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  1. KDB

    Purdue post game

    Romeo and LT after the game last night. Pretty cool. .
  2. KDB

    Tre Mitchell

  3. KDB

    Purdue Game Thread

    Let's do this fellas.
  4. KDB

    Purdue Game Thread

    What is Haarms doing? Deron didn't even do anything.
  5. KDB

    Purdue Game Thread

    Good lord that step-back 3 from Romeo was disgusting.
  6. KDB

    Purdue Game Thread

    Anyone else tune in just to watch Dakich work a camera? I know I did.
  7. KDB

    Keion Brooks Jr.

  8. KDB

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Another UK pick coming from a MSU insider.
  9. KDB

    Minnesota Game Thread

    8pm on NFL Network