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  1. Saw where Kyle Guy is staying in the draft and this one surprised me a lot.
  2. What has upset me is that when I changed my subscription with Xfinity it too away one of my favorite channels and that is the ID channel. they said that Xfinity has lost that channel unless you are grandfathered in but with me switching something it took it off of my subscription.
  3. Thanks, is it on Netflix or where can you watch it
  4. No but I have watched a lot of shows on all of those killers. I usually just watch actual crime shows and not TV series or movies about them. The one movie about a serial killer I really like was to catch a killer and that was about John Wayne Gasey.
  5. I am very interested in the case of the Zodiac Killer
  6. Pretty good you have to make an announcement about the announcement date
  7. So has anyone heard if Watford is still planning to visit IU and any idea when he will announce his choice. To me if I had to put money on it I would probably go with Memphis or LSU
  8. I would say if the grad transfer commits it might help us with Harris but if he doesn't I see Harris going to UNC.
  9. My question is that where did the new sketch come from since it was so different than the first one.
  10. Kind of have one about the Delphi case and I was disappointed yesterday since there was not much ne news on that case.
  11. https://indiana.rivals.com/news/twitter-tuesday-anthony-harris-memphis-johnny-juzang Well this expert thinks Harris will go to UNC
  12. He was from Utah and a former Vietnam vet
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