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  1. Yea, don't really think it's Crean... agreed it's more the university/AD.
  2. Not to derail this, but it wasn't just location. I've had 1 AAU coach and 1 high school coach from the area openly talk about the shady dealings for Edwards. Could be sour grapes, but I'm a believer of where there's smoke, there's fire.
  3. I don't care what camp people belong in(regarding liking, despising or being indifferent to coach Knight), him being back on campus is a good thing. I hope this leads to him taking in a basketball game at some point. Even if it doesn't, just him being on campus is remarkable in my opinion and should be a taken as a positive.
  4. Didn't see this posted here, but I think this article sums up some of the mental issues many already knew Coach Knight is going through. While I'm not happy with his never-ending grudge, or the abusive behavior in his past, it's sad to read things about a man that did so much good for the university. Bob Knight shows wit but struggles with memory https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/2019/04/04/iu-basketball-coach-bob-knight-witty-but-struggles-memory-speaking-appearance/3359396002/
  5. Agreed. I really don't care who wins now. Guess I'm pulling for Virginia or TT
  6. This is one of the better performances I've seen in the tourney the last several years. Edwards is on another level.
  7. Just ignore him if you don't like it. Why ban someone when they haven't broken any rules?
  8. Careful, talking about the players like this gets you a week ban...oops, that's only if it's about Romeo.
  9. After seeing calls for green, Smith, etc to transfer... they suck, they're garbage, they're stupid, they lack IQ... our coach blows or he's in over his head.... but screw one player with no context gets deleted... sure, no double standard
  10. You let way worse go in so many other game threads. Get off your high horse
  11. Agreed, lots of missed bunnies. But that could be said in a lot of our losses this year 😂
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