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  1. ephul

    Purdue post game

    I wouldn't say obvious. After looking at it again, sure. But during live action, I wouldnt have guessed goaltend. And if you call that and it's not a goaltend, you're in bigger trouble. I could certainly point out plenty other "obvious" calls. There was a play when Justin Smith was down low, backing down the defender, and was literally hugged for a quick second. Agree on Bo. No idea how some of these guys have jobs. At the end of the day, the NCAA is a rich, rich organization. Pay good refs and make them full time. Make them referee every night. Over the past few years, I've grown to respect NBA refs. From the fouling perspective, I dont see too many calls where I'm screaming at the TV. I dont see too many games being decided by refs. I dont see too many "homer" calls
  2. ephul

    Purdue post game

    At some point you just have to be able to shoot the basketball. And folks, we are just offensively challenged
  3. ephul

    "Drastic changes"

    Losing by 30 to Minnesota would have been a good time to play them
  4. ephul

    "Drastic changes"

    https://mobile.twitter.com/MikeMillerHT/status/1097660934150070274 Yikes. I'm a believer of Archie, but he's becoming hard to defend during this spell
  5. ephul

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Romeo is, and was always, going to go pro if he was a top pick.
  6. ephul

    Colson Montgomery

    Because he likes to play basketball. And if you talk to any MLB scout, they'll tell you they LOVE when prospects play multiple sports. They prefer it actually. He'll have a really tough decision. But like Bob Saccamanno said, it''ll be much like Scott Rolen. People don't realize how good Scott Rolen actually was at basketball.
  7. ephul

    Colson Montgomery

    It's pretty likely at this point that he plays baseball. He has much more of a chance to having a professional career in baseball as opposed to basketball. He's a really good athlete though. Wouldn't surprise me if he went the other way around, but at this point, it's baseball.
  8. ephul

    Northwestern Game thread

    This team needs to learn to take an open jump shot. Seems like it's either 3 pointer or go to the rim
  9. ephul

    Colts and NFL talk

    I think our Defensive Lineman have to get home and get some sacks. Not pressures. Sacks. If we have to Blitz to create pressure, we are going to be hurting.
  10. ephul

    Toughen Up Buttercup

    Slightly off topic, but do I miss the Will Sheehey's of the game. The guy that your fanbase loves, and every other fanbase despises. That kid would walk into an opposing team's building and just FEED off the booing and jeering. We need a few kids like that. And believe me, that attitude is infectious. Not saying Will Sheehey was necessarily a "leader" per se, but the guy wasn't scared of a damn thing. Nothing could intimidate him. We don't have that right now. Juwan is the closest thing. And Juwan is the only one that can remotely be the leader that this team needs.
  11. ephul

    C.Ark post game

    I'm starting to think Cliff Moore may be a contributor his Junior and Senior year. Was somewhat impressed with his defensive positioning and understanding towards the end of the C Ark game. I understand Forrester got the focus due to the points, but I was intently watching Moore, and came away thinking, "man, he's ALMOST there". I think he's worked his way up to the point of me rather having him in the game as opposed to DeRon against a fast paced team. DeRon is still just a step behind defensively. And while Moore is too, I think Moore is quick enough to recover. Will be interesting to see how that progresses.
  12. ephul

    Colts and NFL talk

    I was hoping the Colts would take Scales as an UDFA. I'm pumped about this. He's the perfect fit for the Colts. Undersized, speedier, knack for being around the ball, etc. I truly hope he sticks. It's a great opportunity for him.
  13. ephul

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Agree 100%
  14. ephul

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Heavy favorite is a stretch. I've been told he's wide open, and is going to sit back and take it all in stride.
  15. ephul

    Isaiah Stewart Commits to Washington

    Especially considering Al Durham was one of the kids that would always be brought up. Now, all of the sudden, he's one of the best players on this team.