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  1. Get these kids the Whoop band. It’s incredible in how it produces work load/ recovery data. If we have $10m for buyouts, surely this is in the budget
  2. With Stevie gone he may be our go to short yardage guy. Kid is a load to bring down and I hear he doesn’t shy away from contact at all.
  3. I’m pleasantly surprised as to how many “last scheduled” visits we’re getting. If you’re not out front by a long margin (i.e. an early commit situation) you wanna be last...really hope this is a top 15ish recruiting class to give this program the talent and credibility it deserves
  4. None of that surprises me and he’d have a clean slate with Woody. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. Winning cures all but I won’t be disappointed if he doesn’t come here and I’d prefer he didn’t. But no one is asking me so, what will be will be.
  5. Exactly...decisions have consequences. Go play for Cincinnati or Purdue or some other second tier program with no respect for itself...He’s not Eric Gordon or anything close so spurn me once,...beat it loser. I’d rather play KB’s team (whoever it is) and beat him than let him join us.
  6. I don’t mind at all going into the portal and seeing what your options are in case you’re not in Woody’s plan or going to get adequate usage/playing time...but when you’re a bonefide starter and leader of a team you don’t go in conference and play against your squad. There’s plenty of options outside the conference for him to consider that would be equally as good of a fit. If being the enemy is an option to him than coming back shouldn’t be. I can’t imagine the guys returning are cool with him considering Illinois and if they are that says a lot about why our program is where it is.
  7. Perhaps I’m in the minority but I don’t want kids on this team who are actively exploring transfering to an in conference rival (especially UofI). I don’t care what the coaching situation is, you don’t do your teammates like that.
  8. Best news is the analysts can’t give him the anti-bump for committing to IU because he doesn’t have a rating yet
  9. Jesus, man...where’s the brick wall I’m supposed to run through?
  10. Show me something other than an opinion piece that proves Purdue statistically is significantly younger than then the vast majority of teams. IU has one senior and plays a kid who should be in high school...along with 3 other true freshman and three sophomores. By your definition Race qualifies as a sophomore (so make thet 4) because he was hurt almost all of his sophomore season so if you don’t play it doesn’t count. That leaves us with only Rob and Al as upperclassmen. Cute excuse for underperforming in a tournament down the road from your campus to a program who’s never won a tournament gam
  11. The rapport with McCulley makes this a no brainer. 70% of being a great receiver is having a good QB who trusts you and knows where you’re gonna be on the field. He’d be making a huge mistake not teaming up at IU. When QB1 is your boy, he’s gonna get you the ball.
  12. I don’t know what stats you’re referring to other than you declaring they are one of the youngest teams in the country. Got a link? I haven’t seen a single published article or ranking list. The term “young” pertains to age. The notion of a “young team” relates to the guys who actually play. If you want to argue Purdue is one of the more inexperienced teams or is a team that lacks depth...fine. To be “an extremely young team” you need to be playing more than two 18-19 year olds.
  13. Based on the fact that you have 3 Juniors on the starting lineup and another in Wheeler off the bench. Purdue only plays two true freshman and three sophomores/RS freshman. You don’t get to consider Newman and Gillis as freshman when you’re talking about age. Purdue has a very average aged team by today’s standards
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