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  1. Fort Wayne 1985 - had a 1973 Olds Cutluss with a hot 455 Rocket - got off work at 2 AM so thankfully was not drinking. was headed on Clinton. Speed limit is 35 and the lights are timed. If you double the speed limit you can still make all the lights. Got clocked at 77mph. Reckless Driving and lost license for a month. I think I turned out OK....man that car was fast...
  2. do we know when the transfer portal closes or dates when decisions need to be made?
  3. Guess we will find out soon if Moser is the guy. Ramblers are getting Nashed.
  4. Same old same old....I for one welcome end of season
  5. OMG I remember going to see him play for some Fort Wayne team (cant remember name). Every time he drained a shot, the announcer yelled "STEVE PLATT!!!" He said his name a lot....
  6. I went to Harding so my ultimate traitor is Masters
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