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  1. Cards take 3 of 4 from the Reds. I wasn’t confident they’d win today going against Castillo and with a getaway day lineup in there. But I’ll gladly take it. Now the hard part of the schedule begins.
  2. They should cut him loose. Was a mistake bringing him back after all of the off-field issues anyway.
  3. Everyone has injuries. Cardinals are missing their best offensive player, their closer, and Molina
  4. No idea how or why you could’ve had a let down game last year against Purdue seeing as how we had already taken the bucket back and once again both teams were playing for bowl eligibility. That’s on Allen of course and would be a concern if I was an IU fan. 9 wins seems extremely optimistic though. I’d probably guess more in the 5-7 range. Bucket game should be interesting this year. Purdue was clearly the better team each of the past 2 years with an inferior roster. This year, I think the rosters are more on par with one another. But at home, I like Purdue by 7-14.
  5. Cards complete a comeback for the ages. Down 7-0, score 12 unanswered, and hold on to win 12-11. They couldn’t get that bum Lavarnway out for some reason. Can we talk about that bonehead play by Iglesias trying to get the guy at 2nd? Take the easy out at first and that big inning possibly doesn’t happen.
  6. How big do you think your class will be this year?
  7. Who’s that Stephenson guy and why did Bell leave him in so long? He got crushed last night.
  8. With Brohm, it will always be secondary to the passing game lol but I believe he had a decent running game when he was at WKU.
  9. I mean Purdue’s line has been average at best the last two years. Hazell left Brohm a pretty bare cupboard in terms of the OL. It’s getting better but is still a work in progress. Purdue has had a decent offense with an average line. Improving the line will only help open things up with the run game.
  10. Oh Sindelar is significantly less mobile than Blough. Blough wasn’t Russell Wilson but he could maneuver in/out of the pocket very well. Sindelar is pretty stationary back there but has an absolute cannon. He has been prone to throwing picks though but can really sling it. OL has to be serviceable or Sindelar will struggle. Defense didn’t lose a ton but the biggest loss was Jacob Thienemann. I’m guessing probably 3 or 4 freshmen play on defense this year. Lorenzo Neal is crucial on the line but he’s recovering from an ACL injury.
  11. Purdue did lose some important players but that was mainly on offense. Running back is a concern as we lost two seniors and don’t have anyone proven. Lost the interior of our line too. I think a lot will depend on how much of an impact the touted freshmen (I’m thinking guys like Karlaftis, Bell, Faucheux, Graham, Wright) have in year 1. I definitely expect the defense to improve but there are some question marks on offense notably the line, Sindelar’s health, and who emerges at RB. But WR/TE should be a lethal combo.
  12. Because even though they’ve improved, they’re not ahead of Iowa/Wisky/NW yet. I think they should be higher than Nebraska.
  13. Where is all this Nebraska love coming from? I know they’ll be better but winning the west? I don’t see it.
  14. I really hope Vic can come back and play at the same level he was playing at. I was at the game where he got hurt and man you could hear a pin drop. I stopped caring a long time ago that he played at IU because the dude plays his ass off and is a hell of a player for my favorite NBA team. Hoping to a full recovery and hopefully back before Christmas.
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