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  1. ephul

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Agree 100%
  2. ephul

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    Heavy favorite is a stretch. I've been told he's wide open, and is going to sit back and take it all in stride.
  3. ephul

    Isaiah Stewart Cuts IU

    Especially considering Al Durham was one of the kids that would always be brought up. Now, all of the sudden, he's one of the best players on this team.
  4. ephul

    Penn St. Post game

    Moore Is still a little lost defensively, but no worse than Davis. I think Moore should get some of Davis' minutes
  5. ephul

    Old Oaken Bucket Game Thread

    I was one that thought Allen should get another year, and while I think he gets one, I'm off that train. The defense is atrocious, his decision to go with Ramsey baffled me at the start of the season, and the team has no discipline. I think if you can go out and get a coach from a big program, with good success, that just didn't live up to lofty expectations, you give it a shot. (Almost like a Harbaugh type coach. Wins a lot, but wont be enough at UM). I've never seen a Ra Ra coach win big, in any sport really. These kids dont need a daddy. They dont need a cheerleader. They need a coach. Act like one.
  6. ephul

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    So IU is welcoming and "felt like home". Goes on to say it's about fit and where he feels comfortable. I think it's safe to say we all feel most comfortable at "home".
  7. ephul

    Marquette Post game

    I'm very impressed with Phinisee. His defense is astounding. There is just something about recruits from Indiana. They are simply basketball smart, and it shows on the court, especially defensively. I thought both Phinisee and Anderson wouldn't get too much PT, due to being a step behind defensively. Anderson still has some work to do, but he understands where he needs to be and what to do. As much love as Phinisee is getting, Durham should be right there. 13 points, 5 assists, zero turnovers, and fantastic defense. This kid is steady. Doesn't make dumb plays. An absolute asset when he's out there. Fitzner is impressive. Perfect fit for this team. And this win was won without McRoberts (arguably our best defender), and Green. The cohesion on defense right now is really good.
  8. ephul

    Marquette at Indiana Game Thread

    Said this last game. Hes just not quick enough
  9. ephul

    NBA Thread

    I don't know if you can really blame it on the MLB though. MLB will always have an issue bringing on new fans. I don't think you can really expect the general public to know the name of an MLB star when a game lasts 3+ hours. Taking that into account, a game lasts 3+ hours. Taking Trout for example, he comes up to bat, what, every 30-45 minutes? Then you take into account that a successful hitter gets on base 30-40% of the time. Of that 30-40% only a small percentage is an eye popping home run. You literally have to watch an entire game to maybe see that player make a fun, eye popping play. I don't think the MLB can really "entice" the general public to watch 3.5 hours for maybe a few good plays. Someone who appreciates baseball will. Your average fan? Not a chance. The NFL and NBA simply has more action. More big plays, more often.
  10. ephul

    NBA Thread

    Absolute great point with Trout. If he played on the East Coast people would understand that he is the greatest player in the league since Albert Pujols
  11. ephul

    Chicago State Postgame Thread

    I still think De'Ron is a big liability on defense. There were several occasions where he got lost in defensive rotations/switching, but Chicago State never capitalized/exposed it. Good teams will. And it's not a "speed/quickness" problem. He just gets lost sometimes. His on ball defense in the post isn't bad at all. But rotating/helping is a big issue. The same thing happened last year before his injury. I hope he is able to fix that. Otherwise, he's a liability defensively.
  12. ephul

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    It's hard to say Ballard is the best, as we never knew how involved he was with the Chiefs picks. However, the Chiefs always drafted well, so we knew he wouldn't be a complete dud. His professionalism and work ethic are evident and a refreshing change from Grigson. People were upset about the lack of Free Agency involvement, but Ballard had a plan and stuck to it. Signing a free agent means a young guy isn't going to get PT. The only position that we have that I feel we should've signed someone is WR. And Deon Cain going down hurt big time. Outside of that, Ballard didn't sign anyone, knowing he wanted young guys to get PT and experience. Does it cost a few wins now? Sure. But getting those young guys PT now, is going to pay dividends in the future. Ballard's first draft was iffy, but he struck gold on this draft. Nelson is good, Leonard is a star, Smith may be even better than Nelson, Turay has shown flashes, Wilkins and Hines look like excellent combo backs, etc. We are one good draft away from being on top in the South. Get one or two good WRs, a DB, a DT and we are solid.
  13. ephul

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Refreshing isn't it? And it's amazing how many more points we put on the board when we can run. Completely opens up the passing game.... And don't let those run stats fool you, they are doing just as good in pass protection.
  14. ephul

    Minnesota Game Thread

    This game has removed any optimism toward this coaching staff that I had