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  1. Ozerd

    Penn State Game Thread

    4 points. yikes. Smith is not a basketball player.
  2. Ozerd

    Duke Game Thread

    It's very apparent that Smith is an athlete first and maybe a basketball player second.
  3. Ozerd

    IU - Arkansas game thread

    slow moving train wreck.
  4. Ozerd

    I cut the cable. Now I need help.

    Hi All; saw this thread and thought I would add my 2 cents. I was with DTV for over 10 years and my bill was $140/month. I recently discovered YouTube TV for $40/month so I bought the ROKU Ultra. My only consideration for moving to YouTube was that they had the Big Ten Network and I saved $100 month. Yes there are some missing channels that I miss but overall I am glad I moved.
  5. Michigan State passed the basketball around the perimeter the whole game--they deserved to loose. No one was out setting picks. As an IU fan, I'm glad MS lost.
  6. Ozerd


    The Bright Side is Newkirk is gone. Green should never ever run a team at point. Hopefully the new guys can shoot the rock from 3 because we couldn't hit a 3 to save our life. How can a team from Indiana not be able to shoot? I am excited for next year.
  7. Ozerd

    Romeo Langford Poll

    Vandy-- if it was IU he would have said it already. One and dones are fine but we aren't going to be the next Kensucky. We need some Indiana kids who want to play at IU and stay for longer than 1 year.
  8. One of my fond memories of Calbert was going to the Hyper and seeing him play in pick-up games. Dude could shoot the rock.