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  1. I like the way you think, spelling IU FOOTBAL with less L's.
  2. The namesake of the Heimlich maneuver reportedly never used the technique until May of 2016. At his senior living community, he saved a fellow resident. He later died in December of that year at the age of 96. Never had to perform CPR. Thankfully, I'm trained and only had to give it on a test dummy.
  3. Last I read it was amount fined by EPA. Cases where individual stores will get fined for $100s of thousands. With thousands of stores in the US, a small % getting fined with such a sum, Walmart will take the top spot.
  4. I usually stay away from Walmart. The maximum security style cameras on top of the store along with them being the largest polluting retailer in the nation every year. Not even starting in with the countless conspiracies the retailer is involved in. However, styrofoam cake, that's a new one. If I need something specific, I try to get in and out of there quickly.
  5. Haha. I actually worked with a guy who said the same, only he said it once a week. He was serious you could tell by his tone and of course, odor.
  6. I shower once a month whether I need it or not.
  7. Coleman camp stove or the campfire, some of the best food one can make.
  8. Tennessee seems to have a better chance than the other 6 on his list
  9. You care enough to keep posting. I think you are acutely hopeful. Maybe you are rewarded and the wins flow and along with that hope,and ultimately comes IUs return to prominence. Worth noting that the hope is acute, and almost dead. Fortunately, you're not entering the 'Inferno' just yet.
  10. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ....Analytics suggest he get pulled?
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