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  1. Wisconsin-Nebraska game canceled, won’t be rescheduled.
  2. Wisconsin-Nebraska game canceled, won’t be rescheduled.
  3. And if Peegs was hearing this is 50/50, I don’t see why he would have raised his confidence for IU. He obviously wouldn’t have raised it if he was hearing it was Purdue. I’m confident until those picks start changing.
  4. I was thinking about doing the same
  5. Won my third straight in my biggest league to get to 4-3. 2-5 in my other money league.. As I'm 2nd in points scored out of 12 teams. Just bad luck there. Another good week for me. 5-2 overall this week.
  6. Indiana to wear specially-designed ‘Salute to Service’ uniforms.
  7. My picks: Friday night: Minnesota(-20.5) @ Maryland Saturday: Michigan St. @ Michigan(-26.5) Purdue(-7.5) @ Illinois Indiana(-11.5) @ Rutgers Wisconsin(-8.5) @ Nebraska Northwestern @ Iowa(-3.5) Ohio St.(-13.5) @ Penn St.
  8. I was asking if Brian had predicted Trey to Purdue. Then I saw your post about him having three different sources saying PU is likely.
  9. You can stream WJHI live at: http://wjhi.com
  10. Trey will announce his decision on Friday at 6:00PM on 98.5 WJHI, per his Instagram.
  11. I was thinking about that earlier. Would be insane.
  12. 17th in the AP Poll!!! Penn State at 18.
  13. 19 in Coaches Poll... Wonder where we’ll be in AP.
  14. Where do we think? Brett McMurphy (AP Poll Voter) has IU at #10 in his ballot, which he posted on Twitter..
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