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  1. jblaz13

    Edward Smith at it again

    I'll stay out of this so long as Ed doesn't come out say both him and his son are better than Jordan. LOL
  2. jblaz13

    Minnesota Pregame Thread

    Race Thompson has neither been healthy, nor available in a non-RS year for a game in his home state before. We've never heard that part, in fairness.
  3. jblaz13

    OT: Prayers for Ayden

    My prayers are also with both of your children, as well as you and your respective families, Billingsley amd FW.Best wishes.
  4. jblaz13

    Semi OT: Greg Frey out at FSU

    Confusing.I also thought he was still at U of M. Sucks how things don't work out sometimes . That's life and the grass isn't always greener on the "other side". .Same lessons go for all, but I still wish Coach Frey the best.
  5. jblaz13

    NCAA Tournament Chances

    LOL at your take on the IU hopes/OJ analogy, yet they are still techincally in the hunt. Logical or not, unless/until those chances mathematically hit 0...Until the end comes , I never give up hoping for a better ending for any team I support.
  6. newarena reminds me of hoosierstateofmind , as click-bait garbage sports sites - that I was unfortunate enough to have clicked on once - go. Thanks for the share , if for no other reason, than to add it to my blocked pages in my browser.
  7. The last part would also largely depend on how IUFB fares.
  8. jblaz13

    Challenging two current narratives

    Haha Lewis was absolutely ruthless! IU could benefit a lot from more of a mean streak in the team in general.
  9. jblaz13

    Here I go again!

    I would say could not necessarily would . It depends on several factors coming together or not in some form and the degree of those . I spared you guys a super long explanation, but I have it saved on rich text document just in case. Moreover I have came to my opinion over almost a decade. Continuity and stability at HC,OC,DC,and QB are at the root. Anyway, not to discount your opinion, and to acknowledge it: Failure to show progress from game one to 12 in learning the new system is the beginning to the recipe for a recruiting downturn, but it is a bit more complicated to reach that end. It also depends just as much on which games IU wins or loses, but there is a larger context that is getting largely ignored in all of the forecasts and opinions on reasonable expectations going around.. I'm not saying you may not be right. You may be right about recruiting consequences that could come with failure to go to a bowl. I'm just saying there are too many turns things can take at this point and too many angles to view this from to make any conclusive statement. And that I have some of those exception scenarios which are relevant and reasonably possible typed out in more depth.
  10. jblaz13

    State of the Program

    #11? Hopefully having a chance to see the Spring Game for the first time in two years. #12? Having the current odd #'ed year home match-ups with Michigan and Ohio State, as well as IU's first ever trip to Lincoln, Nebraska since the Huskers joined the B1G among specific games to look forward to on the schedule. Segues into the next thing: 13? Seeing if this is the year IU FINALLY ends notably long losing streaks to the Buckeyes and Wolverines. #14 Seeing what role(s) Reese Taylor will play for IU in 2019. - for me personally.
  11. jblaz13

    IU ranked #12 in returning experience

    Right on ,and I don;tt know much of anything these days, but it was a sincere compliment still. From where I sit you're a consistent conduit of quality info , rumors, and other fun stuff- into the group discussion - so from a guy who doesn't always have time to do it on my own it is of value that several people here bring so much info and links in on top of adding good conversation but theres all around value on the FB forum and I see that only growing when Indiana finally turns in the kind of year everyone has been waiting for. Everyone here is great and I consider all IUFB info go-to in some capacity or another. I just have a bit more respect from a purely fan standpoint- for any fellow passionate, diehard IUFB fan since I've been around long enough to have witnessed many times where the IUFB bandwagon has grown and shrunk again. Lol I'm just like everyone else on board for IUFB in wanting the team to make it worth everyone sticking around both at the stadium and with the team itself- for good. Generally speaking. I used to get so much more time, but I can't complain thanks to this site. I'll revisit this to absorb your football specific comments next time I can log in since I cant reply to that part right now without being late .Lol . Already had a couple other posters i want to reply to but been under the weather a little and busy.
  12. jblaz13

    De’Ron Davis

    It has definitely been frustrating not seeing everything he is capable of, especially knowing how many nights the team could have used him at full strength. He probably feels the same way, but I can;t complain with how Davis has went about handling so many setbacks at this point. Still wonder what we will get out of him on a night in night out basis as he continues to settle in and if it will be more frequent for really solid nights out of him from here out. If his health holds up I'm excited to find out.
  13. jblaz13

    IU ranked #12 in returning experience

    You and a couple others are my go to guys here on the IUFB discussions! If I'm not posting much I'm always reading.Appreciate this share Leather. I'm not ready to predict anything specific for IUFB record-wise, yet Usually the end of recruiting and attending spring ball being completed are a general rule of thumb on that. I will say that I can get on board with least 6-7 wins in 2019, That is flexible with possible upward mobility,, though given the returning potential on both sides, and the hire at OC playing the biggest part arguably of all. . I think we are possibly in for "something new" this time. Just thinking of the skill positions ...I start with Stevie Scott, and the fact that Stevie is only the tip of the iceberg is pretty interesting from where I sit even right now with mostly outdated info. I also understand the challenge of replacing O-Line stalwarts, but given how they struggled for long periods of some games, there is a solid argument to bee made for the potential for improved play despite the number of combined O-line starts going down. On the other side I think the D-line is going to break out .Just a hunch and we;ll see. These are certainly exciting times for a diehard. I hope they can secure at least half or more of the offensive players since there is already at least some contact between respective parties. I wonder how many of these recruitments DeBoer will factor in more favorably than perhaps before he was hired. Man it's not hard to envision a twist looking at the talent on the roster going into the end of this cycle. I think the new hire has a chance to come into play personally and going off perception of his approach. I would say the defensive players are said and done ,but half of the offensive players I could still envision For anyone who paid attention part of the complaint on DeBord was IU didn't play all out unless they were down big. They would revert to too much predictably conservative play calling. The thing is the way they played when down big , save for Iowa, offered a hint of offensive potential in what is possibly sustainable under a more aggressive approach. Still boils down to the line but the chance to gave a better line due to skill positions forcing one on one match ups or soft zones offers possibility depending on how roles and injuries shake out from here until this fall. Apologies for the edits I saw this conversation from my phone yesterday and intended to respond, but a little too much Super Bowl night prevented it. I forgot the way I was going to put it at that time but this is close enough Lol
  14. jblaz13

    Busiest day in HSN history

    A Warm welcome out to the new viewers and posters on the site!! It's always great to have more participants! This board is amazing, so great choice to join!!! You will likely not find a better Mod team out there anywhere including the sites with paid content.Great participants here too and a huge array of perspectives from various angles and often well supported ideas. This site being free, there is nothing but value for the participant and these guys bust their behinds to set and maintain the standards they set for this board when it was created. Best part is they get into interacting with individual members as well as it can be done without imposing their line of thinking on the group the way that can be found on some Forums . Hard to find any place like this despite the numerous sports sites these days. I started talking IU with these guys on earlier iterations of the HSN site quite a few years ago now. I was even banned by one of the mods once way back when .LOL .One of my favorite members of the board here Now these days - years removed from that, but this place and the people grow on you so much you can;t escape And it keeps getting better!!! There are numerous great reads to be found even when there isn't time to post! I highly recommend going back and reading the older past posts. Consistent quality!