spot minutes against OOC cupcakes(basically the same thing) . Not necessarily that it would never work out. With Bielfeldt and Brunk there never a doubt by me that they could be critical parts , either.
  11. I was wondering why Al made that 3 at the end of the first half and also came up big again late when it counted.. That halftime shot proved huge in the end by the way. One could point to a great number of plays both ways,.. Felt pretty good to see a defensive play at the rim, followed by Hunter at the line to seal it .Keep chewing it! Lol
  12. Among the OOC Power 5 opponents IU played, Florida State remains on fire, but Arkansas , Notre, Dame, and UConn are all coming off a loss in their last game.
  13. Wouldn't it be a nice BTT Championship game though? Never know . I just hope the toughness down the stretch carries over to Maryland . The Hall should be rocking again. Gotta love that atmosphere , and the kids rewarded them. Rough edges , but plenty of time and the brutal schedule will only help In the end. Not playing Sparty twice shouldn't be such a detrimental thing to the SOS as it might be in a lesser season for the conference top to bottom. Does anyone feel they might be ranking worthy now, or do they need one more this weekend to convince you more? The latter is likely to be the actual case regardless with it at home, but in a vacuum as of tonight?
  14. Miller is Izzo's daddy if they win in East Lansing to sweep again. Going to be tough, but why not. Halfway there.
  15. Someone once said, "It's a long jump back from conclusions." Perhaps they still haven't landed? 😆 I like how the team moved on from letting Michigan State claim the lead to prevent it from being extended past 1 possession. A win is a win makes me grin. On to the next .Please pass the Turtle Soup, Hoosiers!!
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