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  1. SpiderMonkey

    College Football (Not Big Ten)

    Clemson may win the next 2 as well with who they have returning.
  2. SpiderMonkey

    Ethan Morton (2020)

    This team could use some Tom Coverdale toughness.
  3. SpiderMonkey

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    It's 2019 now. Time to commit.
  4. SpiderMonkey

    David Bell

    I think it's great that both schools are seeing improved recruiting. I'd be shocked if Bell doesn't announce for Purdue. Any talk of him playing basketball as well at Purdue? Looks like they could use some help.
  5. SpiderMonkey

    The laugh at Purdue Thread...

    I don't think 3 defensive starters would have made any difference. Auburn essentially shut it down after halftime.
  6. SpiderMonkey

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Don't be offering up walleye. That's improper benefits. Probably get us a post season ban and loss of 2 schollies.
  7. SpiderMonkey

    Butler Pregame Thread

    Butler always is tough no matter who the coach is and players are. I've seen parts of a few of their games this year and they are a tough, solid team as usual. We don't have the shooters to match outside shots with them though. If McDermott and Jorgensen get hot from outside, I think Butler wins it. If we can keep those 2 in check from outside I think Hoosiers win by 10-15.
  8. SpiderMonkey

    Duke Game Thread

    seems like it's good that I can't actually watch the game. I would likely get kicked out of my hotel for screaming and breaking the tv. Maybe I'll just head down to the bar and grab a cerveza.
  9. SpiderMonkey

    Duke Game Thread

    Hell, my only means of catching the game are you guys and the espn game summary. I can't even stream the game.
  10. SpiderMonkey

    Brian Evans

    I love this quote from Evans about Coach Knight: “He was real honest,” Evans said, “Sometimes, he’s up close in your face and being real honest with you with a loud volume.” Let's call it what it was, being screamed at a few inches from your face. 😂
  11. SpiderMonkey

    IU - Southern Indiana Game Thread

    Sounds like poor shooting from 3 and ft line. That could pose problems this year if we can't knock down shots.
  12. SpiderMonkey

    IU - Southern Indiana Game Thread

    39-20 at Halftime
  13. SpiderMonkey

    IU - Southern Indiana Game Thread

    Anyone aware of a live video feed of the game?
  14. SpiderMonkey

    Scouting Report on Loyola Chicago

    Someone must have forgot to send that report to me then. Please add me to the report list so I can get the reports that everyone else evidently gets. Thanks.