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  1. Another thing I liked about watching old games is hearing the old theme songs for each sport and network. I love the college basketball them music on CBS but they have change it a little the last few years. The old NBC college basketball them music is one of my favorites as well. NBA on CBS music from the 80's was great as well. I also love hearing the old theme music for this week in Baseball and when I hear l of these theme sons it brings back great memories.
  2. To me I feel m ore of the mystique for Sunday night football than I do the Monday night telecast. To me when I hear Al Micheals it feels like the game of the week and just don't get that for the Monday night game.
  3. I thought it is great to see all of the shows I watched when I was rowing up but when I do I realize how corny some of those shows were. When I get home from work I sometimes watch Charlie's Angels on METV and now realize why I watched tat show and it was not for its story lines.
  4. How in the world did I forget Vin Scully because I could listen to him for hours
  5. I remember NBC baseball was Joe Garigalio(sp)? and Tony Kubeck NBC college basketball Dick Enberg, Al Mcguire NBC NFL football- Dick Enberg and Merlin Olsen
  6. While watching Monday night football this year it made me realize that their is no longer a mystique around Monday night football. It got me thinking about why sports use to have a mystique around them and it usually had to do with who was announcing the games. When you heard the voices of Keith Jackson, Pat Summerall, Dick Enberg, the crew for Monday night football you knew it was a big game. There are a few from that era that is still out there in Bob Costas, Al Micheals and even Marve Albert. My question once those guys leave announcing is there any announcers today that makes you think it is a big game hearing their voice. Another one I remember making me think that was Brent Mushberger on NFL today saying you are looking live when the show was coming on.
  7. Sounds great, but I was wondering if you have seen much of his play. I have watched a few videos but it is hard to tell what type of player he is on those videos. Do you see him as an instant impact guy like Romeo was or will it take time for him to be really good at the college level.
  8. Saw a list of schools with the most players on a opening day roster and IU is 10th with 8 players.
  9. I would think his family would want to go home and talk about it before committing but who knows. I remember Hartman saying that on the way home from his visit he told his mother to turn the car around because he wanted to let the coaches know he was committing.
  10. For some reason I think TJD will be here to years but hopefully at least 3.
  11. Since I use to be your county neighbor in Rush county I like to know as well.
  12. Just the campus looks great when the sun is shining
  13. Yes, don't look like a great weather weekend in Bloomington. Fri. - cloudy 59 Sat. - storms 58 Sun. - Cloudy 59
  14. I now there has been other regular season games that have been big like 2007 bucket game against Purdue. The one huge game that still sticks with me did not end well and that was 87 or 88 at MSU and it was for the big ten lead and a possible Rose Bowl birth.
  15. I think baseball needs to do something about the pace of play and how long games take especially in the World Series. If they want to get the younger kids involved in their sport they can't have games ending after midnight on a school night. It took 2 hours to play 4 innings and when I went to bed at 11PM it was still in the 7th inning. One thing is why start the game at 8:07PM on a weeknight and another why not have after noon game son the weekend. I think it was like 1983 when Baltimore beat Philly and remember the final out of the deciding game was still in the sun light.
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