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  1. He’s gotta get his 40 time down or it won’t matter to GMs. DR ran a 4.78 at the combine, The only recorded time I could find for Stevie was 4.83 and he needs to be sub 4.7
  2. Agreed. He is a 6-7th rounder at best...and that’s if he manages to get invited to the combine and impresses. This is Devine Redding territory. I too hope he got his degree although I heavily doubt it. Good luck to him, I hope he lands somewhere with a paycheck
  3. Orange Bowl takes the top ACC available so we get the Citrus Bowl if the 3 loss teams stay ahead. Which they will. Which is criminal. Next year better be epic
  4. For IU gear I buy from “Indiana University Surplus Store”. They have a Facebook page and post links to sales/auctions regularly. They sell literally anything of value from IU but in batches they have athletic gear. Helmets; Jerseys; Warm Ups. You name it. All authentic, most of it is game worn. I have two jerseys from them and one helmet. Hope that helps. Otherwise you gotta find one of those custom jersey makers in Asia and hope for the best
  5. Same for this week. I tried going to a IU Phoenix Alumni Association gamewatch for a game last year, in downtownTempe, but the bar couldn’t get the game so we left. I don’t think they held another one. Would love if these continued throughout the season
  6. Sorry you feel that way because I didn’t criticize you in any way shape or form nor was that my intent. It doesn’t matter to me if you want to keep your info to yourself but it’s pretty ridiculous for you to blame me and my post for your reasons not to.
  7. I literally didn’t criticize anyone. I only remarked that we all have had to wait until the announcements to know where these guys are going. Insiders went back and forth on Romeo for months until he announced. If someone leaked something a day or two beforehand I must have missed it. I don’t care if people post inside information or not. If what I said was somehow viewed as a criticism then that’s pathetic. I asked what pivotal info was leaked on this site by insiders that makes that select group of posters untouchable and to the point where people like you continuously bash anyone who dare c
  8. Guess you’ll just have to wait until he announces his decision. The horror...I mean I get that insiders stir up a ton of conversation here which can be fun to participate in but when’s the last time anyone actually broke anything legitimate? No one knew Franklin was commiting, Fitzner was coming, Hunter? Damezi? Forrester? Phin? Anyone in the last 5 years? Blackmon and Romeo are two that sort of come to mind but even the insiders were quoted back and forth and the speculation lasted until the week if not day of. Even with Mile in Colorado we were all watching Davis’ announcement not really kn
  9. I’ve been asking the same question for years. Maybe it’s hard to find enough teams in the 125-175 range but we need to find a way to schedule less 250+ if not any teams above that mark. No good comes from this...it almost counts as a loss in KenPom, BPI, RPI etc no matter how much we win by, and the fans loath these games. As of a couple hours ago there was a pair of courtside sideline bleecher seats on sale at Vivid Tickets for $75 each. I’m not even sure that’s face value...in context those seats will sell anywhere from 1500-3000 each depending on the opponent and day of the game this seaso
  10. Better than ours, absolutely...rich tradition? Agree to disagree. If he wins 2 of the next three and makes some off season transactions on the coordinator positions I'll change my tune as he'll have shown he's growing into his role. I did preface my initial comments by saying if we don't beat Maryland...This will be a test of how well he's managing the locker room. Lose with poor effort and lack of execution and you know he's lost the team. Can't imagine losing 5 games in a row and coming back to beat Michigan on the road and a surging Purdue team. This game should be very important to Allen a
  11. I didn't realize Durham was hurt. Sorry if already posted but what happened to him? I take it Hunter is full go? Too bad for Race, he needs games like these to get playing time and show what he can contribute. Otherwise he may never get off the bench.
  12. In fairness, we have a 3 page thread over in the bb recruiting section for a kid who's best offer is Bradley. When the football team is this bad and basketball season hasn't started yet odd topics get a lot of attention.
