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  1. Kalen DeBoer is an awesome coach. Fresno State leads @ #13 UCLA at the half 23-10. They're 2-1 with their loss coming to now #4 Oregon by only one touchdown, a game where they had a lead halfway into the fourth quarter. Wish we still had that guy around.
  2. Week 2 Matchups Giants @ Football Team (-3.5) (Late to pick) Bengals @ Bears (-2.5) Texans @ Browns (-12.5) Rams (-3.5) @ Colts Bills (-3.5) @ Dolphins Patriots (-6) @ Jets 49ers (-3) @ Eagles Raiders @ Steelers (-5.5) Saints (-3.5) @ Panthers Broncos (-6) @ Jaguars Vikings @ Cardinals (-3.5) Falcons @ Bucs (-12.5) Cowboys @ Chargers (-3.5) Titans @ Seahawks (-5.5) Chiefs (-3.5) @ Ravens Lions @ Packers (-11.5)
  3. I had the same thing last year happen to me in one of my biggest leagues. Led the league in points and didn’t even make the playoffs. To make it even better my team scored 230 points in the week of the championship of the league, lol.
  4. Patrick Cantlay, PGA Tour Player of the Year. Well deserved.
  5. Apologies for taking so long. Grid is updated. Let me know if anything looks wrong.
  6. Won't hurt too bad when I'm raising the trophy. Lol after the 1 o clock games I think I was projected to win and then Tyreek went bonkers along with Stafford/Kupp.
  7. 4-star DE from Pittsburgh, PA. Taking an official visit to IU this weekend. https://247sports.com/Player/Tyreese-Fearbry-46109834/
  8. Having Swift as your RB3 is nice. If you're wanting to upgrade at WR, I would maybe try and package Zeke and JuJu to do a 2 for 2 that upgrades you at WR and still gets you a decent RB back in return as well. You could maybe even try and pair Swift with one of your WR's instead of Zeke and do a 2 for 2 that upgrades you at WR, and gets you to keep Zeke.
  9. Depends on what the rest of your team looks like. If you're weak at receiver then maybe. I wouldn't trade Zeke for JT.
  10. Time to bounce back, win, and get some things figured out before a big one against UC.
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