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  1. It can’t but it won’t get much better if we don’t pick up the effort on perimeter defense. We’re not communicating off or fighting through screens
  2. This starting lineup doesn’t work and it should be obvious by now. Kopp and Stewart can’t be on the floor at the same time.
  3. We really don’t have one extra scholarship to take both? With injuries and the transfer portal your QB room can’t be too big and Sorsby seems like an absolute wild card anyway
  4. Love Coach giving props to Durr here. Doesn’t show up on the stat sheet but he played a hell of a role in keeping Edey and Williams in check for 24 minutes.
  5. He’s definitely got some Will Sheehey in em. Great TEAM win. Guys weren’t afraid to step up for TJD. Hopefully our team isn’t in covid protocol after that court storm…enjoy the win tonight boys, get ready for Michigan tomorrow
  6. He doesn’t defend so it would probably wash out at best, give Purdue the game at worst
  7. This offense is absolute trash and Woodson acts like he gets a bonus for every saved TO
  8. TJD only has 3 fouls. Not sure why Woody is waiting for the under 8. Meanwhile Ivey is killing us
  9. Parker Stewart is killing us on Ivey. Can’t have that matchup the rest of the night even if it means he sits
  10. It’s “flagrant” because it was after the whistle. Not sure if Race heard the whistle but whatever
  11. If Rob (and XJ) can play like this all the time we’re a dangerous team
  12. Refs let Painter ice Geronimo at the line with a BS hook and hold review
  13. Painter leaving Edey on the bench is hilariously baffling m, and I’m here for it
  14. Seriously, who’s this Rob Phinesee kid?
  15. It’s like these refs are only begrudgingly calling fouls on Purdue
  16. Putting TJD on him was just bad coaching. Bring in Durr and let Race come off the bench
  17. We could try to front the post but yes, letting him catch the ball on the block is going to lead to 20pts on 9-10 shooting
  18. Race being 12% from 3 but still having a green light is BAFFLING
  19. TJD should equally be a problem for him though on the other end. We’ll spread out and score at will as he can’t stay with him. I actually like bringing in Geronimo and fronting the post on Edey because he has the hops to deflect entry passes
  20. Very curious to see who they put Kopp on defensively and who guards Edey between TJD and Race. Kopp can’t stay with their guards/wing and Edey is just a flat out matchup problem for us.
  21. Are we thinking a “Tim Tebow” game manager who can move the ball with his legs and short/intermediate passes or is Peyton Ramsey a better comparison?
  22. The discrepancy from 247 to “Composite” leads me to believe he’s missing some evaluations. There’s no way actual opinions on this kid vary that much. Correct me if I’m wrong but 247 has Hoover rated higher than anyone else also.
  23. Why the hell can we never and I mean never call timeout to avoid turnovers
  24. Kopp takes some bad shots quick into the shot clock. When you’re 2-7, time to get your teammates involved
  25. Perimeter defense needs to improve, otherwise a very good first half. JD and Galloway have been huge off the bench.
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