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  1. Now is the worst time for ESPN to get ahold of something like this. They have literally nothing else to report on.
  2. This sentence could be taken a couple different ways based on how you pronounce the word “live”...
  3. I've been lurking since the old scout days. Glad to see you back. *I'll go back into my cave now*
  4. Some good stuff from our friend:
  5. I didn’t think anyone was leaving personally. I’m interested who’s in the starting lineup
  6. We could/should have a top ten team after the weekend! Also, did anyone else see Baylor destroy UConn? Makes one of our losses look better.
  7. Word on the street is Sling will carry BTN beginning with the 2020 football season.
  8. Whoa whoa... not so fast We’ve played two garbage opponents. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While I am also excited about what I’ve heard/seen out of Smith so far, we as a fan base should know by now not to let our expectations get out of hand.
  9. Cool tweet showing all of the AP voters: One voter even had IU at 19.
  10. Looks like the replay for the Western Illinois game will be on BTN Thursday, Nov 7 at 9am EST Portland State will be on BTN Monday, Nov 11 at 9pm EST Knowing BTN though, these could change.
  11. Is it Jerami, Jerian, and Jerai Grant?
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