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  1. Every game is pretty much a must win.
  2. He reminds me a lot of a mini Thomas Bryant. I have been looking for Archie to use him more. He's one guy who should just play with reckless abandonment, not worry too much about fouling, and not be overly concerned with taking/making outside shots. Basically do what he did last night, every game. He seems like a good guy to put in against bigger, slower guys, almost like what Fife would do. Just agitate them and make them work hard. Garza lost steam in the second half, and JG was a big reason why. The smaller lineup was also affective against PU and a good lineup to go to when things aren't c
  3. I'm sure you wouldn't post this if it wasn't, but is this true? That's a wild stat.
  4. I also see a lot of pessimism after any loss. Nobody's saying Archie is god all of a sudden. But that was an impressive win on the road, against a legit top 5 team, when they needed it most. So f*ck it. Enjoy the win for a night.
  5. Lots of MVPs. My order: 1.The Freshman (all played a big part in the win) 2. Al (hit a bunch of FTs at the end to seal it, great D.) 3. Rob (big shots, great D, his best game of the year) 4. Rest of the team (and I mean it, Franklin made big shots, Leal big one, Hunter played solid D, TJD and Race played through foul trouble and Trayce made some BIG time +1 buckets). Best team win all year. Hit FTs and they win by 20. 5. Archie. Good substituting. My only? Why take out JG when he was playing so well. But I get it. Take him out on a positive note. He called out their 3 point D and they shut d
  6. Good prediction. JG needs more PT. He proved it tonight too.
  7. I'm 47 and obviously frustrated but not ready to pull the plug on this team or Archie. Sorry to disappoint. Seems like it's getting ugly on here, so for the time being, I will not be visiting this site. Go Hoosiers!!
  8. Fact is this team is getting better. Fact is the schedule is too. Need to close out games. Franklin being out hurts, but will help long term. Make the tourney and do some damage.
  9. That’s what I’m always saying. IU would have handled most “bottom feeders” as people are saying PSU is, by 20 points last night.
  10. Armaan and TJD both didn’t play well if you ask me, but still had good lines. And both Al and Rob played way better but missed some wide open shots. Just have to keep working. This team has something. They seem to be a real team. Everyone needs to get behind them as much as you can, I think they’re getting closer to putting it all together.
  11. Enjoy the win. One game at a time. Al and Rob showed up. Still waiting for a complete game, but a good win. The Big Ten is insane. Go Hoosiers!!
  12. https://www.gofundme.com/f/ken-kurowski?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1
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