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  1. It's only inappropriate if you don't include Purdue as well.
  2. I have no issues with adding Kopp, but shooting isn't everything in this situation - Todd Leary could shoot but there were legit reasons why he didn't play much. There are some concerns about what else Kopp brings to the table, and he gets to the line less than 3x/game on a team where he was a primary scorer so, while it's great that he shoots a high percentage when he gets there, he just doesn't get there that frequently. I do like having the option of him combined with JH - they have different skill sets and abilities that will allow us to match up with different lineups, or to create match up problems for opponents.
  3. Agreed, and I'd also like to see the ability to show different looks and change things up (and no, I'm not talking about switching from zone to man in the middle of a possession), and the makeup of this team could allow for a lot of that, depending on who they add if/when they do. Go big, small, slow, fast, whatever. Like you said, make teams match up with us, and have the ability to change that up if they manage to succeed at stopping it.
  4. I'll say this for those who are saying that players should be loyal to a school - I'm sure you're aware that players would come to play for RMK first, and IU second, who specifically wanted to play for RMK. Not really fair to bash a kid for leaving when you've just fired what may have been his primary reason for choosing IU.
  5. I’ve really enjoyed watching AF develop - it was one of too few bright spots in the past couple of years, and I thought we were looking at an Oladipo situation where a mostly unheralded kid completely blows up in the program, so this one is a real bummer to me. But, yah, this is one year with the transfer situation where that loss can be replaced almost immediately, so intrigued to see how those open schollys get filled.
  6. Have to admit I would be disappointed with a 7th place finish in conference. And yeah, I understand, new coach, system, time to adjust, etc. Still, IMO, the talent is certainly there to be a better team than we were last year, a team that seems plagued by (1) bad PG play and (2) a severe lack of confidence shooting the ball, and both of those things should be correctable before the season begins.
  7. Agreed. I think CMW was low on most people's list, including myself, and I'll admit I was disappointed in the hire and have been very pleasantly surprised by everything that has happened so far. I wouldn't necessarily call it a "negative" reaction, just more surprised that it wasn't someone else.
  8. Agreed, and that's a really nice core to build around, especially in a year where you can almost plug and play with the transfer portal.
  9. Right, but if they're following IU and don't know who CMW is, then the odds are even slimmer for kids who don't follow IU. I'm just not seeing it. My stepson and his buddies had no idea who CMW was when he was announced, and they're all around the same age as recruits would be and, while not hard core NBA fans, they certainly know the players and the teams. I just can't see a whole lot of teenagers caring who the assistant coach for the Knicks is. I know I didn't at that age, and I was a huge NBA fan.
  10. We have people in our own fanbase who didn't know who CMW was before his name came up in this coaching search. The last time the Knicks made the playoffs was, what, 8 years ago? Most of the kids being recruited now were in middle school or earlier. I'm good with the hire, but the name recognition likely isn't going to be there, at least early on.
  11. Agreed. My response was i don’t care about anything but the candy stripes at this point.
  12. I’ll take a run at some possible answers for you. One of his negatives is a lack of experience at the college level (which likely kept other schools from considering him), so you hire Matta to help cover for that area (if it ends up being needed). It wasn’t high on my list of boxes to check, but i do see the value of it being an IU guy, too.
  13. I think Franklin is huge for next year. He's probably the only guy on this current team that can create his own shot, he's clearly willing to put in the work, and he could potentially have two more years left which is invaluable experience for a team that's going to go through a program change.
  14. Man, there's a lot of gatekeeping with respect to how to be an IU fan. If you don't like the hire, you're a hater, or should be kicked off the board. Nice. Anyone got a copy of the rule book for what is allowed?
  15. JFC, yes!! I really don't understand why so few coaches/players pay attention to this. Jordan was the master of it, and it might seem minor, but it's potentially two extra possessions in a game.
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