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  1. If you play to hard of a non conference schedule and lose some then you might not get into the dance. Even the bottom of the big ten can beat you at nay time so those aren't guarantee wins.
  2. Fred Glass was on the radio last week and said President McRobbie called him in to make sure IU has not done anything wrong. Each program needs to have some internal meetings to make sure everything is on the up and up and don't have nay problems.
  3. Info on IUBB and BTN Plus

    Big ten plus is for the internet and not the tv so if you don't have the internet you won't be able to watch it.
  4. it is all right trying to get you SOS up but you have to find wins as well in the non conference. With 20 conference games you will have to schedule more wins and have to eliminate some marquee games.
  5. Info on IUBB and BTN Plus

    Someone mentioned how channel 4 covered every game and that use to be true. I remember the last few years when channel 4 covered the games they could not carry games in November. I remember when Davis was coach and we played at Vanderbilt I remember having to listen to the game. I think it was 2001 game against Butler in Bankers Life it was not shown and had to listen to the game.
  6. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    There has always been easy classes in college. What was the old joke about taking underwater basket weaving. I had a friend who took 3 summer classes and two were tennis and bowling and he was not an athlete.
  7. UNC Goes Before NCAA Today

    Disappointed but I am not going to lose sleep over it. I guess they decided they could not conclude that it was just an athletic problem and not an education problem.
  8. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Thinking Winston Morgan
  9. 2018, 2019, 2020 Recruiting

    Is that a different Andre Morgan than the one that went to IU that was from Anderson.
  10. I am looking for two tickets for the Northwestern game for my son's 18th Birthday. He has never been to AH for a game, just HH and would love to take him. is the best route to go through the ticket office at AH or a ticket broker. if anyone on here has two tickets for that game let me know.
  11. Illinois

    An Assistant from Oklahoma St has been implicated in this case.
  12. I am pretty sure I saw where Auburn is now being looked at for someone taking a test for one of their football players. I think the hole athletic program at Auburn should be shut down.
  13. Kansas

    If he is true to his word then he won't go to KU when he said he does not want to go somewhere that is associated with cheating.
  14. NBC Sports B1G Preview

    I don't see us finishing below 7th and could see us as high as 4. 1) MSU 2) Purdue 3) Minnesota 4) NW 5) Maryland 6) Iowa 7) IU 8) UW 9) UM 10) PSU 11) Illinois 12) OSU 13) Nebraska 14) Rutgers I know UW never finishes below 4th but this year might be the year.