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  1. OGIUAndy


    Flipped: https://northcarolina.rivals.com/news/simmons-flips-to-unc
  2. OGIUAndy

    3 more bowl games?

    I totally understand most people wouldn't travel long distances to visit Chicago during the winter. I also understand that IU has a large alumni base so no matter where they go, they'll have support. My theory is more fans would go to at a bowl game that's within driving distance of Bloomington, regardless of the weather. I would love to go to California (I lived there for 5 years) or Florida, or wherever for a bowl game, but the timing of these games makes it almost impossible for me and (I would assume) most folks who cannot plan a holiday vacation around the game. Obviously it's different for retirees and I know that traveling for the holidays is becoming more and more popular. That being said, it would be a total blast to be able to do so and I hope to sooner than later. Cheers to everything you do on the board. I don't post a lot, but do when I think I can contribute in some way. Go Hoosiers. More bowls=more fun no matter where the game is.
  3. OGIUAndy

    3 more bowl games?

    I have to disagree with you on this one. The problem with games in warmer climates if you don't live near them is who can go? You're going to get a lot more IU fans at games within a days drive of Bloomington. Most all bowl games are around the holidays, so you basically can't go unless your entire family goes with you. Not many people are going to take off time for the holidays AND then take a few days to go to a non playoff bowl game. And keep in mind Bears games still sell out in the winter. I think you have a better shot at getting 10,000 IU fans to Chicago than you do to California or Arizona. But that's just my two cents. And I live in Chicago But I say this in all honesty, I always want to go to an IU bowl game until I realize I am going to have to spend $1000+ to do so. I would like to do that once, but not every time. IU should play as close to Indiana as possible.
  4. OGIUAndy

    Devonte Green

    He's got the skills. He needs to slow down and let the game come to him.
  5. OGIUAndy

    Rematch with Duke

    I love it. I will always love it. I will love it more when we kick their a**.
  6. OGIUAndy

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    He's had a lot of injuries during his career and seemed to fade a bit the last week or so of the season.
  7. OGIUAndy

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Who were the powers that be? I went there as well. I am trying to understand what the power struggle was about? Brooks will be gone in a year. Seems they would have a plan in place if they were ready to get rid of him. All this doesn't add up. Either way, I want Brooks.
  8. OGIUAndy

    Morgan withdraws from NBA draft

    Morgan HAS to stay healthy. The most important thing of all.
  9. OGIUAndy

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    This makes the most sense. But I haven't really gotten the "full" story as to why this same coach quit? There was an article about not enough money? That seems a bit thin to me.
  10. OGIUAndy

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Even if that is true, you're going to quit your job because of it? Very weird. Doesn't seem like it would be that difficult to find out what really happened.
  11. OGIUAndy

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I've read multiple things. Keep in mind the coach played and went to school at North Side. One comment from an employee of the same school said "There are not enough words to praise what Baz (the coach) has done. Equally there are many words that can be said about the situation that caused him to look elsewhere. Thanks for the memories Baz, you will be missed by a lot of us." There is another article saying that he's going after more money at Richmond. So there seems to be more to the story that is not public. Regardless, I want Brooks and because of dad's (who is interested in the opening btw) connection to Schiller, we have a very good shot.
  12. OGIUAndy

    Romeo Langford

    Interesting article in the Washington Post I thought I would share: Before this hoops recruit chose Indiana, Adidas made sure he stayed under its tent
  13. OGIUAndy

    Rumor floating around.

    I really don't care where they play, but they should play. Lucas Oil would be hilariously over-the-top.
  14. OGIUAndy

    Hayes thoughts on pay for play

    My problem with paid argument is where does it stop? Wouldn't the school with the most money get all the great players? Is the money from boosters? Where does the money come from and what are the limits? And Hayes argument could be made for Little League, middle school, high school etc. Basically all amateur sports make money some way via concessions, tickets, sponsorships etc. And of course the better the team/players the more those organizations will make. I am sure a middle school team with Romeo on it would sell more tickets and merchandise than a team with me on it. Should he get paid in middle school? Then the whole notion of which players get paid (or what amount) versus others.
  15. OGIUAndy

    Trendon Watford

    I want whoever wants to be here the most.