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  1. San Francisco 32-28. So far Gonzaga is by far the best team I have seen this week
  2. I woud say last nights sight line was a lot different than they are us to for a game. I listened to Assembly Call postgame last night an coach stated he has a player who will hit 9-10 from 3 in practice but in their first game he hit 1-5
  3. Thanks to bad coaching by Alford. 2 straight possessions up 4 he had the PG just dribble the clock down to 10 seconds and had 2 turnovers.
  4. Did you see the score of the Georgia St 123 Georgia Tech 120 on 3 ot. I guess yesterday was optional in some games
  5. Another thing I have noticed in watching a lot of games is that there is a lot of bad haircuts in college basketball.
  6. Temple, Butler men's basketball teams both on pause after positive coronavirus tests (espn.com) Butler and Temple has paused basketball activities
  7. Gonzaga nd KU is a pretty good game but have no idea how Gonzaga is winning since they are only shooting 33% from 3 LOL!
  8. I doubt it was 20 players we were truly after
  9. Reading the post game thread got me to thinking, I know that is dangerous. We see the complaining and nit picking but I think that goes to the fact that a lot of us has seen great IU teams. The thing is we forget that even our very best teams had a flaw here an d there. the 76 team shot 67% percent from the line. The 81 team got off to a 7-5 start and losing to Pan American. Also that team had a player that looked like would get kicked off the team but his turn around cause the team turn around. The 87 team did not have very much depth and only used 7 guys for most of the games. Also
  10. Couldn't tell you. I have not done research on college basketball like I use to.
  11. Xavier beat Bradley 51-50. Xavier fouled with .4 seconds but Bradley missed the front end
  12. Reading these boards might even drive me to drink
  13. Thanks for the reminder forgot that game was on. Been watching Bradley and Memphis and it has been a good game. Also Bradley must be a good defensive team because they have held Xavier to 44 points with 4 minutes to go in the game. Yesterday Xavier scored over a 100 points.
  14. Did not see the Clemson game last night but they won while scoring 53 points. They must struggle offensively but good on the defensive side
  15. Most have picked UW to be one of the top teams in the conference and country and they only beat E. Illinois by 10. They led by as much as 26 but was not able to sustain that lead.
  16. That is to bad but hopefully we can get Avery Brown
  17. I thought it is time for me to stop coming to message boards so much because some can be so depressing. I know in the past there were fans who complained but social media just brings them out every where. It is just so much harder to be a fan and actually enjoy being a fan. All the negative whining over one game where we won by 30 and it could have been a lot more. I just think some had never played the game and realize it is human nature to let up when you are winning by 36. We score 89 points on 56 percent shooting and had 22 assist to 8 turnovers and yet that is not good enough. Y
  18. If you listened to Archie's press conference you would know they worked on free throw shooting all off season. To me there is just so much a coach can do so it is up to the players to go in on their own to work on free throws.
  19. Well a couple of Pac12 teams struggled with UCLa getting beat by SD ST 74-57. USC had to go OY to beat Cal Baptist. I know there were a lot of mis matches today but it seems like there were a lot more total blowouts than usual. I just wonder if some of these smaller schools have not been able to work together like the larger programs.
  20. UW beat E. Illinois 77-67 and at one time was up by 26
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