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  1. If only Kopp can shoot like this consistently. If only the whole team could threaten consistently from outside, this team is a serious contender. Looking good in this game but will be so much more difficult in the games coming up.
  2. The confidence of that second unit on both ends. Just impressive!!
  3. Not what I expected to read today. Condolences to all who are impacted by his loss. So sad.
  4. Holy Schikey's....thanks to Kentucky for stealing all the headlines tonight!! And yeah Jersey basketball!!! Haha.
  5. Actually the general public has been watching Kentucky try to lose as a 2 seed tonight. We lost their interest looooong ago! 🤣
  6. 1. If only we had something even close to consistently perimeter shooting. Just imagine... 2. I still can't figure out why Woodson insists on going way too long of stretch with Race and Trayce on the bench in the first half with that second unit in. And he actually got away with it and stretched to the lead to 5 but then he got greedy and went way too long and lost that lead. Please keep Race or Trayce on the floor at all times!
  7. So we beat Michigan and get the play in game??? 😡
  8. Somehow managed to tape the game, avoid all spoilers, and just finished watching the taped game now. Wow!! Living in the past here but holy schnikeys, I can't believe we pulled that off! Had a crowd of Jersey peeps yelling and rooting for our Hoosiers like it was real time action. Gotta love March Madness!!
  9. Good thing we called time out to get that play. 🤬
  10. And of course it's Wisky ball. Did you expect anything less?
  11. Well if it becomes a free throw shooting contest, we're in trouble.
  12. This is probably a good time to wash down my heart meds with a shot of Absolute.
  13. We're how many game into the season and we still can't figure out that Race and Trayce can't sit together? Especially this deep into the second half? Woody...this isn't the NBA. You gotta keep some of your studs in the game!
  14. I take back everything I said about these officials. 🤯
  15. For the record, I prefer the refs not call every piece of contact than go whistle happy. I'm happy with tonight's refs compared to last game which was ridiculous.
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