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  1. All I see is TJD is saying what happened last year won't happen again and if it does then those players should be gone. I like our best player coming out and taking ownership of the team.
  2. He had a good season there two years ago
  3. Pretty good the Celtics can be up by 23 after shooting 37 percent for the half. Didn't watch much but the Celtics defense held Miami to 28 percent. Also helps that the Celtics shot 26 free throws.
  4. Wahab center from Maryland is headed back to Georgetown
  5. It was a joke from another thread where I got called out because I said Galloway and Kopp wouldn't be starters on a championship caliber team. The poster said I was disparaging the players.
  6. Have I said I hate the shift. Reds cut the lead to 4-3 in the bottom of the 6th. With one out and a guy on first the Cubs hit a routine ball to the second baseman or actually where the second baseman should be. It was actually the SS but there was no one to cover second so only got one out. Two batters later Happ hit a 3 run homer. If they got the DP they would have been out of the inning. Also the defense caused the Reds to give up 3 runs in the 3rd inning. Two outs and a runner on second a hard hit ball to Moose but he bobbled it and next batter hit a 3 run homer.
  7. I really have a hard time coming up for my favorite players in this era but probably would be Hulls and Watford. Isn't it kind of disrespectful not saying every player is your favorite player.
  8. Man , you really have an anger issue. It amazes me that you actually think I called out any player with what I said. How is saying a player is better coming off the bench dispariging or that he isn't talented enough to start over more talented players. I get a lot of our fans really like Galloway and see more in his game than I do but I never called him out personally.
  9. The Reds sure can make a mediocre LH pitcher look like a Cy Young winner. Drew Smyly is shutting the Reds out on two hit through 5. Oops I hope I don't get called out for calling a MLB pitcher mediocre.
  10. So we are talking starting lineups so are we going to start all 13 players because we can't say any of them shouldn't start. I can say Steve Kerr wasn't good enough to start for the Bulls or Spurs but that is a disparaging comment. He was a key role player coming off the bench for a championship team but it is fact he wasn't good enough to start on those teams.
  11. I think we will get UNC at home, or we better get a home game. We have played two in a row in the road in the ACC challenge. I also wonder if we will even play in the Gavvitt game since have played in it most of the time
  12. Also you would have been eaten alive over at the rivals site or the old Peeg's site if you think what I said was bad.
  13. I never called out anyone and if you thought I did that is a you problem and not my problem.
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