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  1. Not sure where else to put this but Happy Bobby Bonilla Day everyone!
  2. Why bring Nojel into a conversation that has zero to do with him? The guy isn’t the most intelligent guy ever but he’s also not an idiot. Nojel’s downfall wasn’t because of lack of intelligence. His downfall was letting his mom run the show. Lack of maturity no question but he’s not dumb. Seems like a beating a dead horse situation at this point.
  3. These picks didn’t have anything to do with what kind of pros they turned into. Only a handful of them have done anything in the NBA. If their pro careers were factored in, the list looks very different. Not sure why they’d be considered sympathy picks when they both won BTPOY and were consensus first team All-Americans. Cody deserved to make one of the teams but not instead of Swanigan/Johnson.
  4. He 100% should have made 3rd team at worst over Murphy and Craft. Zero question.
  5. Why Swanigan and Johnson? Swanigan’s sophomore year was unbelievable (1st team AA and BTPOY) and Johnson was 1st team AA and BTPOY/DPOY. Why would Cody make it over them? I 100% think Cody should be on there over guys like Murphy and Craft but Johnson and Swanigan belong there IMO.
  6. Same with Deangelo Russell. Obviously had 1 really good year but that’s all. Same with JaJuan Johnson. Had obviously a great senior year but that’s the only year that was factored into this analysis. Very strange.
  7. I mean no offense to Jordan Murphy and Aaron Craft but they shouldn’t have been on the 3rd team over guys like Zeller, Hummel, Gary Harris, etc...
  8. He will yeah. Makes the Craft decision even more curious. So far, first team is Draymond, Evan Turner, and Burke. My guess is the last two are Kaminsky and Denzel Valentine.
  9. If you look at their sophomore years, Carsen shot better than Yogi on more attempts both from 2 and from 3. That Purdue team was much more balanced than the one he played on his junior year and Carsen was pretty efficient. We’ll have to agree to disagree re who the better player was.
  10. Yogi shot 43% on 10.8 FGA while Carsen shot 41% on 14.2 FGA so very comparable with the higher FGA for Carsen. Yogi did shoot 40% from 3 versus 36.8% for Carsen but on 2 less attempts per game over his career (5 for him versus 7 for Carsen.) The scoring was what separated them. It’s hard to compare a true PG versus a true SG though. Their games were drastically different. Carsen’s usage rate was much higher for his career than Yogi’s. He also received better accolades postseason than Yogi did as well which I’m sure played into it. He was a consensus All-American and Yogi wasn’t.
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