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  1. My condolences to his family. The guy loved everything about IU. He will be missed. RIP.
  2. It just feels like a change is coming. I don’t see how Archie makes it out of this. I really like him, but the product we’ve seen the last 4 years is unacceptable.
  3. Aaron Henry killing us down the stretch. I’ve seen this before.
  4. Neither team looks like a tournament team.
  5. How is that a foul on Rob.. God that’s awful.
  6. Illinois up 28 on Michigan without Ayo.
  7. Like seeing Lander taking it to the rim with a purpose.
  8. Just started watching. What have I missed?
  9. Which do you prefer? Everyone please vote, and give thoughts if you have any.
  10. I’m pulling for good games and upsets.. and to have a perfect bracket.
  11. I would have never even thought of him as a possibility before this post. For anyone that says hire an "IU guy" and maybe it'll be the next Howard/Michigan.. There is no IU guy that could happen with. Howard is an exciting name for recruits. Just like Hardaway at Memphis. HS kids are excited to talk to and potentially be coached by guys like that. The only person with Indiana connections that could potentially do anything close to what Howard is doing at Michigan would be Reggie, to be honest. Although I think this would never happen, I honestly am not sure that I'd hate i
  12. The day Alford is the Indiana HC is the day I stop caring.
  13. I'd throw Beard in there as well, but I like that list.
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