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  1. Give me enough for my bills and living expenses I would be fine
  2. I am down if he gets them legitimately but won't be if if he breaks any rules
  3. I never said it was alright to cheat on your wife but that is not what the discussion was about. I said he didn't cheat to get players and would take their success on the court.
  4. I'll take the job and at half what they are paying assistants
  5. The teams that went to the final 4 had 1 5 star player. Kiminski their best player was a3 star player who took 3 years to really get good.
  6. On his wife which is totally wrong but that is not what we are talking about
  7. Sure they are. Do you really cheat for guys who are 3 stars and outside the top 100
  8. All I have to say if we have to be like KU, Arizona, UK or Duke to be successful then I pass. Give me the success of UW under Ryan any day of the week. They might not have won a championship but they competed for the conference every year and made deep runs in the tournament.
  9. I just know if we win big and even win a championship but have to vacate those things then it is not worth it. I know if I were an UM fan and having those final fours vacated in 92 and 93 was not worth having the Fab Five. Probably the majority of the people willing to look at the way in their ethics to win are probably the younger fans. I don't understand if you guys not ever seeing IU win a championship and really want to see it. To me that is no excuse wanting IU to do what ever it takes to win because IU has won the right way.
  10. Also people talking about traveling and it is cheating have you guys actually played basketball. Most of the time when a player travels it was not be because the player is trying to get away with something. Most of the time you travel because you get going to quick and make your step before putting the ball downing the floor. Also most fouls are not attentional where you are trying get an advantage. It is mostly due to the defender not being in a correct position and having to reach in.
  11. To me when there are officials on the court whose job is to make the calls it is not cheating to travel or foul. It is cheating when you fix the game or point shave or pay players to come to your school.
  12. Traveling is not cheating just like fouling isn't cheating. Those two are objective calls by the officials.
  13. I have said like 5 times I trust Woodson and Dolson if they hire him
  14. You should always strive for perfection even though it is not possible.
  15. To me holding in football is not cheating but it is like fouling in basketball where it is an objective call
  16. I think being holier than though is a compliment and not something to be criticized for.
  17. Reds down 6-0 in the bottom not the 5th. Arizona's pitcher had a perfect game through 5
  18. There is no such thing as a little cheating. It is like you being a little pregnant
  19. They got good starting pitching the first time through the rotation but the last two starters not so much.
  20. Never went anywhere because I never condone cheating. I am just going to trust Woodson and Dolson if he is hired.
  21. I am not saying hiring this guy will lead us to cheat. I trust Woodson and Dolson if they bring him on. What I don't like is the attitude of some of the fans not caring if we cheat ad long as we win. I don't believe in the gray area because you are either cheating it you are not.
  22. Well IU fans use to be proud of winning the right way. It saddens me seeing so many newer fans not caring about how we win
  23. Looks like the Reds might lose their second game in a row being down 4-0 in third inning. The Reds has not gotten a base runner yet.
  24. Don't like it but will trust that Woodson and Dolson won't bring in anyone who will do something wrong.
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