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  1. He’s definitely got one thing right, we eat our own.
  2. Basketball is a game of readiness. You have to be ready to play and play well when your number is called. If not, you ride the bench. He hasn't played well when he's been in games. The season is just getting started now though, so he'll get his chances. It seems Archie has been holding him back to start to season. I've seen him talking to guys on the bench. So I think he'll be ok. Injuries have plagued him.
  3. Deep tough team. I thought they would be better than last year and they are showing it. Franklin and Damezi played well. I think this is going to be an exciting year and put some doubters to bed. Please stay healthy!
  4. Georgetown released a press statement saying that Akinjo is not under any criminal or legal investigation.
  5. I am no insider, but it looks like we're the only school he has visited. So I am going to say we're the leaders.
  6. I think he means us fans don't want or need him. What forum is he reading? He comes here, reads through 2 pages of an IU forum then Tweets about crazy/delusional fans? Great journalistic integrity for a supposed writer. How about posting "hey I am writer" what's the vibe on this board regarding Garcia? Instead he lurks here then cherry picks one term and uses it as an example (completely out of context) of how crazy we are. What a hack.
  7. Point made and understood. I for one appreciate and believe your intel. Go Hoosiers.
  8. DG on defense should help against the 3’s.
  9. They’ve never beaten any ranked team on the road. I believe they’re the fourth team ever to get their first win against a number one team.
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