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  1. Are trouble .. Oof!!! What game did I come back home to? We were down 7 with like a minute left in the first and I came back to a double digit lead. Haha!
  2. You threw them all into the crowd on ladies night again didn't you 5 Fouls is just foul trouble in the pros right
  3. Starting to think this isn't a lateral move, with all due respect and appreciation for Wommack! Im stoked after initially being a little surprised and completely uninformed at first. Clear upgrade on the surface amd by all accounts from a perception standpoint, although I lean on trust in Allen most of all to guage the fit for the LEO culture. Added big time SEC and NFL prospect related cred is not a joke in those living rooms( errr , i mean , zoom meetings) where someone has to separate IU from everyone else bringing a strong sell hoping to steal a few kids from the South . CTA probanl
  4. That's is why I have been loving the 4-2-5 the way CTA's system employs it! To expand further on what you said . Favorite thing is how it can morph on the fly into aspects of a 4-3 , a 3-4- starting from the 5 back end elements of the Nickel.The disguises are near limitless drawing from more than one base set to expand or collapse into as the play develops. They showed out a lot though with all of the TFLs and INTs. Skillset of the Husky and a pass rush presence really make or break it being more worth running than any of the others it draws from..I'd likely be disappointed to see the t
  5. I thought I was just being paranoid and a lack of understanding of internal operations is part of the root for my concern. Even with a pool of donors and committees tasked with coaching searches , etc, it is still money and time better spent in other areas ideally . A lack of confidence from recruits that comes along with a coach increasingly viewed as being on the hotseat is just not a good look, even if the costs can be covered. I want Archie to make it and do well too but like you, starting to wane in my belief that he will .I haven't given up on him personally, but man it
  6. I admit to not learning about the various forms of funding for certain actions. Nor have I took much time to research how most departments go about that or even a hiring process financial resource-wise. Generally nor at IU so wasnt sure how department funds would cover that if they did come into play. ..Thank you for clarifying that it is a separate pool of money. Administration is the one aspect of sports that I loathe personally so I probably wouldn't have made the time to look on my own.
  7. If you're wondering what point I might be trying to imply, it is merely that the timing doesn't appear to be able to get much worse for potemtially shelling bonuses , raising the pay, and replacing departed football staff while considering and amassing resources needed to do another buyout housecleaning of the basketball staff . Then make a clear obvious move up the perceived coaching name value ladder as some have alluded directly to here . I just worry about the costs of one coming at the expense of the other without anything coming in at the gates.
  8. So let me get this straight here. We should empty the checkbooks to keep investing all in into keeping Allen well staffed AND buy out Miller then gp all in to hire a big time coach - All during a pandemic with no revenue coming from the gates for the time being. Check. Looking at the bright side: We still aren't all begging Justin Smith to bring his game experience and his Ed back to IU at the same time as we are willing to openly reconsider Sampson . 😆- in tbe same thread ..... So there just might be a glimmer of hope left for this to turn around.XD. Now THAT
  9. I like the Iowa match-up for the first game jokes aside. Road game and a conference test against a defense that is losing a couple of key linemen and IU already faces good DBs in practice so it doesn't intimidate me even if they do end up bringing back their entire secondary. Just feel this way since this is one of those years a Ball State wouldn't qualify as a cupcake and always felt there is more "face" to lose getting upset in week 1 than a coin flip or even going in as slight 'dogs. Not that I think we would get beat in any case. Just thinking along the lines of risk vs reward.
  10. What!?!?! WOW I'm stoked for this get! I recall him just helping make life miserable for our O-line .lol Ugh!!! To the thought of the Outback Bowl since it is still a fresh wound but great news he is inbound and will be doing damage for IU now Doesn't surprise me we went back with the portal for instant experience after Swann declared for the pros though.
  11. I'm with you on preferring Jones after we talked about it briefly last time ,Leather . I finally found my way to this thread and would also trust Allen no matter who it ends up being! Seems like a decent enough list of candidates. Strong willingness to stay put and help see through a seemingly inevitable major reload/rebuild - looming not too far off - would be a desirable separation factor if he is having a tough time making a choice!
  12. I want Frost to stay there forever and I wish IU could have opened up against Nebraska too! He has made them so scary!
  13. While I agree that we likely will, have to say I hope it is later rather than sooner, unless Tuttle can beat out Penix Jr. I'd rather see Penix make it start to finish uninjured, through the entire schedule, as it stands right now.
  14. I would gladly take that! Don't get me wrong. i would prefer to see them make the CFP, but the Rose Bowl is what I've always dreamed of seeing us in whether it is part of the CFP or not! L.E.O.
  15. Penix would've have been broke into two mini-me's on that hit..lol
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