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  1. do we know when the transfer portal closes or dates when decisions need to be made?
  2. Guess we will find out soon if Moser is the guy. Ramblers are getting Nashed.
  3. Same old same old....I for one welcome end of season
  4. OMG I remember going to see him play for some Fort Wayne team (cant remember name). Every time he drained a shot, the announcer yelled "STEVE PLATT!!!" He said his name a lot....
  5. Funny they give fouls when they want them
  6. I went to Harding so my ultimate traitor is Masters
  7. There is enough pissed off to go around for everybody
  8. Hoping he ended up at Florida so I could say, "See you later alligator"
  9. If this was UofL it would be scrolling on ESPN. Since its big brother Kensucky, nothing to see here - move along.
  10. A good read...with a classic Crean pants shot. https://mgoblog.com/content/hoops-preview-indiana-2019-20
  11. When BIG started adding teams I seemed to remember hearing if a school has no FB program, or like ND FB remaining independent, they would not get an invite.
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