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  1. IU landed it's second commitment of the 2019 class earlier today, Ivory Winters. A big, physical running back from Missouri. https://247sports.com/Player/Ivory-Winters-46053442
  2. Matthew Hurt

    Thank you for the kind words!
  3. Matthew Hurt

    All i'm saying is that you shouldn't count IU out.
  4. Matthew Hurt

    Hurt could end up being more than a Moral Victory for IU.
  5. Matthew Hurt

    Peegs said we're top 5, maybe top 3 for Hurt.
  6. Trendon Watford

    The visit went good, according to the new Rabjohns piece. Archie had the chance to go to the gym and watch Trendon do lots of work with the strength coach. He then watched some skill work for 30 minutes. Christian was also there. Trendon's father, Ernest, said, "The biggest thing to me is Archie said he recognizes Trendon's ability and thinks he's college ready right now. He talked about his body, mind and spirit and realizes his dream to play at the next level." Ernest also said in the article, "He’s really turned up the attention on Trendon, and that’s all we can ask. Just from the home visit until now, I see a different level of commitment on IU’s part.” Ernest also says that Archie spoke about how if Trendon came to Indiana, he would be able to be himself. The staff won't make him re-create his game, meaning they would not put him in a position to re-create who he is as a player.
  7. Isaiah Stewart

    The in-home visit went good. According to the Rabjohns article, the staff talked to him about how they know he wants to get to the next level and how they have the experience to get him there. He sounds impressed with Schilling. Sounds like he believes IU is a place he could take his game to the next level. Interested to see where it goes from here.
  8. David Bell

    I agree on OSU being the favorite, but Purdue and IU are definitely both in good spots for him.
  9. David Bell

    Surprised there wasn't a thread for him already but i've heard we have a chance here. #1 Player in Indiana, #11 WR in the Nation, #64 Player in the Nation He visited for the Spring Game and according to Rabjohns also met with the basketball coaching staff. They told him that if he committed to IU he could play both sports if he wanted too. He and the football staff have a strong relationship, and talk pretty much daily. https://247sports.com/Player/David-Bell-85809
  10. Matthew Hurt

    I have heard we are still in play for Hurt. Not the favorite, but a possibility. Like you said.. Don't doubt Archie.
  11. Romeo Langford

    Alex Gleitman, #10 in CB Expert Rankings, flipped from Vandy to IU. 71% IU 14% Vandy 14% Kansas
  12. Matthew Hurt

    The in-home visit went well, according to the new Rabjohns article. Matthew's father, Rich, said that he thinks the biggest thing is the message that Matthew could go to Indiana and write his own story. He said that he thinks for them it is the amount of freedom he would have, and the ability to be the focal point. He also mentions that Matthew spent some time with Trayce Jackson-Davis at the final four. In the article, Rich also talks about another positive for IU in Race Thompson and how both families have a good relationship. They said that they are very impressed with how the Thompson's speak of the staff and the strength coach on the development of Race from a body and skill standpoint. Rabjohns says that Ostrom and the Hurt's talk pretty much daily, and that there is no timetable for a decision.
  13. Armaan Franklin

    The visit went well, Franklin is going to visit again soon. No offer yet.
  14. OT: Prayers needed

    Praying for Ayden, and your family.
  15. Romeo Langford