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  1. I imagine kids who have NFL aspirations care…a lot. QB recruits aren’t going to flock to Brohm and his “system” for the free hotdogs at Jakes and all that local West Lafayette, Indiana clout. Make the guy have just one success story before you anoint him “QB God”
  2. I mean, absolutely….who wouldn’t want to play for a guy whose complete 20 Year NFL QB tree consists of Brian Brohm, Stefan LeFors, Brandon Doughty, Mike White and David Blough??? Dude is a molder of men and absolute success stories.
  3. I would hope so but I have no idea. All I’ve read is that it was a “2 horse race” and so DMC was headed to the WR room. Dex hasn’t played a single down yet in college but hopefully he’s been impressive in practice? To Btown’s point, he likely could qualify as a freshman if he wants to with the covid year and injury year. Sadly, unless someone gets injured, he’s not likely to get any reps this year with Conor and Tuttle jockeying for as many as they can get.
  4. I’m all for setting this kid up for success at whatever position makes that possible but this doesn’t exactly set IUFB up for the future. If Bazelak doesn’t want a 5th year, transfers, gets hurt, we have no one to take over the helm for 2023. Seems like the risk/reward really isn’t there. Hopefully CB has indicated to the staff that he’s here for at least one more year even if he doesn’t beat out Tuttle this season and we can recruit a top QB talent for 2023.
  5. I’d also like to think MSU has a higher priority secondary rival than us. If there were no “trophy” that game wouldn’t be considered a rivalry game by either fan base.
  6. Leave it to a Purdue fan to somehow equate an alleged plot between Adidas, Louisville & Rick Pitino to offer Romeo’s dad’s AAU team a run of the mill sponsorship amount to somehow being a cheating allegation against IU. Especially when said plot was supposedly well within the rules anyway. Also, given what we know has occurred over the past two decades, anyone who still considers what Sampson did as “cheating” are the adult equivalent of the kid who’d tell the teacher you looked over at their paper during a test. You may be right on a technicality but you’re still a major doucher and no one (including your own mother) actually likes you.
  7. I’m not sure I’d trade Leal, JG or Galloway for either of those two so hopefully they’re a TJD stays in the draft contingency.
  8. No one has to leave or get “run off”. We are now at full roster. Is there someone else coming I’m unaware of?
  9. That Syracuse team made the Final Four, lots of teams lost to them….just because we should have won doesn’t make it the worst loss in NCAA history. Disappointing loss? Sure. Massively. In my memory the worst loss in tourney history was 2000-01 season against Kent St. That team obviously had all the talent needed for a huge run (showed it the next year) and lost to a mediocre mid major
  10. The selection committee goes out of their way to declare that the conference tournament games don’t count. At some point the BigTen needs to figure out that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze and NCAA success trumps what little revenue the conf tournament brings. At the very least shrink it to the top 8 teams or figure out scheduling so there’s a week between the two tournaments
  11. If the conference tournament games aren’t going to count, stop playing them. My hatred of the play in game and lack of common sense on logistics is also well documented.
  12. I get it but those same players had all kinds of other others to major programs. I know Woody still needs time but we’re not playing the Anthony Davis lead Kentucky team. We’re playing St Marys
  13. Just not a good look for the biggest of stages. If guys are tired, play the guys who don’t play. Geronimo is the only one playing well today with effort. We’re getting embarrassed by a mid major who recruits kids in the 100-300 range.
  14. Geronimo needs to stay on the court and not foul in the second half. If he can do that and Galloway can play with some form of control we have a chance. But this is not a team you want to get behind on when your 3s and 4s can’t guard the perimeter
  15. We’re not doing anything but broken down one on one shots on offense and not guarding the perimeter. If there were two things that absolutely couldn’t happen today its those. Meanwhile we’re getting schooled by a squad full of kids who wouldn’t be offered a scholarship to IU. I’m tired of watching other programs do more with “less” while we recruit 5 star guys who can’t make a layup.
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