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  1. Definitely coming together at the right time. O’Neill has been a revelation and probably the biggest surprise of the season honestly. And who would’ve thought Happ and Lester would’ve stabilized the rotation like they have lol.
  2. Damn I thought I was on an island, glad to see another red bird fan!
  3. We need more Cardinals talk in this thread.
  4. Bell is in concussion protocol so we’ll see what happens with that.
  5. The fact that you believe that tells me all I need to know. Have a good evening.
  6. I mean I’ve told you many many times if you don’t like me posting either put me on ignore or just don’t reply yet you keep doing it. You don’t like me posting that’s fine. Why you continue with the same old song and dance is beyond me.
  7. Nope but they did say he was able to walk off under his own power. Will probably know more Monday I’d think. We did just find out a few minutes ago that our CB Trice will “be out for awhile” so that blows.
  8. We must be watching two different teams honestly. Purdue has some flaws but the defense is much better and the offense is decent enough. Obviously losing one of the top WR’s in the conference would be a huge blow that could derail the season like when we lost Rondale.
  9. Just looked up their schedule and Purdue is currently favored in 5 of their remaining games.
  10. The teams/games you mentioned aren’t all at home. Why can’t we beat Iowa on the road?
  11. What easy games does Purdue have the rest of the way?
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