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  1. U of E got that big check to come play UK in Rupp , and "cashed it" same night HAHAHAHAHAHA
  2. Well well well . Talk about thrilled to be wrong about what week they enter the polls! LOL.. IU ranked.. FINALLY!!!! YES!!!!!!!!
  3. IU took runners down at or near the LOS as many times in the 2nd half vs NU as I can recall.I really thought they would run it better. The forced fumbles negating some of their better runs really took the wind out of them. Penn State will be more of a threat through the air.Good thing is Minny laid a clear blueprint of what IU needs to do. IU happens to have the DBs to do it. They will need the D line to keep the opponent in long 2nd downs. When teams have made big plays IU has come back and got a good stop on ensuing first downs. Count them.I've nearly lost count ever since the Maryland game.A lot of ling 2nd downs which lead to more manageable 3rd downs. When IU didn't commit a dumb penalty it's played right into their hands on 2nd, 3rd , even 4th downs almost every time- since they came right back on an opposing first down and kept the yardage low in that play. The line giving good gaps and LBs fitting , also releasing and bettter angles of pursuit.Tge D is still flawed , but I give them a chance in all 3 of these games if they repmicate the NU game.Not sure if it has sunk in how dominant that was fron IU. There were line mistakes amd and few plays broke for needless yardage, but a lot of textbook football by IU - all around on management of field position plus down and distance..***Sorry .I accidentally deleted the entire management context so that read wrong **** I swear I've never rellayed so many IU. punts.Lol
  4. The thing that is huge for them in securing a bowl early is now they smash in the door hitting the Chicago area even harder. Like IU has a chance to do in Indy you strike while the iron is hot.Go for every kid in your footprint...and hit the South. I think the most notable thing about IU's rise is they've built something that appears sustainable, and relative to IU it is pretty much a recruiting coup at this stage.The Illini are in no less favprable position, but Lovie Smith is Lovie Smith so that sell really grew exponentially. Now that he is proving he can win at Illinois too, the NFL experience is just icing to swing for the fences right away. The Bears pretty much had sucked before he arrived and so did the Illini.What he has done at Illinois so far is turning crap into fertilizer so to speak.
  5. While I am surprised they kicked in so late that(heavy Lovie bashing) is one train I never joined in on. Don't get me wrong.I love to kick Illinois when they are down and dish a little crap out at times, but when they went from not competing to competing under Smith, it was pretty obvious the next step would come if he could hold on to the job long enough. Teams either improve or regress and despite mixed evidence they did get somewhat notably better, even last season. Glad I never chimed in the hardcore bashing on Smith since aive saw plenty of it out there before..I did almost make a BTN facebook comment on the fail once but I read some personal attacks and attacks on his coaching acumen that just weren't fair or realistically wothin fair critique. Guys don't end up in the NFL or the Super Bowl on accident unless their name is Trent Dilfer Sorry, I had to say that.Lol I am not happy for Illinois, but I'm happy for Smith since he has taken a lot of heat out of their dimwit fanbase.
  6. In all fairness IU is the only power 5 with 2 L's lacking a win vs a team in the top 60 teams that I am aware of. Given the schedule, and Sparty game it is legit to think IU might be somewhere below the 25th best, yet certainly somewhere above 60th. Do I feel that way personally? No, but that is what the facts say is still possibly true of Indiana right now. Or else they would be ranked. Had they beat Sparty OR had Sparty not started to collapse of late and acutally make the loss come against a high value team it might be different. Every one they have played save for the Buckeyes who killed them has went to total s**t lately.Which to the people voting probablyy means the doorway is Penn State.Beat them and it kicks the door in. I could easily see IU jumping right into the top 20 immediately. I could also picture IU backing in at 21-25 with a 3 point or less , or even possibly an OT loss in Happy Valley if 2 or 3 teams in the last 5 spots also lost as well as a couple receiving votes.
  7. Do you think Ole Miss winning against LSU would devalue either LSU or Bama enough to sneak maybe an unbeaten Minny and one loss Ohio State in - should that be how things ultimately match up and then play out in Indy? As of now I agree with you generally on both . Ever since Oklahoma lost, it just opened the door wide for the LSU -Bama loser. Going into yesterday I thought Bama -LSU loser would have little to fear with a 1st loss.
  8. I was wrong about Cincy.I take it back and admit. They're actually pretty good and I commented how they were not before Indiana played Ohio State. Ohio State is just amazing this year.
  9. Perhaps so. They're right up there and there is no denying that. I just think IU will have a say in all offensive best discussions in general moving forward. Even with players graduating at WR for IU, they have a lot returning since their trajectory is higher earlier on than usual with typical past Indiana teams. At WR it will just be more of the same really.The more recent WR corps has been leading the B1G twice in the last 5 years now counting this season. I do think Purdue being without Moore and Sindelar being out are why you guys aren't right there vying for the lead in passing yardage or outright having it even.I just feel I can say the same if Penix were healthy all year based on what we have saw without good continuity from week to week with his status. Uncle Rico could lead the B1G behind IU's line as of how they have played for the most part.Lol That continuity Penix hasn't enjoyed nor will now this year, is why it really isn't a shocker Ramsey has meshed so well in relief and Scott has started to take off again. Also how many TE's will be better than Hendershot with another year under his belt? Sorry.I've watched a lot of B1G Football this week and season.Trying to make sense of everything to date still despite seeing a few games more than once..I did correctly predict -to date- where I thought IU would be 9 games into the year. Also how it remained possible, even if they didn't get a top 10 win. Still lack one thus far and. almost certainly will continue to now that PSU lost.. I still can't admit I expected the IU offense to remain so potent once Cronk,Littlejohn, and Penix had to miss time.A bit shocked here actually. That balance across the board is why I think they(IU stars) ultimately peak higher than Purdue with DeBoer now in place of Debord at OC.
  10. This frontcourt is really gping to be a handful late game if it can up the physicality a bit more and sustain it for full games in B1G play. I like to see an OOC visiting team force things out of the comfort zone a bit early season.Solid test and hats off to Portland State.Fairly talented team.More than I expected for sure.
  11. I think that part may be debatable. Philyor and Scott are going to be the best one two punch in the B1G next season, IMO. Jj It will probably be whoever Ohio State pulls put of their rear ends again next year.Lol
  12. Again, I agree completely, but is that final even with a bowl still doable technically.Or does that kick in should loss 7 come. Perhaps I'm just reading in too much but it is Indiana -Purdue . The last part being in the context of not seeing any chance at all prior to IU in any event based on almost all talk I've saw online..If it doesn't include playing fpr a 6th win no logic whatsoever if he can save himself for next year or play.With all due respect to the rivalry that alone wouldn't be enough reason for me if it his status were my call.
  13. Yes .Not disagreeing one bit, but does IU's current momentum maybe create a bit of urgency behind closed doors.Seriously.Not cominh off any way and hope that doesn't read as such.I just know hoe seriously rivalries are taken .Does the potential impact he could have if say he did return for IU move the needle on any decision that might be up in the air if Moore himself is asking to go by then?
  14. Me neither other than McSorley and Barkley aren't around to save them when they get overall outplayed anymore.
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