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  1. Nothing more than due diligence at this point.
  2. Some feelers have been put out to some former IU guys, but they are feelers only at this point. Archie doesnt have the broken fanbase that Crean had, so the hire will be based upon Merit only, not mending fences or pleasing particular folks.
  3. What is gained by burning bridges and talking about turmoil from a past season? Nothing is gained from spilling your guts to someone giving an interview, when the players in question are entering the draft, and/or still on the IU team. You're doing nothing but pissing off your previous teammates and coaches. I wish he would've said something along the lines of, "yes, we dealt with some issues internally, but we fought through it and came out better because of it". The issues were so obvious, that people like myself can do nothing but laugh when he paints such a rosy picture of last season. Again, I don't blame him. He's trying to make the NBA. What good comes from stirring the pot? You can believe the rosy scene that's been painted for you. But the reality is, there were issues. It affected play. You can choose not to believe it, that's fine. But to dismiss it because Juwan Morgan said everything and everyone was fantastic is laughable. Stuff like this happens with a lot of teams. It's how quickly you can resolve those issues and get back to playing sound basketball.
  4. What do you expect him, or any other player to say? There was definitely "problems" in the locker room. Those "problems" eventually were put behind everyone, and they began worrying about basketball. Unfortunately, it was too little too late.
  5. This. Don't expect any big time offers.
  6. This was in the works for a little while.
  7. We got faster and deeper on both sides of the ball. Campbell is perfect "TY" insurance. And if Cain and Fountain show up at all, they'll give Funchess a run for his money out wide.
  8. Yep, that is a very intriguing option if you are Ballard.
  9. I wouldn't be surprised to see Ballard trade back again, especially if the Missouri QB is still on the board. I could see Cody Ford/Jawaan Taylor, then a WR with the middle 2nd pick, and a Safety/CB with the other pick. I know AJ Brown/Hakeem Butler is the "Sexy" WR Pick, but I wouldn't mind seeing Parris Campbell
  10. Agree with this. I don't think there are any DE's worth taking in the first round. Would not be surprised if we take another O Lineman, more importantly, a Tackle, with our first or second pick.
  11. I think with Harris having some PG skills, defensive mindset, and a decent shot, they'll be pushing for him over Quinones. However, Quinones obviously fills a void being a shooter, so I think they'd take either one.
  12. Agree 100%. Troy knew what his bread and butter was. And when he took threes in a game, they were wide open threes that you wouldn't blame him for taking. As his three point shot progressed, the degree of difficulty of those shots went up a bit.
  13. Good point about the dribble weave. When you look at how Troy Williams was used on college, he was most lethal as a cutter. Now you look at Justin Smith and how he's used, and I think it's safe to say he's not being used as effectively. Granted, Justin himself has to share some blame, but Crean played Troy to his strengths. Much of that also is the player accepting who he is. Troy was perfectly fine being used in that way, as it played to his strengths.
  14. Guide me to the proper thread, Master.
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