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  1. I like the way you think, spelling IU FOOTBAL with less L's.
  2. The namesake of the Heimlich maneuver reportedly never used the technique until May of 2016. At his senior living community, he saved a fellow resident. He later died in December of that year at the age of 96. Never had to perform CPR. Thankfully, I'm trained and only had to give it on a test dummy.
  3. Last I read it was amount fined by EPA. Cases where individual stores will get fined for $100s of thousands. With thousands of stores in the US, a small % getting fined with such a sum, Walmart will take the top spot.
  4. I usually stay away from Walmart. The maximum security style cameras on top of the store along with them being the largest polluting retailer in the nation every year. Not even starting in with the countless conspiracies the retailer is involved in. However, styrofoam cake, that's a new one. If I need something specific, I try to get in and out of there quickly.
  5. Haha. I actually worked with a guy who said the same, only he said it once a week. He was serious you could tell by his tone and of course, odor.
  6. I shower once a month whether I need it or not.
  7. Coleman camp stove or the campfire, some of the best food one can make.
  8. Tennessee seems to have a better chance than the other 6 on his list
  9. You care enough to keep posting. I think you are acutely hopeful. Maybe you are rewarded and the wins flow and along with that hope,and ultimately comes IUs return to prominence. Worth noting that the hope is acute, and almost dead. Fortunately, you're not entering the 'Inferno' just yet.
  10. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? ....Analytics suggest he get pulled?
  11. Golf ball sized hail not far from where I am working just 30 minutes ago.
  12. And attended the same high school as I. I had no issues either with who pitched in the tourney. As for as awards, Mercer won B1G COY. I would question Coach if the selected pitchers were miles behind Sallfrank.
  13. Now that it's Memorial Day, What are your favorites? Sure, bacon double cheeseburgers and steaks are Staples, but what oddities have made your list? Have a favorite steak or meat rub? 1) slow cooked grilled salmon. Heavy extra virgin olive oil lightly salted. 2) twisted Q on my steak for the rub Inspiration for this thread came from 'favorite beer location's, grill is an obvious choice.
  14. Adding to that, there was an article out there that any combination of the GS lineup without Steph was worse than ANY lineup with him. Impressive stuff. They even had how important he was to the team detailing the 'hockey assist'. Incredible team player.
  15. Yeah, attendance is abysmal. I understand the outrage / disappointment. So many more fans could make it if it were in a central venue. Seeing the horrendous turnout makes it that much worse. IMO, having the B1G tournament there with it's turnout is not doing anyone a favor. As a player, the venue mattered more when it was in front of a real crowd. During their hayday, wrestling at Adams Central for a regular season meet meant almost nothing. Wrestling there for the ACAC tournament on the other hand... Omaha is not the same now as it will be in a number of weeks. As far as the B1G in MSG, at least that event mixes it up with visits to other locations.
  16. A program can be built with THE right one and done. I emphasized THE as I would not want a team of them. Reloading every year would be stressful for everyone and alienate fan bases every off year. Sure, I prefer a team of 3 and 4 year guys, but to place a 'Me first' label on OADs is not always appropriate. I am not saying you did that. My point would be that if a OAD came in with that being his desire, places winning above that desire, then everything will work out. I believe we have seen that at IU numerous times.
  17. I too question if he said that. I know he stated an approach to recruiting "inside out". If he did say exactly "lock up the state", please correct me.
  18. Anyone else hear or think 'Flanders' when they see this?
  19. You will get no argument from me. My hope would be to give credence to one side and to quiet the other. Unfortunately, we both know it wouldn't work that way. A report would likely cause as much divide as ever. It would be nice to eliminate NCAA waste and see the reason amateur sports as non-profit is truly to benefit the masses - ie: non-money sports. I believe that to be largely the case. However, as the FBI probe lingers on without the NCAA acting, I have to wonder how corrupt is the NCAA? Leading to the next insinuation, How much does the NCAA benefit/profit/exploit from hiding behind the whole amateur institution? Back to the OP. Sure, be like Nova, and not so much like MSU (abuse) or UNC (frauds). Integrity still matters.
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