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  1. 1 confirmed shooting death on downtown Indianapolis
  2. There now have been multiple shootings in Indy during the protest.
  3. Showing riots in LA right now and they are showing people looting a shoe store. You are seeing people coming out with 3 or 4 shoe boxes.
  4. But that 10 percent is ruining things for the 90 percent who is doing the right things. Don't get me wrong I am very upset we are still having these kind of things happening in today's day and age.
  5. Why don't we riot every time a cop is killed in the line of duty or gang related murders?
  6. But we have seen riots for years in LA, St. Louis and Florida yet we are still see the same problems in this country. If rioting works and causes change then we would not keep seeing these same things happening.
  7. Peaceful protest is great and I would be right there with them. These people who is rioting are not part of the black lives matter organization. They are just hurting the.progress that the peaceful protest organization is trying to bring.
  8. If rioting is effective then why had all the riots not changed a thing. What needs to change is the hiring process for policeman and get all bad cops out. I watch alot of crime shows and you see a lot of bad cops trying to interview potential suspects. We need an overhaul of the criminal justice system and have better way of hiring cops.
  9. We have seen riioting a lot and if it is an effective solution why had things not changed We saw riots in LA, St. Louis and Florida and those had not caused a change.
  10. It look like s stone more than rocks and right on camera
  11. Also earlier in the day they had a peaceful protest organized by people who were doing it the right way. It started at 4 and finished at 7 without any problems. The people who are out there now is not really out there to protest but are out there to be destructive.
  12. The news newsman had been right downtown where everything is going on and I know it is there job but it is to dangerous for them. The police is shooting the smoke bombs and people are throwing things at them. One time right in front of the cameras you saw some idiots throwing rocks at cop cars.
  13. So what is this type of protest going to change. How is destroying your community a good way to try to get a change.
  14. Downtown Indianapolis looks like a war zone tonight with fires in the streets and windows bring busted. Just now on the news a bunch of people are trying to bust a ATM machine. What happen wa terrible and wrong and the police officer should be convicted of murder. Saying that what I have witnessed on the news is plain disgraceful and everyone who is protesting with violence should be held accountable. This is just embarrassing to see people vandalizing innocent peoples property and that is disgraceful. I get protesting and agree with the cause but this is not the best way of trying to make change.
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