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  1. Jeff Goodman released his 2018-19 College Basketball Preseason Top 25 Rankings. Has IU at #20 https://watchstadium.com/news/jeff-goodmans-2018-19-college-basketball-preseason-top-25-rankings-09-10-2018/
  2. KDB

    Michigan State Pregame Thread

    Bill's college football statistical profiles. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vQ2e9xV7-ClihFVJ3kla0ZDxzFCQ7-WXvQRur-nK6gOzo333PqSetw52kEGgbXKb6viGZSbYuJugvRR/pubhtml#
  3. KDB

    Michigan State Pregame Thread

    Bill Connelly, the creator of the S&P+ rankings, gives Indiana a 53% chance of victory against the Spartans.
  4. "But the noteworthy teams here are, to me, Kansas and Indiana. Tom Allen’s Hoosiers are now 3-0 and have looked the part of at least a top-35 team or so. On Saturday, for instance, they manhandled a Ball State that had just given Notre Dame fits." Quote from Bill Connelly about Indiana in his latest S&P rankings.
  5. Based on S&P+ data, after the first 3 weeks IU is projected to win 8.2 games and finish 3rd in the East division over Michigan and 4th in the entire conference. It gives IU a 30.6% chance to win 8 games, a 26.5% chance to win 9 games, and a 12.1% chance to win 10 games.
  6. KDB

    MSU Kick Time Announced

    IU opens as a 4.5 point dog.
  7. Yes, you read that right. IU is a top 25 team in the S&P+ rankings coming in at #23. https://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2018/9/16/17866010/ncaa-football-rankings-2018-week-4-top-25-polls-computers
  8. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    He said that he still has one more game until it would no longer be considered a redshirt season if he were to get injured or if something else happened. Something along those lines.
  9. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    Good god, Stevie Scott is a tank. TD 38-10
  10. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    Put the starters back in the game. Please.
  11. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    How does that stand?!
  12. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    Ronnie Walker TD! The first carry of his promising IU career.
  13. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    Mike Penix is now in the ballgame.
  14. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    Touchdown Hoosiers. Peyton Ramsey rush. 24-3 IU
  15. KDB

    Ball State Game Thread

    J-SHUN!! Punt Return TD 17-3 IU