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  1. There’s a lot of time left. A lot. We’re playing really good right now, need to keep it up.
  2. Me too. I’ve been optimistic about this game for some reason.
  3. I may have s*** my pants a little when Henne took the snap on the last play. Perfect play call.
  4. Way to waste a hell of an interception.
  5. Lets do this thing. GO CHIEFS!!
  6. Tim Baldwin really impressed me when he played. He did more with his touches than James.
  7. This was bad. Terrible effort. Much needed win. To make it even worse, this Purdue team really isn't that good. Of course, I think the announcers said that this was their best 3pt shooting game in the last 5 years, or that at one point it was on pace to be. Something like that. As for the rest of the season - brutal stretch coming up. I think 15-12 or better in the regular season puts IU in good shape for the tournament going into the B1G Tournament. I think even 14-13 would give IU a chance if they won at least a couple in the B1G Tournament. I really like Arc
  8. Free throws. Be nice if we could make them.
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