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  1. You haven’t defended your opinion. You are just making extremely biased statements. We’re here for discussion not hyperbole.
  2. I wish Rob could have stayed healthy. I really think that his battles with injury shook his confidence. I was hoping that Rob could have a breakout year next year. We will definitely miss his defense. Best of luck Rob, and thanks for all you did the last 4 years.
  3. I might dislike Purdue, but that should have been a charge on Texas
  4. No way the NCAA let’s coach k go out in the second round
  5. Michigan getting sped up. Jones not looking great in his first game back.
  6. Your ok with him not winning too? Well you would be as a Purdue fan…
  7. Number of years? Do you work for the KGB misinformation office?
  8. I don’t know…but they need to start giving flop warnings when a player does it.
  9. Yep they can hire a cheater that couldn’t win a championship with a stacked deck…I see why you’re jealous…get the f out of here with this sh!t
  10. After they win a championship, the NCAA will finish their investigation and give him a show cause retroactively. Xavier will lose their championship and Montana State gets the death penalty. 5fouls’ worst day ever….
  11. Creighton getting a little UNC treatment the last couple minutes.
  12. I hate the Melo Trimble move…stop throwing your head back!
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