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  1. Romeo sat out the NIT with a back injury I am not necessarily blaming Marshall, but similar to questioning the sandpit, it is a little odd how many back injuries we've had recently. I don't think back issues are very common in basketball players either. Non issue, maybe, but worth discussing in a thread about the strength and conditioning coach.
  2. IU never looked stronger than the other team. They never finished at the rim. Golic is also an idiot, but that’s an entirely different discussion.
  3. I was making an analogy. College coaches are supposed to “teach”. I played sports and have lifted etc. too. high school isn’t college, college isn’t the pros. Every level has a learning curve. Why hire a coach/trainer at if these guys know everything when they come in? IU has had a lot back injuries during this particular trainer’s tenure, that is a fact. I know players and others like like him and I know kids work out by themselves, but good habits are developed just like bad ones. Just putting it out there for discussion.
  4. I am just putting two and two together and heard Rob did have an injury from lifting. Could be wrong. Just putting this out there based on the other posters friend saying there was bad technique in the video + recent back injuries.
  5. Yes, if Woody recruited guys and they didn't know how to dribble, it would be his job to teach them how to dribble. If they recruit guys that can't shoot, you teach them how to shoot. So if you don't know how to lift, you allow them to lift and hurt themselves? That sounds like a terrible strength and conditioning coach. Maybe these guys have never lifted in their life:"yeah just go lift, if you don't know how, sorry, try not to hurt yourself."
  6. IU has had a lot of guys with back and/or lifting injuries: Rob, Galloway, Brunk, Romeo (in addition to the thumb). So I hope they do investigate him some as to why everyone is getting similar injuries.
  7. PG from Creighton, not Lander. I’m guessing Lander is not leaving.
  8. This is just pretty dumb. Players white and black etc. can relate to coaches regardless of their skin color. Not being PC, just being real.
  9. I think we need to hear who's on the staff before we lose our shit. Players supposedly love playing for him and he's an NBA offensive coach.
  10. I work in tech, can't ever figure out how to embed this stuff on here. But I hope the men's team can feel this again.
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