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  1. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29657359/no-authority-conference-school-decisions-football Emmert say NCAA has no control t tell conferences what they can do https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/29657346/syracuse-pitt-practice-thursday-due-coronavirus-concerns A couple of ACC teams having problems with covid
  2. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29653444/ncaa-medical-advisers-urge-focus-pandemic-fall-sports Talk about a non conference bubble format for 20 teams
  3. On ESPNU last night they are showing the top 25 games from last year and they showed the IU and Purdue game.
  4. Sure does, right now besides Winker no one is hitting. Also when Moustakas is in the lineup they are 6-3 but he is hurt. Well it is now 9-5 in the bottom of the 8th and Reds has guys on second and third with one out. If Bell would have taken Disco out before he gave up 9 runs in two innings we would be in the game. Stranded the runners so 9-5 going to the 9th inning.
  5. Finally the 2nd innings ng is over with the score 9-0. The Reds had had the easiest schedule so far and after today they will be 8-11 which is a disgrace
  6. Great start for the Reds with Pittsburgh already up 7-0 and still batting in the 2nd. Disco on his first two starts in 12 innings gave up 5 hits so far today in 1.1 innings he has given up 10 hits and 7 runs. Bell is keeping a pitcher in that getting shelled but will take out a starter with a shutout.
  7. I think it would be good for their to be a commissioner for football and basketball. Have a different one for each sport then have another one over all other sports. To me there needs to be one voice or at least a committee to make all major decisions. We can't have individual conferences deciding whether or not they will be playing football so something needs to change. So my question is if you were the commissioner of basketball what things would you do first. 1) Work with the NBA about the eligibility rules- hopefully getting them to allow guys straight out of high school and get rid f the one and done rule. Then make it a rule that if you come to college then you would have to stay at least 2 years before entering. I would love 3 years but I think you would have way more kids making mistakes by going straight to the NBA. I look at guys like tJD or Lander who wouldn't go straight to the draft but if they had to stay 3 years they might make that move. 2) Change transfer rules- Either let players transfer without having to sit out or make it a rule that you have to sit out a year. Having some get waivers while other don't is not right so there has to be one rule. I would go with let them transfer one time without having a penalty but if they want to transfer a 2nd time then they have to sit out. Also if a coach eaves the school then any player or recruit can leave without penalty. 3) Implement rules for NIL- Even though I don't like this ruling it will be here so you need to be able to at least regulate it. I just wouldn't want a big bidding wars for the top players so there has to be some kind of thing they can put in to determine what would be allowed and what wouldn't to keep your eligibility. I see nothing wrong with letting them earn money from a YouTube channel or their likeness from a video game. I don't want big companies and alumni of a certain college offering these players millions of dollars to endorse something. 4) I know most won't like this but I would change the shot clock back to 45 seconds. To me the offense in college basketball has gotten so bad it is sometimes hard to watch. We see way to many teams taking to many bad shots at the end of the shot clock so to me this needs changed. 5) More severe punishments on coaches you cheats. To me I would have a 2 strike and your out rule. The first offense of a level 1 charge you get suspended 1 year. 2nd offense you are banned for life.
  8. To bad because I thought he would be a could coach. I might look at Ragland from Utah St. because he has some experience and has worked in Indiana which could be a plus.
  9. Well it sounds like for football the conference runs it more than the NCAA where for basketball the NCAA runs it especially the post season.
  10. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/ncaa-head-doctor-calls-state-of-pandemic-exceptionally-disappointing/ar-BB17Vo0R?ocid=msedgdhp NCAA doctor discusses the pandemic
  11. The one that just took a job at Evansville. I just can't see that since she had no coaching experience.
  12. My son is try to get all of his classes on line since he had a 5 month old daughter. He was able to do it for this semester but probably won't be able to do it every semester
  13. I would assume they would get another year of eligibility since they did for spring sports
  14. It would be a lot easier this year to do a bubble if the conferences were not so spread out. I don't see any conference being able to do a bubble like the NBA with everyone in one location. So if you have to have a few spots it would be easier if you didn't have teams on the east coast.
  15. I know it is not Bloomington but my son goes to IUPUI and all of is classes are on line this semester.
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