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  1. Baylor gets 3 years probation; NCAA accepts other self-imposed penalties | Latest Headlines | wacotrib.com I saw this about Baylor being put on probation under Drew
  2. Go for it, I am sure the BOT won't read my e-mail
  3. Need more people doing the same thing. Since I am a nobody and is not a donor my words don't mean much
  4. Started the game without Brogdon, Lavert and Warren and lost Lamb during the game. Kind of surprising they were able to stay in the game
  5. Well with Baylor losing would we still want Drew to coach here. LOL
  6. Baylor loses to KU do just one undefeated left
  7. I would ask him about Joe Lunardi and where he has seeded in the tournament.
  8. Again another case of bad refs in the NBA where Sabonis was clawed to death under the basket with no call. Afterwards you cod see huge scratches on his arm. The Pacers coach came all the way into the court arguing the call.
  9. Watching the Pacers at the Knicks and it is almost unwatchable. They play organ music during the whole game and it is do annoying.
  10. With Minnesota losing to Neb. there probably is another coach on the hot seat.
  11. From the sound of it I am not the only person sending emails and some are probably not as cordial as mine
  12. Well Duke might be on the NIT with them losing to UL in OT
  13. Why don't you use more off ball screens to get your shooters open. Why do you always sub after the first timeout. Why is our free throw shooting still so poor Why has TJD not learn to to shoot outside of 3 feet. Last one do you know what the hell you are doing.
  14. I still say cut the cord this year no matter who is here or not. We have a lot of those players this year and we are battling to stay out of 11th place.
  15. Didn't mean I would not fire Archie just because of keeping players.
  16. This kid won't be here until 2023 and brown won't be here until 2022
  17. Wonder if he will fill the same way if they fire Archie.
  18. Just sent this to the generic BOT email Dear Board of Trustees members: My name is Scott Roberts and a long time fan Of IU sports. I have watched IU basketball for 50 years and want to let you know I am totally embarrassed of the product we are seeing on the court. We have been mediocre at best for the last 25 years and it is time for that to change. I really hope the rumors are not correct that the administration has de-emphasized sports especially men's basketball. I have heard you g
  19. It would be better this year to keep it in the general forum because it is easier to go between the game thread and the fire Archie thread.
  20. Well i said how has it worked for them since firing Ben Howland
  21. Well the NBA has not changed the rules about allowing high school kids in yet.
  22. Just asking why would you not trust Dolson because we haven't seen what tppe of people he has hired. At this point he hasn't shown either way what kind of AD he will be.
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