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  1. IU Scott

    Romeo Langford

    I hope he came here to win and not worry about how much he scored. Anthony Davis scored around 11-12 points a game and was still the top pick in the draft. He also was 4th on the teams in shots so hopefully Romeo comes in with the attitude to just worry about winning.
  2. IU Scott

    When will we get our first 2019 commit?

    Looked at the 2019 rankings and only 14 of the top 50 has committed and 30 out of the top 100 so I think there are still plenty of players out there.
  3. Nope but like Rico said that upsets happens all the time, just ask UVA
  4. Anyone with eyes could tell who is the best and don't needs stats to tell you that. It tight help teams when drafting players to look more deeply into things but as fans I couldn't care less about most of those stats. In basketball all I care is if you score more points than your opponents. To do that I feel all you need to look at is your shooting percentage against your defensive percentage. If you out rebound your opponents and turn the ball over less than your opponent. I have watched college basketball and sports in general for over 40 years and enjoyed them forever without needing these stats to tell me what I already know.
  5. That was not my point but some people said making that championship game was a bad thing for the program since it kept Davis here longer. To me it is never a bad thing to have your program in the championship game. I hate losing any game but making it that far is far better than losing in the first game or not make the tournament at all.
  6. IU Scott

    When will we get our first 2019 commit?

    We might as well drop the program since we have not got a commitment for 2019🤣
  7. I have never seen a fan base like ours who would say that going to the championship game as a bad thing.
  8. IU Scott

    Romeo Langford

    I think Romeo will average 16.3 pts and Morgan 15.4pts a game
  9. Yet they never won a championship with that style
  10. Maybe it means something to you but it does not mean a thing to me.
  11. They should have at least fired him after losing in the NIT to Vandy and hired Matta. At the time Pitino left Boston I wanted him here but thank goodness that did not happen.
  12. Any stat can say whatever you want it to say. I don't care at all with all of these new metrics and never use them because I have watched enough sports to make my own decision. To me sports is getting to corporate and just have no personality any longer. Everything has to be done by the book and coaches use metrics way to much when making decisions. In baseball once a pitcher hits 90-100 it is time to take them out no matter how well they pitch. Sports are trying to take all the interesting things out of their sports and making it so mundane. In football if you barely touch someone you get flagged for a personal foul. I miss the days where managers and umps get into arguments but today they put in rules where you can't even do that nay longer. I just wish they would give back the sports that I loved watching and stop trying to change it into something else.
  13. Maybe not proto typical but he was a point guard. Nixon left in 81 I think, so he only played with Magic a couple of years. IN the 80 final Magic started at center after Kareem was hurt and had 40 some points and around 15 rebounds.
  14. Might have been but for me the NBA was way better to watch than it is now.