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  1. Thanks guys, for the sleuthing on the info, and helping keep things from getting too far ahead of the details since its still so murky to those of us- not close enough to the situation inside the program. Ill be rather nervously waiting for something shared -with a bit more clarification on his status moving forward- to be released.
  2. Yes it has been awhile and feel welcome to call anytime .Will do on passing the hello to her next time Im by there.Thank you! She has a new phone finally so I have this back at last. Her sim card had been moved over to my phone ..Anytime my immediate family has had something go wrong witb theirs I always have(my personal cell aka) "the spare" but as much as I like being able to help, its nice to be able to take my business and personal calls on the device I intemded separately for each again. Not sure what else to say on the Sterling comment other than the mere possibility of any extended injury absence for Penix plain sucks.
  3. That part could have been gamesmanship to keep them guessing right up to kickoff? Hope indefinite means full recovery within season or might as well be one in the same.Losing his full capacity for effectiveness would still amount not having him in a way.....unless/until that changed.
  4. D**n......If true. I would feel and always felt for kids like Penix, Gest and J Shun Harris ,as examples, of kids who haven't seemed to be able to stay available long enough to really get it going early in their time at IU. Just hope whatever his situation is- there is a good outcome and he keeps hia head up. That would leave Tuttle one play away from the starting job so I also hope he benefits as PRs backup since the next man has to be ready at all times.
  5. Yeah it was...Lol At the time, I didnt really know what else to do before a game I had predicted as a loss even with Penix.. Without him, due to PRs experience and the WR corps , I thought they had an outside chance today..and that feeling evaporated fast.The defense got put in a real bind when IU couldnt muster anything offensively out of the gates.They executed bad too and all she wrote from there. Despite IU looking terrible - The rest of the B1G did little against much lesser competition to make me think anyone else can sniff OSU right now with the way they have started this season off.. 9-3 prediction still on track for now as far as specific games go but SURE HOPED they could pull this off...They know where they stand against the best test the B1G has to offer now..Just need to move on , and improve.I was wrong.I hate being wrong but it was far from the first time wont he the last.Lol
  6. It sucks admitting IU didn't have the goods to beat them when theyre clicking in all 3 phases. No issue admitting OSU played like a legit top 3 team this year though. FAU, UC, and IU should have plenty of company on OSUs victim list before the season is said and done. On to the next game. GO IU!!!!
  7. Thank you and Happy Saturday the 14th to you......wait.....List? Now Im officially concerned for my emotional well being if there is one and Im on it 😆 Just felt like taking the opportunistic cheap shot to give you some grief for fun Lol. I understand where you're coming from. Also, tone can be more difficult to convey clearly in typed /text conversation so there is that factor of a limited level of direct interaction as well.Same goes for a sports debate. The way one perceives something is more likely to vary from the face to face reaction to the same thing. Online in particular it helps to be familiar with the person commenting in humor. . Familiarity was what I just took advantage of .Lol. Ill be looking over my shoulder now.Thanks
  8. Ummmm...Did you just indirectly accuse me of taking life seriously..... I almost don't know what to say right now Billingsley my friend ..Just when you think someone is maybe half way ok they say sonething like this.
  9. Agreed mostly.. A Ramsey led win would best serve as the blueprint for applying to Penix's talent. IMO Penix can do everything Ramsey can do, and not theother way around. However, I feel PR with his background being a coach's son and an extension of the coach(or OC)- type of QB, has enough balance for Penix to relate to and learn from . Penix definitely has a higher ceiling. Peyton just appears so much more relaxed and more efficent at the moment.Although it was Eastern Illinois and Penix was injured PR was sharp. A lot to offer by watching for PenIx if he ends up being out. The only exception(PR actually having a performance worthy of a controversy) just doesn't seem likely enough to warant a change from where I sit now in agreement with you guys.
  10. ...were to start and IU somehow won against OSU for the first time in over 30 years; Would there suddenly be a QB controversy on who to stick with moving forward? Would Penix still be the guy in your opinion? Let's hear it .
  11. To his disclaimer against potential lost bets using his system picks .... HTD should have added a claimer for credit and a 50% cut if they win Haha! Get paid HTD! VBG!!! Go Hoosiers!!!!
  12. Good question. I had to settle for watching through Ramsey's first series, and only skipped through bits and pieces of 2nd half highlights on the net.I hope I haven't spoke too soon ,but nothing I read had mentioned anything.
  13. Ridder is not very good at QB- IMO anyway. They had no way to make Ohio State pay for coming after him. This wasn't very surprising. Have to keep the opponent honest., IU can't afford to make numerous early mistakes but being explosive comes in handy in the event there are a couple of TOs.
  14. I feel the same on the impact OSU's talent has made late game. This time around, I think IU has more numerous and more diverse weapons(including a running + throwing QB) to counter with in the odd year home game. During this run of IU repeatedly coming close, OSU haven't had to face a healthy IU team(especially not one with it's All-conference caliber skill position players all available for action and set to play going into the game ) .That is finally the case for Indiana and I think it is a notable storyline since I've analyzed those recent past meetings inside out. The lack of ground yardage is a bit of a concern, but I've also read where IU has kept the playcalling mostly vanilla by intent- with this particular game in mind for pulling a bit more out of the bag. That wasn't barely getting by . They lost Sudfeld and Howard in the 2015 game and although Diamont ran IU back into the contest it was the suspension of Darius Latham and having a second string DT that allowed Elliott to go for 55.65.75. I also think it was the late gane lack of passing threat deep and lack of a significant RB running threat that kept IU dependent on a 5-10 160 lb QB . Enough said.1 dimensional.Lagow was decent throwing but he never was a concern since there was no worry he would tuck the ball and run for 20 plus. Sorry I couldn't find the 2015 game anymore(used to be up in entirety and used to be on my dvr) but I've had enough recurring what ifs about it to last forever.. Then in the big hyped Gameday game- IU lost Westbrook right on the first kickoff in the 2017. I think that killed Indiana late when it needed every playmaker. Lagow losing Westbrook and the team again losing JShun Harris were insurmountable. The offense always bogged down when it had a chance to deliver the KO punch. When a program has neither the talent nor the depth (that Indiana has now) as was the case at the time of both games, how were they to pull those off.. We can be PC and pretend these types of players don't matter for IU but that would not be good analysis. IMO. Both were dominant outings early on by IU, not just barely getting by. The best part is , OSU didn't look past IU once, ever since several years ago when the Hoosiers fell 52-49 in Columbus. Urban Meyer himself has publicly expressed more respect for Indiana than most B1G coaches have, actually.
  15. Yes, when they had Tre Roberson, Nate Sudfeld, and Cameron Coffman. What was it; 2013-ish?
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