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  1. Bob is the missing link between what my dad grew up with as an IU fan and what I have grown up with in my short time as one. I thought he would die before this would happen, but this is a pretty cool thing to witness especially if you're on the younger side. I'm hoping this is his way of trying to make amends and move on from the vitriol without having massive fanfare and press conferences. Enjoy the game, Bob. Glad to have you.
  2. yeah, things are definitely going to get interesting. Lol
  3. If Nike is this public company they're mentioning, we are in for a wild week of news I'd imagine.
  4. If Avenatti takes down K or Calipari he needs to reopen his 2020 campaign because I'd vote for him.
  5. To be honest, its condescending to remind somebody of the bigger problems we face as a society and country on a basketball forum for a team that just threw itself out of tournament contention. We are all fine people, with a decent sense of character. We could/should have won the game today and we didn't, and now our season is effectively over. I will never understand the feeling that its not okay to share frustration and open criticism after something like that game.
  6. Keion Brooks is likely going to Kentucky
  7. Holtmann owns Archie. Plain and simple. We had one of the most incredible runs we've had all year at the end there, and then we blow it. On top of not showing up for the first 33 minutes of the game to begin with. Hard to get excited about the NIT at this point. I'm pretty done with this team and this season.
  8. Tugged at the heart strings to see Juwan walk off like that. So glad his last basket was a nasty dunk. Behind Vic, Juwan is my all time favorite hoosier. I so hope we see him around in one way or another with the program. Only excuse I'll take is he can't find time because of his NBA schedule. OSU should be scared. We look totally different this month.
  9. I know I'm just repeating what so many have already said, but what an iconic defensive possession for Rob. Completely shut down the conference player of the year on the very last possession and made him take a terrible shot allowing us to preserve the lead/win. Justin and Devonte deserve the brunt of the praise today, but Rob locking up Cassius is what I will replay on Youtube a million times when I go back to this game. Name a better 14 loss team in the country
  10. Race is a fantastic player. De'Ron cant be stopped some games and tonight was one of them. Romeo was Romeo when it mattered. Great game. Always fun to see the rare wisconsin win. But it's time for bed.
  11. having some dark thoughts about betting against my own team because a Purdue -6 spread is so appetizing
  12. I didn't say anything about starting the kid, but there's quite a spectrum of opportunity before we get down to "we're down 26 points, let's see what Race can do". It's so frustrating to see that be the opportunity we see to introduce a kid back into minutes when Arch has been clamoring about getting him into the game for 5 games.
  13. so glad we finally found some time for him down 26.
  14. noticed this as well recently. when is this ever a good decision??
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