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  1. It's way past 4:30 p.m. in England. Somebody call the Queen and ask her what he decided.
  2. Harry Butts - real name of a local. What were his parents thinking? Growing up in a small town in northern Indiana, local town cop's given name was Orange. Had a brother named Peach. I'm not lyin'.
  3. Maybe the jury's still out on just what Jerome Hunter's future is with our program and thus the scholarship questions.
  4. No idea about Hermon possibly getting shot but there is this interesting background article on him from 1997. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1997-01-10-9701100054-story.html And we now return you to your regularly scheduled Kepnang programming.
  5. Some people are just never satisfied! lol Can't answer your question. I can see his basic stats but impossible to know dunks vs. non-dunks.
  6. In 15 AAU games this season he's shooting 60% from the field and 38% on 3's. He hits 77% of his FT and averages 6 reb. and 3 assts/game. His AAU average is 15.5 ppg.
  7. Or it's a convenient reason not to play against top notch competition and maybe expose some deficiencies? Asking for a friend. Don't bother responding IU/B/ND, I've blocked you and don't read your repetitive garble. There's a reason Brown hasn't had IU interest and it's time to accept the reality that Archie's simply not interested.
  8. Nah, Alford's just using the trip as a way to expense off a visit to mom and dad.
  9. Ask him for his SSN and DOB. lol
  10. 4-star PF per 247. 6'8"; attends Huntington Prep (Curtis Jones school as I recall) and plays Nike AAU ball for Phenom U
  11. FWIW, we have 7 offers out to '21 kids and 3 of those offers were made between July and October of 2018. This is nowhere close to what we would have had under Crean. Archie is far more focused and it just seems like Crean recruiting because of the 4 offers just this month. AAU season is in full swing and this is prime offering season.
  12. Remember the year 1974! We had co-Mr. Basketball's: Roy Taylor and Steve Collier. Could it happen again in 2020 with Galloway and Leal?
  13. He's going to UIndy which doesn't suggest to me he's a better version and that's not intended as a knock against UIndy.
  14. I did some digging and was surprised as I figured he would struggle especially since he's playing 'up'. He plays AAU on the Indy Heat team on the Nike circuit which is a very strong team and includes Luke Goode, Jaden Ivey, Nijel Pack and Kiryon Powell. Numbers I found were through 13 games and he's averaging 11.7 ppg on 57% shooting; 5 rpg; 1 assist; 2 TO and 1 steal. I watched a lot of his last season's high school games and wasn't that overly impressed. I thought he ran up and down the court really well but I didn't think he showed a lot of lateral quickness and he just didn't dominate the boards as I thought he should given his usual height advantage over lesser competition. I thought the older Davidson kid on his high school team was a far better overall player. So again, I'm surprised at his AAU numbers.
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