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  1. Thanks to Indykev for posting the press conf. Archie seemed really disappointed. I thought he took responsibility early in his comments and firmly. Now gotta straighten these guys out. They were definitely not playing as a happy team tonight. Beat Purdue! ?
  2. Really interesting if you want to go granular. After tonight’s performance by Indiana, it was nice to remember so many great Indiana teams. I hope this current group can figure it out and finish higher up this ranking.
  3. Wish I could adopt that optimism. There is something going on with this team... seems like they aren’t together mentally. Is poppa Smith’s Twitter diatribe a reflection of the players attitude? We sure didn’t play through Romeo early again. The play and fight tonight were surprising low points. We got ran out of the gym and were disrespected by a much better team. Sad truth. At this point, the guy in charge takes the hit from me. He is ultimately responsible for the product on the floor. First two years so far grade from me = C- I will keep cheering for this group to pull together. I want to buy into “trajectory” I just don’t see evidence of it currently.
  4. Lizard

    Jerome Hunter

    Seeing as we have only this year with Romeo and Juwan: if Hunter can go and wants to burn the eligibility to make a run in March... you let him play. That is a big if and wishful thinking, of course.
  5. Lizard

    Nebraska Pregame Thread

    Ah yes the Nebraska Bench Mob. How can we forget those plucky lads? Here’s hoping our guys can deliver their best game in re-establishing the proper state of affairs in B1G men’s basketball.
  6. Lizard

    Jacksonville Game Thread

    Fitzner really struggling to adapt to the spotlight of IUBB so far. Rooting for him to calm down some and get back to stroking 3s
  7. Lizard

    Butler Postgame Thread

    You are correct. And I love that our team thinks they all WILL end like this. Wow!
  8. Lizard

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    This team is establishing an identity. We did more than enough to lose this game. And found a way to win. , ok!
  9. Lizard

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    And the current staff, at least to this point. Really tired of being a soft team.
  10. Lizard

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Not one of our best halves at all. Lets see if our coach makes adjustments the team can execute. Anyones game. Do we want it more? Answer in our recent past has too often been "NO"
  11. Lizard

    Indiana-Butler Game thread

    Need some Romeo.
  12. Lizard

    Louisville pre-game thread.....

    I'm sure Louisville's fine student athletes and men's basketball staff will hear many things today inside the Assembly Hall. Things that are sure to make them feel good about themselves and their recent history [insert coffee drinking smiley] Hoosiers 80 UL 69 (of course)
  13. Lizard

    IUFB Post Mortem

    IU Football post mortem is the same as it is every year. Ineptitude in the overall approach. Some good players mixed in, but those rarely have translated into different results. We'll play a few powerhouse schools "tough" but lose by 10-14. We'll have crazy game mismanagement and situational breakdowns that only IU seems to have.... I've been watching IU Football very closely since 1980 and it never has changed. The "glory" Mallory years- Peach bowl win and a couple other tier 2 appearances( maybe wins?) - that this is our biggest glory shows just how low the bar is. (though BIll was a great man and solid leader) We've been to 11 bowl games in our history. I recall an article in the IDS when I was a student in the early 80s-- and when we had the longest active losing streak In the nation at 16 games or something... the article referred to an archives edition of the Indiana Daily Student... back from the time of the second IU football team: It seems there was a year or two gap between the first football team and the second team. When a player from the second team was asked why IU didn't field a team for a couple years after year one; his reply was "We didn't know the games would be that rough." THAT is IU's football legacy. lol We are arguably THE WORST historical program in the major conferences. I watched the Bucket game today and it looked just like so many others. And Purdue would have had a hard time beating any other team today... but they got US. Good luck in the Weedeater Bowl, Boilers. (kidding) Seriously, it was so much deja vu watching that game, I had to go smoke a big spliff and try to find an arcade like the Space Port (if anyone remembers) That said, I will always root for Hoosiers football. As long as our basketball program is where it should be, I'm OK with marginal football. (LIke many fans and the all administrations throughout history, as someone else pointed out here) Peace and happy holidays!
  14. Lizard

    Marquette Post game

    So many things to like... and it seems the best is yet to come. Will be interesting to see how this group approaches the Duke game. Looks like they can muster some "fight." Totally OK with that... Easy to like this IU team... for their approach and results.
  15. Lizard

    Blind hire.

    Good fun here! 4 5 3 2 1 for me. Can't wait to see what fine coaches are represented by these records.