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  1. IU Scott

    Keion Brooks Jr.

    That would be a gift that would just keep on giving the whole year, Cousin Eddie
  2. IU Scott

    Matthew Hurt

    I still think Hurt could be a player who tries the G-League route. The interview I heard with him and his father made it sound like they would at least look at that alternative.
  3. IU Scott


    I guess but it really does not matter to me. They will be on the court when they get there and us knowing the exact injury will not get them there any earlier.
  4. IU Scott


    I just don't understand why we need to know what kind of injury someone has. If they play great but if they can't play due to injury it really does not matter what kind of injury they have.
  5. IU Scott


    Why is it any of our business on what is wrong with Jerome or any other player
  6. IU Scott

    IU picks up Big Time QB Transfer

    I can't see another position that Ramsey could play at the D1 level
  7. IU Scott

    Signing day

    Great pickup and our QB situation looks a lot better. wonder with this signing it would make Pennix think about transferring. Also does he effect the scholarship numbers for 2019 class or does transfers effect their original class year.
  8. See why I hate analytics and using formulas to determine who is the best because you have problems like we are seeing with the rankings. What happened to having basketball knowledge and the eye test to determine who is better and what happens on the court.
  9. IU Scott

    Central Arkansas Pregame Thread

    I could see us coming out a little slow and sloppy coming off 5 straight tough games. Also with the kids out on break the crowd might be a little quite and the attendance could be low as well.
  10. IU Scott

    Colts-2018 and NFL talk

    In this case the Ravens would win the North division so we would not be battling them for the wild card
  11. Yesterday was the first time I have ever been in person for a buzzer beater. Counting HS, college and pro I know I have been to over 200 games so it hard to believe I have never saw a buzzer beater. I was at the NCAA tournament game where Princeton beat UCLA with a shot with around 5 seconds to go but it was not a true buzzer beater.
  12. IU Scott

    Butler Postgame Thread

    I am pretty sure coaches who have devote their lives to the sport they coach knows way more than just people on message boards who have only watched games on TV. They have watched film for years and have study the game a lot more in detail than does fans. For fans who actually think they know as much if not more that a coach is being a little full of themselves.
  13. IU Scott

    Butler Postgame Thread

    Problem is that type of offense we grew up watching no longer exists because it is all ball screens and dribble drive offenses
  14. IU Scott

    Butler Postgame Thread

    That is why people should not post during games because we all say dumb stuff during the heat of the battle.
  15. Has to be Smart since it won a championship