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  1. jblaz13

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    I'd be fine with that once more of their conference shows some sustained life top to bottom in basketball. The B1G hasn't exactly been taking the world by storm either, so maybe that's bias against the SEC talking.I'd watch regardless because I watch IU , but I mean from actual desire to see it .Give me IU-UK. a couple of intra-state match-ups and leave the Crossroads to take the show to more locations in various yearly tourneys. Leave the rest. Someone suggested as much once, and I liked it! Would you be okay with them ensnared in another obligation game that wouldn't guarantee Kentucky as often as many who wish to see them resume might prefer? That would be my only qualm against B1G-SEC. Not that Crean bringing Georgia in wouldn't be enticing in it's own way to some. I think someone on a previous thread had asked if anyone would really want Crean to have a shot at bragging rights over IU and Archie ? At least , I think that was how it was worded in another B1G vs _______ challenge related conversation. I'm indifferent to that match up, personally and the idea of of on going meetings with any SEC team but UK doesn't move me emotionally in the slightest way , but that's just me. Now if it were football I'd be all in for an annual regular season OOC B1G vs SEC clash every year as long as they did the logistics right, and used some late season games in the Midwest. Another sport, thread and day. Sorry not trying to derail here.
  2. jblaz13

    Is the NonCon Schedule Improving?

    I just want them to resume playing Kentucky at any cost to tourney chances.
  3. Hopefully it will be soon. Based on what's already being said and known from closer to the situation, I don't think he deserves the benefit of the doubt on anything else regarding his fate there. The B1G already looks like crap right now, especially the B1G East. Ever since the problems at Penn State , every other B1G East coach has now faced some pretty serious issues. Although no formal accusations of wrong doing at Michigan have been leveled at Harbaugh's program as of now, any reasonable mind will likely conclude Durkin didn't just become what he is overnight. Harbaugh apparently did not have any comment on the current matter at Maryland either when asked recently, but Jabril Peppers apparently made a couple remarks that raise eyebrows as to what might have been going on at Michigan at one point. I've never previously visited the deadspin site for anything I can recall, but this link was among the first when I typed Jim Harbaugh Allegations into Google. https://deadspin.com/jim-harbaugh-wont-talk-about-d-j-durkins-bully-coachi-1828367420
  4. jblaz13

    2018-19 schedule and beyond

    Sorry of you got like 4 thanks notifications Snowling. I'm having keypad problems on my phone.If so, you still deserve all 4!
  5. jblaz13

    Luke Timian

    I love to watch Timian play! If theres one kid the rest should learn to emulate, he would be right up with anyone in the conference for that status. In the IU Offense Timian is defeinitely the most likely receiver to get lost in coverage, and I see him having a huge year, as well since most teams will be forced to focus on Westbrook,Hale, or others in the offense.Even if one or more of the TEs play out of their minds and emerge to secure Thomas's spot in the 2- deep, Luke will still most likely be the "security blanket" from the slot in this year's offense.He'll still play in critical situations should Harris , Philyor, Taylor or others who could possibly see snaps in the slot are producing, because he has valuable experience and gives 100 every snap.Should he be forced to play behind a teammate this year his attitude is still in the right place.And although it may not be eyepopping, his ability isnt to be underestimated, either.Kids who have no business at a high major dont get kept much less valued for what they can do on the field. You know what youre getting with Timian, and that trust is important to both coaches and the QB. I wonder how many opposing coaches will nake the error of assigning a young DB to cover him lol Cant wait to find out!! I'm always rooting hard for Luke!
  6. jblaz13

    Romeo Langford

    It's only a foul if the refs catch it. Not that it would be right, but we are talking about basketball and that borderline stuff does happen in the heat of competition.
  7. jblaz13

    Romeo Langford

    For a second I had that sinking feeling.
  8. jblaz13

    Major College Football Turnarounds

    I was going to leave my last post up , but the subject matter has done nothing to get extraordinary mention here. IU will eventually become the biggest turnaround story in B1G history. The best thing about the lowest of the lows is when the turnaround resembles anything close to the above comes IU won't just be a story ; They will be THE story! 9 wins, Just once .That's all it will take to rival the win totals of IU's only great time periods in it's entire history . Anything more and it's the national story of the year as well. 8 regular season wins eclipses the last 50 years , and if it includes Michigan , and Ohio State it's hands down .
  9. Wow cool ties to a very critical region for IU Football, and a bit of a blast from he past since I still remember this guy's name somehow too! I did forget what number he wore and position since that had to be over 30 years ago roughly? My English, Morris, and Norris people were main players for North way back when so I "fan boy-ed" out hardcore . Although I stopped following North so closely after the Scalf tenure I was a huge fan of BHSN growing up as a very young kid. Aside of ties to those days, from as early on as I could read and understand football, I would also read the Herald Telephone religiously, and used to be able to recite every name and position on North's teams from like age 8 or 9 through my own time in high school. I hope he keeps them coming to Bloomington for college, too!
  10. Yes! I had totally spaced that, so good point!
  11. jblaz13

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    I hope Virginia Union doesn't go out there and screw up IU's SOS... Not that it counts Lol I'm just joking,.and i'd drink a cup of habanero pepper juice if they beat Puke
  12. "Now the only question is whether he and his fellow receivers can get through the first quarter at Florida International on September 1. " - TDH I didn't know whether to just chuckle or shudder a little then agree with you! I did both!
  13. jblaz13


    Every college sport ever: Indiana - and that is regardless of what a couple of mis-opined souls out there might think to the contrary. NFL: Colts - Browns get some love still too, since they were there first in my life before the Colts moved to Indy... NBA Pacers , then Lakers MLB: Indians, then Cubs I also like the Yankees, but only because I hate the Red Sox! NHL: Philadelphia Flyers - An oddity since I was a kid who liked Australian animals, and my favorites were kangaroos ,, and the females are called "flyers" - Different reason from the others , but it stuck permanently.like ALL of my loyalties not initialed RMK! Edit : Oh and any thoroughbred going for the Triple Crown!! .
  14. jblaz13

    Honor to miltary with USS Indiana

    I'm happy there was enough generosity and thought on the part of various folks in order to prioritize helping bring the remnants here for good. Awesome share as always, Snowling!
  15. Funny Mile! I dig it! I never thought I'd ever envy a Celtics fan, but suddenly having to be diplomatic with the LeBron camp is like giving Lima beans a chance.: I guess it's good for me , but I don't know how to stomach them yet. Cool bit of history about playing against IUPA too, Gleas. Who else here is guilty of seeing Indiana on the schedule and changing to one of their games by mistake.? Lol Been there , done that as a kid back when they were really good IU had missed a bowl and I see Indiana in a TV guide, which as you know were always notoriously abbreviated . I got excited thinking wow somehow the Hoosiers are bowl bound after all!!! I put on all of my IU gear, set my mom's VCR .....it was an IUPA playoff game. Anyone claiming to be without a similar IUPA story is probably lying. 😜