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  1. Is it Jerami, Jerian, and Jerai Grant?
  2. Just got an official offer from CAM Jake‏Verified account @jakeweingarten 35m35 minutes ago More Indiana just extended an offer to five-star rising junior Aminu Mohammed, a source told @Stockrisers. Archie Miller just called and extended the scholarship. https://twitter.com/jakeweingarten/status/1151577000429182977
  3. Dude skyrocketed up the 247 composite rankings about a week ago. Went from 202 to 81.
  4. I'd even take a side hug at this point...
  5. Making smashburgers tomorrow for lunch. Toasted bun lettuce tomato pickles two smashed burgers (3 oz each) 1 slice american cheese Slather homemade sauce - 1 part mayo, 1 part yellow mustard, 1 part ketchup, 1 park relish, a little each of garlic powder, onion powder and paprika
  6. I'm smoking a 12 lb prime brisket today on the big green egg. Salt, pepper, beef, and smoke is all you need.
  7. Interesting... May be better for him to reclassify and redshirt next year rather than play prep somewhere.
  8. I can't imagine they would take Dane Fife before one of their current assistants if they were going that route. But it's Michigan so I'm betting they will go after the big HC names with some hefty $$$
  9. James was given a run for his money on Monday. Squeaking out a victory during final jeopardy
  10. I will now be whistling for the rest of the day. Thanks... 😎
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