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  1. Some on here won't want IU compared to an NBA team because we don't want college to be just like the NBA LOL!
  2. IU Scott

    Hoosiers In the NBA

    He is in a category of his own
  3. I did not do any research but I can't remember where there has been a schedule double header for a college team.
  4. IU Scott

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I probably was one of those players because the couple of games I have watched him play I was not that impressed.
  5. I totally agree with that last paragraph because the year where they played 50 games because of the strike was a good regular season. There are to many games in the regular season where teams just don't show up because of to many games and travel in a short period of time. I also think my attitude goes back when I was a kid because I don't think of May and June as basketball season. When I was a kid this time of the year was for baseball and that was what I was doing at this time of year.
  6. IU Scott

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    I would say TJD word be the #1 priority because he lays a position of greater need.
  7. Let's take Labron for example you probably would not call him lazy but I have seen plays or games where he was lazy. I was at 3 of the playoffs and the Cavs was going toward my end during the second half. Late in the game with the score tied Labron drove the lane and thought he was fouled. he stayed on the other end to argue with the ref and the Pacers had a brake away and got a 3 in the corner from the guy Labron was supposed to guard. I remember the Mavs series where he pretty much quit so I see one thing and you might not see it that way.
  8. Things that you find true does not mean others can't see it another way so it is not a misconception to them. Like I said it just depends on why style of basketball you enjoy and each person can have their own reason as to why. What you find as great defense or what you don't find lazy another could just see it another way.
  9. It just is a personal preference in what you like watching. If you enjoy the NBA that is great but why do NBA fans get upset when people say they don't enjoy the NBA.
  10. I would think a team that played in Maui or a conference tournament might have played late game that ended up after midnight and played the again later that evening but can't remember hearing of having two schedule game sin the same day.
  11. yeah I just can't get into the NBA especially after the Pacers got eliminated. I just enjoy the atmosphere of the college game and how the game is played in the college game. My only problem it seems like they are trying to make the college game to much like the NBA.
  12. IU Scott

    The Off-Topic Thread

    Stiil notice that ESPN gave those points to UK and had it 75-70
  13. When I was younger me and some friends would play 2 on 2 and play to 120. We would play 2's and 3's and we would actually shoot free throws as well. We would have the defense call the fouls and it would get very physical especially at the end of the game. One summer we would play every day and played the best of 7 series and I was able to get in great shape that summer.