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  1. 31 pts. 5-9 on 3s. I've watched Marion play a lot of games over the past several years and the Homestead game was the best team defensive effort I think I've seen from them.
  2. The General also hired Bob Donewald who coached Laz and Abernethy at South Bend St. Joseph.
  3. And then underwhelmed Saturday night in a 62-47 loss against Marion. 13 pts. on 3-8 FG and 4 reb. He fouled out midway thru the 4th Q. Not an indictment against recruitng him merely pointing out that he's not putting up 21 and 9 numbers every game.
  4. I think our '21 recruit success rate will be a direct reflection of how this season plays out. Good year and recruiting will be solid. Bad year (similar to last year), and it will be a Plan B class as Billingsley described it.
  5. Hopf should seriously consider a prep school solely to get away from momma. She sounds like the epitome of a hover mother.
  6. I think we're making the contacts but it's the actual offers that often seem to come late in the process.
  7. My apologies on the bad info on Carter Whitt. Don't know why I thought he had already committed. I deleted my original post about him.
  8. Agree. His priority as with any high level talent is going to be their college basketball career and even moreso if they view themselves as an NBA talent. Once a commitment is made, a particular academic speciality might be cited as a reason for their choice but that's strictly a secondary reason and helps soothe the feelings of the fanbase of the schools that lost out.
  9. And you can take an official to the same school in your junior year and again in your senior year so if we get another official from him next year that would send a strong signal.
  10. From April 2019. I think it will answer your question. https://qctimes.com/news/local/where-have-the-students-gone-western-illinois-university-enrollment-dropped/article_53be372b-3513-5012-9cb2-c48951662248.html
  11. That to me is one of the most important parts of the weekend. The Garcia family got to spend a great deal of time and got a really solid parents point of view on why IU is the place for Dawson.
  12. 19 games he was 26 for 67 = 39%.
  13. There was some early buzz that Calbert might be Schilling's replacement but I have absolutely no idea if there was any validity to that buzz or not. If there was, Calbert certainly didn't sound like he had been passed over and had any hard feelings over it.
  14. Have to remember that schools are not allowed to specifically highlight or draw attention to the recruits at these events per yet another outdated and worthless NCAA rule. We got in trouble a year or 2 back for escorting them individually across the floor or something along those lines. About the best you can do is have people planted in the audience to start fan chants.
  15. https://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/27685409/former-texas-tech-player-emmett-shot-killed
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