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  1. Context. In the case of context, excuses are usually considered negatively, especially on this board. How often do we hear "Those are JUST excuses" which equally downplays the reason for an outcome and the poster stating a fact. On the flip side, I am not giving the team, coach, and the gum on the under side of the bleachers in Assembly Hall a free pass. It was a rough season with many obstacles and challenges. I believe we were not twelve losses in 13 games bad. As a fan, I know it happened and there is little I can do about it. I am in the middle, there are reasons the season did not go as well as we would have liked or thought it should have. I also struggle to find a reason why we could not win one more game. I do believe we have the right guy leading the program. I believe in time with CAM, we will be once again be having the discussion how an injury kept us from the final four instead of the NCAA tourney.
  2. The recurring theme / answer I see to posts and questions is one word: passivity. I'm with many, not trying to bash him, he's a phenomenal player. He had maybe 2 games that were memorable and game-winning performances. The drive to the rack vs MSU and a game earlier in the non-con where he took over with Morgan on the bench. At some point he will go from someone will win this to I am going to win this.
  3. I too have been watching basketball for over 40 years, and I too know what I see. It's ok to have a different opinion.
  4. You know, the ACC didn't exactly punk the B1G in the challenge. Michigan did pretty well against the team that went 2-1 against Duke. Is this a case of 'the grass is greener...'? Don't let the networks influence you on the B1G, the networks (ESPN) are the ACC/Duke hype train. The B1G is fine. Sadly, the conference is so balanced, they just beat the crap out of each other for 20 games. Hopefully, each team has something left for the tourney.
  5. Mostly agree. Considering coming back is different from expecting. My post was open ended with the only expectation on his development, which will very likely happen on contract.
  6. I believe this is spot on regarding his shot. There were times his shot came off his fingertips it reminded you of the seemingly effortless form of Jay Edwards. Other times, his shot seemed 'pushed' or flicked. Line drives with little arch, it's something that will be worked out, and when he has it down, look out. His defense: the length is there, the coachability and athleticism/quickness are there. Desire over time and repetition are next, which I also believe will happen.
  7. I wouldn't say 'love the drama' as much as I would say desire to seek acceptance/approval of those likely never to give it. Agree that it's drama that doesn't need fed and should be left to starve.
  8. CAM misses on a recruit, what's his name? Anyway, CAM landed 2 of 3 five stars just from Indiana in 2 years. People are already questioning his ability to lock down the borders? Let's not look at getting recruiting victories in the last two 5 star battles. Let's forget gold jersey winner and 100% crystal balled Jerome Hunter to go to Ohio State. Drop Rob Phinisee from Toiletmaker land coming to IU. Forget every recruiting victory because today stings and there is no outlet with the season ending in disappointment. It fits the narrative. Question CAM and Schilling, sure, but.... The level of dumb..... Be reasonable. I don't get it other than maturity levels being off. Probably not going to talk any sense into a brick wall, but it needs to be tried.
  9. Someone PM me, date night with the Little Misses tonight.
  10. I moved up to Fort Wayne from Wells County / Poneto in December of 2017. If anyone remembers, 2 years ago to the day almost, I posted that my job of 2 decades was closing the doors and selling the plant (Buckhorn Bluffton). Many here said they would pray for me and many more offered support. 2 years later.... I have a great job doing something I enjoy (most of the time) making more than twice as much. To all those who offered support / prayers or simply thought of me then, thank you. Fort Wayne has been very enjoyable, living off of Dupont Road (the number of IU plates astounds me). So much to do. Every eatery ever is within 20 minutes. There is likely more to Fort Wayne that I will never enjoy or know about simply because the city offers so much.
  11. I slept through the game today and the Rutgers game due to my night shift schedule. 12 noon for me is everyone else's midnight This morning at 8:41, while I was sleeping, my mom texted me. Her words were "call me when you get the chance". My family is weird and not tight-nit ( mostly because I do not have children and am not an alcoholic ). Knowing there isn't an approaching major holiday, it's bad news. She says at 11:48 pm last night, your brother had his 2nd heart attack. I respond "I didn't know about his first". Turns out he had one five years ago when he was around 40. He has me by a lil over 3 years and around 100 lbs. I felt a little bad, but not as though any normal person would feel. If anyone knows my personal history ( revealed around a year ago on this forum ), this brother was my abuser. My only wish with this statement is that if your family is even moderately normal, appreciate them. Appreciate them lavishly and regularly. If they're not normal, Jesus help you and try anyway. Hope this perspective helps someone today. Thanks everyone for being a part of the extended family, you are appreciated. It's always great to be a part of the Hoosier family.
  12. Gonzaga falling further behind and listening to Vitale ....
  13. Save your puns for the OSU pregame thread!
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