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  1. I think it still does yeah. Maybe that will change over time but they’re still recruiting at an extremely high level.
  2. Not as confident now that he’s number 4. I’m guessing Duke offers before too long tbh.
  3. I think the “potential” difference is exponential. McGary was pretty close to his ceiling from a development whole Booker is just starting to scratch the surface. But no doubt re low motor.
  4. Not gonna lie I think that’s WAY too high of a jump lol. He’s been good but top 5 seems like a stretch.
  5. Guessing coaching his kids was tempting plus that’s a ton of pressure to win in LA.
  6. Kadri knocked out Binnington who won’t return this series. What a scumbag.
  7. Combo of inclement weather plus Maryland’s travel schedule I believe. Sounds like Nebraska fans are super salty over it though which is pretty funny.
  8. I followed it up saying rivals free boards. Those are all pretty bad IMO.
  9. Should’ve clarified by saying every rivals free board.
  10. Every free board is a cesspool lol. I saw a doozy of one on IU’s free board about Milton Wright that had some pretty bad takes too. Just have to laugh and move on.
  11. Solid news for a Friday haha. Congrats
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