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  1. Sagamore

    Purdue Pregame Thread

    What a sorry state we are in....little over 3 hours to game time with Purturd and only have 2 pages in the pre-game thread
  2. Sagamore

    Thoughts on Fred Glass Thread

    I am still pissed of about this one as well
  3. Sagamore

    Minnesota Game Thread

    Team is unwatchable
  4. Sagamore

    Rutgers Game Thread

    We are not good
  5. Sagamore

    Michigan at IU game thread

    Guess they were tired of sitting around in this league with an 8-10 record
  6. Sagamore

    Michigan at IU game thread

    Coach needs to give them the I am sick and tired of losing to Purdue speech at halftime
  7. Sagamore

    Michigan at IU game thread

    That was a disaster
  8. Sagamore

    Keion Brooks Jr.

  9. Sagamore

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Inside the Hall has an article on Keion - past experience indicates he is about to commit
  10. Sagamore

    Louisville pre-game thread.....

    I believe IU 75 Lou 68
  11. https://deadspin.com/nigel-hayes-has-some-pretty-great-ideas-about-how-to-fi-1825920480?src=rss Wow, can you imagine the landscape of cbb and cfb if this were permitted?
  12. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

    Only bottle of good single malt scotch I own but have a feeling I will have a few drinks tonight!