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  1. Not an IU fan but def love some JCM. My favorite would probably be Little Pink Houses.
  2. Not without Rondale but I see what you did there haha.
  3. Cardinals have already given up two touchdowns and a field goal. Plus they have a doubleheader tomorrow. Solid night haha.
  4. Yep he’s type-1 diabetic so decided to sit it out. Our other closer Gallegos got hurt and now we lost probably the next closer in Gant today. Rough!
  5. Cards gave another game away today. Errors and walks killed them. Losing bullpen arms to injury has hurt.
  6. Castillo is good but Cards embarrassed themselves tonight.
  7. Not sure if you guys remember this commercial but it choked me up. My uncle was supposed to have a meeting at one of the towers that morning on one of the top floors but he cancelled last second to spend time with his kids. Crazy to think about.
  8. Kind of have to look at that with a grain of salt though. Cards destroyed him and he got taken out before he could give up 6 hits.
  9. As a Purdue alumnus, do you root for Purdue in sports at all?
  10. Fair but Terre Haute is Terre Haute lol.
  11. Damn he’s gonna be a Sycamore.
  12. Thought this was pretty cool:
  13. From a Cardinal perspective, you take that 10 times out of 10. You didn’t play for 3 weeks because of Covid and all 10 games were at Wrigley. That’s huge.
  14. Campus has changed a TON in the last 5-10 years. Night and day better than it was.
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