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  1. HAHA the Commercials ..I couldn;t hit notes like that as a kid before I got the bass in my voice , but damn if I dont try anyway ....just did I still bust a gut laughing when I think about the soul glow spots on the couches when Daryl's family gets up. . Although mot much in the mood to laugh today....go figure you cause it any way. Thanks , and it's much needed! And yes, agreed on the visual pleasures in Swordfish I was so confused by how it unfolded , until I watched it sober my 2nd time around. The sea crashed in and the Swordfish come.......
  2. We do not communicate directly much ,in fact very rarely ...But THAT DOES NOT MATTER!! I'm close to crying about this and my feelings are most certainly hurt to read you are leaving Bills.. You were one of the guys who I originally didn't really notice back on the old old board, but I have rarely failed to make time to search up comments from ever since the things you have shared touched my life. I've just never felt comfy commenting on Ayden's health without knowing you personally . It just felt like it would be "putting on a show" with me not being one of the more popular guys around. You've helped me remember what is most important in life on a regular basis on many different occasions, but it's just a way about you and your kindness . I can't possibly understate how much I admire you as a parent, forum participant , and person going way back for years now. You have made an impact on me , and have given me much to think about numerous times. I lurked the living hell out of this board and every other HSN too so I know what I'm saying here. I LOVE THIS FORUM and I DON'T GIVE ONE SOLITARY S*** IF I'M LIKED IN RETURN OR NOT because that isn't always how life works. However there are several posters here who I would also do the same for !! I'm not on Fouls level of divorce mastery yet, but I couldn't even stay married for 5 years my first go around, and I've somehow lasted for over 10 with Hoosier Nation forum. ...and Billingsley has been with it even longer, so that is the duration the board is losing in a sense of him no longer wishing to be so regular anymore , as well. I don't give a crap if this comes across as verbose or anything else ..........other than true heartfelt SADNESS. With all due respect to whoever it was , THIS IS Amounts to a LOSS for this forum if he doesn't post much from now on, and takes some joy out of remaining here myself. The way I see it is those individuals have just cost many of us the regular participation of someone many of us like and respect a lot!!! What the hell is a damn plunge anyway and why should opposition to it mean seeing good people say goodbye!?!?! Not to mention this also saddens my wife who I've shared his updates with ...so if any EXTRA ADDITIONAL explanation is needed other than hating to see Bills go..... there ya go ! If ANYONE on this board has a problem with BILLINGSLEY then THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH ME TOO!!! It's probably better for you , or even me to leave , than him!!! I apologize to the board and the mods for the tone but only to slight extent.. THIS IS ONE OF THE NICEST GUYS OUT THERE ANYWHERE if you don;t already know that.
  3. The Last of The Mohicans The Power Of One Fury Anything with Lee Jun Fan The Matrix Trilogy Swordfish Kill Bill Volumes 1-3, Pulp Fiction , Be Cool, Four Rooms - all are the "love" half of my love hate with Quentin Tarrantino Full Metal Jacket Dumb & Dumber The Goonies Glory Unbreakable Predator 1 & 2 Hoosiers,, Varsity Blues and Any Given Sunday - sports Transformers The Movie (1986), Titan AE , The Fox and The Hound - animated Life, and Coming to America (EDDIE!!!)
  4. Well executed comment framing the context of what each walked into! Shame on you for hurting my abdominals with your conclusion though! HAHA!!
  5. I didn't realize Jones had already exhausted his eligibility, nor was I aware of the situation with returnees coming off injuries. I was aware of the quality Freshmen, and had thought Jones would at least be the answer until the younger guys settled in. Jones departing along with Knox makes it RB much more obvious position of concern/need. Thanks for the explanation! Moore certainly takes pressure off and I agree he is the show as long as he is there.... no matter how well the rising and inbound backs do, especially in a Brohm offense. However considering this, there appears to be a lot riding on Sindelar's health?
