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  1. Crazy stuff. Good luck and stay healthy!
  2. I live 10 minutes from the Jersey coronavirus hot spot (Bergen County) and the only NJ fatality so far. First case was discovered in the hospital 2 miles from my house. People are freaking out here and ready to go weeks at home. Grocery stores were completely wiped out today. I'm a teacher and suspect tomorrow will be last day at school for a least a couple weeks. Weird time in NJ!
  3. Hoiberg diagnosed with influenza A. Not great but at least its not coronavirus.
  4. Trayce/Franklin=24 points and 25 rebounds. Freshman coming up big!
  5. Bumpy start....strong finish.....hope that solidifies us in the tourney. And hopefully the tourney happens!
  6. Why is Smith air balling a three pointer up 12? Grumble....grumble...grumble....
  7. New I'm hearing is the NBA suspending its season effective 4 minutes ago. Whoa!
  8. Just saw this....just read that Golbert tested positive for corona. Quinn came running out of the locking room before the game to inform the refs and send teams back into the locker room.
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