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  1. Bushmage

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    I don't see how its that entitled to want to know how concussion protocol is handled at IU. It's clearly different than most programs. I don't want/need to know anything specific about Rob. It's more about Rob being the live example in what is clearly a new concussion protocol. I'd just like to have it explained to me and then people could draw their own conclusions from that.
  2. Bushmage

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    I very much agree with your sentiment but HIPAA is going to keep us from ever knowing any helpful information related to a specific player. IUAD should explain and defend the protocol, and we could ideally take it from there. It's unfortunate how quickly people will reach to say you're trying to invade someone's privacy when there are legitimate questions to be asked.
  3. Bushmage

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    The solution to silencing people skeptical of our concussion protocol is to simply be forthcoming with what the protocol actually is. What tests are we doing post-concussion and what markers need to be hit for our medical staff to okay a player back into rotation? What measurements and exercises are we doing that indicate whether or not we pass or fail a player evaluation? If the protocol is sound, skeptics like me should have no questions or leg to stand on. If we're being overly cautious because we are afraid of a lawsuit or the optics to the situation, that should stand out as obvious as well. The problem is leaving fans in the dark as to how this process actually plays out because then its easy for others to accuse skeptics that they don't care about player health or that they don't understand concussions/think they are a doctor. If Rob is hurt, I don't want him to play. Full stop. But I saw his injury and it didn't look that severe. I am 100% willing to admit I don't know the details of his concussion or his medical information so it could have been worse than it appeared. But I have NEVER seen someone sit this long for a concussion, and so if Rob's concussion was indeed that bad it would quiet the criticism to let us know exactly what we do to gauge concussion recovery and if we are using measurable data to determine eligibility or just the personal opinion of a doctor. If its only opinions, then I am going to remain skeptical of what we're doing.
  4. Bushmage

    RIP Terry Hutchens

    This one really sucks. Wont be the same reading IUBB news without terry. I'm reminded of when Roger Ebert died - someone I really admired. I kept wondering why I felt so upset about his passing, and ultimately realized it was because of how often I read his work and how often he entered my life. Feels like Terry has been around in the same fashion for the years I have followed IU. I am thankful for the books and stories I read from him during his time on Earth. Hopefully we can finish this season strong and have a team worthy of another book.
  5. Bushmage

    RIP Terry Hutchens

    'Rising from the Ashes' was my first book I read by him, a Christmas gift from my parents after I told them I thought he was one of the only IUBB guys worth reading all of their tweets. It was a book I read really quickly, and usually I take forever to finish reading something even when enjoying it. Read 'Hoosiers Through and Through' next and kept up with all his IndyStar articles, never saw him be much of a clown or say something dumb. Terry is a true journalist, an increasingly rare kind of professional. Hoping he can pull out of whatever medical challenges he has ahead of him now.
  6. Bushmage

    RIP Terry Hutchens

    I am reading on Peegs that, per Dakich, he had a seizure while driving and crashed his car. Apparently he is in bad shape. I can't confirm any of this however
  7. I'm reading something happened to Terry Hutchens or his family today, does anyone know what happened? Terry is without a doubt one of my favorite IUBB writers. He's written a few great books and always love his articles. Pretty bummed to hear he might not be doing well
  8. I thought Arch is pretty openly communicative with past players? Not Knight or Crean, sure, but Damon Bailey has been around quite a bit. Our more recent players like Vic, Cody, and OG have all come back too. I've always assumed Archie is open to speaking with and in the good graces of many past players.
  9. Yep. If you watch the radio show (weird thing to say), he brings up his father in a very tongue in cheek way. It's clear he's known our FT shooting has been an issue for quite some time. His tone suggested even his father is piling on him about it, and he can't escape the FT criticism at home. He was being funny in his extremely dry way.
  10. Seems like this chart starts to truly calibrate once a coach gets in about 80 games worth, but its encouraging to see Arch high already with the chances that he's had for this stat. I will take a high% winning coach in close games despite not as many opportunities to showcase like Arch than stick with the very consistently average coach like Tom.
  11. Bushmage

    UofL post game

    Justin showed me something today. I was very happy to eat my words concerning his play. Keep it up. Deron was fantastic. I am so surprised how much hes given us after his injury. We dont win the game without him. See yall in the AP 25
  12. Bushmage

