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  1. I literally just opened the recruiting forum to post this.
  2. Race Thompson is returning to Indiana, per his Instagram.
  3. Ranked #26 overall, 7th in the B1G https://www.ncaa.com/news/basketball-men/article/2021-04-06/way-too-early-power-36-rankings-2021-22-college-basketball-season
  4. If Woodson adds Lewis.. A staff of Hunter, Fife, and Lewis is.. ridiculously good.
  5. We needed some new threads! June is a huge month for IU. 16 recruits taking official visits that month, 7 of them being 4-stars on 247. IU only had four 4-stars visit the entire 2020 cycle, and they have 7 visiting for just the month of June for 2022. Pretty wild.
  6. 2022 4-star WR from Tampa, FL. Goes to Tampa Bay Tech - same school as Michael Penix. Has official visits scheduled to Virginia Tech (June 11-13), and Indiana (June 25-27). https://247sports.com/player/greg-gaines-46084005/
  7. 2022 3-star DT from Fresh Meadows, NY. Has scheduled official vists to Auburn (June 4-6), Penn State (June 11-13), Virginia (June 18-20), and Indiana (June 25-27). https://247sports.com/player/kaleb-artis-46086353/
  8. 2022 3-star CB from Brownsville, TN. Has official visits scheduled to Oklahoma (June 11-13), Georgia Tech (June 18-20), and Indiana (June 25-27). https://247sports.com/player/jaylen-lewis-46108947/
  9. 2022 4-star DE from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Goes to American Heritage, along with teammate and fellow IU target Jacolby Spells. Has official visits scheduled to Pitt (June 11-13) and Indiana (June 18-20). He and Spells will be officially visiting IU the same weekend. https://247sports.com/player/richard-thomas-46081852/
  10. 2022 4-star athlete from Fort Lauderdale, FL. Released a top 5 of Indiana, Miami, West Virginia, Georgia, and Syracuse a few weeks ago. Has official visits scheduled to West Virginia (June 4-6), Miami (June 11-13), and Indiana (June 18-20). https://247sports.com/player/jacolby-spells-46094391/
  11. 2022 4-star OG from Fort Wayne, IN. Has an official visit scheduled to Indiana. (June 18-20) https://247sports.com/player/demon-moore-46094860/
  12. 2022 3-star OT from Alpharetta, GA. His only scheduled official visit at the moment is Indiana. (June 18-20) https://247sports.com/player/tyler-gibson-46100937/
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