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  1. Turned the Duke game on and they were behind Pitt 55-40 with 16 minutes to go in the game. It is down to 56-48
  2. Haven't stopped others from leaving early but I hope TJD is smarter than that
  3. Just saw that Oats is from Wisconsin and coached high school in Detroit. Also was an assistant at UW-Whitewater So he does have connections in big ten country
  4. Don't you know when kids develop it is because of the player and not the coach LOL!
  5. Wish TJD had more of his dad's attitude
  6. 60-32 at the half with 14 3's That is more points than some teams score in a game. Could you imagine if Oats came in next year with our roster and how bad we would look. This offense without shooters or guards who can take their man off the dribble would not be good.
  7. Well I just saw something that will make our fans not want Oats. It shows that he tracks deflections so that is not tolerated here
  8. The rim that LSU is shooting at is to loose
  9. Petty had missed 2 in a row since since your post. I think you gave him the message board poster jinx
  10. The thing is the players on Alabama plays with so much confidence
  11. Unbelievable shooting and can't remember I can say that about a college team. Also LSU does not have an offensive system but all one on one
  12. If Alabama can shoot this way all the time then I would be all in on Oates. 11-14 in the first half from 3
  13. Went to a bigger screen to look at it and now I can see the moving screen better.
  14. Reminds of our elite 8 game against Kent St.
  15. 4 minutes into the game Alabama is up 18-4 while hitting 6-7 from 3. Florida beat Tennessee 74-49
  16. doubt it but right now Lunardi has us in
  17. I would say that Alford and Calbert scored plenty of points coming off screens like that.
  18. I did not see that as a moving screen at all, maybe kids don't know how to defend guys coming off screens since they rarely see it.
  19. I was rooting for OSU but I like seeing getting shooters open by off ball screens than beating guys off the dribble.
  20. Look alright to me and we got away with a lot of those during the RMK ears
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