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  1. Xavier taking the last horrible no good shot for the win is our season in a nutshell. Ugh. What a joke.
  2. We need more of whatever Trey Galloway is drinking.
  3. I'll give him a chance. Anyone has to run a better offense than Miller. Maybe he can get these kids to play like Men.
  4. He's definitely on a superior team. I'm happy for him. He still can't shoot the rock with any consistency. 14 rebounds is amazing.
  5. The only problem with Fife is that no one knows what type of offensive he would run, correct? If Dolson wants a "dynamic" offense that means that he, as anyone would, would want to see it. I just don't think Fife is the guy.
  6. The only truly available coach who has a dynamic offensive scheme is Beilen. I don't care about the "thug" comment, that was the NBA, this is college. His Michigan teams WON. A LOT. That is what IU needs. After the BS pass it's a no-brainer.
  7. I don't think so, Dan clearly took it in a sexual direction. Just a Guy being a Guy who is a national figure won't cut it anymore.
  8. Whomever thought that bringing in Lander this year was a good idea was wrong.
  9. Don't we have a waste bin for this thread?
  10. My 2 cents--great athlete, not so great Basketball player. I'm glad he's gone along with his attitude.
  11. 4 points. yikes. Smith is not a basketball player.
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