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  1. PoHoosier

    Juwan Morgan

    My wife does not read this forum.
  2. PoHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I cannot argue against any of that. As much as I want to see TJD here (highest priority in the class as of now imo), IU will still be good without him. Its just that we will be seemingly much better with him. As you are talking recruiting only, I agree with you. As for the "loser's mentality", I cannot agree with. I prefer the attitude that I can kick arse with a greeting card while you have brass knuckles. I just prefer to not be in that matchup.
  3. PoHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Asking for clarification. When you say regularly landing 5 star recruits, is that 1 every 2 years. What is regularly? Not trying to be "that guy", but I believe 1 every year or 2 is fine. If we are after a Romeo in 1 class and a TJD in the next and CAM wins 50% of those recruiting battles, I believe we will be fine as solid 4-star recruits that fit are added. Product on the floor will certainly help. Romeo's recruiting wins/momentum doesn't expire for sometime imo. He plays high into the lottery, there will be more opportunity for recruiting momentum.
  4. PoHoosier

    Weight loss motivational thread

    Bottomed out on Thurs at 198. Pizza Hut and Taco Bell pushed me back to 205. Official weigh-in today: 201.
  5. PoHoosier

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    My apologies. I think you understood what I was implying. No doubt he or other recruits can make it to the NBA at other schools just as well. I also wasnt trying to take a shot at the OSU fan base. My point was more to the degree of how much discussion was driven by the passionate fan base here as opposed to elsewhere. Next up.
  6. PoHoosier

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    I wonder how many pages are discussing DJ Carton on the collection of Buckeye boards.
  7. Adding to what others posted, between my sophomore and junior years in high school I put on 28 lbs. 8 of that in a month, sure, some of it was just teenage growth. After graduating, lifting weights out of boredom and going between the beach and 3 hours of pickup ball, I put on 25 lbs of muscle over a summer. I believe when your young, these gains may not be normal. Having the facilities, the trainer, and incredible will power, these gains are very achievable.
  8. PoHoosier

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    I believe there is an axe to grind here. The axe just doesn't have Mile's name on it. The defensive stance Mile takes when posting intel as he has said, is due to the backlash he has received in the past. No backlash, Mile would likely be confident sharing more and more directly.
  9. PoHoosier

    Freedom of Information Act does not apply

    Like posting on a message board.
  10. PoHoosier

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Crazy scary stuff. Perhaps Btown or another official can way in, I am of the opinion that a ref should (almost) never throw a punch. As an official, its the duty to maintain control of the game, breaking up fights and more. Throwing a punch means that you have lost all control. I likely need more context than this video to find my above opinion relative to this crazy event.
  11. PoHoosier

    Names on back of IU Jerseys ?

    Another angle on this without having names..... The desire to play well enough to WANT everyone to know my name. Not sure many think like that, but it was what I believe to be an interesting thought.
  12. PoHoosier

    Brandon Newman

    I learned more life lessons in sports than I did in the classroom. I learned people skills and more in sports. I know which one has furthered my career ( I do not work in customer service or remotely close ). I fall in the 0.01%? Either way, without the development in the classroom, I do not get the opportunity to show 'people skills'.
  13. PoHoosier

    Brandon Newman

    I'm late to the conversation, but adding to this.... I worked with a guy for about 10-15 years that went to Marion High school. He was not good enough to get a bench spot on the reserve team, sure, he was good, just not good enough. Being this is Indiana..... We also had a supervisor who attended a basketball school in California who averaged 25 ppg that was 8 years younger than Mr. Marion graduate. California was in his mid 30s at the time he played a pickup game of 2 on 2 against the scrub Indiana guy. The teammates in this pickup game were pretty evenly unskilled. You know what happened. The guy from Indiana absolutely destroyed. He had no scholarship offers as he did not make the team in H.S. where as the Cali guy had offers, not necessarily high D-1 or anything, but he had offers and opportunities. The event only confirmed my opinion of Indiana HS basketball.
  14. PoHoosier


    I largely agree. I know your response was not directed at me. Putting a slightly different angle on it.... A pain patient, whose sole focus is their pain and nothing else, I imagine having their pain out of the way to be able to focus on something else would be a huge quality of life improvement for them and everyone around them. For them to go from nonfunctional to contributing members of society isnt a stretch with some of the results of research I have read about. Are there bigger issues out there? Absolutely. For those who know someone who could benefit largely from a change in law, this one is big.
  15. PoHoosier


    Though I joke pretty often about, I never smoked the stuff. I have only done caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol. I was always afraid if I tried marijauna, I would want to smoke it all the time. I do not think it should be illegal. Too much medical potential to leave it where its at legally.