  6. When I read posts like that I think of poor shot selection, TO's, needless fouls, and other mistakes that magnify the impact those types of calls can have late in a game. Just gets annoying and embarrassing(especially when IU fans) single out the refs after an inadequately executed gameplan did the most damage. It's fair game either way, but worrying about the outside never matters to me whether it's being a fan, or actually playing or coaching a sport. Aside of the purpose of acknowledging an actual mistake for the sake of factuality , dwelling on it largely falls under the broader stroke of a "losing attitude" IMO
  7. I wouldn't have guessed that RB would be such a big uncertainty for you guys, even losing Knox. Having read this where do you stand as of now on their depth and potential for a smooth transition at starting RB? It's generally not possible for me time-wise to stay updated on IU, and also get around to keeping up with other B1G teams until closer to the season. So just curious.
  8. When I read this I almost felt guilty for recently admitting in a post that I'm starting to like listening to Dakich. Then again I don't twit or tweet, or whatever it's called so perhaps that's clouding my judgement? I told someone about that post during work last night, and they likened it to enjoying itchy nether regions. FWIW Separately; .......but also on this thread ...... Mile types and speaks how my wiser relatives speak/have spoken to me. At least that's how the ones I actually stopped to listen to spoke. It makes lengthier thoughts less complex to process in real time and some type how they speak. Not to mention brief pauses still work great when I'm giving my kid multi-step verbal instructions. Saves from having to repeat them 5 times.
  9. https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2019/05/allen-open-to-change-this-offseason/ Apologies if it's been shared already and I'm short on time to search around so can't double check . Would one of the mods please remove if so? .Thanks!
  10. I don't agree with some parts of what Dakich says at times, nor do I care for his drifts into territory of airing too much of a personal agenda, but that's just life . On the other hand, he's starting to grow on me personally , as far as liking him or not goes. Blame it on his darned podcast now appearing on youtube where I can now listen in when I'm busy working. In fairness to those who don't tolerate him or like him, his tone certainly invites criticism even when he is generally on base with his thoughts. Sociology 101 at it's finest!! He puts on provocation clinics on the radio shows Lol The guy is charismatic and he at least has the balls to face the heat he stirs up! I admire that quality in itself since the internet has a lot of guys who talk and critique the game who would be lost on a real court having to back up their yaps! I respect anyone who willing to dig in and debate the game anytime , anyplace with anyone provided they are willing and able to illustrate or support what they are saying. Whether I like someone or agree or neither is irrelevant to that level of respect.
  11. Only question now is who will OSU poach a QB from to fill the spot.Lol First good prospect to ask to back out of their LOI for unspecified unprecedented reasons is probably them getting their guy to compete with Fields.Lol
  12. I was one of then, and I double down! Wilson was in dire need of a QB so it's hard to put much stock in that. Diamont passing clips are the only reminder I need of how bad it hurt IU. I take no issue with him wanting out of PSU to play.It's his life. Some just refuse to consider accepting him(again) unless IU somehow did it first and forced us to. This subject aside you seem like a pretty fair person, Bob.Just a bit too fair for me personally on Stevens .Lol For what its worth : If Wilson did cause the reversal directly, somehow, I would hope IU approached this time around with your attitude....as opposed to my own ...if they thought it was best for the team/program. I just don't like the idea of pursuing him at all from where I sit.
  13. Yes true, about literally camping the lane itself, but it's the schematics of defense being unrestricted by players having to commit to a man. Avoiding a 3 second call is still less inconvenient than having to fully commit to a 1 on 1 or a double team.Adequate floor awareness is already up to the team to draft.
