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  1. That new sketch is so detailed and so different than the other that I think they actually may know who the killer is but need more tips to make the arrest. Just a thought...
  2. Very good. Order everything "animal style". However, I'd suggest going at off-hours to avoid waiting.
  3. I would argue his footwork with the ball on offense is some of the best I've seen. However, his footwork speed on defense is not the best.
  4. Sounds like she is in custody. Not confirmed though
  5. Here is a great resource for those looking into getting rid of their cable TV/dish but still desire live TV: https://www.cordcuttersnews.com/directv-now-vs-youtube-tv-vs-philo-vs-playstation-vue-vs-sling-tv-vs-fubotv-vs-watch-tv-vs-hulu-updated-february-2019/ I've tried most of these and am the biggest fan of Youtube TV (even though the price is going up to $50/month) Hulu Live TV is one that I haven't tried but sounds like Mile really loves it.
  6. It should load all of your apps. But you may need to re-authenticate into each on the new roku (i.e. netflix). I cut the cord a few years ago and went the Roku route. I'm a fan.
  7. Just one quick clarification... McRoberts never had a scholarship. So if Romeo leaves, then that leaves 4 openings. 2 HS recruits, possibly Brunk takes 3 of those. Personally, if we fill the Romeo spot, I hope it’s a shooter/scorer
  8. Looks like Saturday at 12 noon EST
  9. https://twitter.com/jeffborzello/status/1106693853602557952?s=21 “William & Mary forward Justin Pierce tells ESPN he will be graduating and transferring for his final season. Two-time all-CAA performer. Averaged 14.9 points, 8.9 rebounds and 4.1 assists this season.”
  10. This is odd on so many fronts but I wonder if Franklin is just going to hang with his friend (and future teammate TJD) because he has nothing else to do on a Friday night. I was always up for a random road trip when I was in high school.
  11. Green is the only reason we are still in this game... Green is also the reason we are losing. 🤔
  12. They are exposing our weakness. They are crashing the post because we can't hit threes... we need shooters so badly
  13. We are better than O$U... no doubt. We just need to settle down.
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