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  1. Yep you're right! My parents, sister, and wife are all IU grads.
  2. To me, a B1G Championship is a B1G Championship. In a few years, most folks won’t remember that it was shared with MSU. Going into the year, I expected Purdue to be between maybe 4th-6th in the conference and a bubble team. Purdue wildly exceeded expectations by winning the conference and gaining a 3 seed. I’d be bummed if we didn’t make it to the S16 but I’d still look at the overall season as a success. Again, if this is what we can expect in a down/rebuilding year moving forward, I can live with that. Much better than those years after Hummel and co graduated.
  3. I feel like even when you guys are playing well, the series is usually pretty even looking back historically.
  4. Unlike MSU, we didn’t lose any bad conference games. We only lost 4 conference games and all 4 were on the road against teams that are in the tournament. Sure it would’ve been nice to win at Minnesota but that’s always a tough place to win. And yeah if we lose to Villanova in the second round I’m not going to be bummed out about the overall season. They’re a good team with a proven coach. All it takes is an off game from Carsen and we’re toast. So what is okay for me to consider a successful season without it being pathetic? I’d love to hear your explanation.
  5. I’ll take “backing into a split B1G title” in a rebuilding year any day of the week. Beating IU is always a plus (even though lately it’s been almost a sure thing) but I’d easily trade that for a solid tournament run. Not sure why you seem to be discounting what Purdue did in conference play this year. I think even the most biased observers wouldn’t claim that Purdue backed into anything.
  6. Gordon no question. He had a much better all around game than Romeo.
  7. Even losing to Nova in the second round I’d be happy with the season Purdue had.
  8. Lucky? Lol. Painter and company deserve a lot of credit for turning things around after the non-conference. And it wasn’t largely due to luck or things falling into place. That’s bogus.
  9. It all will depend on Carsen for sure. The way I see it, I think Purdue has already overachieved quite a bit this year. Easily one of the best coaching jobs Painter has had at Purdue. Would be nice to win at least a few tournament games but an early round upset wouldn’t surprise me. This team is very different than last years team obviously.
  10. Carmel embarrassing Penn early on. Up 20-5.
  11. Overrated all season? There was a pretty good stretch where they weren’t even ranked for a while until well into the conference season. Lol
  12. Remind me again why we’re comparing two very different basketball players?
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