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  1. I'd take a look Smits. Not as good as his dad unfortunately. Don't see him as NBA draft material right now.
  2. He seems like a strong willed player. I like that and this team needs that. Would be nice to get some recruiting updates on a few of these kids too.
  3. Take advantage of the extra playing time together as a team and use it to help the young returning players get some additional experience. This can be extremely valuable to growth for next year's team.
  4. I could use some good news to bring this rough day to an end. Come on Keion, pick the Hoosiers. Help me out.
  5. Where there is smoke there is fire. So much UK chatter it seems right now. Could be a smoke screen, but don't know why. I think he had decided on IU and something changed his mind in the past couple months. Could be style of play and player usage during the skid caused him to second guess his fit in the system. Could be his dad or someone else really pushing UK, or could UK being dirty. But, I don't have much confidence in the decision being IU. I hope I'm wrong though.
  6. That's not what he said. He said UNC made more sense than UK.
  7. This review is ridiculous and ruining the game flow
  8. Glad to see some fight and hustle for a change. Would be nice if some of these layups would fall though.
  9. I'll have to look into him some more. Sounds like a strong hire from initial impressions though.
  10. I knew nothing about Sean Gleeson before today. But reading all the info being posted here, gives me a good feeling if he was the hire. Young guy, up and coming with explosive offense. I wouldn't complain one bit about hiring him based on what I have read so far.
  11. Scott Linehan was just let go by the Dallas Cowboys. Not sure if any NFL OC openings will be looking at him. Maybe more likely he would go back to a position coach job in the NFL than an OC in college though.
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