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  1. MLB discussion

    Cardinals championships- 11
  2. MLB discussion

    Reds still have a team?
  3. Early entrants

    Probably. I think she posted something on the free board. But Nojel has been a great teammate from all accounts and has a great work ethic. Just has a mom that’s a little out there haha.
  4. MLB discussion

    Cards/cubs rained out again.
  5. OT IU Baseball

    Nope she’s an IU grad (like the rest of my immediate family) haha.
  6. OT IU Baseball

    That’s fair. I’d be more than happy with being similar to Minny.
  7. OT IU Baseball

    That’s fair I was just curious. One of my good friends (and groomsman in my upcoming wedding) was one of the studs on that team and was just wondering if you knew much about that team is all.
  8. OT IU Baseball

    I think Purdue can be good even with IU not taking a step back. Back to where they were when I was in school (the 09 team I think). Did you follow both teams back then?
  9. Early entrants

    Thankfully his mom deleted her account. That was embarrassing.
  10. OT IU Baseball

    Why not?
  11. Early entrants

    Agreed. This situation is being made fun of on other forums and on Twitter. It needs to stop. Yep it’s bad. Why any relative of a recruit would post or read message boards is beyond me.
  12. OT IU Baseball

    Hopefully that changes as Wasikowski gets more established. I like his potential.
  13. Early entrants

    Didn’t Troy Williams Mom post? Or maybe that was twitter.
  14. Early entrants

    You can only do it twice (declaring and withdrawing your name). Makes more sense to do it after sophomore and junior season for someone who isn’t a stud after year 1.
  15. MLB discussion

    That stinks! Are you in the wedding or just a guest haha