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  1. Oh yeah, the list is long: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montverde_Academy
  2. I think Penix deserves to play his way back. If he's not up to snuff in a few weeks, then yeah, benching is the right move. If we don't have anyone better than Thomas Allen, then our depth is not nearly has good as it needs to be to win big games. I understand he's the coaches kid and a Senior? but he is not good enough (was he ever?), to play a lot of downs. It was clear he was getting blown away and/or is too slow. I assume we have some younger guys, they definitely need to play.
  3. Thomas Allen should not be the back up for arguably the best playmaker on the team. He's a huge step down in talent. I love the Allens but you can't tell me he's the best they have to back up McFadden.
  4. Do not agree. He made a lot of bad decisions, but he'll get better mentally, he needs to settle his feet, quit forcing plays when there are none to be made. Fryfogle has to step it up, some big drops. Edit: the WR's had a bad day outside of Matthews.
  5. Replace the Colts with the Bears for me...I can relate, as most people here can.
  6. I would say all three won't play much if they can't play d. They all have capable offensive games, but if they can't keep anyone in front of them, then they'll be riding the pine. Lander has to take it to the hole WAY more. He seemed to force threes or pass every time. I understand he needs to improve his shot, but I don't understand why he was only using his speed to pass.
  7. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-hoosiers-offer-class-of-2024-5-star-forward-derik-queen/?fbclid=IwAR0zP2dpelCsqIZxWs9ptFay8qIrF-tlBEVIwRAKquPKKSi-tJmJL5SjGkg
  8. Still zero pass rush outside of blitzing. The d-line has to put some pressure on the qb. Even a great defensive backfield can only cover guys for so long.
  9. Pretty sure it's Cincy not Cinci. Go Hoosiers!
  10. Penix looked like a guy who hasn't played in a game in close to a year.
  11. They leave the day before the game? I just assumed it was a couple.
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