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  1. The Colts probably should have been called for delay of game at least once if not twice.
  2. You are the one that always goes back against people who disagree with you. This is had to be one of your funniest post ever.
  3. Saw that the Refs had cit the lead to 6-4 after trailing 6-0. So in the top of the 9th you bring in Hoffman who had given up 2 runs and had the bases loaded with 1 out.
  4. What is funny about that because it is a mistake to have an unproven backup QB. Everyone knows Wentz has been injured a lot so you need a good backup. I keep forgetting you are the all knowing when it comes to football since you are an assistant coach in high school LOL!
  5. If Reich was coaching the Rams right now he would probably have for it at the 40
  6. Well when you have to keep over coming your head coach every game it is hard to win
  7. Game over. If Wentz is out long we have no shot with Season and Ballard made a huge mistake not having a veteran back up
  8. I noticed on the series that Wentz was hurt Fisher was not in the game. I know they were rotating the OT because of Fishers injury. I don't think that was the time to have Fisher out of the game.
  9. Also it seems like the defense is having trouble lining up and leaving the slot wide open
  10. The Rams have two weapons on offense but we can't stop the offense
  11. That didn't take long. 4 plays to go 70 yards for the Tams 24-21. I like Ballard but he hasn't been able to get any impactful DB's or WR's
  12. Big play on special teams and now Colts up 21-17
  13. I agree with that. The OL is getting killed up front.
  14. 1st and goal once again for the Colts and let's see what they do this time.
  15. How the hell do you miss that face mask. This Colts team had no enthusiasm or any personality and it seems like they just ate going through the motions. I know today is different but I just don't like the laid back and quit coaches. To me it don't seem like Reich is a good motivator.
  16. What a horrible first drive for this defense.
  17. McVay is 38-0 when leading at halftime
  18. Colts wasting so much time on this drive.
  19. I was thinking how good IU would have been if ARE had a good defense
  20. They have had 7 plays inside the 2 and came away with no points. This should be a Colts lead 17-10
  21. Not much presser and terrible DN play makes for a bad defense. Two times we had 3rd and 7 and gives up easy completions
  22. Frank Reich might be a great man but he is a terrible NFL coach
  23. Frank Reich play calling is terrible. When we get inside the 10 we just can't score.
  24. I was hoping the first play after the INT we would go deep instead of running the ball.
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