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  1. Yep and a lot of them we were right there just couldn’t seal the deal. Oh well...
  2. Something like that. Good news is we don’t lose much off this team and bring in 2 guys off redshirt plus Ivey and Morton. I like our potential for next year.
  3. It’s pretty simple. We’re a very good defensive team who is extremely challenged offensively. We don’t have an alpha on offense like we’ve had in the past.
  4. Lol. I’d hope IU wouldn’t stoop to the level of hiring someone like Pearl. Dude is $hady.
  5. That hire is pretty “meh” IMO. But after Fickell said no, they didn’t have a lot of good options.
  6. Yeah def not one of his better games. He’s usually lights out at home.
  7. Why is Maryland surprising? They’re pretty consistently up there.
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