  13. Alvarez took over an absolute cellar dweller of a program who had won a total of six games in three years under the previous HC and had them at 5-7 in his second season then won a Rose Bowl in the 4th year. Allen took over a team who had just gone to two straight bowl games, had upgraded some of the best facilities in the nation and a BTN contract to ensure all their games will be on national TV. The point is Alvarez learned to be a coach from two HOF guys over the course of 10 years. The two hires are not even in the same book let alone chapter of new hire successes. I never said IU's coach h
  14. Fitzgerald had worked his way up in the program for five years and was already considered the heir apparent to Randy Walker when he died unexpectedly. The Alvarez comparison is nonsense. Alvarez coached at Iowa under Hayden Fry for 7 years and Notre Dame for three (under Lou Holtz) before taking over at Wisconsin. Allen's "resume" is position coach at Ole Miss for 3 years, South Florida DC for 1 and Indiana for 1. Nine years of coaching two of the top programs in NCAA football history is a far better resume then Allen's five year coaching tenure. Wilson's class national rankings: 55, 57,
  15. Allen was never qualified nor deserved this job in the first place. It was all based on his over hyped turnaround of the defense during a crisis situation with the firing of Wilson. We got blown out by Iowa at home (a team Purdue beat) so I'm not sure we were "in that game". Were we in it against OSU? When in the first half? Cool....Our talent has not been upgraded. That's just a lazy analysis of recruiting ratings. If you look at how Allen's classes compared to Wilson's they are relatively the same in BigTen ranking and National ranking. Recruting services are giving kids elevated ratings, i
  16. Agreed. Fleck is the real deal. I was actually hoping we would hire him away from WMU but instead they offered Allen the job. He'll have Minnesota competing at the top of their division in no time. If we can't beat this Maryland team at home with all they're going through, Allen needs to be fired before he makes it to the locker room. Literally, I would want to see Fred Glass on the side line handing him his notice of termination.
  17. Forget that noise. I’m not interested in participating in a forum where there are different rules for different posters. The thing that makes this place great is definitely not “insiders”, it’s a community of fans who come together to talk IU sports, have debates, share opinions. This place exists without “insiders”. It in no way exists without the rest of us and providing a platform to express opinions. The rules are same for everyone. If I can be bashed for having an opinion not shared by someone else an “insider” can be equally criticized for making a false statement.
  18. When was anyone “bashed” or “made fun of” or “attacked”? Ive seen a couple comments of people criticizing “insider info” that turned out to be false. Haven’t seen a single comment that was inappropriate. What did I miss?
  19. It’s not just DeBord. Our defense is terrible. Allen needs to hire a coordinator and focus on his greater job. He also needs these people to be better ambassadors of IU football on the recruiting trail. I have no doubt parents of recruits love Allen but I’m not sold on the idea players are drawn to him personally. The program has regressed since he took over while other programs (mainly Purdue) are making strides forward.
  20. Joel Embiid infamously barely played at Kansas. Kentucky has 5 star players who don't start year two let alone day one. Jontay Porter from Missori also comes to mind from last season. This is why Kentucky can recruit as many 5 stars as do what they do every year. There are no upper classmen to compete with. But a four star Senior is usually going to beat out all but maybe the top 5 freshmen coming in so if you're a fringe 5 star like Brooks you better find a team with an immediate and glaring need or you're probably not going to start. Doesn't mean there aren't plenty of minutes to go around i
  21. I could see TJD at the 5, Smith at 4 and Brooks challenging Hunter fot the 3 spot. Meaning he’s not likely to play behind/looking to beat out both but rather one. Problem is we don’t know yet how good Hunter will be and I still have doubts as to just how good Brooks is at this time. But if Im Brooks and I don’t think I can beat out Hunter (right now, without seeing Hunter play) then I wouldn’t be all that confident I would start at UNC either.
  22. Do you ever like to talk sports or just lecture people on what they should and shouldn't do/say/think? If you don't like the thread stop posting in it.
  23. I know I wasn't. I had to look to wikipedia just to see when that was.
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