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  1. mjeze106

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    Yes, I'm sure this is exactly it. Great take! 🙄
  2. mjeze106

    Maryland Pregame Thread

    Rob P hasn't been cleared yet to do any sort of contact in practice/games and it sounds very unlikely that he will play tomorrow. This was according to CAM at the press conference just now.
  3. mjeze106

    Illinois Postgame Thread

    Not sure why there is so much negativity. Yes, we just beat a team with a terrible record... But that same team has lost close games to some really good teams (6 points against Gonzaga, 2 points at Notre Dame). Illinois is not a finisher but they play a style of ball that makes it VERY difficult to blow them away. Honestly, we blew them out in the second half... especially if you take away a couple of their desperation threes. If we can replicate that half for the whole game against Michigan, we have a great chance.
  4. mjeze106

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    If we beat both Illinois and Michigan (I'll admit, not very likely), then we'll be ranked ahead of both.
  5. mjeze106

    Mock Drafts - 2019 & 2020

    Does anyone know of some recent projected lottery picks that went back to school? I'm guessing it's happened but very rare.
  6. mjeze106

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I'm about 95% sure that was not the real Kyle Hornsby. Very out of character to be him.
  7. mjeze106


    I mean, it's possible that the whole football (or basketball) team signs something that allows the coach/athletic department to release that information. I have no inside knowledge on how that works. But the patient first starts with the rights to their medical information.
  8. mjeze106


    They both fall under HIPAA. All medical information is protected by HIPAA. Race and Jerome are the owners of that information and have the rights regarding whether or not that information becomes public knowledge. I'm sure there is a reason why they decided (I'm sure with feedback from IU and their families) to go the route they did.
  9. Delete - duplicate post.
  10. Interesting to see both Rob Senderoff and Kelvin Sampson right next to Archie in that graphic...
  11. mjeze106

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Speculating about a grad transfer seems ok to me though. Since that is not highlighting any sort of failure with our program but rather another opportunity for a player to advance their academics somewhere else. The problem with that is we typically don't have the information about whether someone is on track to graduate early.
  12. Oh and btw... it looks like he officially signed as well. That was an impressive secret to keep by all parties. https://twitter.com/IndianaMBB/status/1068610593412837377
  13. Leave the TV timeouts for all I care. What really needs fixed is the end of close games. Between official reviews, fouls, and timeouts... it's brutal to watch.
  14. mjeze106

    NBA Thread

    This. It's basic math. And you could take it even farther and say that, in reality, because the sample size is larger, whoever ends the regular season with the best record is the best team.