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  1. Well since called that TO they have cored 15 points in the last 12 minutes
  2. I wish our big's could have some of the back to the basket moves that Liddell has for OSU. He has a nice turn around jumper from the baseline. It seems like our big guys moves are just to back down their defenders until you are at the basket.
  3. Understand late in the game to set up your defense but not with over 17 minutes to go in the game
  4. Saw another stat from Minnesota that Carr was 8-14 and the rest of the team was 6-32 from the field.
  5. Rutgers is the second worst FT% in the country at like 57%
  6. I still don't get college coaches sometime. Watching the Duke and UL game and both teams are in a good flow offensively. So Mack calls a TO after they just hit a 3 and now has scored on 3 straight possessions. by the way they have played less than 3 minutes in the second half. So why would you take a TO that quickly and now you are in a good flow.
  7. at the half OSU is leading UW 32-25. No matter how bad UW plays they seem like they always stays in the game. They got down by 11 but they did not let it go any further and narrowed the lead.
  8. Well we need a SF so who will be the next May or Cheaney
  9. I am not sure that is best way of doing it. What happens if you played a team at full strength but later on had some injuries. If that team after injuries start losing it will effect what Quad they would be in.
  10. We have the making of a really good team with Pistol Pete, Ologuwaun, English
  11. My question on quad wins is it when you played them or where they finish the season.
  12. I have no idea and this is their second straight game getting blown out. KU was 10-5 going into todays game but was still ranked #9
  13. Today at 5:30 n Indy channel 81 om Xfinity is showing the LN and Homestead game.
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