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  1. I Ha no of course not. IU Athletics' game day experience team should have tested their pyro to make sure it would work without setting off the alarms. And yes, the Tennessee Titans were bush league in catching their turf on fire. Would not be surprised if someone lost their job over that one. Peace and blessings!
  2. Maybe they could also-- you know-- not set off the fire alarms with their production. Did I catch that right earlier in this thread? That's as bush league as it comes in the land of event production But you probably have that part in your plan already lol
  3. Please allow me to cast a vote for Jordan Geronimo as our next 1 and done... his body type looks too close to his namesake for me not to wonder. Welcome to the family, Jordan!
  4. Add one "Romeo Langford" to the list of those declaring
  5. Love the inside info... suggest editing to block the plate. Come on down, Joey!
  6. Our last coach famously had us in recruiting battles with the likes of Incarnate Word and Montana State... I say we’re on an upward trend based on your first sentence😛
  7. EJ was a consistent high level producer. Romeo has only shown occasional flashes, so far. Romeo is a fantastic young man and I am grateful he chose IU. Maybe I had unrealistic expectations. To me, an NBA first round pick doesn’t get single digits in big games, nor does he get schooled by the other teams role players. Call me crazy
  8. Nah of course that's too extreme for the current social landscape. Perhaps just stuff em into a trash can or pass around some used TP
  9. For me, that same Knight statement could be applied to Archie's motivational tactics this season. Don't get me wrong, I like Archie and his coaching acumen. But, Coach has to take some responsibility for the players' repeated lack of effort. Knight had earned the right to make that statement. Arch still has a lot of work to do before he can.
  10. Our team only has itself to blame. And the coaching staff did a poor job of pushing them to their potential. Yet another lousy season in what has become the norm for our once-great program.
  11. And after some $13M in legal fees and mostly tame PR noise.... it worked and is seldom mentioned as the program continues to win. On the other hand, when a school does the "right thing" and takes down its whole program over some relatively minor NCAA recruiting violations, the stench lingers on, and on, and on...
  12. Coming here to remind us that IU is considered a bad loss to league leaders was also combative, though a bit passive/aggressive. Reap what you sow.
  13. Perhaps the isolation is actually a GOOD THING, considering the team dynamics of this year's group of guys.
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