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  1. Interesting that Georgia (Crean), Texas Tech (Bob and Pat) and Dayton (Archie) are three of the schools. Interesting, very interesting. Waiting for Sampson and Davis to offer next. That being said if IW gets involved we're doomed.
  2. I like our chances based on who else has offered so far: Georgia, Texas Tech, Dayton and Rhode Island.
  3. “The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.”
  4. He did mention the Green "punching" Romeo incident was not true. So "insiders" are telling the truth, but the players are candy coating it? I think it's probably a bit of both. Chemistry is overrated. I'm not saying it's un-important, but it's not always going to be hugs and kisses in the locker room. Culture and respect are more important than chemistry. Culture creates "chemistry".
  5. Pacers should've drafted OG. If Romeo lands on their lap, they should do the same. I don't think he will though. He's the prototypical two guard in today's NBA. He'll most likely never be a knock down three point shooter, but he has the skills to be average+. Same with defense. His size etc. are exactly what teams want.
  6. The weird old Walgreens IU hat isn't too comforting either.
  7. Yeah, I can't believe I am online following this. But here I am!!
  8. So then PU and everyone else who's been watching would be out of it as well? Not sure why it matters if IU offers now if others "out of our weight class" can come in and swoop him off his feet. I don't disagree that guys like this should garner our interest, but I don't think it should matter when the offer is made, but how the team and player mesh. There is still plenty of time to evaluate and offer him.
  9. Doesn't Cal do this every year? Not sure how anyone involved would be surprised.
  10. So would the greatest wins include games when we lost by a point or the last second shot almost went in? Don't get me wrong, I love that play, but he didn't make it, so it can't be the greatest dunk of all time.
  11. Rumor has it, Donovan clogged the toilet at Warde Manuel's house.
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