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  1. I agree with the person that posted they hope we play them again this year.
  2. Free legal counsel offered? Of course not by coach, he doesn't know anything about legal counsel *fixed it
  3. Solid road win with some shots falling for everyone. Nebraska hit some shots too...again. Pace created some lapses in the D but great job holding on!
  4. I hope to see competitiveness and situational awareness from our team this evening. On the travel delay, maybe a forced change to the road game routine will help?
  5. I cant remember an IU team that shoots so many airballs and just horrid, futile attempts. Not just from outside.
  6. Still in it. And showed that we can be the better team. Once our guys sensed that, they let up-- made a ton of just awful plays-- yet still a managable deficit IF they compete on D + go inside
  7. Great job by our guys in coming back! Do we have heart? Really? 😎
  8. You make a good point about the decision-making. Not perfect but very good. .
  9. Holtmann just isn't the coach I thought he was. 😎
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