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  1. jblaz13

    Iowa Game Thread

    It's about time they decided to tackle somone and Ball needed that..
  2. jblaz13

    Iowa Game Thread

    Can't get away from what worked on offense last drive either.Definitely need to forget the Iowa TD and move on mentally.Unfortunatrly the defense will have to do the same. Other than the pick, Im not seeing it out there so far. The D is running like they gained 10 lbs and need to take a dump.Just saying.
  3. jblaz13

    Iowa Game Thread

    Angles have been horrid and lazy tackling attempts. Half a**ed.
  4. jblaz13

    Iowa Game Thread

    Wow...Ill be damned.Cant have that.Lack of concentration by the coverage team.
  5. jblaz13

    Iowa Game Thread

    The D needed that pick. Once again I'm so glad Allen was okay when he was shaken up recently. The D has lookrd nearly lifeless and hapless. And as I speak they finally hit that deep one.Yes!!!!!
  6. jblaz13

    Iowa Game Thread

    Iowa isn't doing anything spectacular against IU. It's a soft coverage keeping thr ball in front of them, and the pressure on Ramsey is making it work after the solid start by IU. If IU doesnt go over the top they have no reason to adjust it.
  7. Iron sharpens iron. Another very encouraging comment by Langford underscoring his reported competitive desire.Same with his prior commentt about playing to a win champioship.Thanks for the share! I agree with those who also feel Juwan is the "right" kid to handle a challenge in a way that brings growth and positive results for all..I feel the same confidence in Juwan's guidance and attitude even in a potential position of ceding on court primacy to yr. 1 Romeo. Oh........ Romeo- Grant Hill .Got that comparison supported with points thrown at me today in a thorough manner making me believe it came from some recruiting article. .You might have heard/read that out there but it's new to me? Been taking in a bit of info from all of the various public sources.Tried to lurk a few threads here to see if I could dig that up, but my mobile is awful from the park.Anyone else read/heard Romeo - Grant Hill compaisons?
  8. jblaz13

    MLB discussion

    6 hits in 2 games isn't cutting it. It isn't an impossible position from 0-2 heading home, but not looking very good. Game 2 was more of a wasted opportunity after the game 1 barrage. A timely homer can be just as lethal. The Astros can beat you so many different ways but common denominator is shutdown pitching in each..
  9. jblaz13

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Have a good night everyone!
  10. jblaz13

    Ohio State Game Thread

    This is painful watching them convert 3rd's and 4th's all the way upfield.
  11. jblaz13

    Ohio State Game Thread

    It's always interesting watching the game, while listening to the radio, and checking out ESPN's Gamecast feature with not even 2 of the 3 sync'ed up. Lol .
  12. jblaz13

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Radio mentioning how Cronk never returned to the game, and several players have went down and came up limping, including Ramsey. .
  13. jblaz13

    Ohio State Game Thread

    This is the way IU loses ranked games in a nutshell. Missed chances, then penalties, then big plays allowed..Fortunately there is still time left, but I feel IU's best chances were already lost.
  14. jblaz13

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Missed opportunities make me sick.
  15. jblaz13

    Ohio State Game Thread

    Did they forget how to hand the damned ball off ? Geez Scott is going to go to sleep out there.