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  1. I compare them because both are hard nose players who will do all the small things to win a game. Both seem to be excellent passers and both can drive to the basket. Lewis was never a knock down 3 point shooter which right now Galloway is not as well.
  2. Just look on the fornt page and forums and you will see forums for General basketball discussion as well a basketball recruiting forum. Also they have two for football as well.
  3. But Turner is a great rim protector so you don't want him outside guarding a stretch 4 at the 3 point line. If you put Turner out side on defense he would get killed by quicker forwards all day long.
  4. Because I thought Rico had said that he compared Galloway to Lewis earlier in the thread but I guess I was msitaken
  5. We will have to trade either Turner or Sabonis eventually because I just don't see them be able to play together. I really like Sabonis but he does need to learn to use his right hand because the Celtics shut him down because they took his left hand away.
  6. I am not talking about threads in the recruiting forum but you never post over on the general basketball forum as well.
  7. Watched the game the other night from Lewis's freshman year and I think that Galloway plays like him
  8. He also never post in any other post than this one and if he was really an IU fan he would talk about everything IU
  9. Here at work we have the weather channel on all day and they showed the huge funnel cloud in South Bend but it showed it was yesterday.
  10. Purdue and UK New England Patriots Cubs any team with Labron on it
  11. Watching some old game yesterday and watched one against UCONN at the RCA Dome in 96 because I was at that game. Michael Lewis played on that team and I thought he was a good comparison to Galloway. Galloway is a lot bigger but from he highlights I have seen of Galloway he plays like Lewis did,
  12. Reds lose 2nd in a row after winning 6 in a row. Their starting pitching the last 3 games was not good at all with no pitcher going past 5 innings.
  13. Playing well right now but to tell you the truth I have not paid attention to what other rookies are doing. He went out of the game last night after the 5th inning with a headache. I know he has had some problems with vertigo in the past so I hope tis doesn't have anything to do with hi going out last night.
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