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  1. Sagamore

    Louisville pre-game thread.....

    I believe IU 75 Lou 68
  2. https://deadspin.com/nigel-hayes-has-some-pretty-great-ideas-about-how-to-fi-1825920480?src=rss Wow, can you imagine the landscape of cbb and cfb if this were permitted?
  3. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

    Only bottle of good single malt scotch I own but have a feeling I will have a few drinks tonight!
  4. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

  5. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

  6. Sagamore

    Comcast Dropping BTN?

    Comcast is dropping BIG in May - nobody in the country will get it after that https://www.hammerandrails.com/2018/4/12/17230896/comcast-to-drop-big-ten-network-in-may Sorry for the Purdue link...
  7. Sagamore

    Comcast Dropping BTN?

    I dropped Comcast long ago and recently dropped Frontier FIOS TV right before basketball season started. Both companies are horrible to deal with. I am using HULU live tv which has BIG network. I live in the Fort Wayne, not sure if you are out of the area if you get the network, but you may be able to pay more and get it. I pay 40 a month for the service. I believe YouTube streaming may also carry the BIG network.
  8. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

    I am with Btown. Now that it looks like this might be possible, I am starting to get nervous. I still vividly remember the Donovan Debacle.
  9. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

    You will be missed Mile and hope to see you again soon!
  10. Sagamore

    Around the B1G/NCAA

    I feel sorry for the Kentucky players because they wasted their 7 month college career.
  11. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

    thanks for the link. interesting to see what they are thinking and saying.
  12. Sagamore

    Romeo Langford

    Apple TV Roku and Amazon Fire apparently have an app - pretty sure Roku is an app on XBOX One (not sure if you have to pay) Edit - Roku is a device not software