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  1. I dont think TJD staying does Archie any favors for his longevity as coach. Hes here now, what games are we closing by having TJD? Hes a talented kid, im a big fan of him. But his offense has turned into drawing fouls if he's not on the fastbreak and he is a very below average free throw shooter. Hes not an NBA player currently, and him staying doesn't really resolve any issues already in front of us. I just dont really see a path to redemption with any realistic roster we have next year.
  2. Michigan did this and its working great so far. This isn't as gloom and doom of a route as it may seem potentially. What we don't need is another AD trying to convince everyone they found a diamond in the rough. Culture over everything at this point.
  3. Archie is back next year because we threw him so much money in a buyout so the optics of a slam dunk hire was there. We screwed up big time. If its money related that gives him a fifth year, I can understand that. But im not gonna pretend like we should wait another year because of a shallow hiring pool. We aren't poaching a big name without an enormous sum of money involved. We have taken a permanent step down in our program until we have a new collection of major accomplishments over several seasons to account for. Archie didnt get a "major rebuild" to take over like so many would
  4. I am sure Archie also had nothing to do with this one too.
  5. Another coaching collapse. A win is a win but so tiresome to watch those
  6. If you read my post I am referring specifically to the three game closing inbounds. I would not try to argue we weren't having a great game for much else of the time. We were. But when we had the chance to seal it, not one of the three chances looked prepared at all.
  7. Yes. The one where Rob dribbled aimlessly at the wing and then heaved it to trayce who got open from a spin. TJD is an athletic guy who got a decent look from his skills but it still wasn't an open shot. No screens set. One pass. Its a bad draw up. And that was our best game sealing inbounds to talk about.
  8. Spare me the ref talk. How many times do we need to see a final possession drawn up as awfully as those (THREE separate terrible game closing possessions) until we realize Miller can't coach these moments in the Big Ten? Bad calls, sure. I saw em. But we had this game and poor play calling threw away our opportunities to seal the deal. We played well for much of regulation, but I'm over moral victories. That was a joke of a loss.
  9. A win is a win, but what an awful final possession out of a time out. I cannot believe thats what Archie draws up and what was executed. Despite a jumbled mess of a sequence, Armaan finds himself wide open yet RP shoots a ridiculous shot. But he made it and we won, so the draw up won't be criticized nearly as much. It was absolutely deflating to see something that poorly executed when coaching matters most. That said, there were positives to take away. If this Rob shows up every night the backcourt takes on a different dynamic. And Trey is just a joy to watch. Every possession he brings t
  10. Crean won two conference championships and had us ranked for much of the time. If he was terrible, our standards are way too high.
  11. You nailed my thoughts. I like the idea of Archie, I like (most of) the things he says, and I think he has a good understanding of the game. None of it ever comes to fruition. He can't hang in the Big Ten. I've been saying it for a couple seasons and maybe I was rightfully dubbed a hater too early on, but he's simply not it at this point. How many "good recruits" are we going to bring in ultimately to say "we just don't have the guys"? He's not getting it done, and I think at this point we can say he can't get it done. Anything short of a miracle this season I cannot se
  12. This is more than a media-triggered overreaction by the way. Don't just look at a low body count and say "this is nothing to be worried about". Infectious diseases slam certain units of the hospital like they could only ever hope to accommodate. This particular virus has a pretty crazy infectious period in that you can infect someone without feeling any symptoms yourself for up to two weeks prior. You simply cannot know if you're transmitting it or not for a very long amount of time, and combine the type of hysteria that invites with the ability for the virus to very quickly find the more vuln
  13. This is a fair point and I wouldnt say I was putting it all on Archie because the players had a pretty abysmal effort tonight, but this is the third consecutive year of horrendous offensive output. I would agree there has been a (slow) overall improvement, but we are a perennially lost team on offense. At some point it's not just individual effort.
  14. we have gone roughly about 40 minutes this season of complete offensive droughts...essentially a full game of basketball of this season was a scoreless effort. I don't know how you spin that any other way than pathetic. Our coaching has to change even if Archie sticks around.
  15. this is bigger than romeo. I'm honestly shocked this happen. The young man must have liked what he saw when we scrapped one out vs PSU this weekend. Winning those games against those kinds of teams is the difference between gaining a Lander and losing a Brooks jr. I cannot believe I'm saying this, but I am so excited for our guard situation moving forward.
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