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  1. He just needs to be with a better team and organization. Hornets have been a mess for years.
  2. I really doubt we're going to pick up another guard.
  3. So what’s the scoop on this recruitment?
  4. Some guys work out, others don’t. He seems like good guy, just couldn’t make shots when played.
  5. So which one is it? I found my own answer:
  6. Not sure what he'd be waiting for though.
  7. Seems to be rumor on Twitter. He changed his Twitter profile, then seemed to have changed it back.
  8. I am glad we stayed clear of Marshall: https://www.kwch.com/content/sports/Grant-Sherfield-to-transfer-from-Wichita-State-568836381.html
  9. Not saying he should or shouldn't get kicked off the team, but when you're given privileges like a free education, stipends and all the other fringe benefits of being a student athlete at a large public university, you're going to be held to a higher standard than other citizens and students; it's all part of the deal.
  10. Not sure how this is much different than driving around in a new car or parents living in a new house. It’s always been pretty obvious.
  11. UConn beat Houston, so now IU 's win over them is a Tier A win in Ken Pom. This gives IU - 7 Tier A wins and 2 Tier B wins.
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