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  1. ephul

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    Ole Miss has 3 big time receivers. Only 1 may be eligible to come out, I honestly have no idea how old they are. But they are fantastic. Size and speed. Arizona State has one and Notre Dame has some decent ones. I dont think you can really tell at this point. Ballard drafts guys moreso on their stats than he does physical traits. This year is a perfect example. Keep your eyes on the Senior Bowl and other "All Star" games. Ballard wants guys that have produced. Not saying you reach for a WR, but we need playmakers ar WR. Luck has no big threats. TY is good, but I dont think hes good enough to carry a WR Corp on his back
  2. ephul

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    If a big time WR is available in the 1st, I take him. 2nd Round, I take a DB and a DE or LB. I'd still like to see what Lewis from OSU can do before taking a DE though. The O Line isn't actually that bad this year. Assuming Castanzo comes back and plays even average, you've got Castanzo, Nelson, Kelly, Haeg/Clark/Good, and Smith. Braden Smith actually played really good at RT the last game. Very nice to see. Wouldn't hurt to have a little extra depth, but I think we have a good young core at OL. We need to start grabbing playmakers. WR is a great place to start. I'm not sold on TY being a #1.
  3. ephul

    Rutger Game Thread

    That's an understatement
  4. ephul

    Michigan State Game Thread

    They simply dont play to Ramsey's strengths. What's Ramsey good at? He's somewhat accurate. Why wouldn't you run slants, curls, etc.?
  5. ephul

    Michigan State Game Thread

    Really cheap call there by the officials
  6. ephul

    Michigan State Game Thread

    Was just going to say, our offense is WAY too predictable. Way too vanilla
  7. ephul

    Michigan State Game Thread

    Agree 100%. His pocket presence is poor at best.
  8. ephul

    Brandon Newman Commits to Purdue

    Good for him. Fits in well there. Should be a good kick out option for the bigs.
  9. ephul

    A few things...

    Having seen Langford a few times in person, it's a joy. He's got an extra gear that he's never had to hit. And even when he's not in that gear, he's special. I think he chose Archie because Archie is not going to let him slack. I think when he hits that extra gear, you'll see an Eric Gordon type player. Keep defenses honest with your 3 point shooting, and absolutely destroy defenders off the dribble.
  10. ephul

    Virginia Postgame Thread

    Gotta fix the dumb penalties. Block in the back, PIs, etc. We make things WAY too difficult. All in all, good W
  11. ephul

    Virginia Game Thread

    Ramsey isn't fine. Although I think some of the playcalling plays to his weaknesses.
  12. ephul

    Virginia Game Thread

    This team will go nowhere with Ramsey. No arm strength, always late, poor decision maker.
  13. ephul

    When will we get our next 2019 commit?

    Would love to get Stewart for 2019. Most polished guy we are after. An absolute beast.
  14. ephul

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    I really, really wish there was video of Painter receiving the news....
  15. ephul

    Armaan Franklin Commits to IU

    If he chooses IU, this puts a LOT of pressure on Purdue to get Newman. It started last year with Damezi. This could be the second straight year Archie yanks a recruit away from Painter. And that will catch a lot of in-state recruits' attention.