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  1. Jeff Rabjohns: Jordan Hulls will be the new director of recruiting for the IU basketball team.
  2. As a kid I had Lakers and Chiefs posters in my room that I got from my uncle. Pirates also. So I’ve always rooted for those teams since forever. IU is the only Indiana team I’m a fan of. I root for Indiana teams second though in everything else.
  3. My wishlist for the Chiefs tonight: George Pickens George Pickens George Pickens
  4. Grid is updated with the addition of Malik Reneau.
  5. Quick note for everyone: IU commits from this point on will stay in the recruiting forum rather than being moved to the general forum after their commitment. Go Hoosiers!
  6. Pirates with a comeback win today against the Nationals. 5-4!! Go Bucs!
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