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  1. Yeah, I am really tired of this narrative. So we're to believe that every program in the nation doesn't have a head coach's buddy who may or may not be a super amazing coach, and as a result all the assistant coaches quit. Coaching is the most turbulent profession there is, 90% of these guys leave at some point for whatever reason. And sorry to break it to everyone, Notre Dame is a better job than IU, no matter the position or $$. I still think it's amazing that fans of the historically worst program in college football are trying to blame an OL coach for turbulence after a 2-10 season. Tom Allen might be a bum, but he's produced the best seasons IU has seen in quite a while. He's also produced one of the worst. But I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt for a least a few more seasons.
  2. Up 13-2, now down 25-15? Can’t recall every seeing something like that.
  3. The only thing his pops has cared about is getting him to the NBA and he's fumbled that badly. Keion himself seems like a smart/good kid, but his handlers have made every decision as though he was a one and done. Transferring in high school, then going to UK, now staying in the draft when he didn't even get invited to the combine. He's 6-7 210 F who's shot 23% from three with only a couple a dozen attempts every year. He was never a full time starter and should have transferred after his first year to some place else where he could have gotten big minutes and worked on his jumper. 6-7 non shooters are a real long shot in today's NBA. Doesn't seem to be any real player development at UK, most guys are drafted based on their high school rankings and upside, not because they played well at UK. For fringe 5 star like Brooks going to UK and being 8th-9th best player on the team is a bad decision. He seems like the perfect portal guy, but obviously teams are not willing to give him a good NIL deal.
  4. I was having the same issues for a couple of days, and just now noticed the issue on Chrome/Mac when I was logged out. Logged in, the issue goes away. The other day it was happening when I was logged in.
  5. https://247sports.com/Article/Indiana-Hoosiers-football-Alabama-cornerback-transfer-Brylan-Lanier-has-committed-to-the-IU-program-187516579/
  6. You do understand there's a lot of portal players waiting until others officially declare for the draft right? If TJD leaves, IU will 100% get someone, and probably someone pretty good.
  7. Interesting stuff: https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/graphic-gives-context-to-iu-footballs-heavy-transfer-portal-turnover/ https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-football-post-2021-season-transfer-portal-tracker-and-other-roster-activity/ https://twitter.com/farrellportal/status/1524743713657864192?s=20&t=HH81rgK0sT1AXPSk1j1nyQ
  8. An issue I have noticed since this happened, I am not able to use the page navigator: https://www.cloudhq.net/c/187754224a5ffe
  9. Yes, this was reported by a few previously. Very nice.
  10. 1) Late 70s early 80s My oldest memory is 81 title team. My family has always been IU fans, both my brothers and I graduated from IU. 2) Memories and favorites. Way too many (not enough lately) but the 81 and 87 title runs, 2002 tourney (watched games across the country on a road trip) and the 90s teams stick out (graduated in 96). Edwards game winners. UNLV 87. Any Duke and UK wins (especially in the tourney). The old school TV angle of Assembly Hall. One of my brothers was at the 87 title game and you could see him at various times on TV during the game and at half time. CBK talk show. Martha the Mop Lady. CBK basketball camp. Players: Zeke, Alford, Smart, Daryl Thomas, Alford, Uwe, R. Calloway, Sleepy Jay, Greg Graham, Bailey, A. Henderson, Calbert, Eric Anderson, Brian Evans, A. Patterson, Guyton, Jeffries, E. Gordon, Yogi, TJD. Go Hoosiers.
  11. Then just imagine how dumb this player is and how disappointed the coaches are that they did not get the email in time.
  12. The main excuse was OG was coming off the torn ACL. I wanted the Pacers to draft him anyways, but I semi understand. He also does have a long injury history: https://www.foxsports.com/nba/og-anunoby-player-injuries But it's hard not to think "what if". TJ Leaf seemed like a decent pick, but man, what a bust.
  13. In this scenario Fife = Walsh, but if he's going to be a goofball old school guy ripping on NIL and talking politics (even flippantly), it wasn't going to work. The only other role for him would be the Hunter role, and I don't think Fife has the recruiting chops or the seriousness/maturity to pull it off.
