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  1. This would make sense, if the NCAA were capable and competent enough to do it. Sadly, they're track record just isn't that great.
  2. Thanks for the info. To be a VERY good team, we will need At least one freshman (Between Phinisee/Anderson/Hunter) outside of Romeo to make a decent impact. If Hunter can do so, that fills a big void. We'll also need Devonte to step up big time. Expecting a great deal from Phinisee is unfair and unrealistic. Not saying he can't be a big contributor, but expecting it is unfair. Stepping in as a freshman PG isn't the easiest thing in the world. If we land Carton, we're in for a monster class. We're set up well two land two big time forwards, but the guards are fairly thin. If we can get Carton along with one of Newman/Franklin, we're going to be really good. Going to be tough to get Carton away from UM, but would be great to do so. Would not surprise me one bit if McRoberts starts. The kid is a winner and a lock down defender. We have enough scoring on the floor this year to cover up McRoberts lack thereof. His defense alone is worth a ton.
  3. ephul

    Interesting Crean interview....

    I love the "They were so upset when the Indiana thing happened". If Jim Harbaugh thinks it's BS to lose your job for lack of performance, he's going to be REAL upset unless he starts getting UM to the big game
  4. ephul

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    USI is a terrific campus. Greatest thing is, they own a TON of ground all around. Lots of room to grow.
  5. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    I hope so. Kid reminds me of Trevon Blueitt. Blueitt could shoot the ball, but folks didnt know if he was "athletic" enough for High D1. When you come across a kid that can shoot lights out and still hold his own defensively, you sure as hell better swipe them up
  6. ephul

    Brandon Newman

    Agreed. Him recruiting Hurt to Memphis was a big sign. However, may not be a bad thing. Still time to prioritize Hurt, Stewart, TJD, and Brooks. Any two of those are excellent.
  7. ephul

    Isaiah Stewart

    Good day to be there. Not near as humid as it has been.
  8. ephul

    Isaiah Stewart

    He and TJD would be quite the haul.
  9. ephul

    DJ Carton

    5'11 was generous
  10. I really don't see this happening. Beilein seems to enjoy coaching kids too much. Coming off a championship appearance + interviewing for other jobs= leverage
  11. ephul

    HSN site

    This wouldn't happen if this was a pay site. Sorry Mile. Just had to do it! 😆
  12. It's an article because a high profile coach in the middle of an FBI investigation is bitching and trying to cover his ass by saying he never did anything wrong and using this as an example. That's why it's an article. What about the kids that play on Tim's AAU team? Is it fair for those kids to get exposure based on Romeo's attention/public status? They are taking advantage of Romeo's fame, and damnit, it's just not fair.
  13. He didn't make a questionable decision. He took advantage of an opportunity. When you file you taxes with your accountant, do you tell him or her to get you as little back as possible? Or do you tell them to get every legal dollar back that they can? Everything Tim did was legal. You can argue morality all you want, but you have no idea how much the Langfords got, profited, donated, etc. All we know is Romeo is a fantastic, grounded kid, and Tim let Romeo make his decision. We said before he chose, that IU made the most sense.
  14. Right.... He seems to have raised a pretty good, down to earth son.
  15. ephul

    Jalen Lecque

    Some kids nowadays have insurance policies, so they'd still get a pretty good payday.