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  1. Trendon Watford

    At 200 minutes a game, 3. 8 man rotation can each get exactly 25 minutes per game.
  2. OT IU Baseball

    I believe IU lost a tight one: 5-4.
  3. Early entrants

    Again, not the choice you or I would likely make. However, I could see many of those on that list desiring to focus solely on basketball and chase their degree later when they can no longer perform on the court. Sure, most will not see the NBA millions, but having their sole focus be basketball could put them closer to their dream - basketball for a living - G league or overseas. Not the choice for me. To each their own.
  4. Early entrants

    It comes as no surprise as there are increasingly more options than to play college ball. Not the option many of uswould take but it may be increasingly appealing to a younger generation. Is social media and edited mixed tapes causing an over inflated sense of self?
  5. What is the hardest life lesson you've ever had to learn?

    Love. My wife can not only NOT be responsible for my happiness but the level and depth of my appreciation and love for her can never be dependant on her. Love is stronger than an emtion, it's a deliberate choice.
  6. Romeo Langford

    Page 251.
  7. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Adding to the above, 4 of Vic's 5 turnovers were in the first half. He tightened up his handles. This is something a great player does, makes an adjustment, helping his team to come back from 17 down any way he can. But you're right, its better to pick a night when Vic is having an off shooting night to promote Bogdanovic and his stellar play. Glad he had 30, and if he does it again the next game and they win, GREAT. Read my sig.
  8. 2018-19 B10 opponents

    Last of these I read was by a Michigan grad and he too had IU 8th. I will have to see where this 'author' received his education. Edit: Northwestern confirmed. (Obviously)
  9. Is 2019 Class Boom or Bust?

    In all seriousness, I do remember the movement. After all, Yogi was 'the motor' or at least the key piece of it. I will enjoy the memory of the assists leader's playing days at IU. Though his NBA career belongs to him, I believe he will be a good ambassador for IU as fans and coaches can point to an undersized guard meeting with success at the next level. Apologies for going for a laugh instead how I really felt. I think I offended myself. I agree that CAM and staff are putting the work in recruiting wise to have us feeling good in the off season. Another fine article TDH. Thank you.
  10. Is 2019 Class Boom or Bust?

    I had Taco Bell tonight, so in reality, it wasn't long ago.
  11. A brief skim seems to not favor the Buckeyes.
  12. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Playing devil's advocate here, the top teams were those who had great players staying 3-4 years under the best coaches. Goerge Mason and Loyola likely do not make the final four decades ago. Freshmen led teams don't seem to often have that veteran grit, leadership and determination junior and senior led teams have. Even the fab five in one of their FF runs needed a veteran lift from an upperclassman in Voskul (sp) to get there.
  13. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    Yeah, competition in the 80s and 90s was so ridiculously good. The 1992 Dream Team will likely never be matched. Or the alcohol took its toll?
  14. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    I did not police you, policing you would have been reporting your post. Which I know reports flowed on a couple of the other posts that were not yours. You opened the flame war coming to a Pro Victor pro Hoosier board with an absolute that was illogical and nonsensical, yet you talk of respecting posts.
  15. Pacers vs Cavs Series

    This is a reasonable post and doesnt speak in absolutes nor is it inflammatory like the one just below this. This is an IU forum and an IU great is playing for the home team. You are very welcome here, but remember, your bias will be met in kind. Also, where were the Cavs before LeBron? Is your fandom LeBron only or Cavs or? Not following your logic with the criticism of the Pacers. Your posts flaming the Pacers or history is logically flawed.