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  1. There will have to be some "social time" sacrifices for JS to get in the large amount of work needed for him to fit the mold he envisions for himself. Best of luck to him.
  2. Hammer, Meet Nail! BIngo! and ______________ [Insert your own exclamation here]
  3. I personally am very excited about Jordan G joining the team. He is the right kind of player and person to make the team better in some crucial areas. And his family story is interesting. I can’t wait to see him suit up for IU.
  4. Question: Does anyone think the NBA decision would have been different if the timing coincided with their championship tournament/playoffs? That's what is different about these college games... its is the end of the season and the biggest media asset. Not true for the NBA at this moment.
  5. Attention please! Attention! Will Trayce Jackson-Davis please report to Assembly Hall immediately!
  6. Need Trayce to give us something the rest of the way
  7. No doubt. Does anyone have an active IU radio network link?
  8. Strange... we are having problems scoring. Hmm
  9. "Purdue: The only school where students have better odds of going to the moon than to the Final Four."
  10. I would not trade one thing about Indiana University for something that Purdue has... that is all.
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