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  1. ephul

    James Bouknight

    Would be a nice get. Would put IU in a much better position if we could get a guard, and TJD locked up by early signing.
  2. ephul

    Trayce Jackson-Davis

    Very happy, and slightly suprised, that OSU isn't in the final 6.
  3. ephul

    Armaan Franklin

    IU wants to groom Franklin for PG. Newman is strictly SG. I don't think IU would hesitate to take both, assuming they are comfortable with Franklin at PG.
  4. ephul

    Armaan Franklin

    Going to be interesting in regards to the position he wants to play. IU wants him at the point. Not sure how much Purdue is pushing the point guard spot to him.
  5. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    And I'd say 90% of recruits and fans would rank current success as the biggest factor. I don't know about you, but the last 2-3 decades haven't seemed like we have the best program. Hence, losing Indiana recruits, and notoriety for that matter. Again, I agree to disagree.
  6. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    I have no clue what you're talking about.
  7. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    What do you use to define "best program"? Fred Glass agrees in part that it's wins and losses. And that's why he fired Tom Crean. We simply haven't been winning enough
  8. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    Yeah we'll have to agree to disagree. We haven't been consistently good for awhile. If I'm a recruit, of course I pick IU for the facilities, fan base, etc. But in terms of most successful, it hasn't been us. If success wasn't measured by wins and losses, Tom Crean would still be here.
  9. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    You are right, we should be. But we've got to do it before we crown ourselves as the most successful
  10. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    What do you disagree with? You don't measure success by wins and losses? I don't question whether we are the most profitable. We simply aren't the most successful on the court.
  11. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    That's great that Forbes has us as 2nd most valuable. But I measure basketball success with wins and losses, and we simply haven't been good for a while. It's pretty simple. Is that changing? We certainly hope so and it appears to be. But until we win, we aren't the best program.
  12. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    Right now? Not IU.
  13. ephul

    Who starts?

    This. McRoberts is going to start for a long time. There is enough scoring on the floor with Green, Romeo, and Morgan. Hunter is going to be on the floor when guys like Fitzner and Phinisee/Durham are in the game.
  14. Wow. Must've been a hell of a visit.
  15. ephul

    Tom Crean/Kevin Wilson Revelations

    And I will add, I think Glass did Crean a favor by letting him go when he did. Had Crean been at the helm and coached last year's team, would Crean really have been a frontrunner for the Georgia job?