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  1. Hoosier82

    Kadin Shedrick

    Oladipo was the "consolation" prize for the Quinn Cook sweepstakes. DeMatha's team was centered around Quinn and VO didn't see the ball much and thus wasn't highly recruited. OG had a great AAU tournament when Crean was in town to watch Morgan. Both were accidents but I do give Crean credit for seeing the potential and striking while the iron was hot.
  2. Hoosier82

    2019 DJ Jeffries decommits from Kentucky

    Hardaway has been a very successful AAU coach, his name and NBA resume go a long away with kids. This isn't Chris Mullin trying to revamp St. Johns. Hardaway is young enough to relate to kids, came from nothing like most of his recruits and can sell his knowledge on knowing what it takes to make it. I don't know how this is such a surprise to people. Go be just one of a plethora of 5 star talent playing for a total dbag who's focus is building his brand while stroking his own ego versus go play for a guy who's going to build a team around you and focus on getting you to the NBA. The irony is that it was Cal himself who proved you can get to the NBA while playing at Memphis.
  3. Hoosier82

    Up up and away!

    He’s 6’6-7 so just doing the math, all he needs to do to obtain a 4ft max vertical is get his nose to the rim, which it definitely appears he did. This definitely seems legit to me. What I want to know is if this is a drastic improvement from last season or has he always had this level of hops. He had plenty last year so if he’s growing his athleticism, look out. Especially as he gets stronger
  4. Hoosier82

    Up up and away!

    Modern era stats. I watched Steve Hart touch the top of the backboard at 6’3. Was the most athletic dude I’ve ever seen. Im impressed by Smith’s progress and am looking forward to seeing what he brings this season but a “record” this is not.
  5. Hoosier82

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    They have CJ Jackson and no one else. Which was part of the reason they went out and grabbed Dakich last year because of the lack in PG depth. Jackson will be a senior when Carton shows up but so either they'll make room and move Jackson back to the combo guard/shooting guard spot or he'll play behind him for a year but OSU makes a lot of sense from a position depth perspective.
  6. Hoosier82

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Agreed. You have to go after them, that's a given but my personal preference will always be get the one or two best guys you can muster in any class then build around them with guys who are solid but will stay 3-4 years. A very good senior can be much more valuable and arguably better player on a college team than a top 10 one-and-done freshmen. TJD is a kid who will continue the recruiting momentum but I don't necessarily need Archie to only be shopping in the top 25. A good balance makes for sustainable success.
  7. Hoosier82

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Villanova only had two 5 star recruits on that team in Spellman and Brunson. DiVencenzo and Bridges were the other two drafted and were no where close to 5 star status.
  8. Hoosier82

    Keon Johnson

    He kinda reminds me of Troy Williams from that brief video. Unfortunately there was no way to tell if he has better handles/shooting ability since all he did was take it to the rack (albeit hard and with a purpose every time). I will be curious to see how/if this develops.
  9. Hoosier82

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I fully understand the law but thanks for the free legal "advise". You conveniently change the scenario to "fans celebrating by rocking his car" from "fans attempting to roll his car over". If people are attempting to tip your car over you have every right, in the state of Indiana, to defend your property. In this case the person would have had to actually shoot someone to be worried about use of excessive force. Pointing a gun at people to get them to stop attacking your property is exactly why the law was instituted in the first place.
  10. Hoosier82

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Before any of you start flipping cars over in the state of Indiana, read up on your stand your ground laws http://iga.in.gov/static-documents/3/8/a/9/38a91514/TITLE35_AR41_ch3.pdf Now by no means do I believe that jackhole’s story, but if by chance you’re attempting to flip someone’s car over they have the right to use deadly force to stop you...so no, pointing a gun at someone in that case would not be a felony or even a crime for that matter.
  11. Hoosier82

    2019 Class and Rankings

    You’ve got 19 committments thus far. Do you know how many scholarships are available? Technically you’ve already got a top 20 class without any of the guys you mentioned but that will be predicated on not losing Karlaftis to a flip which I know Harbaugh is doing everything in his power to make happen.
  12. Hoosier82

    2019 Class and Rankings

    I think the recruiting services have started propping up kids rankings or at the very least getting out to see more kids and actually evaluating them. If you look at our national ranking it hasn't really improved over the last 6 classes. We went from ranked 42nd in the nation in 2013 and saw a slight and gradual decline in the mid-high 50's and now are back down in the low 40's again. Being able to secure guys like Bell and Williams could propel this class into the top 25 and would also put us in the top half of the BigTen. We need to close out this class strong and make strides for the next class because Purdue is starting to make a name for themselves on the recruiting trail.
  13. Hoosier82

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    He strikes me as a Brozinni type of guy
  14. Hoosier82

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Ft Wayne and South Bend as well
  15. Hoosier82

    DJ Carton Commits to Ohio State

    I think this season (especially with Romeo) will be a huge deciding factor as to how our 2019 class and on will turn out. If Archie shows improvement and develops our guys like we all think he can then recruits will be lining up. I don't think anyone commits until they see how much progress has been made on the court from last year to this year despite how high they are on IU currently.