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  1. Like a few have said, don't look into the "crystal ball" picks too much on this one (at this time). These guys are paid to give opinions and such, and with this recruitment being about over, they're just trying to throw something out there. With that being said, I think this recruitment is neck and neck, more so than what some may think.
  2. Well, if you REALLY want to argue, my wife is up for a challenge. I've become no match for her.
  3. And again. Not arguing that. Agree with that. But, That's not currently the rule. So transferring and expecting a favorable ruling is a gamble, and the decision falls on the parents.
  4. This. I get everyone saying that a kid shouldn't be punished and have opportunities taken. However, point the finger at the IHSAA all you want, but the parents knew full well that there was a high probability that this would happen. Everyone did. The parents decided to do this anyway. This all boils down to his parents making a knee jerk, emotional decision that could cost their son. It's their job to weigh the benefits versus risks. And while I agree that it's not necessarily fair that coaches and others can move around freely unlike players, in this case, the parents put their child in this position.
  5. I know its early, but Penix has all the tools. He could be dangerous.
  6. I believe there are a large portion of fans that equate "on court" success during playing days to success as coaches. Hence the desire for Fife, Cheaney, etc. Roberts is a brainiac that understands the game better than most. I think you'll see Archie confide in Roberts during in-game situations more than the others.
  7. And to you as well bud. Hope all is well
  8. Most folks knew this was coming, but this was a case of an emotional decision by parents standing in the way of logic and common sense
  9. Nothing more than due diligence at this point.
  10. Some feelers have been put out to some former IU guys, but they are feelers only at this point. Archie doesnt have the broken fanbase that Crean had, so the hire will be based upon Merit only, not mending fences or pleasing particular folks.
  11. What is gained by burning bridges and talking about turmoil from a past season? Nothing is gained from spilling your guts to someone giving an interview, when the players in question are entering the draft, and/or still on the IU team. You're doing nothing but pissing off your previous teammates and coaches. I wish he would've said something along the lines of, "yes, we dealt with some issues internally, but we fought through it and came out better because of it". The issues were so obvious, that people like myself can do nothing but laugh when he paints such a rosy picture of last season. Again, I don't blame him. He's trying to make the NBA. What good comes from stirring the pot? You can believe the rosy scene that's been painted for you. But the reality is, there were issues. It affected play. You can choose not to believe it, that's fine. But to dismiss it because Juwan Morgan said everything and everyone was fantastic is laughable. Stuff like this happens with a lot of teams. It's how quickly you can resolve those issues and get back to playing sound basketball.
  12. What do you expect him, or any other player to say? There was definitely "problems" in the locker room. Those "problems" eventually were put behind everyone, and they began worrying about basketball. Unfortunately, it was too little too late.
  13. This. Don't expect any big time offers.
  14. This was in the works for a little while.
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