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  1. At What Point......

    Don't disagree but thought he would falter after Calhouhn's players were gone.
  2. At What Point......

    I always thought Ollie was going to be the next Mike Davis even after winning the championship. He did well for a couple of years and now is having a lot of trouble.
  3. At What Point......

    My whole point was that RMK ran a half court offense and was efficient with it. Never said we were Princeton and held the ball but we were not any thing close to Loyola Marymount either.
  4. At What Point......

    Then why did you not post the next 6 years. 1976- 82pts 77- 70.8pts 78-70.3pts 79- 67.3pts 80- 68.2pts 81- 70.0pts(championship team)
  5. At What Point......

    When did I ever say they were not efficient. I am talking about tempo and they were a deliberate half court team for many years.
  6. At What Point......

    RMK teams until the late 80's did RMK open up the offense. The last half of 81 he let Isiah loose but he did not do that for everyone.
  7. At What Point......

    Yes, this years team is not very good but I like watching teams work the ball for a good shot. I get tired of watching teams run the dribble drive and no off the balls screens.
  8. At What Point......

    I really enjoyed watching the way UW played the last few years. They pretty much played the way RMK teams played for most of his time at IU.
  9. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    He can't sign until next November since he is a junior.
  10. At What Point......

    If the next 10 years is like UW and MSU the last 10 years I will be happy.
  11. At What Point......

    being competitive in the big ten every year and winning a few championships. Also making a couple of final fours in that time frame and hopefully another banner.
  12. Trayce Jackson-Davis

    A verbal commitment then wouldn't change a thing because other teams would still recruit him until signing day.
  13. I think I read where he took a leave of absence from the team.
  14. Romeo Langford

    I told you when he said IU fans wanted him to come to IU it was a cryptic message that he wasn't coming to IU.LOL!
  15. At What Point......

    You are clueless if you think kids don't pick schools because of the coach. Why is UK getting all the top players now when they didn't under Tubby.