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  1. Brooks can't shoot the three. Doesn't grab many rebounds. Under 50% FG last year. I'll take Geronimo.
  2. It's funny you say that. I thought the exact same thing. They both play exactly the same way.
  3. Gonna be honest, I would love to get Carr in this class. Insanely athletic. Plays with a reckless abandon, and seems to have pretty good handles. Would be an Uber athletic team. He and Geronimo 🤯
  4. I would hope IU calls. Has size. Shot 40% from three this year.
  5. There's no denying this kid has a picturesque jumper. If he can just come in a few minutes a game and knock in a few threes, we will be a MUCH better team.
  6. Looking forward to Dexter Dennis shutting him down
  7. Virtually any laborer that works for a Fortune 500 company could make this same argument. The only way to fight it is quit, strike, or create an alternative.
  8. How not? Especially when there's alternatives, such as Europe, sitting out a year, etc. You know what you get when you take a scholarship and play under the NCAA. Don't think it's worth it? Don't do it.
  9. It's no doubt going to add pressure on players. But at the end of the day, this is what many of them wanted, and those are the expectations when you take the $800,000. A company doesn’t hire someone for top dollar and put up with mediocre results. Whether they want to admit it or not, they are "professionals" in a sense now. I dont think many kids will ever understand that. They are 18-22 years old, I wouldn't expect them to. But they'll learn real quick, there's no such thing as free money. People and universities that pay that kind of money expect results. No excuses. Kids better learn how to deal with those expectations.
  10. Looks and sounds like the staff doesn't believe Evans is a lock for Oregon
  11. And the ones he hit were some of the biggest shots in crunch time.
  12. Well. That certainly doesn't hurt anything
  13. I'm not worried at all about the outside shooting, and the attempts (although you make a good point). Stewart and Kopp just weren't very good defensively, at least the games I watched. I guess my point is, if you bring a guy like Dennis in, give him a few good open looks a game and get phenomenal defense, that's better than finding a 35% 3 point shooter that plays putrid defense. I think Dennis offers more than that player. I think if we can put Kopp in a position to come off the bench and primarily be a 3 point shooter, we will be much better off. I think at this point, outside of Dennis, we'd just be adding more Kopp’s. Not that there isn't a role for a player like that, but do you need two players in that role?
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