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  1. OGIUAndy

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    That seems like an odd couple of days to announce.
  2. OGIUAndy


  3. OGIUAndy

    Signing day

    Unless they told Penix "we're moving on" I think he has to at least stick around and let this play out. High ranking players don't always pan out. Almost every year at IU, the "backup" QB gets a a shot, whether from injury or questionable play. If healthy, Penix will play somewhere on the field, if not QB. I hope he stays, he looked good when he played.
  4. OGIUAndy

    Signing day

    Nice pick up.
  5. OGIUAndy

    Juan Harris

    Yep. He's also huge. Unless he's getting arrested or is a total jerk, why not take him? I would assume at this point they know what he's all about otherwise they wouldn't be wasting their time.
  6. OGIUAndy

    Juan Harris

    Where are you seeing this? Very weird. Never mind. I saw his tweet.
  7. OGIUAndy

    Great Weekend

    Allen can recruit it seems, which was the biggest worry when he took over. Just needs to tighten up the rest...aka coaching But at least he was willing to say something about play calling and the regression of the defense. To me these are good signs. If he can pull in a good haul here at the end, I'll have some hope. I foresee Mike Hart getting a promotion.
  8. I think this sums it up.
  9. OGIUAndy

    R.I.P. Eric Anderson

    I think this is why: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5674957/Celebrity-trainer-Tracy-Anderson-fiance-leaves-amid-pregnancy-rumors.html I also saw this article: https://www.wthr.com/article/celebrity-fitness-trainer-in-trouble-in-indiana
  10. OGIUAndy

    R.I.P. Eric Anderson

    https://iuhoosiers.com/news/2018/12/10/mens-basketball-the-indiana-basketball-family-remembers-eric-anderson.aspx Quotes from IUBB guys.
  11. OGIUAndy

    Big Recruiting Weekend for Indiana

    I don't think the offense is terrible necessarily, it's his play calling. I don't think he trusted Ramsey to through wide or deep. Like I said, I doubt Allen fires him. I bet he brings someone else on to "help".
  12. OGIUAndy

    Looking for two Michigan Tix 1/25

    Will do. Thanks.
  13. Going to be going to the game with a few of my buddies from my IU days. Need two tickets, doesn't really matter where they are (except balcony).
  14. OGIUAndy

    Penn St. Post game

    Green had some bad turnovers, but those two threes in the first half helped IU get back into the game. I thought those were huge makes. I think this team will be ok if they cut down on the turnovers and get some confidence.
  15. OGIUAndy

    Mike DeBord

    I bet they bring in or add a co-offensive coordinator. Otherwise he would "retire" before he gets fired. Just my gut. I don't think DeFord has much time left, but I doubt he's fired per se.