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  1. I remember telling friends how great he would be.
  2. mods feel free to delete, just saw this in nba thread where it belongs.
  4. Boston Celtics: Romeo Langford in the G-League is a good for his future https://sircharlesincharge.com/2019/11/06/romeo-langford-boston-celtics-gleague-future/
  5. Seems we have 5 players that we know can contribute. Davis, Smith, Durham, Green and Phinisee. We have one, Anderson that will need to have improved to joined players already listed. That leaves us with basically 5 unknowns. Sure you can say we've seen Race but now I think we can finally see what kind of player he really is. The rest are college basketball unknowns but all reports seem to indicate that they should all contribute next year, with maybe the exception of Franklin. Having said all that, how can we not be optimistic? Loved Juwan and Romeo but I do think we have some depth.
  6. Take hoops out of it, your son going to a military school or a liberal arts college.
  7. I don't like to question Coach's decisions, forgot more than I have ever known, but in my mind, Cliff or Jake could have made a big difference against Gafford.
  8. Being an old guy, this will sound bad but watching baseball requires an attention span.
  9. Could it be as simple as MLB is just not as popular as it once was?
  10. And Zion is a man-child. will be a big test in Durham.
  11. RJ Barrett looks scary good, got to the basket at will.
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