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  1. At first I did not think we would win tonight but now I think we will win IU 75 MSU 72
  2. I don't think I would want to trade up for any QB that is not a can't miss prospect like a Elway or Luck or a Manning. I just don't see taking a chance on a #1 pick if that QB will be no better than say a Mathew Stafford. Way to many misses the last 10 years in the first round so if you think that QB is a franchise QB them make the trade.
  3. By the time he gets drafted drafted Lawrence will have started 3 years. Like I said Burrow might turn out great but he did it for 1 year so I would be cautious drafting him #1
  4. Lawrence because he will have shown it for 3 years and has a bigger arm and has more mobility. Not saying Burrow won't be great but just would be leery of drafting him after just one big year. Also it harder to tell if QB's will transition to the NFL because they are not under center in college. also it is hard to see if they can read defenses since college is based on 1 or 2 reads instead of the whole field. since they look over to the coaches to change the plays will they be able to do audible in the nFL.
  5. They did a whole 30 minute segment with him and one thing they showed was him and his sons going to the lake to do some boating.
  6. No doubt no one knows but If you look at all the big misses on QB's the last 10 years it will make you think twice before picking these guys.
  7. Just would not give away a lot my draft for a one hit wonder
  8. Saw an interview on CBS Sports with Few and he said he can win championships there and that is one of the main reasons he stayed. Also if you saw his house and the view from his deck you would also understand why he never moved.
  9. I am saying it would be dumb for Miami to make both of those trades because they would have to give up more in this scenario than just going to #1
  10. I understand it completely but I am saying it is a waste to involve a 3rd team. I have been watching the NFL draft for years and I don't remember a big 3 team trade in the NFL. The only one I can think of did not happen during the draft but during the season when the Colts got Eric Dickerson.
  11. Not just the campus but it is hard to sell top recruits that they will have to play hard all the time and play tough hard nose defense. Top recruits is all about showing their offensive game off and not worried about defense. Painter decided a few years ago to keep recruiting his type of players which will play in his style instead of recruiting better athletes. I also think that is why it will be hard for Archie to get the top rated recruits especially put of state since he expects players to play defense. to me this is one of the reasons why I think Shaka Smart has not done well at UT. At VCU he played that up in your face full court press but I did not think that would go at a higher caliber program. Shaka decided to change his style so he could get the top rated recruits but he is not coaching to his strength.
  12. I think the reason he is an average recruiter is that it is hard to sell Purdue to recruits
  13. You offer the Bengals the 5th, 18th and second round this year and next years #1. Actually if it were me I wouldn't trade up for any of these QB's in this years draft.
  14. So you are saying that it is a good thing for the Dolphins to make both of those trades because to me that would be a horrendous idea. You want Burrow you offer a trade that the Bengals can't refuse and then move on.
  15. If they wanted Burrow you just make an offer to the Bengals to begin with and not worry about the other possibility you suggested.
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