    Penn St. Post game

    I'm having a hard time seeing the upside in Smith anymore. Definitely in retrospect I was too hard on him before last night's game, but I'm starting to feel a little validated in the frustration. 9 boards is great, sure. But it seems like he fails to properly box out on any given possession, so a lot of these boards aren't even that impactful other than just catching an uncontested ball. In fairness, I would have to go back and see those rebounds to know how accurate that actually is, but I know I have seen some lackluster box outs multiple games now. He also just has absolutely no idea what to do once he has the ball, which makes him pretty useless on offense. The kid is averaging 22 minutes a game and that seems to only be going up, and he put up 0 points last night. That can't be acceptable in conference play. His turnovers are really bad as well, in part because he just isn't a smart passer. I am willing to be more patient on that however, as it seems a few of our players have that problem and we don't really have that offensive identity to make confident passes yet. The most concerning part is just how regressive he has been from last year. I see almost no improvements in his game from last year compared to now. Granted this year is still a small sample size, but compared to 2018 he has regressed in every relevant stat category -- with the exception of a very small increase in total rebounds per game despite a 50% increase in minutes. Clifton Moore came in and gave us more in his short time than Smith did for very long periods of the game, and Clifton is an extremely green player who probably isn't suited for the Big Ten. If Justin is kept in to keep his confidence up, I'm losing faith in that effort. At some point, you have to produce. I can't wait on upside forever because sometimes it never materializes. Someone said earlier in the thread if Justin only focused on defense and rebounding he would be miles better. I wholeheartedly agree with that. I know I'm piling on the kid, but I do admit he plays some good defense when he focuses. But it feels like he tries to snap himself out of bad play by getting an easy basket, and the truth is there is no easy basket with him. And he should be okay with that - we have some great scorers on our team. Focus on what you do well, and let the rest just be irrelevant. I know there's still plenty of time and I can't give up on the kid, I just hope he can have a more pragmatic approach to his contributions on the floor and stop trying to be a player that he is clearly not. If he does that, maybe improvements to other parts of his game will come easier. All that said, a road win is a road win and I was pretty happy with how we played 30 minutes of that game. 2-0 is a huge start to this conference season, and I'm so glad we can breath for a moment and recollect ourselves before the rest of this year continues.
  13. Bushmage

    Archie Miller

    biggest outstanding issues for me is the priority of offense and minutes allocation. We need to get Romeo cutting to the basket more. His shot isnt consistent enough to camp him out at 3 like we do so often. I would love to see more slashing plays for him and high screens to try and let him get to the rim where its basically automatic points if he has the ball. The minutes allocation is tough because of our injuries, but the amount of time Justin Smith sees the floor is just absurd. Not sure what the solution is here for that, but I'm hoping he has other lineups in mind to dole out for long stretches of games because we shoot ourselves in the foot often with what has been put out there thus far. That said, still happy with what we've seen. If this keeps up we should see our best basketball when it matters, and I'm fine with being patient.
  14. Bushmage

    Arkansas post game

    only thing to really take away is that excellent shooting will still take us out of games, and that Daniel Gafford is a legitimate NBA prospect. What a monster game by him that was honestly just impressive to watch. I thought we hit some big shots down the stretch, a little bit of free throw issues but improving in that regard as well. They had a great crowd, and it was a competitive game and we rose to that competition. Bad calls aside, we still threw this one away and that really hurts since a road win like that would be so nice to have in the new quadrant ranking model. I'm hoping we can just move on from this with a better understanding of what can go wrong when we don't know how to react to constant pressing, and also more aware of what would be a bad pass in a given situation. Saw way too much careless passing particularly from Romeo, and in a game where you lose by 1 it makes those few single mistakes stand out even harder. Still plenty to be excited about (Romeo hits 3s now!), but damn what a tough loss to stomach.
  15. Bushmage

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    the depth is just insane. and apparently way more than i thought have the ability to drive the lane and even shoot from mid to 3 range. This season seems to get more promising. Definitely starting to agree with 5fouls that Romeo is a scorer not shooter, and the shooting part might take some time if we see it this season. But an affordable loss in his game. Hopefully we can get Al Race and Jerome back soon because this team is deep.