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  1. Yeah Caleb didn’t develop that much in his two years at Purdue... You’re kidding yourself if you don’t think Hammons and Haas improved. Haarms was a dude ranked in the mid 300’s so he clearly developed. Williams is just better.
  2. Don’t think that’s remotely close to accurate. It’s probably he wants to not come off the bench behind Williams.
  3. I think a guy like Jaden Ivey can make an impact. I’m also including redshirt freshmen Gillis and Newman in that discussion too.
  4. Not making the tournament next year would surprise me. The incoming freshmen should be pretty impactful.
  5. Big guys can be studs and still not be great FT shooters. I think he’ll be one of the better bigs in the league next year.
  6. One guy transferring doesn’t change that lol. Williams should be a stud next year.
  7. We have a 7’3 guy coming in haha. But he’s going to redshirt almost certainly.
  8. People are surprised by it but when you look into it, is it that surprising? Williams is the guy now. Haarms is 23 and wants to be the guy. I wish him the best.
  9. If things weren’t bad with covid, I could’ve seen him going to play overseas.
  10. Very bad optics? I think it’s just a guy who realized he wasn’t going to get the minutes he wanted next year. Don’t blame him for looking for other opportunities where he could get 25+ minutes a game.
  11. This one seemed to come completely out of left field but he was going to likely still back-up Williams next year. He got hurt earlier this year and never seemed to get past that injury. Wish him luck wherever he ends up.
  12. No worries. Thoughts on Daylan Carnell? Was interesting to see him list Purdue, WVU, and Mizzou. Seems like ND and IU may have backed off him a bit.
  13. Ahh I gotcha. But Sales is at Brownsburg.
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