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  1. I think its safe to say Beilein and the NBA didn't quite mix.
  2. That's not a coincidence. IU administration tried getting cute years ago and it's bitten them.
  3. Darius Garland defended Beilein during one of their losing skids (after the comment) and Kevin Love said he respected the hell out of him when he got fired. I dont think you say those things to a "racist". Mature people knew the comment was blown up to boot him out. The younger guys on that team were the ones making an issue of it. There wasn't a single leader on that team. Everyone did their own thing. There is a good article on it from a Cleveland radio writer. If I find it I'll pass it along. Beilein would not have a problem recruiting kids again in college. Now whether he wants t
  4. The negative recruiting thing is blown way out of proportion in my opinion. Hall of famers, former players, etc have come out and said Belein was treated unfairly and what he said was blown up in order to get him out. I dont think he'd have a problem getting his guys. As far as not wanting to get into coaching, that could be. But he'd be on top of my list.
  5. Hire John Belein and call it a day. I dont give a damn how old he is. Give me 5-10 years of good basketball. He's built a winner everywhere he's gone
  6. Trace needs to quit playing like he's 6'3
  7. This has been such a big Achilles heel of this team. Turnovers doing foolish things trying to do too much. Passing up good looks only to run the shot clock down and have to force up a shot. Work within the offense and take a good shot before you are "forced" to. Get the ball down low and let it work from there
  8. A half assed Hunter all game will do more harm than a walk on for a few minutes, but thats just me.
  9. A freaking walk on for two minutes. I can guarantee they can fall asleep at the wheel as good as Hunter
  10. Yep. And stayed in the game the whole time
  11. You really think that John Beileins Michigan players felt he was "racist"? Regardless, he put out some pretty damn good teams. Those weren't his players, they were just Hall of Famers that grew up around ACTUAL racism and weren't bitchy, whiny, entitled players. Ill take their word for it more than his former Cavaliers players.
  12. See below. Plenty big time names defended Beilein. He didn't "get sniffed" because there were no openings that warranted a "sniffing" https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wkyc.com/amp/article/sports/nba/cavaliers/shaquille-oneal-says-cavs-need-to-man-up-over-john-beilein-thugs-gaffe/95-454755a0-d94a-4be7-89fb-74c7b30f6f6d
  13. Because he's 67 years old and isn't going to go anywhere than a high major.
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