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  1. So... 15,000 and Beyond .... Battlefield 4 M320 SMK (Smoke GL) Kills.. G.O.A.T. - YouTube Hearing how awesome other thought I was never struck a chord with me but Lol This video was a personally satisfying destruction of one of the best competitive teams ever . And I made them say Uncle and want to be like me in this game LOL I watch this when I feel down on myself . Because what about grown men calling you theb est gets old ? NOTHING . With this long WINDED >> Vintage jblaz spree shared and one final HSN game thread taken in yesterday . I wish everyone here the very b
  2. God gives everyone a "calling" and despite how cool it seem I failed at my real dream of making it in sports due in part to bad luck bad timing and bad attitude. I'll just leave that at that., However I can say with all assurances since I suck at everything else in life - I likely have ignored my "calling" of natural gifts because think about it ."Jocks and geeks" are oil and water and I never did well at fitting into that crowd.
  3. And while I'm at it! I've been around these HSN boards for a decade plus now. This was overdue after this many years of reading everyone else's hobbies and likes and neat things people may not know. Never been big into sharing personally. I like to keep my compartments separate .. Think I was just saying that in another thread this week actually Ken was the only one who had a clue about any of it since he is the only one who ever actually called me from the well- known people here. Kept it don't ask don't tell mostly , , but I feel the imbalance of knowing more about most here th
  4. This stuff never struck me as big nor did popularity. Still doesn't I have an aversion to being popular since I'm pretty introverted about anything anyone else might consider impressive or meaningful .. That was not a good fit for my group in those days but wins were and top rankings were required. So I just did the minimum to fit in where I got in. It was the opposite of why I did what I did ..Just like everywhere else. Popularity always meant jack s*** to me because I was ok with knowing what was under the lid ! Felt I proved it plenty of times to the ones who I was playing w
  5. IU v UM Madden 08 PC College Football 15 Mod - test vid from old PC - YouTube UM and OSU were of course "big dreams " seemingly out of real world reach forever , so I only played them in exhibition mode which is the only ones I was permitted to share by the mod 's maker who let the leak go to me. Sucked a bit bc I wanted to share actual season play on dynasty it ..Unfortunately at the time , I was bound by word and a bit of a confidentiality agreement since it was technically not allowed due to lacking official licensing. lol. Would have gotten myself sued for sharing the
  6. Indiana shut out of Ohio State on a PC Madden 08 -to- College Football MOD - YouTube It's crazy I would have to make these private and shut my comments down after 2 hours back when this was still being played lol I would get 5kviews /likes on these but I just made them public them so you all can see them, now. To keep privacy and low key I killed this channel at least 500 times ..just locked them all for a year or two til they cooled off and everyone left. I played that mod for 1 season but I could still Keep "all-Madden out of the endzone sometimes even in 2015. EA wi
  7. Damn I just logged into origin.I have 150 friend requests Lmao. Been a couple months bit that is S.O.S.D.D!. I have 7 "friends" All of them are literally the ones who beat me in Madden 08 on PC over the years ! I probably suck now but Madden doesn't change mich so idk .Have to find out sometime if it is like riding a bike..That is if I ever get time to play one again.
  8. I'll link a vid or two of that old mod's gameplay once my kid gets off my computer for a few. Where I'm from and when , gamers were a joke and I never really took pride enough in it to share with people. Dumb call by me walking away, and they make a living off playing and broadcasting video games fhese days.. I still think it's totally nuts.Unheard of back in the late 90s and early 2000s If I wasn't legitimately "pro" caliber at any point id not even be telling you all.HOG KAPONYA on yt if you evver get cruious.Now my games are dead so idgaf if ppl know.Npt going to make a life of
  9. Cool! I miss the convenience of having an IU roster that was modern without any game modding . The last football game I played was a leaked Madden 08 PC Mod that gave me the 2014 D1 teams. A guy who played by UGAGODAWGS12 made a shared import roster file for it. A guy who played by Calhouppes made a script that changed field lines and hashes etc to NCAA from NFL and a ton of other stuff to complete the college game "realism". I split my qbs between Diamont and Sudfeld. Had Tevin Coleman as my back and moved Ty or Adam(forgot which brother) Replogle to fullback since I wanted to
  10. 19-46 from the field is still 50 percent when you take TJDs 3-11 out of it. That remainder from his supporting cast is generally what I'd consider well enough to be in a game. It's not over yet but margin for error is gone.
  11. Where is Trace today.... This is why I don't even care to hear draft talk on him. He's not ready!!! Unless we are talking G League but he would get eaten there too with what I've saw( more like not saw) out of him so far this afternoon.! Today isn't the first time he apears to be checked out for most of the day either .
  12. Some coaches are definitely more known for bad sub patterns than others.Fran is just Fran to me .lol He's blown it with all of his loaded teams over his entire tenure. I don't mind seeing them extend him for that reason. Edit: To expand slightly on this some of it is lack of understanding of a players IQ. Some kids respond to foul trouble with better focus and self-control . When it comes to high IQ guys with talent usually boils down to the coach just doesnt have the balls to take a chance with players who are a bit more cerebral. Not sure if lacking testicular fortti
  13. The way a game is being called factors in.Not every instance warrants sitting the kids with 2 . Gotta admit it just hasn't always made sense when Archie has sat kids in general.Today at least lends to why since we aren't being done any favors by the stripes.
  14. This.... TJD and the rest of the team just don't show up at the same level on the same day often enough to move the needle higher this season.
  15. RIP Mr.Clisby Sad news.Had kept following after the original thread about his diagnosos. Hoped to never see this one.
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