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  1. Indytime

    Romeo Langford

    not good
  2. Indytime

    Who starts?

    Al is also five inches taller than Rob. Thats a big advantage, especially on defense.
  3. Indytime

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Former Purdue player Basil Smotherman is currently in the Hamilton County jail on a probation violation. Did some research on him and he has been arrested three times since 2016. The most recent one this month for resisting and possession. Has had charges of possession, resisting, domestic battery, criminal mischief, and speeding. Was supposed to have been a grad transfer at Georgia St. for coach Ron Hunter last season but never made it to practice. Hopefully he gets his life turned around.
  4. Indytime

    Romeo Langford

  5. Indytime

    Comcast Dropping BTN?

  6. Indytime

    Romeo Langford

    Yes, Hunter said this in a podcast the other day I was listening too. He said they had a relation from him being at Dayton. Hunter said he knows nothing about IU. Doesn't watch college ball. Actually asked the guy interviewing him how IU did this past season. Kind of shocked me to hear this.
  7. Indytime

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Heck of a game
  8. Indytime

    Semi-State Pairings, and TImes

    Yes they did. I heard it too.
  9. Indytime

    Tournament Streams - 3/2018

    There is an IHSAA TV app you can download on Firetv to watch it.
  10. Indytime

    Romeo Langford

    I received an Electric Consumer magazine in the mail through REMC. Romeo was on the cover and they asked him five questions. One was what career path he would follow if basketball wasn't in his future. He said he would probably study to be an architech.
  11. Indytime

    Romeo Langford

    link for game
  12. Indytime

    Romeo Langford

  13. Indytime

    Romeo Langford

    Here is a link for Romeo's game tonight. https://www.glicod.com/basketball-programming