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  1. LSU will be fine...Cal Poly just got hammered over 5 bucks
  2. Just heard from a Michigan buddy that Beilien heading to the Cavs http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/26737028/michigan-beilein-coach-cavaliers Oops never mind I see this has its own thread
  3. I think they changed the rules a bit - if they retain an agent then can opt to go back to school if not drafted and invited to combine
  4. I dont know about all this stuff - however - I am happy for the win and for how the team is playing. Now get to at least 19 wins!!
  5. Grew up in Fort Wayne and attended Harding - I remember Jim Master(1980 Indiana Mr Basketball) went to Kentucky and how everybody regarded him as a traitor....
  6. And Winston pushes off every time he has ball
  7. What a sorry state we are in....little over 3 hours to game time with Purturd and only have 2 pages in the pre-game thread
  8. I am still pissed of about this one as well
  9. Guess they were tired of sitting around in this league with an 8-10 record
  10. Coach needs to give them the I am sick and tired of losing to Purdue speech at halftime
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