  14. Another thing on changes in modern basketball : The increased desire for players more ideal to play Zone Defense in the NBA helped influence a fundamental shift in the type of feedback players started getting when they tested the waters. In the NBA's old illegal defense days, it was different, and man - to-man was far more prevalent until the 1990's. Starting in the days of Shaq, when the defensive rules changed, teams resorted to zone defenses more frequently, which ultimately gave way to teams adopting new ways to beat zones. The name of the game became outside shooting(over the top ), and attacking points of (open space)separation as zone defenses shift, but we know how draft feedback works. That(change to the types of players being drafted for respective positions) influenced the both the ideal body type, and skill sets conducive with success in attacking the variations of increasingly common zone defenses.. Back to the basket post players became less sought after once the feedback from the league trickled down to the lower levels of the game, That changed the way coaches prepared recruits for college , and so forth on down. This is not an opinion, either. It's hard to single out one rule change like the shot clock, but several combined starts to help one fill in the blanks using basketball knowledge. Feedback starts at the top, then most of the amateur and "amateur" coaches followed the trends. An arguably undeniable positive "bi-product" of the same rule changes in that era was Tim Duncan. He isn't the last true legendary big man(complete with multiple titles-homework) by accident He possessed enough of the total package to continue to benefit against the change of styles.Back to basket, mid range game, and all. Dirk seemed like the next step in the evolution- which is just my opinion but sure I'm not the first to see it that way. Nowitzke's biggest flaw was mobility as a defensive liability, but he was otherwise a legendary offensive talent and more modernized big man. Just a couple of examples.The quicker and more defensively adept bigs with outside range became increasingly common as lower systems had more focused development around evolving desired skill sets. International basketball definitely played some role. USA Basketball had to change after losing separation from the Dream Team on . I wonder what influence that had..Close on shooters, rim protection became pre-requisites along with offensive versatility and transition game speed.Period. I just come to have understood all of it and much more helped set what we now see into motion In the same breath. I'm also not so inclined to write off influence of Jordan. Next in that line were Kobe, then LeBron, but we all know shooting outside and dunking were pretty well shown on TV, so kids have either gotten Jordan or Jordan wannabe's for a long time. I used to have a really detailed reply to this saved , but I lost my PC it was on 3-4 years ago. It had video links rule change references, bios , line-ups, All-Star and Alll LEague teams from pro and college . and all. Boooo This does it no justice, and I had more guys Fortunately all of this information is widely known and publicly available A different change than Shaq, but no less influential all around athlete-players... FWIW "position-less "basketball was a concept I still recall Pat Riley having felt was "most ideal" even back in the 1980's. Not sure if he was the first, but he was the first I am aware of, personally.The Warriors remind me of that vision.NOt sure whether or not I agree with him , but I agree with better all-around players. I just think traditional post bigs can still be successful with the occasional dominant player. Theoretically , all it would require is a dominant player(s)or system that has enough success to change the trend again. The hallmark of a trend changer is dominance. I can't name one trend that changed in my lifetime leading to more dunks and 3 pointers though from a fundamental standpoint than Shaq's dominance.. "Basketball 101" on the surface... Doesn't necessarily mean big men can't/won't ever be dominant again with a back to the basket game.Nor does it mean the mid range game won't become a future trend. They just don't seem so likely to prevail again at the current point in time. The valid counter argument is ,however, if Riley was among those on point in theory, is there a "better" mold for the game than fundamentally sound versatile basketball? I just think the fundamentals are watered down by "other negative trends" originating in the professional game.Even further originate completely outside of athletics and just permeate it now. Entitlement. We can argue all day long , but as a parent I live understanding since my child comes home with what they hear at school all day. I sure as you know what don't allow or promote it to my child..Center of Authority has largely shifted away from coaches and parents towards players and children. Kind of same thing to me.That is just my personal experience. Something to ponder, and really tough to fully attribute/conclude on one "cause" but a bit easier with one rule change. Are as many kids with able talent investing into sports with the same dedication as they used to or are there more distractions in modern culture? I battle to balance the physical and the virtual on a regular basis so just saying. My personal approach is electronics off, books or exercise out and do it with them until being old beats me. I do complain , but I do try to solve .Also have coached for that matter. Fortunately heart, desire, conditioning, and intangibles are not equal with neither kids nor systems... I've experienced just over 30 years of basketball concepts I was old enough to clearly recall in/around sports. I will also say I find it most unfortunate and ironic the team closest to what Scott described missing- in the NCAA in the recent past few seasons- had been Purdue with Biggie and Haas and even some mid range game.I perceive what he meant he misses is a more traditional basketball offense ... Sucks.Purdue somewhat defined it Lol
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