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  1. Oh I’m sure it’s way up there. Same with Red Sox I’m sure.
  2. So you can only watch games with people who root for the exact same teams you like? Lol
  3. Their stadium is atrocious and unfortunately people in Florida don’t really care about pro baseball. Or they’re transplants and fans of other teams.
  4. I couldn’t imagine being at a game with him in person haha. I feel like it’d be impossible to enjoy the game.
  5. I’ve no joke listened to Gloria like 50 times today. It’s playing for 24 hours straight on Y98 haha.
  6. Would agree. I mean look at when OSU got Matta and Holtmann. It was later in the summer.
  7. Probably at least a few more years. Heck they gave Matheny 6!
  8. I’d argue Harrison Bader is better. The guy is unreal.
  9. Blues aren’t where they are without Binnington. Jake Allen wouldn’t have been able to come anywhere close to this. No doubt re Emrick. That guy is unreal!
  10. Does Dan have multiple sons? I know his son John is the play by play TV announcer for the Blues on FS-Midwest.
  11. Nerves are starting to set in for me haha. How are you feeling?
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