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  1. Reading this, and the comment it came in response to, I just looked in the mirror and laughed a bit
  2. Unfortunately deciding not to predict a record was more accurate than I hoped.Ugh! P***es me off and hurts to think of what might have been without this pandemic going on. Moving forward - if anyone plays the season at all- I'll be keeping a close eye on whether the positive test rates are higher for those that do or those that do not play. Seems like the obvious "thing to do" in a scenario with other FBS conferences should any go ahead with games in 2020.
  3. https://www.si.com/college/indiana/football/indiana-football-wants-to-be-big-dogs-in-the-big-ten-this-season
  4. Nothing useful to add to this thread, here. Just passing by. No record prediction for me now for this year since everything has changed so much and everything the former one was based off is altered so significantly with no OOC games and games moved that change the course of resistance and potentially momentum with it. I'm not saying It means they remove OOC teams and move some key games timing around and it means now we lose. I am saying it means we might IMO.. To me it also means we might even KO Wiscy and then proceed to smack the rest of other big boys on the early par
  5. Although I know Coach (Criss) Beyers, we don't keep in touch. His is likely the most reliable currently up- to- date insight anyone could have on Jalen Hooks right now if I had to take a guess. My younger relative raves constantly when the subject of his friend/ teammate comes up but Beyers would have the strengths vs weaknesses context sorted out better. I leave the more publicly visible and well known acquaintances alone - to a fault- so I probably wont be asking him personally.lol
  6. I sure wish there was right now! With the social distancing under the current circumstances, not looking like it will be as soon as I thought it might at the time of that post late last year. Before all of the pandemic related changes, I'd originally planned to go to a few FC games after winter break. Admittedly, I took the "old normal" for granted and had put off attending.
  7. Thank you! It's been a "busy" week here, although it's mainly been father-son time. Much appreciated.I'll reach out soon hopefully before mid-week and update anything I'm at liberty to share in the "Where are they now" context if I get lucky enough on my attempts. I'm just glad to be seeing it confirmed that Lamar and Mose are both ok. Fancy job titles and all .Lol
  8. Yep!!! Ironically enough to me, given your comment here, I had just watched Spiderman with my boy a couple of hours ago before bedtime tonight. "With great power, comes great responsibility."
  9. Thank you again! I'm excited to see if they have any info to pass along to you. I'll also ask Lamar about Mose when I can make time, of course all depending on whether I get a response back from him.I know at the time they were pretty tight. I would guess it is just a matter of successfully reaching Lamar directly myself, or not. Very cool to even have a lead at all!
  10. Oh, wow! Thank you! I'll be reaching out to this dude sometime soon! It's been so long, but I was audacious enough to guard.and go at guys his size back then, so why not be about getting back in touch, right .Lol I had no clue that Lamar is his middle name, either. I appreciate you Mile!
  11. Thank you! I love "where are they now" posts! This makes me want to see if anyone I know is still in touch with either of Lamar Mills or Mose Richardson from well before Thigpen's time. My friends kd I played a lot of pick up ball(basketball) games with them when we were early teens and they were still in Bloomington.We always liked going right at the bigger older guys who we knew.Good times and also good times seeing and recalling those returns!. Same with the teams for Thigpen's own playing seasons! He was so explosive! I actually hadn't forgot him at all 😄.Too bad those teams
  12. Thank you! It would get annoying if I hit the "Thank you" option on EVERY post I go to that you share, but I mean them as thanks for everything.....since last time saying as much. I appreciate the links always, Snowling!
  13. Yes, and if they ever earn a "ride on the shiny elevator" to the top , keep approaching it with "a climb up the ladder" mindset.
  14. Sam don't forget to give me credit for not scoring the awful pun on the former Mav, retired Piston player subject .I about did that but it wasnt my pun and Im grilling my best buddy on speaker for it right now as I type this He said.Verbatim " So...You say Mark was an Aguirred taste." LMAO I said "I never tasted a dude or a ball player before .Lol Maybe you can write an NBA cookbook for some money sometime. Ill just keep eating cows fruit , vegetables and fish ansld boring normal stuff. Darn. Anyway you know the burn on a joke is gold when they laugh too.Hahaha Tears and beers ..Pl
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