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  1. PoHoosier

    IU vs Arkansas pre-game thread

    I was thinking this same thing.
  2. PoHoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Just a couple weeks in, the B1G is looking really good. Will be interesting how the conference looks as the season progresses. Hopefully, the ACC/B1G challenge ends similarly to the Gavitt Games.
  3. PoHoosier

    Marquette Post game

    I think we are in agreement. His form is too good to be a low % 3 point shooter for long. He will figure it out. Hopefully it's soon instead of the next level.
  4. PoHoosier

    The laugh at Purdue Thread...

    Which of Purdue's players had an 8 assist night over a ranked opponent this season? Certainly not all of their fans are clowns, right?
  5. PoHoosier

    Suggestion Thread

    Thanks, I should have looked before posting. Not sure how I missed it. I blame....... me.
  6. PoHoosier

    AP top 25 out on 10/22

    I remember when the Fab five lost playing respectably to Duke on the road in the early 90s and climbed 3 spots in the polls. Off the top of my head they climbed up to somewhere between 15 and 19.
  7. PoHoosier

    Suggestion Thread

    Not sure if it's worth a thread or if it's been shared elsewhere on HSN. Links to an official schedule and roster.
  8. PoHoosier

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Agree. Nothing is worse than a tie. Except a loss and a loss that should not have happened is worse than that.
  9. PoHoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    For sure. Figured Coach K would put the 2nd unit in at about the 8 minute mark.
  10. PoHoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Agreed. It's crazy. Thinking Duke will put up 100 on Kentucky only because they might let off the gas.....
  11. I visualized Usain Bolt in a relay passing the baton to Cartman.
  12. PoHoosier

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    Not a Kentucky fan, but these refs are not good. Also, the Zion slobberfest is on full display. I get it, he's a good player, but to talk of him every 4.2 seconds, leaping buildings with his 40 foot vertical, leaping from the free throw line to dunk while weighing 250kg and on.....
  13. PoHoosier

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    Upon closer inspection, he was +36 in 18 minutes. How ridiculous is that? Next closest by ratio was Davis with +22 in 12 minutes, then Fitz with +23 in 16 minutes. Early game against a cupcake. Much to be happy about. As everyone else has mentioned, need to clean up the free throws.
  14. PoHoosier

    Big Ten Football

    I am happy any Saturday during football season IU did not lose.
  15. PoHoosier

    Morgan Ellison Suspended Indefinitely

    I do not believe it's bias talking, but I really do believe IU is a different animal. Football similarity aside with the other schools, talking more to the point of IUs progressive landscape. Student Bill of Rights, the first of it's kind; the barely 18 month old domestic abuse policy. Great policies that protect students, thereby protecting the university. I do not believe IU holds it's football program or any athlete above it's policies or students. You may disagree, and thats what makes this board great, but please respect the other person. You once told me, a rape victim, I perpetuate rape culture. As a victim, the last thing anyone wants is the perp free to do it again. I tried that route once I came to grips with the stigma, shame, guilt, and self. Unfortunately the statute of limitations ran out by 2 years. Did he do it? Maybe. Is he innocent? Maybe, it's hard to be definitive one way or the other at this point. It's possible IU wanted to take no chances with Morgan and acted as a result.