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  1. Wondering if any of Crean's former recruits might think about transferring to Georgia?
  2. Keion Brooks Jr.

    I agree. Getting the best within Indiana means more long term to the program.
  3. Keion Brooks Jr.

    I don't disagree. It seems they're still on him since both Archie and Bruiser have been at his games recently. I would assume they know what happened in regards to the midseason conflict and are comfortable with the answers given. But I am also biased since I am from FW and went to NSHS and would like to see IU make some inroads in the FW area. That being said I have never seen Watford play.
  4. Keion Brooks Jr.

    I'd rather have a guy from Indiana.
  5. Rumor floating around.

    That's fine, but the problems you are referencing are not isolated to one campus, school, or state. I'd rather kick the crap out of schools like UK than dodge them because of their sketchy coach or history. I think you play anyone, anywhere, anytime. Prove it on the court.
  6. Rumor floating around.

    I'm not sure why you wouldn't be for this? It's good for the program and good for basketball.
  7. Keion Brooks Jr.

    I think he just needs to demand the ball more. I personally am not a huge fan of how his team is coached. He should be averaging near 25 points a game if you ask me. He definitely needs to be more aggressive but I think he would be a very good complementary piece to any team. He's got range.
  8. Or are these practices closed? I have no idea, just was curious why we haven't heard much.
  9. Romeo Langford

    Here's a better analogy, let's say you have "genius" who can get into any school he/she wants. He/she applies to the top 20 schools and gets into all of them. At the end of the process, he/she probably knows which school they want to go to with pretty quickly. I am not saying Romeo has any duty or responsibility to tell the public, but I think he knows where he wants to go. I think most kids know where they really want to go. Unless he gets hurt, he'll most likely be successful where ever he goes. When it comes to being a pro, if you have the talent, you just need the will and work ethic. Tons of guys go to "lesser" schools and become NBA players. I say this because ultimately I think he'll choose the school that will provide the best "college experience". He probably already knows where that is, but is allowing himself to fully enjoy the high school experience first? I don't know. Just my thoughts.
  10. Romeo Langford

    To be honest, I think these long drawn out recruitments are a little silly. I am sure he's pretty certain where he wants to go by now. I do think the longer it drags out, the better shot IU has. Home is where the heart is.
  11. Romeo Langford

    You can connect your computer to your TV with an HDMI cable or use any sort of mirroring device like Chromecast as well.
  12. Fant hurt

    Too bad about Fant: https://www.hoosiersportsreport.com/2018/03/hoosiers-wrap-up-nfl-combine-appearances/
  13. I would say certainly and multiple.
  14. Romeo Langford

  15. How about the 89 and 2013 loses to Illinois? But I would have to agree that NCAA tourney losses are the worst and always will be. 92 stung since I was at IU then, AND it was Duke. Although, man, it sure would be nice to have these types of losses again, versus ones like the other night and IPFW.