  14. I agree with this and on top of it, let's compare Woody's coaching background to Dane's: As coach: 1996–1999 Milwaukee Bucks (assistant) 1999–2001 Cleveland Cavaliers (assistant) 2001–2003 Philadelphia 76ers (assistant) 2003–2004 Detroit Pistons (assistant) 2004–2010 Atlanta Hawks (HC) 2011–2012 New York Knicks (assistant) 2012–2014 New York Knicks (HC) 2014–2018 Los Angeles Clippers (assistant) 2020–2021 New York Knicks (assistant) 2021–present Indiana (HC) 2003–2005 Indiana (grad assistant) 2005–2011 IPFW (HC) 2011–2021 Michigan State (associate) 2021–2022 Indiana University (assistant) Once again, nothing personal against Dane, but it's not even close. Woody may or may not get us to the promised land, but his coaching experience is undeniable. Not even speaking of his head coaching experience in the NBA, he wasn't exactly working under dummies as an assistant: Chris Ford (meh), George Karl (HOF), Randy Whitman (meh), Larry Brown (HOF), Mike D'Antonio (2xNBA COY, potential HOF), Doc Rivers (Future HOF), Tom Thibodeau (2xNBA COY). Four of the winningest NBA coaches of all time. I pray to baby Jesus that he gets these guys on campus along with any and all players he coached during his NBA days.
  15. Actually if he was transferring to IU, the replies would be much worse.
  16. Not your run of the mill off season ex player news: https://www.wthr.com/article/news/crime/bloomington-robbery-kidnapping-man-grindr-dashaun-brown/531-30527c41-e4ef-42b4-8faa-4a59691c7f7b
  17. Of the few Hoosier Hysterics episodes I have listened to, Fife's and Angelo Pizzo's are my favorites. Fife does seem like a few of my friends; sarcastic, a little bit off/weird, dry wit, good story teller, and pretty laid back So I agree with you 100% he would be an interesting person to be friend's with. I couldn't believe him and Woody didn't get along when the rumors started coming out, but then some details started coming out too. I think overall he may have taken the job for granted. But at this point, who really cares. Good luck to him, and I hope he comes back on Hoosier Hysterics, I would give it a listen.
  18. Two of the three know him very well and the other worked with him very recently. If they wanted to hire him they would have by now. That's not to say Fife wants these jobs, but you're acting like they would love to have him, yet there's little smoke suggesting this. Not trashing Fife, but your story is less plausible than them just not being interested. IMO I think people (I am not directing this at you) are more sensitive about this situation because of Fife's supposed right leaning politics, DD went out of his way to mentioned CNN in one of his tweets. But this should not be a political issue (like everything else is these days). Sounds like he did some dumb stuff and his supposed friend who's also a "writer" leaked the dumb stuff he did. Is that cool? Nope. But from what I have read/heard from multiple sources with little to gain (don't work for or closely with the school/administration), the information is basically true, albeit most likely dramatized. Point is, I don't think this is another clogging up the crapper story. And once again (also not directed at you) I find it odd that people are ok completely and personally trashing a guy like Hiller who although not be a great coach, seems like a good guy (or at least I haven't read about him backstabbing coaches or offending recruits) but it's not ok to question the character of a former assistant coach/player who made a lot of mistakes in a very short period of time. Most people are not here to smear him. I love(d) Fife as a player, his sense of humor, his stories including the one about his yips, the 2002 team, and that he came back. But it sounds like he made an ass of himself in the short time was here. Like how much do you have to screw up or how bad of a fit do you have to be to get canned by your Alma Mater in less than 12 months after "coming home"? I don't know, but I would guess 95% of us wouldn't get fired that fast. DD and others can make excuses or blame the administration, politics, Woody, Rabjohns, the fit, or whatever, but they also have to look at Fife. I doubt he's turning down a bunch of jobs right now. That being said, I didn't believe the initial rumor of him not getting along with Woody, so he'll probably get hired by Matta or Izzo tomorrow. Good night. Go Hoosiers (including Fife)
  19. I’ve watched more IUWBB games the past couple of years than all other years combined.
  20. Yeah, this is BS. The main difference is IUWBB has created a foundation of success and stability and IUMBB has not. Moren is probably as close to IU head coach for life as there is. That being said, blue blood wbb programs have to be sniffy around seeing what it would take to get her. It would be a real shame (and a huge mistake) as IU could remain a top tier program for many more years since she's only 52. The crowds they have been getting the past couple of years show that fans will come if given a winner.
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