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  1. Do you get a flu shot ?

    Flu shot or not... Having two children under the age of 2.5, I hope and pray that the war against vaccines ends soon. We need to stop taking medicine and science into our own hands... especially as parents. Do some of the ingredients in vaccines sound scary? Sure. Is it most likely scary because we aren't educated researchers, medical professionals, and scientists? Most likely. If a group of misinformed parents causes an outbreak of a disease that has basically been dormant for years (which we are starting to see bits of) and it affects the health of my child, I will be furious.
  2. Romeo Langford

    Wow... so Romeo is a genius, cares for his fans, and is a great leader to his peers? Can he be the next president of the US instead of our next SG?
  3. Interesting read about a "handler" named Joe Boncore and his supposed 20 year old high school freshman: https://deadspin.com/is-the-freshman-dominating-maryland-high-school-basketb-1823541187 Some of you may remember this name in regards to the infamous Moses Abraham recruitment (which actually gets a shout out in this article). Glad we never actually landed this kid... or any other kid connected with this dufus.
  4. Romeo Langford

    This does not take into consideration current roster talent. I'd say Justin Smith and Morgan are better than anyone on Vanderbilts roster (current or future)

    Looking at prior years CBI invites, it does seem as though there have not really been many (if any) "storied" programs... even though that's very subjective. Both Purdue and Texas played in the 2013 tournament but that's about as close as I could find.
  6. Lots of blue hairs in that audience. Can't imagine the group of people that would pay to see Knight speak is growing. His shtick will end eventually.
  7. Full denial from Sean Miller during his press conference. He's going back to coaching and AZ leadership supports him. Miller vs. ESPN. I have a feeling ESPN is going down in this one.
  8. Vote for CAM

    Lots of wives and children voting for Rose...
  9. I'm surprised no one has said Shaq. Thoughts?