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  1. Hopefully he can coach big men and help Turner with some low post moves if he is still on the team.
  2. If I had to bet I think we will only see conference games only this year. With all the tournaments in Orlando being cancelled and today the Gavitt games being cancelled it looks like non conference games will be hard to pull off.
  3. My bad did not see others tlaking aobut taco bell and Romeo
  4. For Romeo didn't the taco bell put up signs for him to go to IU
  5. No doubt and wasn't calling you out by any means
  6. Probably not good to bring that up
  7. Those posters over there are not the brightest bulb in the pack. That is the main no reason bO no longer post over there.
  8. No, just stating that this pick is not a huge price to pay in a trade with Boston. Some is saying that putting the 14th pick in the draft is to much for Boston to include in a trade with Hayward.
  9. I think Lamelo will be a busy and not worth a top pick.
  10. It is obvious even the GM's if the teams at the top of the draft is not sold on these prospects. The Minnesota GM said that there is no clear cut #1 pick and that is the reason these teams are looking to trade these picks. No team will offer big time players for the top picks in this draft.
  11. I think you are over valuing the top of this year's draft because there are no clear cut stars. It is a lot like the 2013 draft where Bennett and VO was the top two picks.
  12. Earlier in this post I posted every 14th pick in the draft since 1990 and a lot of them did not have impressive careers.
  13. The problem is that the owner will never let them totally tank. He knows that if the team is bad then ticket sales will go down dramatically. Being a smaller market you don't have all the revenue streams that larger markets have.
  14. Most of the thread about Kaufman had been about if Archie is the right coach. A lot of that is coming from so called IU fans who think we are accepting mediocrity.
  15. A lot of my thinking was about his father
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