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  1. kaustical

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    With Dennis Smith Jr, JJ Berea and them drafting Brunson coupled with some NBA guys thinking Doncic may even play some point at some point, I was concerned about Yogi's future in Dallas. So I was glad to see the offer. He has shown he belongs in the league!!!
  2. kaustical

    2018-19 summer workout videos

    Al is my current favorite as well, probably stems from guilt when I recall thinking maybe CAM should have rescinded his offer when he first got here. Needless to say, I like what I saw last year and think the sky is the limit for this young man.
  3. kaustical

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    https://twitter.com/wojespn Adrian Wojnarowski ✔@wojespn Dallas has tendered a qualifying offer to guard Yogi Ferrell and he'll become a restricted free agent on July 1, league source tells ESPN. 6:02 PM - Jun 26, 2018 2,754 702 people are talking about this
  4. kaustical

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Dwain Price: Yogi Ferrell getting ready to watch the screening of Uncle Drew at a theater in North Dallas. Yogi paid for over 100 foster care kids to watch this movie. @Dallas Mavericks @MavsCare @nbacares
  5. kaustical

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Noah Vonleh isn’t in Chicago’s plans and won’t receive a qualifying offer, according to Johnson. Vonleh will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.
  6. kaustical

    The Off-Topic Thread

    No piece of square paper can be folded more than 7 times in half.
  7. Unnecessarily harsh does sound better.
  8. Nice article, harsh reply.
  9. kaustical

    The Off-Topic Thread

    What's the difference between a chickpea and a garbanzo bean? I wouldn't pay $200 to have a garbanzo bean on my face.
  10. kaustical

    2018-19 Playing Time

    I believe your spot on what Fitzner can add, Then what about Race, He looks like a big who will beat a lot of people up and down the court with his athleticism. Gonna be fun!!!!
  11. kaustical

    2018-19 Playing Time

    I love the makeup of this team. With this many apparent options, it’s going to be interesting to see how CAM handles it. I think Morgan, Langford, Smith, Hunter, Green, and Durham are going to be our most consistent contributors. After that Is where I wonder? The center position is intriguing how does Davis recover? At 100% he needs to see the floor. Other candidates up-front include Fitzner, Thompson and maybe to a lesser degree Moore and Forester. How do those minutes shake out? Also, how do you keep McRoberts off the floor, with his gritty play and what if Anderson decides to break out? Finally, Phinisee who I see as a fine addition at PG will probably be eased in this season, although those who see Green and Durham struggling may disagree. I think at the end of the day being as deep as we are, I’d like us to be flexible as to each particular match-up.
  12. kaustical

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Here are some elevator fun facts from its rich history: America currently has over 700.000 elevators. Elevators are statistically the safest way to travel. Elevators are twenty times safer than escalators. 24 elevators at the ancient Roman Colosseum were manually operated by the force of over 200 slaves.
  13. kaustical

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Billy goats piss on their own heads to attract the ladies.
  14. I live in North Carolina and my wife just ordered me a personalized plate, JJ4IU, now that's love!