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  1. Hoosier82

    Zach McRoberts / Scholarship

    There's literally nothing stopping Archie from paying Zach back after he graduates. I'm sure it would be, technically, an infraction of some kind but it's completely undetectable and unenforceable even if it somehow was deemed against the rules. With DeRon on the mend bringing in Fitzner was crucial. Archie is already quoted in saying he doesn't like to fill all 13 scholarships so I suspect at some point in the near future he'll have his roster figured out where he only has 11-12 guys and one would be available for situations like this.
  2. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    But his completion percentage is the best in the league so he must be good, right?
  3. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    Way to pitch Bell on his visit today. We can forget about landing him after this. “Come to IU where you wont get any catches because we cant coach and play a highschool level offense”. Bold strategy Cotton
  4. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    If we don’t improve we won’t win another game all season.
  5. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    What adjustments does Tom Allen implement to make this team better? Serious question. This team gets worse over time, not better. Can’t wait for basketball. An annual sentiment in October
  6. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    Wow. Tackling is hard
  7. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    Lol. Ball. What a day he’s having. Have a seat.
  8. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    So many mistakes. Defense is getting embarrassed
  9. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    The defense has been bad today but the Offense needs to improve greatly if we’re gonna win games. I really wish there we’re competent sports writers who would hold Allen’s feet to the fire about DeBord. No one asks him to justify the play calling. The guy can’t coach and we’re left to pretend it’s because of the personnel on the field.
  10. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    Wow this defense is embarrassing.
  11. Hoosier82

    Iowa Game Thread

    When did Allen switch to #10? - nevermind. Makse sense
  12. Hoosier82

    Mabor Majak

    To win a national championship? I was only being half-serious by my post. I'm sure he can get plenty of offers at smaller schools. That being said, McRoberts seems to be enjoying himself as a walkon at IU.
  13. Hoosier82

    Sampson James

    Makes sense, he’s by far the highest rated recruit for IU in the modern era. I’m hoping he has just as big of an impact off the field in terms of recruiting as he will on it.
  14. Hoosier82

    Mabor Majak

    Preferred walk on?