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  1. KDB

    Juan Harris

    IU Football Insider Matt Weaver logged a Crystal Ball pick of Juan Harris to IU today.
  2. That looks like it was the plan. I saw a Utah fan saying that Jack was frustrated about being named the third string and was worried about having to sit around for a year or two and not start. Same guy also said that he believed Tuttle would've been the starter in 2020 as a sophomore.
  3. Matt Weaver said that there is a "good chance" for immediate eligibility.
  4. KDB

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    Purdue still receiving 20 votes. LOL. Brian Holland has Purdue at #15 and IU unranked... smh.
  5. KDB

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Let's not have a rerun of the Arkansas game.
  6. KDB

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Get a stop. Please.