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  1. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    The graph is good information. Something I needed to see. I was curious as to where money is going. This graph shows me the problem isn't as much the government as it is GREED in the capitalistic system. This conclusion is based on several findings. Corporate tax rate. A study of this tax since it's 1909 inception has shown it has only decreased since the 1950s from over 50% then, to it's current 35%. The Economic Policy Institute in 2013 published that corporate profitability is at an all time high. If corporate taxes are lower, the now even larger disparity of money is going somewhere. If it's not the government, and we certainly know it's not going to the employees. A study on wages adjusted for inflation shows the working class became just that through wage stagnation. They are no longer the middle class. That leaves only one place for the money to go. The rich get richer. This policy is reinforced by both parties through different means as it keeps them elected.
  2. PoHoosier

    Michigan State Pregame Thread

    Welcome aboard. Great first post. Let's hope you are right. Next game is always the biggest.
  3. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Fair and logical. It's not just the tweeting, that was the front for more. It's the substance or lack there of. His tweets come across, at best, insensitive or lacking fact. At worst, they are inflammatory racist and more. If he is like that on Twitter.....
  4. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Thanks for this. Perhaps my 3 posts saying I support our president we're not clear enough. I support our president. No matter who it is or what party they are from. Once more, I do not blindly do so. I offered 1 criticism showing where I do not support him on his decision to speak or what he says. I am glad he does, shows me that Trump is what he is. No, I am not saying that it's ok because he is who he is. We could have a president with more moral integrity and treated everyone well. What do I need to do? Do you believe I blindly support Trump and everything he says? I really do not know your beliefs on my position given your response. I offered 0 criticism on Obama, yet, you are not mentioning anything on that. So, it appears that offering a minor criticism of Trump means I am blindly supporting him while offering 0 on Obama must mean I am not supportive of him. Trying to get a grasp on this. Not meant to be inflammatory, just really exploring reason and rationale and I am coming up empty.
  5. PoHoosier

    Isaiah Stewart

    I like the wording of John Calipari's visit. Just a phrase? Either way, I find it hilarious.
  6. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    So much to digest here. Hopefully after 6 hours sleep, showing a property and a 14 hour work night I can respond sometime Thursday, hopefully with mostly cokerant thoughts.
  7. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Doubtful we will agree on this, and that is also fine. My offerings are that capitalism is fine, until corruption and greed enter into the picture. My concerns on socialism is Venezuela, and past failings of socialism. Lets say greed and corruption do in capitalism and we go with socialism, are the governmental powers that be (corrupt and greedy - why I mentioned getting special interest groups out of politics in my post above) still going to be running everything. Is it going to be different? We go down that road, are we able to turn back, or does the ship continue taking on water? How do we make socialism work ie, not fail as it has in Venezuela and now defunct governments/countries? Please do not cite Scandinavian countries as socialist as they rebuffed Bernie in calling them that when Bernie Sanders ran. None of those countries are socialist as many define them. Perhaps, our definitions of socialism are different. Canada is widely considered socialist, and has a 50% tax rate. Sweden is 61.85%, Denmark 60.2%, Finland is down to 51.6% after topping out at 62.2% in 1995, and so on. Are the poor helped out with socialism in these countries or are they subject to the same tax? Do they even have poor? I ask not out of snark, but because I do not know and know no one in those countries (except for a few in Canada and they want our tax rates and health care. To me, that screams of the concerns of socialism) I am throwing tons of stuff out there, I apologize, 14 hour work night, another tonight. Getting to direct answers, capitalism again is being destroyed by corruption and greed. Back in the 1950s, a corporation viewed its success not by its stock value or its profit margin, but the quality of lives its employees lived. One person could work in a household, one could stay home and take care of the kids and house. That one worker could pay for the house, 2 cars, and put the kids through college. Wage stagnation over the last 50+ years has destroyed capitalism and the family. Both parents must now work, the value of a parent in the home is not known, forgotten and often unheard of. Lastly, I think we do agree that there are HUGE problems. No solution is easy or without debate and tons of work. Hopefully, whatever solution is reached, things improve for all. Cheers, and great discussion. Hopefully, I can understand socialism better and have my fears alleviated through better understanding. Perhaps, those friends in Canada are wrong.
  8. PoHoosier

    Trendon Watford

    Happy birthday...... To this thread.
  9. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I do not believe I drew lines. Though I support Trump in some things does not mean I blindly support him in all. I wish he would stay away from Twitter. His children could stay away from social media as well. I supported Obama as well, and I did not agree with many things he did. He is our president. I will support and respect the office regardless of who is in it. Ideally, we get the special interest groups out of politics and have the politicians focus on their job representing the people that voted for them. If that happened, I wonder how far the gap between conservative and liberal would be.
  10. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    I agree and enjoyed open discourse with liberals before most identified or became synonymous with the left. Honest and not meant to be inflammatory question, of those who call themselves liberal, do you distance yourselves from the left? (Same could be said for the alt-right. Both extremes scare me.)
  11. PoHoosier

    2018 Midterm Elections

    Fair points. As a conservative moderate. I am a little more liberal on this one. This is a microcosm of the disconnect between the two political sides. It gives rural areas more clout, voting power, and the fact of 1 vote counting for more than 1 urban area's vote. That used to be the case before the civil war with votes being unequal. Getting rid of the electoral college isn't the answer, but something must change. This will likely spark the topic of the dead voting for democrats in recent elections.
  12. I wish I could like this post as well as give a Thank You for it.
  13. PoHoosier


    Studying this, Nike, and many angles. I have found Colin did not set out to disrespect, the nation, flag, or military. Kaepernick was speaking out for injustice and seeking to gather support for change. I was among those who were beyond dangerously close to throwing out the baby with the bath water, or rather, the message because of a perceived poor delivery. There is an old adage regarding truth or discovery. First, it is met with ridicule. Second, it is attacked violently. Eventually, it becomes an accepted norm. I will likely never agree with the chosen platform, but, free speech is free speech. Though I may not agree with what is being said, having served, it was my duty to fight to the death to preserve that freedom, that freedom of speech. Lastly, I am taking a wait and see approach on Nike. Are they looking to enact change? Are they looking to make a buck? Likely somewhere in between. Lets hope change gets their workers overseas a wage and hours that would fall in line with what would be perceived as fair.
  14. PoHoosier

    Big Ten Football

    Does this connection get made if he wasn't our president and knowing your political leaning? I avoid posting political facts due to my perceived bent here, that, and my understanding (or misunderstanding) of the rules.
  15. PoHoosier

    2018 Season

    MO did great yesterday.