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  1. The Reds would be better off if they had kept the DH in the NL. They probably have 4 guys who are better off being a DH than playing the field, Votto, Suarez, Moose and Winker.
  2. Reich fired the OL coach who had them playing well because he was to mean and cussed
  3. They will have to move Suarez or Moose or both. Move Farmer to third and Berreo to SS
  4. They can't just go to and pay money to the players. The players have to do some kind of service for it to be NIL
  5. Reds lose 6-2 and tonight's game is a microcosm of this season. Mahle pitched bad at home going 4.1 innings, 3 runs on 96 pitches. Reds can't score when they get the bases loaded and no outs. They did this twice tonight and scored 1 run on a sac fly with one out. Bullpen gives up late runs to expand the lead. Lorenzen gives up 3 runs in the 8th to expand the lead to 6-2. I know I will be right there next year in April thinking this will be the season for the Reds. I just know if Bell is back that enthusiasm will wane a lot. To me there is no way you can justify bring him back another year. Also having to listen to most games I came to the conclusion that the new play by play guy is just terrible.
  6. Yet another horrible move by David Bell. Down 3-2 in the bottom of the 6th and runners on 1st and 3rd and two outs. Pirates bring on a lefty to face Freidel and he brings in Cabrerra who is 0 for 19nand he strikes out. What is stupid is that he had use another player to play CF do he wasted two players for one spot
  7. Still can't believe the splits with Mahle from home and road. Road- 8-2, 1.88era, 97 innings, 5 homers. Home- 4-3, 6.08era, 68 innings, 18 homers
  8. I am wondering if Wentz has to miss a couple not games and we lose both of them. The question is do you sit him a couple more games so he doesn't reach the snap counts to move the draft pick from a first to a second round pick
  9. The Reds bats finally came alive and came back from a ,5-0 to win 9-5. They hit 4 homers with Votto getting 2 of them. That Yankee trade is looking good for the Reds with Cessa has now retired 24 straight batters and has a 1.40 ERA since joining the Reds.
  10. I will not be able to attend because I have a more important thing to do. I am going to babysit my granddaughter instead . I don't know if I have mentioned this but my daughter is expecting a baby in November.
  11. I love that Jeff Brantley is getting all over Bell and how is not managing with urgency. He is letting his pitcher stay in the game even though they are down n5-0 in the 3rd.
  12. I wouldn't mind Jeff Brantley as the next manager
  13. Probably but that will cause a lot of fans to lose interest in the team. They are struggling to get 25,000 there for important games in September.
  14. It is over and I am interested to see what changes if any is made this off season. I would bet a lot of money that Castellanos will not be in a Reds uniform next year. Naquin probably won't be back so that is two out field position that will need to be filled. To me you need to fire both the General Manager and David Bell.
  15. Reds now are 3 games out of the wild card
  16. If I was a betting man, which I am not I would bet against the Colts in every game if Eason is the QB
  17. I think it was CBS. I just googled backup QB in the NFL and opened up one. I thought they could have brought in someone like Fitzpatrick or Marriotta who could come in a few games if needed and win some games.
  18. Just looked on one site that had Season ranked the 20th best backup.
  19. No, just a huge basketball fan who is ready for my favorite sport to start
  20. I also have seen the same thing from Reich from his first game as a Colts HC. You remember him going for it at his own 40 in OT with less than a minute to go. It led to a loss and because they didn't make it
  21. To try to belittle anyone who disagrees with you when it comes to football. It comes off that you think you know more about it than anyone else on this board just because you are an assistant bin high school.
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